70+ Best Open Heart Necklaces for Any Style and Taste

70+ Best Open Heart Necklaces for Any Style and Taste

When it comes to love, the heart has been the primary symbol for deep, unconditional, and selfless love that we experience from our parents, pets, and children. A great way to express our love is through an open-heart necklace. An open-heart necklace denotes various types of love that we experience in different stages of our lives. Starting from our mother's love when we shared a direct bond while she carried us in her womb. The familial love we experience with our parents and siblings. Friendships we go through our journey in life before we finally meet experience romantic love. An open-heart necklace is also a symbol of love that we have for our pets, music, and even Mother Nature. Love has no boundaries. Our heart can beat from 60-100 beats per minute, surely there can be a beat allocated for different types of love. The heart may be small, but it is estimated to beat for around three billion beats in-persons lifetime, considered the strongest muscle in our body. Thus, it can experience various emotions of pain, happiness, and love. Don' be afraid to express how you feel for your heart can live through any sort of sentiments, be free to love and be loved.

Are you looking for some open-heart necklace for yourself or a gift for your loved ones? Here is a wide variety of open-heart pendant necklaces for different purposes and styles.

  1. Inspirational Sterling Silver CZ Believe Love Heart Necklace

Trust in yourself, and you can do anything with inspirational, open-heart necklace strong women. Brilliant cut bright cubic zirconia stone core with paved. Round microcrystalline beads over a premium-grade silver metal with a matte finish. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Jewelry Love Moon and Back Heart Pendant Necklace

Experience the satin-smooth polish of this highly luxurious open-heart necklace with a saccharine-sweet message of love engravings. Three round, sparkling CZ stones to accentuate the heart-shape core design with smaller microcrystalline crystals for additional shine. Hypoallergenic sterling silver base metal completed with a durable cable chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Adjustable Leather Alloy Black Silver Heart Choker Necklace

Express your individuality with this modern heart choker necklace made from genuine black leather. Warm and adjustable up to three sizes to fit comfortably around your neck that showcase a hollow heart-shaped round bar stainless alloy secured by a snap-on clasp. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Elephant Heart CZ Pendant Necklace

Live a long and happy life with a hollow, heart shape round bar pendant with an elephant charm center. Glossy surface with strategically paved microcrystalline stones to emphasize the premium quality sterling silver chained with a cable necklace for a dainty and feminine appeal. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Love Moon Heart Pendant Necklace

Endless love, regardless of the time and space, a heart pendant designed from 92.5% silver metal base material with a sweet message of love gorgeously engraved on a glistening heart-shaped necklace. Glamorous, round, multifaceted cubic zirconia crystal at the core of this modern, double heart pendant necklace with a hip cable chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Love Moon Heart Pendant Necklace for Women

Unconditional love translates with this sophisticated heart neckpiece designed with a beautifully etched love message. Feel the brilliance of the heat cut cubic zirconia clear stone set at the center of this double loop heart pendant, with a slender rolo chain necklace with a silver metal base. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Double Dolphin Heart CZ Heart Pendant Necklace

Unbreakable love between mother and child is the purest of all affection.  Highlighting a beautiful illustration of the unconditional love of two dolphins in lustrous silver and rose gold plating with a 92.5% silver base metal. Stylish box chain necklace for a smooth and lovely feel. Buy from HERE

  1. Luxury Loop Crossover Heart Rose Gold Pendant Necklace

When two hearts are destined to be as one, it transcends social class and principles. Luxurious and ingeniously designed that features seamless incorporation of rose gold plated alloy coupled with a heavy set sparkling Swarovski round crystals. Built with a stylish and chic rose gold plated cable chain necklace. 

  1. 925 Sterling Charming Silver Butterfly Heart Pendant Necklace

Feel the young and innocent vibe of this adorable open-heart pendant for young women. Adorned with lovely gold plated butterfly charm with iridescent round-cut cubic zirconia ornamented flower silver piece. 

  1. Sterling Silver Heart Infinity Pendant Necklace

An open-heart necklace that denotes how love should be, peaceful and infinite.  Richly styled with a set of sparkling round microcrystalline cubic zirconia crystals with a smoothly buffed infinity symbol, accentuated with a multifaceted, perfectly cut round blue glass. 

