38+ Dragon Necklaces, Claws, Eyes, Scales and Wings

38+ Dragon Necklaces, Claws, Eyes, Scales and Wings

Dragons are mystical creatures created by people’s wild imaginations, or are they real? Often a part of myths and legends that are usually depicted as a strong and influential entity that has in-depth knowledge and magic. Either portrayed as the evil waiting underneath the tree of life according to the Norse mythology, or creatures of balance that promote harmony and peace, ready to protect the Gods and the people they serve. No matter how your version of dragons, it’s undeniable that they are a symbol of authority, having a scary and forceful personality that no mortals would ever try to go against. 

Dragons are not just famous in western culture but also in Asian cultures, such as that they even have it as an animal zodiac. Unlike the version of the west which usually breathes fire, its Asian counterpart is a water dragon. It’s also celebrated in festivals that made it a popular design for a business that denotes prosperity and abundance.

As a guardian or a protector from the evil entity, dragons are used as totems or pendant to repel the negative vibe that promotes turmoil in a person’s mind. When combined with crystals that help calm and serene ambiance, it promotes wellness aside from being a stylish way to represent your character at the same time, an accessory to upgrade your daily style.

Here are some dragon pendant necklaces for you to choose from:

  1. Stainless Steel Dragon Fang Pendant Necklace

What a way to showcase the fierce dragon in you. Presenting a fang pendant made of stainless steel with an intricately molded dragon head with tits ferocious facial features. The pendant comes with a sturdy and hypoallergenic Rollo chain necklace that holds the magnificent pendant securely around your neck. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Rainbow Zodiac Dragon Choker Necklace

The balance between the yin and yang. A marvelous depiction of two dragons that represent each part of creating balance on Earth. Available in classic Silver and rainbow hues, a choker necklace made from metal alloys evenly plated to achieve a brilliant Asian inspired dragon zodiac jewelry piece. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Serpent Dragon Ring Pendant Necklace

Featuring this one of a kind depiction of a serpent dragon biting his tail end. An act that creates a circle that denotes infinity and power. Skillfully crafted from premium grade stainless alloy hand polished to a slick and glossy surface.  Secured by a link chain necklace in vintage gold, metal black, and lustrous silver hues. Buy from HERE

  1. Set of Two Dragon Ball Column Pendant Necklace

Dragons are protectors, as can be seen in this two-piece set of dragon inspired pendants with cable chain necklaces. A dragon with its body wrap around a column that symbolizes the foundation of a structure and a dragon ball that denoted power and totality. You can see the stunning replica of gleaming silver dragons against the bronze-plated backdrop. 

  1. Stainless Steel Dragon Yin Yang Pendant Necklace

The dark is not the enemy of light but a supplement to create balance with light.  This stunning flat round pendant illustrates the equilibrium of the black and white dragon as they danced in a circle that represents harmony, especially for family and marriage. Secures durably by a cable chain necklace that is made from high-quality stainless alloy. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Luminous Winged Dragon Necklace

See the magic happen with this glow in the dark-winged dragon pendant that comes with a rolo chain necklace. Dragon pendants that harness the power of the sun and lights up in the dark. Crafted from top quality plated alloy materials in vintage hues of gold, bronze-green, and natural silver. 

  1. Gold Cubic Zirconia Four Headed Dragon Rope Necklace

An amulet with four-headed dragons circling around red crystal seemingly protecting it as well as harnessing their power from the crystal. Beautifully crafted from a durable stainless steel material with detailed engravings with a dark silhouette to emphasize the dragon features. The pendant comes with a rope necklace built with a lobster claw closure. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Titanium Dragon Ball Pendant Chain Necklace

We present to you this remarkable dragon with a dragon ball secured in its claw. An extraordinary dragon amulet made from high-quality titanium carbide with a trendy rolo chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. Vintage Gold Winged Dragon Opal Pendant Necklace

Here is an antique-looking dragon pendant with a cable chain necklace.  Featuring a round opal gemstone as a centerpiece where the dragon revolves around it like a guardian. Available in olive-brown gold that adds to its timeless look. 

