40+ Unique Leather Choker Necklaces - Exclusive Gothic and Fashion Designs

40+ Unique Leather Choker Necklaces - Exclusive Gothic and Fashion Designs

What type of necklace is considered sexy, alluring, and fits closely to the neck? That’s right! Choker necklaces. Women love this type of accessory, whether it’s made of leather, metals, or cords. Leather choker necklaces, for instance, has a unique appeal that is punky and stylish. Chain choker necklaces are delicate and sexy. Pearl choker necklaces are sophisticated and luxurious. Different materials for different occasions and charm.

The fashion industry is very fickle, and that can be seen in the history of choker necklaces. It was once considered a high fashion in the nineteenth century but went from classy to trashy in a swoop, and then it reemerged again in the ’90s. Vintage chockers or collars are used to protect the neck that supports the head and contains all the vital arteries that supply blood from the heart to the brain, making it an essential part of the body. It covers everything from the collar bone to the chin. Worn by royalties and decorated with precious gems to pair with their royal gowns.

Leather choker necklaces as an accessory surround or hugs the neck snugly, and that’s what makes leather material the right choice for its smooth and warm texture. Like a soft fabric that envelops and protects the part of the neck. Leather chokers are quite famous for their dramatic effect. 

Have a look at our top 40 leather choker necklaces this year.

  1. Alloy Leather Black Belt Silver Lace Adjustable Choker Necklace

Lacy and ultra-feminine type of leather choker necklace with shiny alloy keyring accent. A belt-type choker necklace with an adjustable belt buckle type of closure. Decorated with black lace with black polka dot ribbon. A style best paired with a black dress. Buy from HERE

  1. Heart Alloy Black Silver Leather Choker Necklace

Loving the heart shape accent of this leather choker necklace in black color. A choker necklace with three adjustable sizes with a durable snap-on closure.  Made from high quality of black leather material that sits perfectly at the base of your neck. Buy from HERE

  1. Spike Alloy Adjustable Black Leather Choker Necklace

Let this funky and hip dog collar made from top-notch quality of black leather material set your mood. Rock this leather choker lined with a sequence of glossy spikes and a central key ring accent. Equipped with a belt type closure for easy adjustment and a secured hinged fit. Buy from HERE

  1. Adjustable Spike Alloy Genuine Drape Leather Choker Necklace

Featuring a highly sophisticated design of black cubic zirconia scarab side dangle with three streaks of chains in different lengths. Draped under a premium quality black leather lined with shiny alloy spikes, and finally secured by a three size adjustable snap-on clasp. Perfect for loc cut shirts and dresses. Buy from HERE

  1. Adjustable Alloy Ring Choker Colored Leather Necklace

Vibrantly colored with a modern feel, a colorful choker made from smooth leather.  Three sizes adjustable snap-on closure with the centerpiece of a lone ring held by two bands of bolted leather. A total of nine loud colors to choose from. This would surely liven your day. Buy from HERE

  1. Adjustable Black Silver Heart Lock Leather Choker Necklace

A memory from the past sealed in a heart-shaped lock. A vintage type of leather choker with a heart lock accent in antiquated silver color. Made from hard-wearing alloy base material chained on both sides. Soft and conformable on the skin with a sturdy snap-on clasp. Buy from HERE

  1. Bohemian Feather Charm PU Leather Choker Necklace

Be enchanted with this dainty and fun-loving leather choker necklace made from two thin strands of soft black leather. Simple with a cute feather charm, dangling on a shiny ring. Modestly designed with two strands of leather tied by a knot and secured by a popular lobster clasp chain. 

  1. Gothic Vintage Black PU Leather Choker Necklace

Get lured by this Goth inspired leather choker necklace handcrafted from black PU treated leather. Two pieces of smooth, round stainless alloy anchored on a sturdy black leather band. A classy looking choker with up to four adjustable sizes that are easy to put on and off. 

  1. Black PU Leather Cord Pearl Choker Necklace

Refined and modest all in one elegant choker necklace, a neck accessory that features a thin cord PU leather with a white pearl focal; piece. Lightweight and maintains its round shape thanks to the PU coated quality leather that is water-resistant and skin-friendly. 