  1. Sterling Silver White CZ Dolphin Tail Heart Pendant Necklace

Dream of a love that can swim that vast ocean, a mermaid-inspired heart necklace for women. Grand and mystical heart necklace paved with gleaming CZ microcrystals with a mermaid tail end. 92.5% sterling silver with a well-polished surface and a hypoallergenic box chain necklace. 

  1. Sterling Silver Heart Puppy Paw Pendant Necklace

For fur lovers and parents, here is a flawlessly smooth open heart-shaped pendant with a high-grade silver base material.  Featuring a piece of jewelry with an adorable dog paw accent. Equipped with a delicate cable chain necklace for a classy look.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Luck Irish Knot Heart Pendant Necklace

It is your lucky day for love! Garb this lucky heart necklace, fashioned with an Irish knot interlaced with a heart-shaped core design. Exquisitely crafted from sterling silver exhibiting a modern and trendy look.

  1. Silver Bee Honeycomb Heart Pendant Necklace

Honey, one of the sweetest and highly nutritious food that nature has gifted us.  Displaying a brass-plated, heart-shaped pendant, with a silver-plated honeycomb replica backdrop and a gold-plated honeybee, a sweet and innocent love that can only come from a child. 

  1. Claddagh Heart Pendant Charm Necklaces

Here comes a traditional Claddagh inspired necklace made from silver-plated alloy base. Appreciate the intricate design of two hands holding a crowned heart with either blue, red, green, yellow with a clear round CZ crystal accent. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ Horse Head Open Heart Pendant Necklace

Lay your eyes on this striking heart necklace to express the unconditional love between a parent and a child. Featuring a heart-shaped pendant with a silhouette of horse's head of a mom and child. Small, round bright CZ stone placed on the textured portion of the heart to add character. 

  1. Sterling Silver Mother Child Heart Women Pendant Necklace

 Moms love known no end, a heartwarming depiction of a mother and child beautifully crafted from the sterling silver metal base with enclosed with a sparkling heart-shaped border, paved with sparkling, round CZ crystals. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ I Love You Arrow Heart Pendant Necklace

Here comes a chic open-heart necklace secured with a box chain necklace.  Impeccably constructed with an "I heart you" design with an arrow piercing the heart. Embedded with bright rhinestone pieces to accentuate the heart-shape centerpiece. 

  1. Sterling Silver Zirconia Heart Horse Head Necklace

Rich and lustrous heart-shaped pendant with a stunning horse silhouette.  Iridescent round cubic zirconia crystals set on the half heart. Box chain necklace for a comfortable and smooth hang made from the high-quality sterling silver base. 

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Double Dolphin Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Playful depiction of a mother dolphin and her calf as they jump through the waves together. Here comes a heart-shaped pendant adorned with a series of bright CZ crystals on a lustrous silver base material. The pendant comes with a hypoallergenic box chain necklace. 

  1. Sterling Gold Mom Child Silver Winged Heart Pendant Necklace

We give you a perfect gift for moms, that represents how a mom treasures her child. A heartwarming piece of neck accessory in a heart-shaped design. Crafted from high-grade 925 sterling silver, polished to a satin-smooth surface. 

  1. Sterling Silver Jewelry Love Moon Open Heart Pendant Necklace

Have a look at this modern open-heart pendant with engraved word of deep affection, a decoration that features an artistic double heart in an ending fashion.  Sleek box type chain necklace for a light and comfortable fit. 

  1. Rhodium Pave Crystals Flower Heart Pendant Necklace

We bring you a classic vintage looking heart pendant with a cute set of the small flower core design. Rustic rhodium-coated metal with small, round, clear CZ inset to emphasize its color and style. Gentle rolo chain necklace that securely holds the fabulous pendant on your delicate neck. 

  1. Gold Round Cubic Zirconia Girls Heart Pendant Necklace

Here comes a rose gold-plated heart pendant with two bright, round cubic zirconia accents. Delicate 14 inches cable chain necklace to complement the cute heart pendant. 

  1. Multicolor Gold Silver Heart Girls Pendant Necklace

Featuring a sweet and young design of two hearts with a rose-gold and silver-tone finish. Beautifully assembled with a yellow gold rolo chain necklace. A style perfect for teens as a friendship necklace. 

