49 Unique Pentagram Necklaces - Inverted, Satanic and Wiccan

49 Unique Pentagram Necklaces - Inverted, Satanic and Wiccan

As a fan of fashion accessories, you may have seen a long chain necklace with a star pendant within a circle. This is the pentagram symbol. First, let's differentiate a star necklace from a pentagram necklace. A star necklace is a symbol of popularity like the Hollywood stars, or shining entity that we see during the night. Pentagram necklaces, on the other hand, are a five-pointed star-shaped symbol that has been used in various beliefs, a symbol of unity, protection, or sorcery. Due to these varieties of meanings, pentagram accessories offers a wide selection of designs. Divided into two categories, such as good and evil, the good that denotes good health, unity, and even how the Christians see it as the five wounds that the Lord Jesus Christ had endured during the crucifixion. Subsequently, pentagram necklaces are also used negatively, either belief or just for themed fashion. Inverted pentagram, like the inverted cross, became a symbol of evil. Instead of the single point aiming upwards, the two lower points aim upward, which resembles the horn of Satan. It was introduced as a demonic symbol in the year of 1966 as the sigil of Baphomet.

Before we proceed in diving into the different connotations of the purest form of a polygon, the pentagram, let's look at some exciting and unusual pieces of pentagram necklaces offered in the market today. Here are some of them:

  1. Stainless Steel Silver Pentacle Chain Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel Silver Pentacle Chain Pendant Necklace

Have a feel of this roughly fashioned pentagram pendant resembling a piece made by the blacksmith of the olden times. Glossy and smooth at with a hint of oxidized metal at the supposed welded portion. Assembled with a twenty-three inches trendy cable-chain stainless steel necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Vintage Cross Pentagram Sword Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel Vintage Cross Pentagram Sword Pendant Necklace

Feel like a knight that protects and maintains a balance among the people. A badge-like pendant made from a stainless steel alloy with a sword-like feature with a pentagram crest. Antiquated in style and polish to have an authentic and ancient look. Buy from HERE

  1. Five Element Crystal Wiccan Pentagram Pewter Pendant Rope Necklace

Five Element Crystal Wiccan Pentagram Pewter Pendant Rope Necklace

Air, water, fire, earth, and spirits bring a perfect balance to human life. Feel the magic with this colorful and mysterious piece of Wiccan inspired pentagram pendant with a water-resistant, waxed rope cord necklace. We bring you a surreal design of a polished silver pentagram with a round circle decorated by etched infinity knots ae well the colorful crystal that represents the elements of life and magic. Buy from HERE

  1. Rune Pentagram Stainless Steel Necklace (8 Available Length)

Rune Pentagram Stainless Steel Necklace

Feel the mystery and the magic if the Norsemen by wearing a stainless steel necklace with rune engravings. The runes mystery is so profound that even Odin had to purposely learn their meaning. The pendant displays a five-pointed star at the center surrounded by a line to rune symbols. Paired with a rounded box chain necklace offered in eight different lengths. Get from HERE

  1. 316L Stainless Steel Pentagram Inverted Cross Necklace (3 Available Color)

316L Stainless Steel Pentagram Inverted Cross Necklace

Seen as both good and evil, a pentagram is undeniably an excellent fashion accessory for leaving a memorable impression. Offered in three lovely colors of black, silver, and gold paired with a 60cm long curb chain necklace. Expertly constructed from a premium grade 316L stainless steel showing a Saint Peter’s cross with an inverted pentagram core. Get from HERE

6. Silver Crow Wicca Pentagram Pendant Snake Necklace

Silver Crow Wicca Pentagram Pendant Snake Necklace

Get bewitched by this Wiccan inspired crow pentagram pendant made from jewelry grade pewter base material. Gaze on the highly meticulous engravings of this mysterious crow holding a pentagram symbol. Assembled with a rope chain necklace that complements the macho flair of the pendant. Buy from HERE

7. Baphomet Pentagram 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace (3 Available Length)

Baphomet Pentagram 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Highlighting the ever-controversial Baphomet, or the honed goat. Seen as the symbolism of Satan with his upward pointed horns and a pentagram engraved forehead. Flawlessly molded from authentic 925 sterling silver, furnished with a 21.6, 23.62, or a 25.91-inch cable chain necklace. Get from HERE

