70+ Top Masonic Jewelry Every Freemason Should Have | Bonus - Masonic History, Symbols, Lodges and Rituals

70+ Top Masonic Jewelry Every Freemason Should Have | Bonus - Masonic History, Symbols, Lodges and Rituals

The Masons or the well-known version, which is the freemasons are quite mysterious as well as famous. Known to be a hidden group that performs strange ceremonies and handshakes. They are also exclusive for men only fraternity that has several members on the upperclassmen of the society. At present, they are known to be a peaceful group that promotes friendship between different sects of religious belief and for their charitable works.

There were stories of the past that Masons were they instigated a rebellion against the royal regime. They were known to disagree with the Catholic belief of revelation. In reaction to this, the Catholic religion named any members of the society to un excommunicated and would strongly advise its members not to be connected to the group in any way.

Nowadays, their symbol is widely used in jewelry and shirts. Controversies that surround them attracts more people in learning more about their history and symbolism. A symbol of equality among humans. A friendship among people, regardless of their race, culture, and status. All men are the same in front of God, and that is what they promote.

Here is a list of products that features masonic designs:


1# Blue Agate CZ Stainless Steel Masonic Lodge Freemason

     Blue Agate CZ Stainless Steel Masonic Lodge Freemason

    A ring made of pure stainless steel alloy with a blue marbled inlay under Mason’s logo. Accentuated by three micro cubic zirconia crystals on both sides. Find HERE

    2# Black Plated Stainless Steel Masonic Vintage Ring

       Black Plated Stainless Steel Masonic Vintage Ring

      Featuring a jet black ring featuring a Mason symbol with a highly detailed inscription and textured surface. Find HERE

      3# Gold & Silver Glow in The Dark Freemason Silver Ring

        Gold & Silver Glow in The Dark Freemason Silver Ring

        Here is a classic looking ring designed with a line of Masonic symbol. Feel the mystery as it changes colors during the night. Find HERE

        4# Black Titanium Masonic Ring Latin Engraving

           Black Titanium Masonic Ring Latin Engraving

          A man’s ring designed with two rows of wire that highlight the width of the ring. Made from titanium metal with Mason’s insignia at the center. Get from HERE

          5# Gold Plated Signet Freemason Ring (7 Available Size)

            Gold Plated Signet Freemason Ring

            Featuring an eighteen-carat gold plated ring, designed with a square and compass design, made using the intaglio process. Fabricated from heavy-duty and scratch-resistant 316L stainless steel, hand-polished with a smooth and glossy surface. Get from HERE

            6# Stainless Steel American Flag Rings Freemasonry Engraved Logo

              Stainless Steel American Flag Rings Freemasonry Engraved Logo

              This ring features a Mason symbol on a US flag with a gold plated arrow down shape design on the side. Get from HERE

              7# Blue Plated Dome Freemason Signet Ring (8 Available Size)

                Blue Plated Dome Freemason Signet Ring

                Presenting a hip Freemason signet ring highlighting an exceptional design from top-notch 316L stainless steel. Highlighting an intricately textured surface designed with Freemasonry symbols. Plated with a fresh blue shade, polished with a glossy surface. Get from HERE

                8# Black Titanium Masonic Ring Engraved VIRTUS JUNXIT MORS NON-SEPARABIT

                  Black Titanium Masonic Ring Engraved VIRTUS JUNXIT MORS NON-SEPARABIT

                  Here is a sleek ring with a secret engraving, as mysterious as that of the Freemasons logo featured on this black-coated titanium metal with a matte finish. Find HERE

                  9# His and Her Freemason Black Tungsten Ring Set

                    His and Her Freemason Black Tungsten Ring Set

                    Here is a pair of wedding band fashioned from a black-plated, high-grade tungsten carbide base with a step edge shank. Highlighting a black middle design, polished with a satin finish and blue metallic edges. Designed with a beautifully engraved white Freemason symbol. Get from HERE

                    10# Black Titanium Gold Cable Freemason Ring (12 Available Size)

                      Black Titanium Gold Cable Freemason Ring

                      Lightweight and robust, made from high-quality black titanium. Laser engraved with gold freemason compass and square symbol. Polished with a satin-smooth black surface, emphasized by a pair of gold cable accent. Get from HERE

                      11# Black & Red Freemason Tungsten Carbide Ring (20 Available Size)

                      Black & Red Freemason Tungsten Carbide Ring

                      Gaze upon this fabulous Freemason ring made from high-end robust tungsten carbide, plated with a red surface. Surmounted with a black satin polished dome surface, laser engraved with white freemason symbol. Get from HERE

                      12# Scottish Rite 33nd Degree Black Tungsten Ring (15 Available Size)