  1. Silver-Tone LA Open Heart Charm Necklace

We give you this charming piece of heart pendant with an LA design, A version f I love Los Angeles made into a cute silver-toned pendant with a cable chain necklace. 

  1. Silver-tone CZ Crystal Mother-Child Horse Love Necklace

Stunning and glowing heart-shaped pendant with a gorgeous mother and child horse silhouette. Shimmery round cubic zirconia crystals set on the half heart pendant with a cable chain necklace for a comfortable and smooth hang. 

  1. Sterling Silver Double Forever Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Highlighting a contemporary design of interlaced hearts, secured by a heavy-duty sterling silver base, a combination of glossy buffed silver surface and a heavily paved CZ heart. A beautiful gift for your girlfriend or wife. 

  1. Elegant Sterling Silver CZ Heart Star Charm Necklace Pendant

Gold plated star charm dangle under an intricate, infinity knot, heart pendant with a brilliant, clear zirconia crystal. Durable and skin-friendly sterling silver base, hand polished to shiny and even surface. 

  1. Sterling Silver Angel Wing Heart Pendant Necklace

Charming and straightforward winged heart pendant with for little angels at heart.  Silky smooth surface with a sleek and stylish appeal, paired with a dainty rolo chain necklace for a highly feminine flair. 

  1. Sterling Silver "Love" Heart Pendant Necklace

Featuring a trendy box chain necklace with a hypoallergenic sterling silver base.  A lustrous and sophisticated piece of neck jewelry enhanced with a series of paved CZ crystals as well as a more enormous heart cut clear glass that sits under the word love design. 

  1. Sterling Silver Love Moon Double Love Heart Necklace

The distance can never separate deep love like this double heart pendant with heartfelt words of love engrave gorgeously on the side of the heart. Half paved with bright CZ crystals with black shadowed engravings. 

  1. Sterling Silver Shiny Cubic Zirconia Rose Heart Pendant Necklace

Here comes a floral-inspired heart pendant necklace. Exquisitely designed with brilliant CZ clear crystals with a heart charm center, a design to commemorate a woman's love. Assembled with a  sterling silver cable chain necklace. 

  1. Sterling Silver Luck Irish Celtic Knot CZ Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart, triangle, and circle all in one sleek heart pendant, a pendant that features a sapphire blue core cubic zirconia crystal connected to stylish and lustrously polished intertwined shapes that denotes love, luck, and totality. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ Interlocking Heart Chain Pendant Necklace

Friends holding each other hand, as this side-by-side interlocked hearts joined in the arms. Two hearts that have each other back, modernly accentuated with microcrystalline CZ stones and a delicate rolo chain necklace with a sterling silver base. 

  1. Sterling Silver Black Sea Heart Pendant Necklace

The unconditional love of a parent knows no species and it is impeccably depicted in this charming heart pendant. Stunningly constructed from a sterling silver base with bright and clear CZ stoned for emphasis and glam. Two sea lion-shaped core design of a mom and child. 

  1. Sterling Silver Love Heart Puppy Paw Pendant Necklace

Our pets live for us, and it is just proper to commemorate that unconditional love they give with this adorable heart necklace. Paw-like representation with round black enamel coated love letters. Secured by a dainty box chain necklace made from durable sterling silver. 

  1. 2 Piece Set Sterling Silver Heart Wings Layered Chain Necklace

Here comes a tow piece set of necklaces that you can wear together or separately. Delicate looking heart and wings pendant, paired with slender rolo chain necklace for a dainty and feminine appeal. 

  1. Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Heart Necklace

Inspired by the Claddagh ring design, her comes a version of a Claddagh ring in a pendant, a heart-shaped pendant with two hands holding a crowned heart, decorated with bright, clear CZ crystals. Luxuriously paved with microcrystalline CZ stone that shimmers with the light. 

  1. Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Puppy Paw Pendant Necklace

Durable cable chain necklace, assembled with a puppy paw heart pendant.  Brilliant CZ stones highlight the smooth curvatures of the heart pendant as well as the black enamel coating of the paw charm. 

  1. Sterling Silver Cupid's Arrow Heart Pendant Necklace

You can never run away from a cupid's arrow, a fair representation of love, made possible by cupid's arrow. Sleek and modernly fashioned with a sterling silver base, with accents of brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones. 

