Top 10 Upside Down Cross Necklaces - Meaning and Symbolism of The St. Peters Cross

Top 10 Upside Down Cross Necklaces - Meaning and Symbolism of The St. Peters Cross

There are many types of cross symbols out there that are versions of other former religions or sects. Celtic cross, Orthodox cross, and the Christian cross. There is more than one version of the Christian cross, the crucifix is one of them where the body of Christ is illustrated on the symbol. Another controversial type is Saint Peter's cross, commonly known as the inverted cross. The cross of Saint Peter is represented by an upside-down version of a Latin cross. Most Christians or people who have studied the Christian teaching are familiar with the Petrine cross, another name for the inverted cross. But not all are conscious of its true meaning and why it is mistaken as a satanic symbol. The inverted cross was reintroduced as a Christian symbol by Pope John Paul the second when a carved inverted cross was seen on his papal chair. The inverted cross is also used on doors, and in the church, this has a more profound meaning that is connected to the keys of heaven and The Apostle Saint Peter. It is also used as pendants. It is considered as religious pendants because if its deep meaning that was a part of the history of Christianism.

Here are the top ten inverted cross necklaces that embodies style and the solemn nature of the inverted cross.

  1. Black Classic Upside Down Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Necklace

Black Classic Upside Down Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Necklace

Liberate your mind from the stress and problems that you have been keeping with this classically styled inverted cross plated in matte black color. Modest like how a man should live, depicting how Saint Peter lived and died full in a humble way. This sleekly designed pendant comes with a stainless steel curb chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Plated Upside Down Cross Skeleton Pendant Necklace (2 Available Color)

Plated Upside Down Cross Skeleton Pendant Necklace

Durable and hypoallergenic cylindrical chain necklace to secure this Goth inspired Saint Peter upside-down cross pendant. Intricately designed with a sitting 3D skeleton, luxuriously plated with yellow-gold or silver. A piece of jewelry suited for events or an everyday fashion statement. Get from HERE
  1. Classic Gold St. Peter's Inverted Cross Pendant Necklace

Classic Gold St. Peter's Inverted Cross Pendant Necklace

Humility is one of the values taught by Saint Peter, represented by this simple and unpretentious piece of jewelry. A pendant made from a premium grade stainless steel base ion-plated in lustrous silver, Luxurious gold, and contemporary black color. Elegant and neat curb chain necklace for a complete clean look. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Upside Down Crucifix Pendant Rope Chain Necklace

Silver Upside Down Crucifix Pendant Rope Chain Necklace

An extravagant take on a religious-inspired inverted cross pendant with a classy and hip rope chain necklace made from high-grade stainless steel alloy ion-plated in blue, rose gold, silver, and black color. Focus on the highly detailed engraving of Christ crucifixion inverted to resemble the cross used in Saint Peter’s death. Buy from HERE

  1. Inverted Blood Red Silver Gothic Cross Pendant

Inverted Blood Red Silver Gothic Cross Pendant

Rosy, like the blood that courses through your vein and the blood of Christ as he was crucified on the cross for the salvation of humankind. Celtic inspired cross hanged upside down that has a royal feel exquisitely crafted from high-quality alloy base coated with a glossy silver metal color enhanced by a blood-red inlay. Buy from HERE

  1. Inverted Silver Plated Crucifix Cross Cable Chain Pendant

Inverted Silver Plated Crucifix Cross Cable Chain Pendant

Hip and funky crafted from premium grade stainless alloy, hand polished and buffed to a smooth and shiny surface. A minimalist design of an inverted cross ready to accompany you on your daily activities. Pair this with your casual dark colored shirts or for a head-turning style or your trustee white shirt for a neat and clean look. Buy from HERE

  1. Peter’s Inverted Stainless Steel Cross Curb Chain Necklace

Peter’s Inverted Stainless Steel Cross Curb Chain Necklace

Have a sense of peace with this modest Saint Peters inverted cross in soft yellow gold, oxidized black and, silver metal color. Beautifully crafted from jewelry grade stainless alloy base. The neatly fashioned inverted cross comes with a heavy-duty curb chain necklace for a trendy and modish look. A modest way to accessorize while keeping the faith alive. Buy from HERE