                      Scottish Rite 33nd Degree Black Tungsten Ring

                      Represent a 33rd-degree Scottish rite with this statement ring. Made from hypoallergenic and rust-resistant 316L stainless steel. Ion-plated with a scratch-resistant black coat, laser engraved with metallic stripes, and 33 enclosed in a triangle. Get from HERE

                      13# Gold Plated Scottish Rite Tungsten Carbide Ring (20 Available Size)

                      Gold Plated Scottish Rite Tungsten Carbide Ring

                      Here is a classic ring design molded with a dome-shaped top with a comfort-fit shank. IP plated with rich yellow-gold color, stylized by a flawless black engraving with stripes and the 33rd rite symbol of the Scottish Rite. Durable and hypoallergenic suitable for daily wear. Get from HERE

                      14# Black Carbon Fiber Freemason Tungsten Carbide Ring (15 Available Size)

                      Black Carbon Fiber Freemason Tungsten Carbide Ring

                      Grab this sleek black ring, made from a robust and tough wearing tungsten carbide, polished to a sleek surface. Designed with a trendy high bevel edge, decorated with a blue and black carbon fiber inlay. Highlighting a laser engraved square and compass main design, representing the Freemasonry brotherhood. Get from HERE

                      15# Black & Gold Freemason Stainless Steel Freemasonry Ring

                      Black & Gold Freemason Stainless Steel Freemason Ring

                      Have a look at this manly ring made from hypoallergenic and rust-resistant 316L stainless steel. Highlighting a silver-tone shank surmounted with a black-plated surface with a rough texture. Accentuated by gold-ridged edges, with freemason symbols. Get from HERE

                      16# Crystal Halo Freemason Stainless Steel Signet Ring (9 Available Size)

                      Crystal Halo Freemason Stainless Steel Signet Ring

                      Highlighting a fabulous Freemasonry signet ring fashioned from a sturdy and robust stainless steel ring. Emphasizing a gold-plated square and compass main design, set on a rough black background. Designed with a halo crystal setting, encrusted on a mirror-polished steel surface. Get from HERE

                      17# Large Gold Bronze Freemason Signet Stainless Ring

                      Large Gold Bronze Freemason Signet Stainless Ring

                      Wear the fellowship proudly on your ring with this gorgeously designed ring. Made from gold-plated stainless steel, polished to a lustrous golden surface. Highlighting Masonic symbols in gold, set on a striped bronze surface. Get from HERE

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                      1# Freemason Masonic Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Blue

                        Freemason Masonic Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Blue

                        A Masonic pendant of a compass and a square with a chain made from high-grade stainless steel alloy, hand-polished to a lustrous surface. Find HERE

                        2# All Seeing Eye Silver and Bronze Stainless Steel Necklace

                          All Seeing Eye Silver and Bronze Stainless Steel Necklace

                          Engraved with a “Never lose your faith” and “Believe in yourself” Freemason pendant. Designed with a round base, surmounted by a triangle, decorated with an all-seeing eye, plated with a glossy brass coat. Furnished with a durable cable chain necklace. Get from HERE

                          3# Silver Freemason Masonic Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

                            Silver Freemason Masonic Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

                            Fashioned from a high-grade sterling silver base, molded with Freemason symbol. The letter G represents a God or Geometry, which is the core of Freemason belief. The square and compass symbolize the boundaries of morality. Get from HERE

                            4# Gold Masonic Medallion Pendant Necklace

                              Gold Masonic Medallion Pendant Necklace

                              Furnished with a  23.62-inch rope chain necklace, giving a high fashion appeal. Highlighting a brilliant round pendant, plated with a gold coat, micro paved with glittering white zirconia crystals. Exceptionally made from durable and skin-friendly 316L stainless steel for comfortable daily wear. Get from HERE

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                              1# Black Magnetic Titanium Masonic Bracelet Adjustable

                                Black Magnetic Titanium Masonic Bracelet Adjustable

                                Showcasing a stylish jet black magnetic bracelet with a Masonic symbol. Premium crafted from titanium metal with a black metal coating. Find HERE



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                                  Pocket Watches




                                        1# Masonic Freemason Square & Compasses Leather Watch

                                          Masonic Freemason Square & Compasses Leather Watch

                                          A classic watch made for a brother. It features a Masonic symbol with a leather belt and a golden dial. Find HERE

                                          2# Silver Gold Masonic Pocket Watch with Silver Necklace

                                            Silver Gold Masonic Pocket Watch with Silver Necklace

                                            An extravagant piece of jewelry. Showcasing a highly textured silver plated round pocket watch with a gold plated Freemason logo. Find HERE


                                              Car Emblems

                                              1# Mason Shriner Burgundy Car Emblem

                                                 Mason Shriner Burgundy Car Emblem

                                                A nice car sign mason shiner. Available in a burgundy hue. Find HERE








                                                          1# Trowel Working Tools Combo Pack Cufflink

                                                            Trowel Working Tools Combo Pack Cufflink

                                                            Featuring a set that includes a tie bar, cufflinks, and a pin. Designed with a trowel with a Freemason’s logo in the middle. Find HERE













                                                                                  1# Tie Cravat Master Mason Square & Compass

                                                                                    Tie Cravat Master Mason Square & Compass

                                                                                    A highly detailed cravat for a master mason. Wear this during meetings to represent your status and beliefs. Get from HERE

                                                                                    Masons are a secret fraternity exclusive to only men, which are most commonly recognized as Free and Accepted Masons. Thirteen of the past United States president were a member of this group. This society is not considered as a religion but more on a camaraderie that believes in God even from members of various religious sect. To join different faiths to pray and seek divination from the Supreme Being.


