18 of The Best Mjolnir Pendant Necklaces for All Thor's Hammer Fans

18 of The Best Mjolnir Pendant Necklaces for All Thor's Hammer Fans

When we think of Thor, what comes to our mind? He was a hero based on a fictional comic book that you read when you were younger. He is the Deity of thunder and a brother to Loki. He owns a hammer called Mjolnir. Did you know that these characters are based on Norse mythology native to Scandinavia? Due to the movies released about Thor, his character became popular again. Many symbols like his Hammer are made into accessories. Pins, keychains, Mjolnir necklaces, and bracelets are being sold not just as a souvenir, but also as a piece of real jewelry.

Thor's hammer necklaces were initially used as an amulet for Neo-Norse religious followers. As the son of Odin, Thor was a vital part of Odinism. At present, it is the hero version who is popular, a powerful blond man who can fell in love with a human and fights evil with other superheroes, but there are similarities and differences between the two versions. How the Mjolnir was created and how it is wielded. Apart from the Mjolnir necklaces being a symbol of the Norse mythology, wearing a Thor's Hammer necklace is a symbol of being a fan of the fictional character. A fashion necklace. An accessory popular to young men who chose the character over the others.

Let us look at some remarkable Mjolnir hammer necklaces in the market today.

  1. Norse Viking Sheep Head Hammer Pendant Necklace

Norse Viking Sheep Head Hammer Pendant Necklace

A unique wheat chain necklace paired with a historic piece of Viking inspired Mjolnir hammer pedant. You can see the highly detailed Viking artworks of a goat and the intricate pattern of the Celtic knot. Complexly designed from stainless steel alloy coated with a silver metal hue to emphasize every curve and angle of the design. Buy from HERE

  1. Gold & Silver 3-D Thor's Hammer Pendant Necklace

Gold & Silver 3-D Thor's Hammer Pendant Necklace

Here is a lifelike replica of Thor's Hammer. Mjolnir could shrink to any size in order for Thor to bring it with him anywhere. Available in classic yellow gold and metallic silver-plated stainless steel alloy base. Equipped with a twenty-two inches robust and fancy rope chain necklace for a dashing casual look. Buy from HERE

  1. Antique Gold Mjolnir Pendant Chain Necklace

Antique Gold Mjolnir Pendant Chain Necklace

Here comes a classic Scandinavian Thor's hammer pendant necklace plated in old yellow gold, complete with a hypoallergenic 24-inch long box chain necklace. Masculine in design and designs of traditional Norse patterns of runes and a raven built with a stainless steel base. A highlight of a black coated backdrop with a textured surface to complement the lustrousness of the gold polish. Buy from HERE

  1. Thor's Hammer Pendant Silver Gold Chain Necklace

Thor's Hammer Pendant Silver Gold Chain Necklace

Featuring double etched design on a traditional Mjolnir hammer of the Norse mythology. Feel the wrath of the delicately detailed engravings of Thor's monstrous face on one side and a peaceful, closed-eyed front on the other. Assembled with an elegant box chain necklace, both pendant and chain are made from gold or silver-plated titanium base material. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Thor's Hammer Sapphire Cat Eye Pendant Necklace

Silver Thor's Hammer Sapphire Cat Eye Pendant Necklace

Complete your Viking inspired outfit with this realistic replica of Thor's hammer pendant made from a premium quality stainless steel alloy, oxidized to maximize and highlight the highly detailed Viking symbols of a triquetra and lodestar to guide the sailors. A creepy watchful cat-eye to protect you from evil spirits. Buy from HERE

6. Hugin Thor's Hammer Pendant Chain Necklace

Hugin Thor's Hammer Pendant Chain Necklace

Have a look at this beautiful coiled rope chain necklace with two Huginn heads at the end biting on the ring frame, a design made emphasized by meticulously engraved features of the ravens, paired with the helm of awe carving as the central pattern of this magnificent Thor's hammer pendant. Buy from HERE

7. Thor's Hammer Wolf Heads Pendant Byzantine Chain Necklace

Thor's Hammer Wolf Heads Pendant Byzantine Chain Necklace

You would not be able to take your gaze from this traditionally fashioned Mjolnir pendant, secured by an eye-catching, ancient byzantine chain necklace with two-wolf shape head end. Classic Celtic knots with a triquetra overhead carving with a textured back pendant design a versatile look. Wear this with your casual shirts to elevate your punk and fierce look. Buy from HERE

8. Hammered Stainless Steel Thor's Hammer Vegvisir Pendant Necklace

Hammered Stainless Steel Thor's Hammer Vegvisir Pendant Necklace

Featuring a roughen version of Thor's Hammer, purposely fashioned with a coarse hammered look. Displaying a Viking compass principal engraving to protect the sailors from getting lost in the sea. Styled with understated black shadows to embody a manually forged Nordic hammer of the past. The pendant comes with a 24-inch wheat chain necklace to complete its old-fashioned style. Buy from HERE