  1. Fashion Punk Metal Spike Studded Leather Collar Necklace

We are thrilled to present this punk studded leather collar for both men and women. Wear this as a couple's necklace when going on events. Available in deep black and pristine white leather built with an adjustable and robust snap-on fastener. Buy from HERE

  1. Black PU Leather Points Studded Collar Necklaces

If you love your pets, get this adorable piece and be twinsies with your fur babies! Inspired by a pet collar that features spikes made from high-quality alloy that put the P in punk. Secured by a belt type closure in four different length sizes to adjust to your needs. 

  1. Black Leather Alloy Floral Dangle Collar Necklace

Here is an example of an exotically appealing choker necklace made with bonded leather. A neckpiece with a dazzling flower dangle enhanced by clear cubic zircon stone anchored on smooth black leather. 

  1. Black Bonded Leather Alloy Collar Necklace

Steamy hot black leather choker for women offered at a reasonable price. Get this stylish piece in three different designs, Choose from a classy central ring accent, or a belt style thin choker, or maybe a thick ring dangle for impact. Grab one now and strut this with your little black dress. 

  1. 3 Pieces Set Black Leather Rhinestones Edelweiss Collar Necklace

Fuel your feminine energy with this floral-inspired leather choker with an edelweiss dangle. Wear this in stacks and be an absolute head turner for its velvety color and appeal. A sexy lobster claw chain back clasps for a tantalizing appearance. 

  1. 2 Piece Set Black Leather Rhinestones Edelweiss Collar Necklace

Loving this charming two-piece set of leather choke for women, a design that features an edelweiss dangle fastened on a durable and comfy black PU leather.  Pure as a flower that grew on the Alps of Germany, a lovely piece a pure-hearted lady like you. 

  1. Black Goth Punk Leather Alloy Charm Collar Necklace

Feel like a rock star with this spunky three-piece set of a leather choker for women. Handcrafted from bonded leather that is water-resistant and hard-wearing, decorated with a belt buckle, round hollow stud, and a door knocker ring as focal points. Glamorous and eye-catching, waiting to be draped on your neck. 

  1. Black PU Leather Lariat Lock Pendant Choker Necklace

Lasso with this high fashion lariat chain leather choker necklace for women.  Have a look at its alluring furry soft black leather with hollow stud design. Long and durable lariat chain with a round lock shape pendant in vintage gold metal color. 

  1. Black Thin Leather Silver-Tone Rhinestone Wrap Choker Necklace

Your majesty, we bring you a tantalizing design of a wrap leather choker with three layers of cup chain rhinestones at the center. Leather material made from bonded leather with a smooth and glossy texture. Polyurethane makes the leather material more durable and water-resistant. 

  1. Black Silver Geo Circle Suede Wrap Choker Necklace

Hotness overload! A chic wrap choker necklace for a striking look. A piece of accessory made from suede leather material. Lightweight and velvety soft with a hint of sensuality enhanced by the glossy smooth geo circle as the primary focus. 

  1. Black PU Leather Crystal Rhinestone Circle Stone Choker Necklace

Provocative and tempting to the eyes of the opposite gender, a real head-turner piece of jewelry to elongate the length of your delicate neck. Leather material made from PU leather with a sequence of brilliant round rhinestones anchored in between a cup chain art beads. 

  1. Velvet Classy Choker Necklace with Gold Tassel

Be tempted with this alluring piece of jewelry made from soft black velvet materials decorated by a gold tassel dangle. Supple and smooth on the skin sporting a black color that easy to pair with any outfit. Safeguarded by a lobster clasp at the back with a short-chain dangle for easy adjustment as well as adds sexy to its classy appeal. 

  1. Black Leather Teen Smiley Choker Necklace

Smile with this charming piece of jewelry made from high-quality leather. This choker features a smiley face at the front, fun, and cute for children and teens.  Rock fashion without losing its innocent charm and secured by a sturdy silver lobster clasp. 

  1. Punk Gothic O-ring Link Black PU Leather Collar Choker Necklace

Let’s play rough, a punk styled choker made form PU black leather. Punk at the front and sexy at the back. Featuring a leather choker necklace with a front metal ring accent that holds two bands of PU leather held by gold studs. Secured by a lobster claw clasp chain back with golden metal borders. 

  1. Black Leather Goth Cross Choker Necklace

Hot and sultry, designed with a Latin cross pendant. Featuring a black leather choker with square stud embeds and an adjustable snap-on back closure. Clean with an eerie Goth touch. Light and soft on the skin. Buy from HERE

  1. 2 Piece Studded and Leather Rope Choker Necklaces

Seductive that can tempt anyone who dares lay gaze upon it, a 2 piece set of black choker necklace that features a black leather band with a series of embedded studs and a thin round braided PU leather cord with a gold-tone bead accent. 