8. Mystical Blue Moon Black Steel Necklace

Mystical Blue Moon Black Steel Necklace

The blue moon is believed to the time where magic is the strongest. Highlighting a round medallion replicating a blue moon. Wiccan symbols like the pentagram and two outward-facing crescent moon decorate the medallion coated with a sleek black layer. Get from HERE

First, what are a star and a pentagram? Aren't they the same? A star is a concave (curved in) polygon that has five points while a pentagram, is a star-shaped polygon with five edges. The pentagram symbol was initially used in the countries of Greece as a protection symbol. The five-pointed that can be seen in Mesopotamian early writings on a silver coin is considered as a celestial quarter.

Pentagram Symbolism and Origins

Greek Pentagram / Pythagorean pentacle

Pythagoras, the man who is widely known to have created the Pythagorean Theorem of geometry. To recognize his works, Pythagoreans have used the star symbol that equals to the word Hugeia. Hugieia meaning health, wholeness, or blessed depending on the language of origin. A symbol of perfection due to its perfect A or triangular form. The five points represent fire, Earth water, air, and above those points is the spirit.

Wiccan Pentagram Necklaces / Talisman

We usually associate the pentagram symbol with magic, and when we think of witchcraft, its Wiccan paganism. A belief that a pentagram with a circle around it represents hell where the dead wanders around.

There are variations of God that are depicted depending on the believer, for some says that the horned God may be Hermes or pan, the God of the wild and rustic music. Hermes, on the other hand, is the Greek God that protects travelers and guides the souls to the afterlife. In this context, there is nothing evil about the symbol.

Worn as a talisman to represent their religious belief, the pentagram is used to multiply the potency of the ceremonial magic. The ritual is used to expel undesirable spirits. The elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit denote the five points of the pentagram. As the pentagram can be drawn in continuous motion, it indicates a flawless, continuous fallow of energies that eventually multiplies whatever power that is being called, good or evil.

Christians Pentagram

The five wounds of the Lord Jesus denotes the five points of the pentagram. Every wound symbolizes virtue, these virtues are kindness, bravery, fidelity, courteousness, and godliness. The first of the seven seals of the book of the dead, said to be the seven names of God. Each point refers to the five books of the holy scriptures that epitomize the truth.

Freemasonry Pentagram

The highest order of freemasonry is the knight of Templar, as the order is clouded with controversies of being a follower of Satan. Both use the pentagram with a Baphomet image. Baphomet is the God that was supposed to be worshipped by the Knights of Templar. Baphomet, a hybrid of man and animal (goat) that has both female and male characteristics. He embodies both good and evil. A symbol of balance and perfect social order as the Templar's primary goal.

East Asian symbolism

Represents the five elements of acupuncture. Wood, fire, water metal, and earth. Wu means five, and Xing translates to phases. Cycle or movement that either nourish or control that follows the law of nature coming from the traditional viewpoint.

Reverse Pentagram Seal / Medallion

An upside-down version of pentagram having the two points pointed upwards. It is believed to be a symbol of the demon that calls on evil spirits. First used by the church of Satan in the late 1960s, the emblem, copyrighted as the sigil of Baphomet, was used in an evil version of the bible, material pentagram that denotes bodily and Earthy doctrines of Satan. The reversed pentagram shows a Baphomet image as well as the names of Samael (Satan) and Lilith (a female demon).

Having learned how the pentagram symbol was used in different ways that change through times, the figure, at present, also differs. At this day and age, people are not as closed-minded as before wherein when a person is seen wearing a pentagram necklace, he or she is automatically practicing witchcraft like what is seen in movies. It's all about fashion nowadays, preference more than weighing in other opinions, which is undoubtedly the right way of dressing up. Pentagram necklaces at present are considered as a fashion accessory. Whether as a Halloween costume accessory or for punk and the devilish look, worn together with loose t-shirts. However you want to wear it based on your personal belief, a pentagram necklace is a distinctive piece of accessory that is a character of its own. Your collection would not be complete without having one of these.
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