9. Mjolnir Wolf Warrior Pendant Chain Necklace

Mjolnir Wolf Warrior Pendant Chain Necklace

We bring you three different Norse inspired pendant with a highly bold flair. Impressively carved Mjolnir with tow snakeheads end chain accent, beautifully textured wolf mask and a grand warrior pendant with embossed carvings of Odin, Hugin, and Gungnir over a Celtic cross. Each piece is skillfully crafted from high-grade stainless steel alloy for a long-lasting and corrosion-resistant piece of jewelry. Buy from HERE

10. Mjolnir Amulet Leather Stainless Steel Chain Pendant Necklace

Mjolnir Amulet Leather Stainless Steel Chain Pendant Necklace

Choose between hip punk and classy punk, two variants made available to secure an epic Scandinavian symbol. Featuring a well-designed Mjolnir pendant, exquisitely carved and polished to an archaic look with blackened oxidized depressed portions with traditional Viking knots and patterns. Stainless steel wheat chain necklace or braided black genuine leather to complete a fearless Viking look. Buy from HERE

The Vikings or the Norsemen had their own beliefs known as the Neo-pagan belief. They believe in God and the afterlife. Norse mythology to some people but a religion to the believers. Odin is the father of all gods, and Thor is his son. As you may have seen or heard, he has a weapon called Mjolnir. Nowadays, due to the popularity of the movie, based on the Norse God of Thunder, some misconceptions rose between the original and the hero version. Here are some resemblances and differences between the two.

The Norse version of Thor is almost the same as the Hero like they both:

  • Use a hammer weapon
  • Courageous and powerful
  • Son of Odin
  • God of Thunder


  • The Norse Thor rides a chariot pulled by his two goats while the Hero Thor uses Mjolnir to fly.
  • A worthy individual can only wield Thor's Hammer based on the Hero world it was Odin who put the prerequisite enchantment that was not specified in the Norse mythology. Mjolnir is just an ordinary weapon too heavy to lift and used other than Thor and his son Magni who is stronger than Thor. There is a story where Thor was pinned under the foot of a giant. Many have tried to lift the foot, but it was only when Magni, a four-year-old boy, simply threw the foot away and saved his father. He can also raise the Mjolnir like his father.
  • Thor has an Asgardian wife named Sif in Norse mythology, unlike in the hero world, where Thor fell in love with a mortal.
  • The Norse Thor uses a glove and a belt to multiply his strength to wield Mjolnir, but in the hero version, he can use it due to his worthiness.

Thor (Norse Version)

Popularly known as the God of thunder. The son of Odin, one of the Aesir Gods that live in Asgard. He is a fully bearded red hair man who is known for his courage and unshakable sense of duty. He is gifted with supreme strength that he used to protect the deities of Asgard. Historians say that he has three precious possessions; these are megingjörð, Járngreipr, and Mjolnir.

Megingjörð /Thor's Belt

Translated in English as Power and belt that denote a powerful belt, this belt was mentioned in a poem describing Thor. The passage tells that Thor wore a belt of strength that raised his godly power.

Járngreipr /Thor's Iron Glove

Translated in English as iron grippers. To wield the short-handled Mjolnir, he needs the aid of the iron glove together with his girdle of strength.

Mjolnir / Thor's Hammer

In Norse mythology, Thor's Hammer is termed Mjolnir, pronounced as Miol-neer, which means lightning or the purity of white lightning, an apt name for the weapon of the God of thunder. A short handle characterizes Thor's Hammer making it hard to wield it, A dense and powerful weapon that can flatten even the mountains in one swift stroke. Thor wears a glove made of iron to grasp on the shaft, girdled with the belt of power as he uses the power of white lightning to protect the Asgard from the giants and entities who threaten to destroy their realm particularly on the day of Ragnarok.

How was Mjolnir Made?

Loki makes the creation of Mjolnir possible; a story tells that due to his prank, cutting the golden hair of Sif, Thor's wife. Loki, to make peace with the angry Thor, had promised to get Sif a lovely gift. He went to the caves where the dwarfs live, Svartalfheim, the dwarves successfully created a new head of golden hair for Sif, but Loki did not stop there. Wanting to create mayhem, he taunted the brothers with their skills resulting in the creation of Thor's Hammer. The handle of the Hammer was not supposed to be short. It occurred when Loki bit Brokrr while he was forging the Hammer. Brokrr stopped working just enough to wipe the blood on his eyes from Loki's bite resulting in the short-handled Hammer.

Who Created Thor's Hammer?