  1. 3 Piece Set Adjustable Velvet Leather Choker Necklace

A delightful piece of neck accessory, handcrafted from black suede leather choker in thick, double, and triple layers. Dark velvety leather that stands out against gold-tone lobster chain clasp that hangs daintily against the back of your neck. 

  1. Metallic Iridescent Leather Funky Choker Necklace

Roar! A ravishing piece of a choker necklace with its fun-loving pink, glitzy white, lustrous silver and sunshine yellow. A color for each event that would surely liven up your mood. 

  1. Adjustable Punk Black Buckle Leather Choker Necklace

Sizzle with this hot black leather choker and bring punk everywhere with you.  Fortified with a heavy-duty belt buckle closure that’s easy to adjust to the length of your neck. 

  1. Black burnished Silver-Tone Mermaid Leather Choker

From the depth of the ocean to your lovely neck, a necklace that features a mermaid shaped design anchored on a corrected leather with a gentle lobster drop chain clasp. Intricately carved mermaid features with dark shadows to accentuate the detailed carvings. 

  1. Black Leather and Gold-Tone Pave Heart Pendant Choker

A bodacious leather choker necklace for women with a precast gold hollow heart pendant, a necklace that emphasizes the smoothness of your skin as well as giving a light and a relaxed feel. 

  1. Gold Lariat Long Chain PU Leather Sequin Choker Necklace

Spice up your day with this high fashion lariat chain choker necklace designed and accentuated by golden sequins against a glossy and smooth braided leather.  Let it drop freely and dangle against your shirt for a laid back look. 

  1. Adorable Leaf Pearl Pendant Black Leather Cord Choker Necklace

Classically fashioned with white pearls and a shimmering leaf-shaped pendant tied together by a knotted black PU leather braided cord. Simple and chic, perfect for a Sunday stroll. 

  1. Colorful Lava Rock Beads Black Leather Cord Choker Necklace

Have a semblance of balance with the help of these chakra stones. Held together by a high quality braided black leather tied to a knot with a durable lobster chain clasp. 

  1. 10-12 Piece Set Leather Chain Necklace Choker Necklace for Women

Let this 10 piece or 12 pieces set of choker necklaces made from different materials and designs. Lace, leather tattooed chokers, and many more! Grab one now for you and your friends. Stay stylish at an affordable price. 

  1. 4-5 Piece Set Women’s Leather Cord Choker

Get hold of these sets of four to five black colored braided cord leather with small colorful clusters made from natural resins. Furnished with a lobster claw chain clasp with a back necklace. 

  1. 4 Piece Set Gothic Punk Leather Choker Necklace

Premium designs of a punk metal-inspired leather choker. Rings, chains, hearts, cross, and a lot more to choose from! Come and get yours and express the rebel in you!  All are equipped with snap-on closure or a sturdy and durable belt type closure. 

  1. Girls Black Velvet Suede White Opal Choker Set 3PC

Amazingly fashioned three-layered choker necklaces made of three distinctive materials such as a sensual black lace, soft velvet suede, and a double layer clear cup chain art beads worn at the base of the neck.

  1. Handcuffs Studded Chain Leather Choker Necklace

Featuring an astounding piece of a leather choker necklace. Modernly fashioned with a twist of naughtiness and mischief, a handcuff inspired choker safeguarded by an adjustable snap-on clasp. Double chain links that freely drapes on your chest like a curtain for the main center design. 

  1. Black layered Metal Spike Studded Link Leather Choker Necklace

Come and check this new layered chain black leather choker for men and women. Featuring an accessory neck handcrafted from PU leather accentuated with spikes studs with hollow rings to attach the layered chains. Durable chains made from high-quality alloy polished to a shiny surface. 

  1. 2 Piece Set Brown Suede Studded Floral Choker Necklace

Ladies, we bring you a unique and traditional design for modern-day ladies.  Presenting a leather choker made from supple suede leather with a sequence of studs with a lobster claw chain clasp. The soft natural tone of brown complements the clear brown crystals against the lustrous silver metal base. 

