About Us

Innovato Design was created in 2020 by Deso and Anelia, a couple searching for opportunities to quit their regular job and create something of their own. That is how Innovato was born from an idea to full time business with 7 employees and multiple partners all over the world.

But that's not all
We took care for every detail during our job to satisfy all our customers needs. We are ready day & night to work to finish all orders. We carefully inspect every detail in our job to ensure all packages are packed & shipped successfully to our customers.

The result
Our work speaks for itself ? We have more than 5000 customers for the last year with less then 0.03% customers that didn't like their orders. That make us feel we are on the right path and we will continue work for you because when you are happy, that make us happy too !

Don't believe us? Just give us a try and will see by yourself.