  1. Stainless Steel Coiled Dragon with Black CZ Necklace

Introducing a winged coiled dragon pendant in antique silver and yellow gold color. Excellently crafted from a premium quality stainless steel alloy with highly detailed carvings of its scales and winged features. Secured by a robust and trendy looking rolo chain also plated in either old silver of gold. Buy from HERE

  1. Classic Sterling Silver Serpent Dragon Pendant Necklace

Featuring an extremely detailed serpent dragon pendant available in different rolo chain lengths of your choosing. Exquisitely crafted from jewelry grade sterling silver that is easy to clean and maintain its gorgeous polish. A representation of a severe and no-nonsense dragon perfect for men of authority. Buy from HERE

  1. Gothic Skeleton Winged Dragon Necklace

Come and see this Goth inspired dragon with oxidized metal color for an ancient feel. Secure on both ends of the wings by cable chain necklace secured by a lobster hook clasp that looks gives a delicate vibe at the back of your neck.  A detailed dragon decorated with microcrystalline round crystals that adds glam this eerily fashioned neck jewelry. 

  1. Hip Hop Two Tone Stainless Steel Dragon Head Byzantine Long Chain Necklace

If you’re a fan of the hippie fashion, then this long chain dragon head is perfect for you. Uniquely designed long-chain accessory for men made to be worn and secured on jeans for a rugged accent. Thick and heavy looking built with a robust byzantine chain in a combination of gold and silver hue. Secured by an open-mouthed dragon head made to bite in a ring for the closure. Buy from HERE

  1. Gothic Cross Coiled Dragons Cross Pendant Chain Necklace

Feast your eyes on this extravagant and extremely sophisticated design of a cross sword dragon that seemingly came out of a horror movie. Featuring a gothic cross with two dragons coiled around the sword like body of the cross biting the top part of the cross. A multifaceted design made from stainless alloy emphasized by strategically positioned silhouettes for additional impact. A creepy oval-shaped gem placed at the center of the cross that seemingly resembles a dragon’s eye. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Goth Dragon Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

This simple dragon pendant explicitly made for men of cool and trendy styles. A tattoo like the illustration of a winged dragon secured by a cable chain necklace. Both pieces are made from Top grade Stainless steel alloy that is proven durable and non-reactive to sweat. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and maintain its fabulous shine. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Coiled Serpent Dragon Cross Pendant Necklace

A gothic-inspired pendant of a serpent dragon coiled around the cross to reach the top. A guardian of the afterlife and a protector from evil is what this dragon illustrates. Made from the highly south after stainless steel alloy that highlighted with detailed carvings of dragon features for a creepy and menacing look. 

  1. Pagan Red CZ Winged Dragon Pewter Pendant Black Cord Necklace

Showcase the hip and trendy side of you by wearing this highly fashionable winged dragon pendant that comes with a bold black cord necklace. An accessory made for men from teens to young adults. A pendant characterized by s flying dragon with a scarlet red round cubic zirconia crystal wrap around its coiled body. 

  1. Infinity Dragon Ouroboros Serpent Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace

A symbol of infinity with its round serpent shape symbol. A popular design for its simplicity and intricately carved dragon features. Exquisitely crafted from high-quality stainless steel alloy plated in antique silver with an understated silhouette. 

  1. Gold-Tone Rhinestone Dragon Wings Gothic Pendant Necklace

Gaze upon this Goth inspired dragon with soft yellow gold color. Held on both ends of the wings by cable chain necklace secured by a lobster hook clasp that looks gives a delicate vibe at the back of your neck. A detailed dragon decorated with microcrystalline round crystals that adds glam this eerily fashioned neck jewelry. 

  1. Dog Tag Stainless Steel Dragon Necklace Pendant for Men

A modestly designed dragon pendant with a cable chain necklace that is highly durable and non-reactive to sweat. Featuring a dragon silhouette carvings on a dog tag. Stylish and straightforward that needs no additional accent for everyday wear. 

  1. Unisex Stainless Steel Dragon Sword Pendant Chain Necklace

 Featuring a dragon pendant with a cable chain necklace made from the fine quality stainless alloy in silver and yellow gold metal color. A traditional design of a dragon wrap around the body of a sword. Hypoallergenic and easy to maintain to have a long-lasting shine. 

  1. Medieval Norse Winged Dragon Pendant Black Cord Necklace

Showcasing old version of the ferocious Norse dragon ready to bring havoc on Earth. Exhibiting menacing features and well-defined carvings of a dragon made from a plated stainless steel alloy. Dark silhouettes for an additional character and impact. Secured by a durable and light black rope cord. 