  1. Reversed Pentagram Inverted Cross Curb Chain Necklace

Reversed Pentagram Inverted Cross Curb Chain Necklace

A cosmic symbol united with a holy figure fashioned in a modern look. Humility depicted by the Saint Peters cross as well as ground energy of the pentagram. Sleek and contemporary made with lustrous stainless steel alloy in silver, black and yellow gold metal coating with a curb chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Crucifix Inverted Jesus Cross Pendant Necklace

Crucifix Inverted Jesus Cross Pendant Necklace

When Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, he was a representation of a perfect human specimen sacrificed by the almighty God for his love of the humans. A finely detailed piece of jewelry exhibiting a beautiful image of the body of Christ on a Christian cross made from premium grade stainless material precast and hand buffed to a smooth surface. Buy from HERE

  1. Gold Gothic Skeleton Upside Down Cross Pendant Bulk Chain Necklace

Gold Gothic Skeleton Upside Down Cross Pendant Bulk Chain Necklace

An uncanny and spine-chilling version of an inverted cross pendant in ancient yellow gold and silver plated alloy base. A pendant with a lifelike skeleton image that is seemingly sitting or trying to climb up the cross’s body. This eerie-looking pendant comes with twenty-two inches long bulk chain type necklace. Buy from HERE


Religious artifacts of the Christian religion are still being debated from the existence of Christ to the relics that proves that what the Biblical stories of the Bible are true. When it comes to religion, it all boils down to faith. Faith is described as believing in the unseen. Like with finding that God exists and there are heaven and hell. Jesus Christ did not spread the word of God alone, he had recruited twelve apostles to help him and as living proofs of his existence. One of the twelve apostles is Peter.

Saint Peter was one of Jesus's most trusted Apostle. He and his brother Saint Andrew left their hometown to follow Christ on his journey to spread God's teachings. Why is Saint Peter considered a predecessor of Popes? How did the inverted cross become a symbol of Peter the Apostle? Let’s learn more about how Peter the Apostle and how he proved himself as a true disciple of God.

Peter the Apostle

Peter the Apostle

Simon, one of the twelve apostles of Christ. Son of John and lived in Capernaum as a fisherman with St. Andrew, St. James, and St. John. One of three disciples that are frequently spoken of by Jesus Christ. He was later named by Christ as Cephas for the Aramaeans and Petros for the Greeks. These are translated as a rock. He was kind of a spokesperson or leader of the apostles after Christ. He was entrusted with the keys to heaven, making him a predecessor of Popes leading the inverted cross, a symbol of Peter being used in the Roman Church.

Reason of the Inverted Cross

Peter had the opportunity to live with God, they have traveled and eaten together. He had seen all of Christ's power and learned about God directly form Jesus. Peter considered that he had sinned against Jesus by denying him when they were being persecuted by the Romans. He sees himself as unworthy compared to the son of God. It was said that during his crucifixion in King Nero’s reign, Peter had only one request. He asked not to be executed in the same method as Jesus, for he is unworthy. They cannot change the manner of crucifixion so the inverted cross came to be. The death of Peter is not clearly described in the Holy Scriptures; therefore, it is not clear if it’s merely the cross that was inverted or Peter was also hanging upside down. Crucifixion is a painful way to die, and you can only imagine the type of faith that Saint Peter has when he still had the presence of mind to make such a request. Saint Peter remains a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ even after his death. He and his brother Saint Andrew died on a different type of cross that resulted in the X shaped cross or Saint Andrew’s cross.

As a symbol

Peter, the apostle, was originally a fisherman making him the patron saint of fishermen. A more profound connotation of him being a fisherman comes down being an apostle. One of the duties of an apostle is to follow the footsteps of Christ. They were to spread the word of God, and by doing so, they also fish or look for the sons of the Lord just like what Jesus used to do.

