Soccer stars, get excited! Our new range is just for you - soccer ball pendant necklaces. Show your pride for the sport you love by wearing one of these lovely fashions. These make the perfect addition to both your soccer uniform and the outfit you’ll wear to celebrate your next win.

We have matching BFF necklaces in this range too for the friends who’ve bonded over playing ball. These come either in black/silver and pink or for the truly pink mad pair, pink and pink!

For something a bit more special, take a look at our soccer boot and ball pendant combo. With diamantes and shiny silver, these offer a more sophisticated flair.

Get a load of these...
Get a load of these fine vintage football pendant necklace at Innovato Design.   This fine-looking pendant necklace is made from high-quality metal. It is handcrafted and polished to perfection...
$29.98 Sale Regular price $34.98
$29.98 Sale Regular price $34.98
Looking for the right accessory...
Looking for the right accessory to watch FIFA world cup? These soccer necklace ball chains are the gems you are looking for. These stainless-steel soccer-inspired pendant necklaces are the perfect...
$34.80 Sale Regular price $45.90
$34.80 Sale Regular price $45.90
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