  1. Classic Stainless Steel Dragon Cross Pendant Necklace

Dragon of the Celts illustrated by this modest and neat design of a cross with hollow dragon carvings. Well-crafted from jewelry grade stainless steel material polished to a mirror-like gloss and texture. A sleek and trendy pendant for young men built with a cable chain necklace. 

  1. Dragon Claw Red Crystal Bead Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

The dragon ball where it was said to contain the power and the ability to conjure the mystical creature itself. An exceptional representation of a dragon claw made from stainless steel alloy highlighted by its well-defined dragon scales and sharp claws enclosing a red dragon ball. 

  1. Stainless Steel Vintage Wind Dragon Cylinder Pendant Necklace

Featuring a wind symbol over a coiled dragon around a cylinder. A simple and classic design of a dragon totem of the past. Expertly crafted from high-quality stainless steel material, beautifully etched with dragon scales and wind symbol.  Perfectly suited with a bead chain necklace. 

  1. Stainless Steel Double Winged Dragon Sword Pendant Necklace

Showcasing this gothic-inspired dragon sword pendant made from premium grade stainless alloy. Featuring a double-winged dragon biting on a round onyx crystal centerpiece. A blade that represents a pendragon sword features plated in lustrous metal black. A color that’s full of mystery and highly masculine. 

  1. Two-tone Blue Silver Stainless Steel Dragon Pendant Necklace

For men with hip and trendy style, we bring you this upbeat version of a serpent dragon made from top quality stainless steel alloy base design and an azure blue plated sea serpent dragon on top. A tribal-inspired design for men, it comes with a fashionable cable chain necklace. 

  1. Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Dangle Pendant Dragon Around Coin Fit Necklace

An out of this world illustration of a dragon roaming around the cosmic realm seeming protecting it with its body. Featuring distinct features of a zodiac dragon that denotes peace and harmony with its in-depth knowledge of the secrets of eternal life. Lustrous and durable bead chain necklace that highlights the elegant and serene feel of the pendant. 

  1. Black Dragon Claw Onyx Bead Stainless Steel Pendant

Here is an example of a magnificent creature perfectly illustrated in a pendant.  Exquisitely crafted from premium quality stainless steel alloy highlighted by the intricate carvings of a dragon’s claw holding an onyx crystal bead. 

  1. Adjustable Dragon Claw Pendant Leather Necklace

Just like the dragon itself, a dragon’s claw is a symbol of strength and authority.  How the mighty dragon can snap anything captured in its talons. Expertly crafted from stainless material with an additional lifelike replica of its scales and claws.  Complemented and accentuated by the natural color of brown leather necklace, easy to adjust, and light on the skin. 

  1. Stainless Steel Black Agate Dragon Ball Pendant Chain Necklace

Here comes a traditionally fashioned dragon totem made from the image of a dragon with a manmade onyx ball in its core. A protection pendant to repel evil spirits in a modest and trendy way. Beautifully crafted from black plated stainless steel material exhibiting a thorough carving of a dragon’s facial features and scales. 

  1. Zodiac Dragon Blue Fang Crystal Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

Showcasing a mystic and elaborate version of a blue luminesce wolf tooth encased by a dragon figure. Dragon and cable chain necklace is made from high-grade stainless steel alloy, durable and non-reactive to natural elements. A beautiful pendant that embodies a true leader and courage. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Drop Black Agate Dragon Pendant Necklace

Like a black crystal falling from the heavens held by a coiled dragon delivered to your neck. Featuring a cable chain necklace with a serpent dragon made from top-grade stainless alloy. Polished and buffed to a lustrous and smooth surface that emphasizes that deep black color of the drop crystal. 

  1. Titanium Dragon Head Gold Wolf Tooth Tribal Pendant Chain Necklace

Featuring a brilliant piece of jewelry made from titanium carbide, a steel that’s tough resistant with a pleasant weight on it. A design made for men with a golden wolf fang totem held by a dragon head in natural meatal hue etched with wind pattern.  An accessory secured by a bead chain necklace designed for a neat and fresh look. 