  1. 2 Piece Set Crystal Necklaces Gray Choker Collar Necklace

Behold, an alluring piece of jewelry made from a double layer top black cup chain art beads fastened at the end with a long and thin corrected leather made to be tied into a ribbon that accentuates the skin form the collarbone downwards. Wear this with an off-shoulder or a tube dress to maximize its seductive effect. 

History of Choker Necklace

Pieces of evidence of choker necklaces date back from 2500 BC by the first recorded civilization, which was the Sumerians. They use it as protection, not as a piece of jewelry. Made with bead and gemstones for protection from the evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians also wore metal chokers to protect their necks physically.  Made of Gold and paired with bracelets to protect the wrist. It was later popularized by Princess Alexandria in the twentieth century. Although also known as a dog collar which totally does not sound glamorous, her choker was made of beautiful pearls and brilliant diamonds that covered her entire neck.  Choker necklaces were reflected as haute couture

Choker Variation of the Past

Ribbon Chokers

Rebels 1798, during the French revolution, people would wear black ribbons around their neck to in respect for those who have died by the guillotine. A guillotine is a mechanical tool used in decapitation when a person is sentenced to death.  It was said to be a quick and painless way of execution that so swift that a decapitated head could remain conscious up to ten seconds.

Ballerinas also used ribbon chockers to emphasize the length of their neck. For ballerinas, the primary criteria were long legs, beautiful arms, and a long neck.  Chokers further elongate the neck pf the ballerinas like a swans neck. As they do significant movements while they dance, this helps them aesthetically.

Hookers of the 1860s wearing a red or black ribbon choker. This is the reason why it went out of style. It’s like a calling card for men who are looking for their services.

Goiter Chain

A Kropfkette is a type of choker that was made in mid-1800 to hide the swellings on the neck due to iodine deficiency called a goiter. South Germany, where people live in high places, would have limited access to seafood, which is the primary source of iodine. This type of choker has multiple rows of chain at the back with a hefty fastening at the front.

Dog Collars

Made of leather that resembles the collar worn by dogs. Ad campaigns from certain magazines would show women ornamented with a dog collar, and it was a huge hit! Hollywood celebrities of both genders would be seen wearing this from rock stars to beautiful actresses.

Tattoo chokers

’90s teens would remember this specifically. It was a fad and would also be offered as an anklet or tattooed bracelet. It was made of plastic materials that have a lattice pattern. It comes in different hues made to be worn by the youngsters who want to experience a tattooed look for a while. It’s stretchable, light, and a little itchy on the skin. It can be worn on stacks or individually.

Things to consider in wearing Leather choker necklaces

The shape of the Face

We know that a choker fits snugly around the neck or at the base of the throat.  The rule is if an accessory has a round shape, it does not go well with a round or full face. It actually highlights the fullness of the face making it seem more significant than it actually is. That being said, a leather choker necklace softens the edges of a heart or square-shaped face.


Good news! A choker can enhance any type of neck, long and slim, shirt, and even those loose skins or wrinkly neck. The reason is that leather choker necklaces are usually thick, covering the desired area that you want to hide. That was the original use of the choker necklace, protection, and to hide flaws during the olden times when any imperfections were considered ugly. 

A standard length for a collar is about fourteen inches and perfect for low necklines, V– necks and off shoulders, basically bare necks and collarbones. A choker is about sixteen inches in length and should be at the base of the throat that goes with just about any style


Leather choker necklaces say no to turtlenecks. Any clothes except those who cover the neck is a no-no in sporting any type of chokers, not just leather chokers. It’s because it would be too hot and also too tight. The length of a leather choker necklace may be adjustable for some but it would be uncomfortable to have a fabric tied over another material on your neck right?


Ancient chokers were very uncomfortable, made from metals that are heavy and hard on the skin, it’s was non-breathable although extremely elegant. Leather choker necklaces are now made comfortable with the help of science. It has an adjustable clasp to adapt to how loose or snug you want to wear it. Leather accessories are now made light and soft on the skin. One thing though, even if it’s comfortable to wear, you must not wear them during hot weather, it would be quite uncomfortable no matter how smooth it is. You can loosen it a bit to let the air pass if you really want to wear them.

Chokers just became trendy again, sport a subtle and classy leather choker necklace and hop in with the current trend. And when it goes out of style, keep it, and it would come back again soon. That’s how fashion is, the in thing now is the in thing still in the future. Let’s have fun and wear some rocking leather choker necklaces with our OOTD’s.

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