  1. Sterling Silver Blue CZ Fairy Heart Pendant Necklace

Dreamlike and magical, a pixie designed heart pendant decorated with a sparkling, round blue CZ stone that resembles a blue moon. Featuring a pixie silhouetted relaxing on the inner loop of the heart silver pendant. 

  1. Two-Tone Sterling Silver Winged Devil Heart Pendant Necklace

The little devil in you would appreciate this playfully wicked design of a winged and horned heart with a devilish tail. Cute, light pink metal coating with a clear CZ crystal at the rear. Satin smooth finish with a fresh and young vibe. 

  1. Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Pendant Cable Chain Necklace

Ultra-modern and chic infinity heart enhanced by a brilliant round cut blue cubic zirconia stone. Lustrous and sleek, equipped with a delicate cable chain necklace, all made from 925 sterling silver base. 

  1. Sterling Silver Blue Scarlet Red Heart Pendant Necklace

A heart filled with passion or as cold, as ice. Featuring a double heart pendant made from the high-quality sterling silver base with accents of small, round CZ crystals and a pronged heart cut red or blue Crystal core design. 

  1. Sterling Silver Love and Peace Heart Pendant Necklace

Featuring a heart pendant with a peace sign with word of love and peace engravings. Luxuriously half paved with clear cubic zirconia crystals paired with a sleek matte finish. Assembled with a box chain necklace for a trendy look.

  1. Sterling Silver Double Bees Infinity Heart Pendant Necklace

Bee with me, cute design of tow honeybees facing one another under a looped heart. Falling in love is the sweetest stage in one's life. The fluttery feeling when you see your special someone. Fashioned from the sterling silver base, with black stripes on the bees for accent. 

  1. Two-Tone Sterling Silver Angel Wing Heart Cubic Zirconia Chain Necklace

Divine love from an angel. Featuring a winged angle pendant, half lined with clear cubic zirconia stones. Gold-plated heart shaped middle design that gives added impact to this charming piece of neck accessory. 

  1. Sterling Silver Heart Ocean Blue Love Pendant Necklace

Beautiful and expensive-looking double heart pendant with a sparkling ocean blue, round cubic zirconia stone center. Heavily paved with CZ micro-crystals on the inner heart, enclosed by a finely polished silver heart border. 

  1. Sterling Silver Mothers Love Heart CZ Pendant Necklace

Check out this beautiful illustration of a mother's love, a heart-shaped silver pendant made from 92.5% purity. A silhouette of a mother holding her child at the core of the heart pendant. Bright microcrystalline stones complement the silky smooth metal finish. 

  1. Sterling Silver Mother and Child Horse Head Silhouette Heart Shape Pendant

Gorgeous and radiant heart-shaped pendant with a stunning mother and child horse silhouette. Iridescent round cubic zirconia crystals set on the half heart.  Cable chain necklace for a comfortable and smooth hang made from a high-quality sterling silver base. 

  1. Sterling Silver Puppy Paw Black Zircon Pendant Necklace

Woof! Woof! Express your love for your fur babies by wearing this trendy heart, paw pendant with a durable cable chain necklace. Featuring a sleek heart with a paw-shaped accent, adorned with black CZ crystals. 

  1. Mother-Child Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant Necklace

A nurturing type of love can be seen in this magnificent mother and child heart pendant iced with some brilliant round CZ crystals for accent. Hypoallergenic and easy to clean. 

  1. Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant Necklace

We give you an 18 inches long box chain necklace made from silver base metal, assembled with a vintage-inspired Celtic heart with a shimmering and silky surface. 

  1. Two-Tone Sterling Silver Infinite Heart Pendant Necklace

Classy cable chain necklace made from high-grade sterling silver metal, an elegant infinite heart pendant beautifully lined with round black CZ crystals with a clear, bright CZ stones on its inner frame. 

  1. Sterling Silver Musical Note Love Heart Pendant Necklace

For music lovers out there, we give you this musical heart note pendant with a box chain necklace. Created from a sterling silver base, polished to smooth texture and designed with a small pink coated heart-shape end. 

  1. Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart Charm Pendant Necklace

Lovely heart pendant necklace, designed from a high-quality sterling silver base.  Modernly fashioned with a drop heart pendant luxuriously decorated with half paved microcrystalline clear cubic zirconia stones with a larger round crystal at the center. 