  1. Stainless Steel Dragon Eye Claw Pendant Necklace

Be amazed by this eerie-looking pendant of a dragon eye held by four harp claws as if preventing it from coming out, creating chaos to this world. Gaze upon the lifelike replica of a dragon skin around the eye. Skillfully crafted from a high-grade stainless steel alloy with a hypoallergenic bead chain necklace that comfortably slides and hangs on your neck. 

  1. Stainless Steel Medieval Dragon Cross Onyx Pendant Necklace

A medieval-inspired version of a Celtic dragon wrapped around a cross guarding a round onyx crystal bead. A soothing gemstone is worn, especially during times of confusion. A powerful protection stone combined with the mystical power of the dragon against evil spirits that tends to bring turmoil on your mind. 

  1. Silver Dragon Head Triquetra Infinity Pendant Necklace

The guardian of peace that can travel from this world to the spiritual realm.  Featuring a dragon amulet with the triquetra and infinity know symbol. A symbol of infinite supremacy that was seen in ancient times. Magnificently crafted from high-quality stainless alloy with dark silhouetted for emphasis and antiquated appeal. Buy from HERE

  1. Rune Stainless Steel Dragon Ring Pendant Necklace

Featuring a ring dragon head pendant with clearly etched dragon runes against a back background. Made from the finest stainless steel alloy, metal coated in black with an extremely detailed dragon head as the main accent. Available in bead and pearl chain necklace that is highly durable and resistant to snapping. Buy from HERE

Dragons in the Chinese zodiac

The Chinese zodiac has twelve animals on it representing one year of the twelve-year rotation. The dragon is at the fifth rotation among the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac that depicts a masculine nature. It is considered the most powerful and is a symbol of ambition and governance. Driven and are ready to face challenges head-on. Full of passion in all things that cause unhappiness and the feeling of discontent. Due to their strong personality, they prefer their own company and would seem to be arrogant at times.  

Dragon balls, what are these? An anime? According to the myth, a dragon ball is an energy source of a dragon. That is why it needs to protect it and often depicted in the claw or at the core of a dragon. 

Dragons are also a part of the yin and yang of Chinese culture. It represents the light side and commonly paired with the phoenix to create a balancing force.  They believe that the dark is not the opposite of light but an entity to create balance. It is essential to have both to hone the ability to stay centered. 

The most common illustration of the Chinese dragon is its lion mane, horned wingless, and claws. They represent the yin or the white part of the yin and yang. 

Kinds of Chinese Dragons

  • The adventurous and free-spirited dragon named Chaofeng is mostly illustrated on roofs of royal palaces.
  • Known as the eldest of all the dragons illustrated in the shape of a turtle with piercing teeth. He carries heavy objects and mostly represented in cemeteries.
  • A sea serpent known as Chiwen exhibits an unpleasant voice that loves to eat different creatures. You can’t be a great guardian if you don’t eat something here and there, right? 
  • To guard the prisoners in jails, there is a dragon named Bian.
  • Bell needs to be loud, and that is the dragon Pulao for its loud cry. He is often engraved on bells and bell handles.
  • A yellow dragon called Quiniu loves music and musical instruments.
  • A common dragon representation is Fuxi, where he can be seen carved on stones and tablets.
  • As with any dragon who loves fighting, a dragon named Yazi is often depicted on swords.
  • Last but not least, the dragon called Suanni, where he is depicted with a lion head most commonly seen in temples, for he loves the smell of incense.

What is the difference between the Norse, Celtic, and the Asian dragon?

All versions of the dragons are still considered myths, for its existence has not yet been proven by science. All are strong and powerful and eternal. But for the Norsemen, a dragon is an evil creature slithering and waiting for the much-awaited time of the war between good and evil. For the Celts, they are sometimes considered good or evil at times depending on the situation and the lord they serve. It had wings and breathes fire. Now, the Asian dragon is a water dragon, it’s wingless but can float on air. As stated above, there are nine types of dragons with their own responsibilities. It also represents the light side of yin and yang.

Light and dark, fire and water, man and a woman. Everything has its counterpart to have balance. You can see this in all the stories or movies where superheroes have their own supervillains. Heaven, and hell. Dragons are powerful creatures that can create order and chaos. Harness the good and stay centered. A dragon necklace is a totem or an accessory that can be a symbol of your character, personal belief or even a good luck charm. It’s a majestic creature with beautiful features and story that made it a fashionable accessory, whether be a dragon ring, dragon bracelets or dragon pendant necklaces.

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