Saint Peter was also the patron saint of the locksmith. The reason behind this is due to the words uttered by Jesus to Peter, giving him the keys to heaven. Of course, as with any words spoken by Jesus Christ, this has a spiritual meaning to it. The keys to paradise are like a survival kit for people to strictly follow to be pure and pass the narrow road to the kingdom of God. How narrow? It was said to be as tiny as a needle hole.

Lastly, the inverted cross is used by the popes. Saint Peter is the patron saint of the popes. Popes are the highest level of the catholic faith, just like how Saint Peter was among the apostles. This is the cause of why he became their patron saint, and his symbol is primarily used by the popes. The Petrine cross can be seen mainly on the papal chair of Pope John the second. A humble discipline of the Lord that conveys the keys of salvation.

Keys to salvation

The keys to heaven are God's teachings. These are what Christ had meant when he told Peter that “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…” Jesus taught his disciples the commandments of God, a more in-depth one that those of the Old Testament. Love and compassion are the main thoughts of Christ. When you love God, you will be forgiving and kind even to your enemies. Everything you do is a way to show your love for God. Only by doing so will you become worthy to enter the gates of Heaven. The inverted cross has as semblance to a key if you look at it more closely. Just like how the Vatican city is supposed to have a landscape of the inverted cross and a keyhole.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica

Vatican City is the place where the pope resides. It is the smallest country with the Pope as its leader. This is also where Saint Peter was buried under the old Saint Peter’s church that King Constantine built after he stopped the persecution of the Christians. Looking at the top view of the Vatican City, you can see that Saint Peter’s Basilica is right at the center of an inverted cross-shaped structure that resembles a key while the entrance or the Saint Peter’s Square resembles a keyhole. The conspiracy theorist has been wondering if this was part of an intended design of the city or is it connected to the meaning behind the inverted cross that denotes that Saint Peter has the key to have everlasting life in heaven.

Inverted Ankh

Ankh was said to be a precursor of the Latin cross. It has a round top with a Tau cross underneath. The ankh can be seen on engravings held upside down like a key, it was said that the ankh is the key to eternal life. If you look at it closely, it also resembles an inverted cross with a key holder that has the same connotation as being the key to the kingdom of heaven.

Inverted Cross on a Cathedral Door

According to the Bible, the door to heaven is narrow, and it’s a challenging path to pass. Jesus is the door toward salvation, and only through him would we be granted a pass to heaven. Then what is the role of Saint Peter? An inverted cross on a door symbolizes Saint Peter guarding the entrance with his keys. He would equip those who ask for the key since the door would only open to those people who have lived a kind and humble life with a genuine faith that can be seen with his works. Just like how Apostle Peter lived his life before he was crucified for being a disciple of God.

Inverted Cross as a symbol of the Devil or Anti–Christ

Inverted Cross as a symbol of the Devil or Anti–Christ

For the Christians, the upside-down cross is a symbol of Peter's humility, but for some, it has the opposite meaning. Horror films would always have scenes with an upright crucifix suddenly tuning in an upside-down position during the exorcism and at the presence of the devil. Where did this notion come from?

Agnostic preacher condemned by the Vatican church was said to use the upside-down cross, which means the Holy Spirit is above Jesus Christ with regards to love that overpowers any sufferings. A cult that was supposed to be influenced by evil activities. He wears vestment, much like what Catholic priest, with a large inverted cross as a symbol. Other factions in the 17th century were also wearing the symbol of an upside-down cross during black mass. A black mass is basically the opposite of the Holy mass for Christians and Catholics. It might not be known to most people, but there are still some individuals who celebrate Satan as their God-like Jesus to the Christians.