                                                                                    Mansons were believed to be children of the fallen archangels. These angels created great architectural works of stones such as the Machu Picchu that were thought; a mere mortal cannot create. Thus the name stonemasons, which literally means a person who works with stone.

                                                                                    The oldest record of freemasons was in the fourteenth century, but the group started to spread during 1717 in London. It spread through the United States and European countries. They were a set of individuals that were highly skilled in building stone cathedrals.

                                                                                    There were known members of the Freemason, and thirteen of them were presidents of the United States. Thus the reason why you can see the logo of the group at the back of the coin.

                                                                                    At present, the most popular among the degree are the shiners, who are prominent due to their many charity institutions that support organizations like that of the aged and children’s hospitals.


                                                                                    Freemason Logo

                                                                                    The logo with a square and compasses with letter G in the middle. The letter G stands for the word geometry, while the others are architectural tools. Though there is another version of this emblem about the letter that signifies God, while the compass as a tool in creating a round shape, that means infinity. The square represents a string foundation wherein the brotherhood was founded.


                                                                                    Freemason Apron

                                                                                    Another symbol is an apron. Made out of the skin of a lamb, an animal known to be pure. A brother is buried with his apron for rebirth and a sign of pure hearts.

                                                                                    White Gloves

                                                                                    Masonic Gloves

                                                                                    White glove with the brotherhoods logo signifies the works of the hands. It was formerly used to protect workers from harm. Though at the present time, gloves are just a part of society’s uniform.

                                                                                    Temple of King Solomon

                                                                                    The temple of the wise king Solomon. Solomon is known as a wise king, he became popular among the stories of the two mothers claiming a single child as his mother. His temple was thought to be the home place of god in a spiritual sense and should be built within everyone’s heart.

                                                                                    Eye of Providence

                                                                                    The lone eye of wisdom. A symbol of the eye of God that can see everything.

                                                                                    Crude and perfect Ashlar relating to many things, such as the comparison between illiteracy and awareness. The difference between mortals and the peak of spirituality wherein as we journey from an ignorant human to an enlightened soul.

                                                                                    Tools of Labor

                                                                                    Tools of labor are emblems that denote the use of God’s gift of talent being used with gratitude and fulfilling his mission in life as a sign of devotion.

                                                                                    The level is a sign that denotes balance in front of the Supreme Being. Unlike the scale used in law where it tips from one side to another, the level maintains its position in the middle that denotes equal status in the eyes of the almighty.


                                                                                    Picture: gnosticwarrior.com

                                                                                    There is also a secret handshake. It is done and learned within a society where a particular handshake represents your status within the community. A form of an introduction of who you are in the group.

                                                                                    Masonic Lodges

                                                                                    The Grand Lodge of England

                                                                                    The Grand Lodge, located in England is the oldest surviving lodge wherein it is tolerant of other religious beliefs, pledges loyalty to the local governing body and administrative agreement in line with basic Masonic ideology.

                                                                                    The Blue Lodge

                                                                                    The blue lodge of freemasonry is the most basic grade of a mason. At this point, any belief can join and be a member, whether you are a Christian, Catholic or a Muslim. A Mason of this degree has the freedom to stay with their chosen belief of the superior being. With that said you cannot be an atheist who does not believe in anyone. The first degree is called the apprentice.

                                                                                    The apprentice has limited responsibilities and rights. He is only eligible for a masonic funeral. During this period, he must work to learn more about the craft and have a deeper understanding, not just of the word but the principles.


                                                                                    Before joining the brotherhood, you have to be of the legal age of twenty-one and, as mentioned earlier, believe in a particular God, what version it might be, everlasting life and soul. After the initial application, members would vote using the secret ballot to accept or deny the applicant. He must have unanimous confirmations from all the members attending the meeting for even one person that would vote no would mean the rejection of his application to join the group.

                                                                                    Once accepted, a new member would have to prepare and pay close attention to ceremonies and study the teachings of the brotherhood. He must have a deeper understanding of the method and consider all the members as his comrade and a brother. He must also wear clothes made explicitly by the lodge as a sign of full acceptance and humility and authenticity.

