1. 18 of The Best Mjolnir Pendant Necklaces for All Thor's Hammer Fans
    When we think of Thor, what comes to our mind? He was a hero based on a fictional comic book that you read when you were younger. He is the Deity o...
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  2. 70+ Best Open Heart Necklaces for Any Style and Taste
    When it comes to love, the heart has been the primary symbol for deep, unconditional, and selfless love that we experience from our parents, pets, ...
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  3. 49 Unique Pentagram Necklaces - Inverted, Satanic and Wiccan
    As a fan of fashion accessories, you may have seen a long chain necklace with a star pendant within a circle. This is the pentagram symbol. First, ...
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  4. Top 16 Puka Shell Necklaces to Emphasize Your Bohemian Lifestyle
    Have you been to Hawaii? How about any beach for a relaxing vacation? Well, then you might have seen shells on the beach, right? How about necklace...
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  5. 40+ Unique Leather Choker Necklaces - Exclusive Gothic and Fashion Designs
    What type of necklace is considered sexy, alluring, and fits closely to the neck? That’s right! Choker necklaces. Women love this type of accessory...
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  6. Top 10 Upside Down Cross Necklaces - Meaning and Symbolism of The St. Peters Cross
    There are many types of cross symbols out there that are versions of other former religions or sects. Celtic cross, Orthodox cross, and the Christi...
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  7. 38+ Dragon Necklaces, Claws, Eyes, Scales and Wings
    Dragons are mystical creatures created by people’s wild imaginations, or are they real? Often a part of myths and legends that are usually depicted...
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  8. 49 His and Her Matching Necklaces for Boyfriends and Girlfriends
    Say Cheese! Do you find wearing matchy things with your special someone cheesy? Monthsaries or anniversaries are select dates where you celebrate y...
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  9. 40+ Egyptian Ankh Necklaces - Meaning, Symbolism and History of The "The Key of Life"
    Egypt, a place known for its deep history and literature. It is thought to be one of the oldest established countries. Who hasn’t heard of Egypt’s ...
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  10. 20 American Flag Items of Jewelry that Every Patriotic American Should Have
    Patriotism is ever-present in America. You only have to watch the Independence Day celebrations to see a flood of stars and stripes. We wear the fl...
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  11. 37 Evil Eye Hamsa Necklaces & Pendants to Protect Yourself from Envy Eyes
    The eye is one of the most essential parts of the body, it can distinguish the truth versus the lies. There is a saying that the eyes are the windo...
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  12. 20 "I Love You to the Moon and Back" Necklaces and Pendants To Make Her Feel Like a Princess
    Je T Aime, Ti Amo, Sarang Hae, or I love you. Different languages, yet the same meaning. With these differences, we also express our love to our pa...
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