Are you an animal aficionado? A dog devotee? A bird buff? You’ve come to the right place to see our array of animal earrings. What better way to show your devotion than with jewelry?

The dinosaur lovers will fall for our stegosaurus studs or our t-rex trinkets.

For those who enjoy the cartoonish look, we have our polymer clay cartoon animal collection. These come in fox, dog, raccoon or cat designs and are a bucket load of fun!

Whether you prefer bejeweled, sleek gold or silver, we have a style to suit you. Purchase a pair today to show off your fun side.

This graceful and beautiful fashion...
This graceful and beautiful fashion jewelry is truly an eye-catcher which will help you draw admirations on your any occasion. This jewelry is inspired from animal, which is the most...
$41.99 Sale Regular price $71.99
$41.99 Sale Regular price $71.99
925 Sterling SilverReal 925 sterling...
925 Sterling SilverReal 925 sterling silver jewelry typically has certain marks on it to indicate its purity. These marks include "925", ".925" or "S925", to represent the 92.5 percent pure...
$41.99 Sale Regular price $71.99
$41.99 Sale Regular price $71.99
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