Collection: Angel Wing Pendant Necklaces

If you like the idea of angels and celestial bodies you should go through this beautiful set!

These pendants are coined in significance with the world that exists above and beyond. This set takes shapes of wings, crosses, swords, lockets, and even cylinders; with synthetic stones of varying colors and shapes to add to its sophistication. Its chains are either of leather or steel, some of which come in small beaded forms. Its major plated colors are black, silver, metal, and gold.

Some of its designs are gender-specific, whilst others are not. Also, a few of these pendants are made from materials that do not tarnish easily. In this category, you are also provided with amazing options for occasions like parties, weddings and more.

A fun fact about our Angel Wing Pendant Necklaces is the bonus of velvet bags provided on certain orders, giving you the best feel out of your order!