The dwarf brothers, namely Brokkrr and Sindri, were known to be wise and use powerful magic, master blacksmiths, and artisans. They created the spear of Odin, the ship of Freya, and others. They live underground, for they were supposed to turn into stones when exposed to sunlight.

Thor's Hammer Symbolism

  • For the Viking, it is a symbol of virtues like courage, righteousness, loyalty, and kindness, which are the four central values under the COC or Code of conduct of the Vikings.
  • For Neo-pagan believers, the Hammer was used in rituals such as weddings, births, and funerals. There is a famous story behind why the Hammer was used in wedding ceremonies. Thor came to the Giant's land by dressing up as a bride in order to take back his Hammer. He knew that the Mjolnir would be presented during the ritual. As he predicted, he seized the weapon and smashed every head of the giants present in the ceremony.
  • For the fans of the Hero Thor, it is a symbol of a great powerful hero, bound by his duty to protect Asgard and Earth from entities who try to destroy it.
  • Thor's Hammer is also believed to be a precursor of the Cross shape symbol of Christianism. Some amulets with uncial scribes were recovered that supports the conversion from Viking religious belief to Christianism.

Ancient Features of a Thor's Hammer

There were thousands of Hammer shaped amulets found in Denmark believed to be based on Thor's Hammer in the year 1997. In 2014, a Thor's Hammer with rune engraving was found in the isle of Lolland that had inscriptions that read Hammer in English. There was three basic hammer shape with different features. Here are some of those featured elements in the original Mjolnir amulets of the Viking world.

Ball end handle

Excavated hammer-shaped amulet had a ball-shaped end at the base of a short handle, traces of silver, tin, and some gold were also found.

Hammered surface

In the olden times, iron is typically forged by heating iron and pounding it to its desired shape. There were not IP plating available, so everything is manually done by hand. This results to a hammered surface with a rugged and rustic look that adds to its appeal.

Runes inscriptions

Runes that calls for the protection of Thor are engraved on the surface of the hammer-shaped amulets. The word Hammer was clearly seen on some Thor's hammer amulet that also signifies literacy and artisanship of the Vikings.

Iron Base Material

An iron pendant was unearthed in Yorkshire made during 1000AD.

Pagan God Features

Eerie round eyes with rune inscriptions are one of the basic features of a hammer amulet found in Denmark. Aside from the godly function, curves and knots were also part of their engravings.

Ring Handle

The ring that holds the pendant resembles a roughly made key ring. It is inserted in a hole bored on the top part of the handle with a flattened end band that serves as a knot closure.

Features of a Modern Mjolnir Necklace

Viking Patterns

Old patterns are incorporated into the Hammer shaped pendants to maintain traditional Viking appeal. These are:


These goats are used as a standard feature for Mjolnir, for they are closely connected to Thor. Tanngrisnir (Teeth-bearer) and Tanngnjostr (Teeth grinder) are the goats that pulls Thor's chariot as he journeys the skies of Asgard. They also serve as his meal from time to time as he revives them with the use of his Hammer the next day.

Celtic knots

You cannot have an old-fashioned Thor's hammer without a Celtic knot. As a general symbolism of life cycle where the Norse also believes, the knot is seen in the Norse version f the tree of life (Yggdrasil). The endless knots from the roots to the leaves enveloping the tree with a continuous circle is one of the critical features that represent Norse belief.


As the father of all God and the father of Thor, Odin's head is frequently used on modern Mjolnir pendants. It does not really need any reason for Odin is a vital character in Norse mythology.


Thor is to defeat the serpent during the Ragnarok, He was also foretold to die after his triumph over the serpent; therefore, a classic serpent feature of its beautiful scales and the forked tongue is used in modern Mjolnir pendants.

Ancient Looking Chains to complement the Traditional Norse Mjolnir Pendant

  • Byzantine Chain

Here is a chain that is eye-catching due to its old-fashioned look. A ropelike chain design with a four chained linked to a single chain. Also knowns as an Etruscan chain that is flexible and hangings well.

  • Wheat Chain

To the untrained eye, the wheat chain may resemble a Byzantine chain, but it is actually made of teardrop links facing the same direction. Each connection resembles a hinge making it less flexible than other chain necklaces.

  • Rope Chain

A beautiful, strong chain that has two links twisted together, creating a multiple chained illusion; it resembles a metal rope that combines the traditional rope and metal material together.

What we can conclude with what wearing Thor's hammer or Mjolnir necklaces denotes is strength, power, courage, and good moral character. These characters of a true hero or God protect humans from evil spirits. A god, Hero, or a simple tool. You can choose which to believe and how you want to perceive it. Overall, like what we have seen on the selection of Mjolnir necklaces, it brings new punk and toughness to your casual wear.
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