Symbol of Illuminati

If you have seen as a symbol of the highly debated black magic group called the Illuminati, you will see the inverted cross on the right-hand side of the box located in the middle of the six-pointed star. This is not the Star of David like that of the Catholics. This is where the debate also arises for some symbols known with religious relevance are also used by the opposing groups. It might be a way to taint the authenticity of the religion, painting them as anti-Christ themselves in the guise of a pastor that leads the way to redemption. But for the Secret society of the Illuminati, the inverted cross is creating a mockery of Christ at the same time rejecting him as the savior.

Inverted Cross not an accessory

It has been recently announced by the Pope that religious symbols like the Latin cross or the inverted cross must not be used as an accessory but instead used as a sacred artifact and must be respected and taken care of. A cross is supposed to denote the love of Christ to call upon change living a life glorifying God. It is considered holy by the Christian faith, and is used as an ornament of fashion is like disrespecting Christ which also means insulting God himself.

Why should you buy an inverted Cross?

Deep meaning

The beautiful meaning alone would convince you to buy an inverted cross for yourself. Living a humble life is taught to every religion that exists from Christianity to Buddhism. We are all mortals, and we do not know what the future brings. Like what the Holy Scripture says, we all came from dust, and we will all turn to dust when it’s time for us to leave this mortal world. Christ has all the powers of a god, he could have blown air and escape the soldiers who were after him, but he chose to die instead. He lived a normal life, a difficult life as a mortal to be an example of how we should exist, and how to glorify God, our father.


Necklaces are accessories. That is its primary purpose. It’s to emphasize our unique style and make us look excellent and fashionable. Religiously inspired pendants like the inverted cross of Saint Peter is also a great fashion accent to complete a look. Long-chain necklaces like the rope type paired with an inverted cross have a hip and fresh flair to it, making it accessible to young men sporting punk fashion.


Let me ask you this, before reading upon the reason of the inverted cross, did you really know the deep meaning behind it? How it came to be inverted and its’s connection to Apostle Peter? I applaud you for recognizing it beforehand because not many people knew its religious meaning. Most are not familiar with the history of the inverted cross and would purchase it because its different from the regular Christian cross.


Most of the inverted cross that you see in the market is modestly designed. Some might have intricate engravings for purposes like completing a Goth styled outfits or additional impact. Inverted crosses do not need much decoration because it’s already one of a kind as itself.

People would always have different versions and a level of acceptance about anything in life. Some would consider the experience in a positive way, while some would take it negatively. It’s the same as a half-filled cup and a full cup. A negative outlook would say that it is inadequate unlike that of a full cup, but for people with a positive way of thinking, a half-filled glass is better than a full glass because it has the capacity contain anything added to it rather than a full cup would just overflow and not retain anything added to it. The inverted cross has a resemblance to this idea. A person with a positive outlook would see this as a holy symbol, but then a negative mind would automatically assume the evil meaning like Satan. Whatever the case may be, fashion and accessories is a neutral entity that can be used with whatever purpose you want it to be. The beauty of humility taught by the inverted cross is undeniably something we should incorporate within our character. An inverted pendant is a symbol that would remind us that teaching is a great thing to have.

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The Bible says that the devil comes to deceive the whole world ? The Light cannot have communion with darkness : the devil is a deceiver and a liar / father of lies ! Marvel not for Satan is able to transform himself as an angel of light ? Able to look so good on the outside but underneath pure evil ! Jesus said to Love your enemies and do good them that hate you ? The proof is in the pudding ; the Lords church would never ; torture, burn and kill others and claim to be the authority of Christ church under a pope /. The Vatican is symbolic to the serpent : the 7 hills of Rome / is Satan seat on earth / revelation 17 and 18 is the fate of the Roman Catholic Church ! The Lord calls this church of apostasy the whore ! The Babylon reincarnated! Which is destroyed by a double portion of Fire from the Lord thy God ! Revelation 18;4 reveals that those who are part of Rome ? Depart from it or face Thier destruction!


I’m so glad I was able to learn thus I have this St. Peter cross in my face because I felt not worthy of Jesus like St. Peter felt to be less than Jesus thank you this brought me great pleasure

James Brown

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