1. 70+ Symbolic Necklaces with Meaning in 2022
    Express how you feel by gifting your loved ones a symbolic necklace. The necklace alone symbolizes wealth and status in the olden times. Its round ...
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  2. How to Tell if The Jewelry is Made of Real Silver
    Before you use your silver jewelry to fight against vampires, are you sure that the jewelry you just bought or received from a friend is made of re...
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  3. How to Wear a Tiara
    Are you getting married soon or celebrating your 18th birthday? Then you may be thinking of wearing a tiara. The question that comes to mind is how...
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  4. Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work and All You Need to Know About Them
    There are various thoughts about magnetic bracelets that remain unconcluded up until today. Magnetic bracelets claim to help with insomnia, inflamm...
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  5. Byzantine Jewelry - History and Art During The Middle Ages
    Byzantine jewelry is dubbed as the queen B when it comes to historical jewelry pieces for its grand and extravagant large designs made from yellow ...
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  6. 39 Affordable Wedding Ring Sets Under $50
    First up, let me just congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials! I am sure you are ecstatic and are just roaring to go prepare for your wedding da...
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  7. The New Trend: Lab-Grown Diamonds
    What gem is dubbed as a woman’s best friend? Correct! A diamond! The dream of wearing a diamond ring remains to be a dream for most women due to th...
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  8. 30 of The Best Black Choker Necklaces for Women
    Chokers have a colorful history that goes hand in hand with how it is perceived today—a symbol of allure, fantasy fornication, punk and classic Got...
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  9. How to Determine the Value of Your Vintage Jewelry
    Watching the popular TV show showing antique stuff valued thousands of dollars has made us reflect and check on our own properties' worth. You may ...
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  10. 30 of The Best Black Wedding Rings for Men in 2021
    It's a brand new year, and what a way to start by tying the knot and face a new chapter with your fiancé. First, you need to find a wedding ring fo...
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  11. Birthstones by Month - Discover your Birthstone and its History
    Do you know your birthstone? Much like a zodiac, there are designated gemstone based on our birth months. These are generally called birthstones. T...
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  12. Best Matte Wedding Bands for Your Special Day in 2021
    Can you hear the wedding bells? I do! Naturally, what comes after a marriage proposal is finding that perfect wedding band that you will gladly wea...
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