  1. Edelweiss Flower Heart Rhinestone Pendant Lace Collar Necklace

Introducing a fashionable collar heart necklace for modern women, an accessory that features a grandiose heart pendant with an edelweiss flower center with gleaming round cut clear cubic zirconia stones. Colored laces from black, white, and moss green for a sexy flair. 

  1. Two Pieces Set Sterling Silver Gold-Plated Heart Mother Child Earrings Necklace

Pure love is depicted in this charming two-piece set consisting of a hook heart earring and a heart pendant necklace. Made from sterling silver with a gold-plated silhouette of a mother and child holding each other's hand. 

  1. Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Linked Heart Drop Pendant Necklace

Featuring a modernly fashioned linked heart drop pendant for modern women, a heart pendant that features two lustrous, silver-plated hollow hearts connected downward to interlace with a gold-plated rose heart, creating a trendy triple heart drop pendant with hip rolo chain necklace. 

  1. Vintage Rhinestone Bow Infinity Heart Pendant Necklace

A love to last a lifetime, a double heart pendant necklace designed with an old brass plated infinity shape that ties both hearts to one another. A lovely inner core paved with bright, clear rhinestone against a lustrous silver-plated alloy a base. 

  1. Classy Mother-Child Dual-Tone Heart Pendant Necklace

Mothers would feel the love depicted in this charming open-heart pendant necklace. Designed with a dual-tone metal plating of antique bronze and modern silver coating of a hollow illustration of a mother playing with her child.

  1. Double Heart Rhinestone Silver–Plated Pendant Necklace

For a romantic love between a couple or lovers, sweet representation of a hugging double heart. Each heart is half paved with glistening round rhinestone on a shiny and smooth silver-plated alloy base. Secured by a dainty cable chain necklace for a lightweight and comfortable wear. 

  1. Loop Double Heart Friend Memorial Pendant Necklace

When friendship becomes familial love, here is the best way to express your deep love for your friend or sister. Introducing a loop double heart modern pendant with an engraved message of love for one another. Secured by a trendy silver-plated rolo chain necklace for a smooth and shiny finish. 

  1. Silver-Plated Hollow Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Ultra-feminine and classy, an open-heart pendant with silver-plated based alloy material. Creatively fashioned with the word love and inner thorns for additional allure and character. Assembled with a dainty cable chain necklace for a delicate feminine look. 

  1. Vintage Dual-Tone Filigree Heart Rhinestone Pendant Chain Necklace

Featuring an excellent illustration of Mother Nature in a heart-shaped pendant assembled with a stylish cable chain necklace. Bronze plated half heart, with a woman silhouette hollow carving, paired with a tree of life illustration with some bright, microcrystalline CZ crystals. 

  1. Mom Heart Memorial Pendant Necklace

Children would always look for their mom. We bring you a perfect gift to appreciate all your mothers' sacrifices for you. Elegantly lettered mom calligraphy enclosed with a stylish heart-shape border. Bright CZ crystals to complements the smoothness of the silver-plated alloy base. Built with a feminine cable chain necklace for comfortable wear.

  1. Turquoise Rhinestone Filigree Heart Pendant Chain Necklace

Vintage in style and appeal, a delightful heart pendant from the Victorian era.  Classic filigree carvings, paved with gleaming rhinestone and a central heart-shaped turquoise stone. Small cyan CZ bright crystals to grab attention and focus on its antique flair. 

  1. 2 Piece Set Moon and Back Rhinestone Heart Pendant Necklace

Here is a mother and daughter open-heart cutout pendant necklace with loving messaged prettily etched on its smooth surface. Adorned with pure pink, round rhinestone and secured by a durable cable chain necklace. 

  1. Silver Big Small Hand Heart Pendant Necklace

Nurturing, a word to describe how a mother loves her child. Presenting a glitzy with an uplifting hidden meaning depicted by a small hand clutching to a more significant hand within a glammed heart-shaped pendant.  Hand polished to a mirror-like surface with sparkling CZ crystals to augment its stylish look. 

  1. Adjustable Leather Alloy Heart Cross Pendant Necklace

We bring you this classic, native-inspired heart necklace with an adjustable brown leather necklace. Brass plated charms of rings, a message engraved plate, and a cross-shaped to decorate the silver-plated heart pendant wrapped in half by a glossy brown genuine leather band. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ Cultured Pearl Open Heart Pendant Necklace

Purity and luck, a double open-heart pendant with a white cultured pearl accent.  A naturally occurring bright gemstone that does not need any additional polish. It's elegance emphasized by brilliant CZ crystals on a lustrous sterling silver base. 

Open-heart necklaces are specially made for women in general. Women are known for being emotional than men, although research says that both male and female gender experience the same emotions, but due to a preconceived notion that men have to be strong, therefore they tend to hide what they truly feel. People differ in expressing their love. Some show their love by giving presents.  Some, by cooking or spending quality time. This is what an open-heart necklace symbolizes, a love for everyone and anything. 

Designs of an Open Heart Necklace

Open heart necklaces varies in style depending on its meaning. 

For couples:

Open heart with an infinty knot pendant

This is a typical design for lovers, for the infinity, this combination denotes a continual cycle of love between two individuals. 

            Interlocked open heart pendant

Here is a type that denotes intertwined life, a marriage of two separate hearts that now beats as one.

            Small heart enclosed by a bigger heart

This tye denotes one taking care of the other, a type of dependable and trustworthy partner that each can depend on.

For parents and child:

            Silhouette of a parent and child holding hands

It is innate for a parent to naturally take care of their child. As they do this daily, the love grows deeper and stronger, transforming into a nurturing and unconditional l love. A love that only a parent can understand.

For pet lovers

            Heart with a paw, or any animal shape

As we have said earlier, we can love anyone or anything, and this also goes for our pets. Open heart necklaces can have designs with animal print to express our love for our loyal friends.

For friends

            Side by side hearts

A side by side heart that denotes friendship. A friend that is always by our team.  As the elders would say, we can choose our friends, and by doing so, we can select who to trust, and who will stick beside us no matter what.

An open-heart necklace can be a representation of different types of love that we can feel, love that you feel for your spouse, or a love between a parent and child.  Here are some kinds of love, according to human psychology.

Types of love

  • Passionate love (Eros)

Romantic love is common among couples, lovers, and husband and wife. Cupid was supposed to aim his arrow to create romantic love between two individuals.  A type of love that knows no reason, disregarding one's negative side of personality. Passionate kind of love usually transforms into familial with time, children also contribute to this transition.

  • Familial Love ( Storge)

The love between siblings, parents, and children where unconditional love is given and received. Love because of familiarity, fondness, and dependency arises in the purest form.

  • Friendly Love ( Philia)

The mutual feeling of goodwill between friends. Friendship is based on different things, the goodness of one's heart, benefits, or they are just pleasant to be with.  Companionship and trust are some things that define one's friendship. Real friendship seeks to live life to the fullest while having each other's back. They wish greatness for one another while they live and run after their dreams but having some time to convene and celebrate each other's success as well and failure.

  • Universal Love ( Agape)

Free love for all in any shape, size, or species. A great example is how a fur parent loves their pets. Religious individuals that love their God more than their family. Love for nature that one chooses to live in the wild to protect nature, even risking their lives. A type of love that everyone must have in order to decrease hate and separation between nations while protecting our planet, united as one. 

  • Practical Love ( Pragma)

A love based on shared goals, physical attraction has no say in this type of love that puts future goals more than attraction. This happens in arranged marriages wherein protecting one's status, or lineage is of greater importance, some would consider that capability to give offspring or sustain a family. Naturally, a learned love that uses the brain more than the heart.

  • Self-Love ( Philautia)

Some people lack this type of love, while some embody this type of love in an unhealthy way.  Mothers usually forget to practice self-love, replacing it with storge. Lack of self-love is harmful to the person in the end, for she may experience burnout and depleted self-worth. Too much self-love is also unhealthy wherein the person treats himself in a godlike status leading to an arrogant and selfish way of thinking.

  • Playful Love (Ludus)

A stage of love wherein it involves flirting and seduction. The phrase "no string attached" | come to mind wherein two individuals play with each other's emotion with teasing, usually just to the fun it gives. This type of love involves some sexual attraction for this type to work.  

We express our love and receive our love in various ways, but one thing is common, it would always come from an open heart. For a closed heart would never be able to appreciate, more so give love to others. He must learn to love himself frost before he can share the love with others. Let's learn to give love with an open heart just like the list of heartwarming open heart necklaces that we have seen earlier.

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