                                                                                    Garments and Rituals

                                                                                    The clothes provided consist of a hoodwink that signifies a pledge of silence and keep the secrets within the fold. Wearing one also denotes that the new member is still seeking his way towards the light, and once he learned and reached that appropriate outlook of a Mason, he can now remove the hoodwink.

                                                                                    Another garment is cable-tow, which is a symbol connection. We can compare this to a baby still in the womb of his mother. The mother would give all the necessary nutrients for the baby to grow strong until such time that he has all the essential organs to live outside the womb. It is when the cord is cut, and the baby gets to live and explore on his own with the guidance of the parent.

                                                                                    It is now time for the apprentice to set foot inside the Lodge. This ceremony has a deep meaning that a member must understand. Entering the Lodge would mean coming into the light, and you are ready to work and accept the consequences of your actions. A good deed will be rewarded at the same time committing a violation shall be punished.

                                                                                    As the applicant must make his way to the middle, which is where the altar is situated, he must march in a clockwise manner like the movement of the planet towards the sun. Another symbol of his journey toward the light and kneel in front of the altar pledging himself to the cause and belief of the brotherhood until the end of his life.

                                                                                    The symbol of the Blue lodge consists of three things. The Holy Scriptures, square and the compass. These things are also known as the great lights of Masonry. First is the bible which means faith. Belief in the Supreme Being and following his teachings. The second one is the square, which denotes the moral compass of one's person to act all the time truthfully. The third would be the compass that signifies limitations and skills. Mason is expected to keep the secrecy of the order and use his skills and work to do God’s bidding.

                                                                                    The ceremony is presided by the worshipful master that means a person worthy of reverence due to his in-depth knowledge and the integrity to oversee the practices of the Lodge. He is stationed in the east corner where the sun rises.

                                                                                    The symbolism of the dual pillars represents supremacy and regulation. A combination goes hand in hand to reach success in life. There is also the three-step of the winding staircase that signifies belief, hopefulness, and charity. These three are considered the virtues towards enlightenment and the climb towards heaven.

                                                                                    The second degree is the fellowcraft. Here from a baby to adulthood. At this stage, a fellow must prepare his thoughts towards the divine truth. He also has the right to sit together with a Master Mason and be able to visit another lodge.

                                                                                    A fellow craft gets to sit in the middle chamber after climbing the winding stairway. This means he is now responsible for studying the seven liberal arts. He has access to corn, symbolic of abundance, to do good works for the community and food. Oil denotes happiness to be of service, and wine that symbolizes wellbeing and holiness.

                                                                                    The final degree is Master Mason. Here is the word master meaning he has now become proficient and has a stable mind and body to walk on the blessed ground. The tool specific to this degree is the trowel that would strengthen the bond between the brothers of the craft. He is now fully committed, and he must forge a secure spiritual connection within the Lodge. He is also in charge of encouraging members to attend the meeting, be an example of how a brother treats another with respect without prejudice.

                                                                                    A Master Mason has the right for a masonic Burial, relief, meaning to ask for assistance when proven to be worthy of the appeal and the right to visit other lodges.

                                                                                    After reaching the final degree of the Blue Lodge, a Master Mason can opt to continue his journey by choosing between the York rite and the Scottish right. The difference between the two is for the York rite. Mason must be able to accept God which is more appropriate for Christians.

                                                                                    Yok rite

                                                                                    One of the orders that a Master Mason can pursue is the American rite. This composed of several subgroups such as the Royal Arch Mason, Cryptic Mason, and the well - known Knights Templar.

                                                                                    The Royal Arch Masonry is the first period in joining the York rite. The first degree would be Mark Mason. A brief history about the name would be in the past, a mason would leave a mark on the stone he is working on to get paid. A block of carved stone with an imprint to position the location of the specific stone. Here they learn to decode the secret writing used within the brotherhood.

                                                                                    A master mason can only join if he has more than four weeks of good standing. He must make a mark of himself, and the chosen mark will never be changed. After completing this stage, he can now move forward and join other degrees. Charity is one of the virtues taught at this stage.

                                                                                    The next stage would be the past master. A past master is also called the worshipful master, meaning he was a previous master of a lodge before pursuing to study and move towards the path of enlightenment. They may or may not still be a member of the grand lodge.

                                                                                    The third stage would be the most excellent Master. This is the section of building the temple of Solomon. This stage signifies the construction of life, personality, and the compensation he shall receive when devotedly accomplishes this task.

                                                                                    The fourth stage is the Royal Arch. This is the highpoint of this organization. It dates back to the time that was considered the darkest time when the temple was destroyed. When they went back to their home town to live together with the slaves. At this point, humility is the virtue to be learned. How they rebuild the temple without expecting anything in return.

                                                                                    The Cryptic Rite

                                                                                    Here is the second part of the York rite that consists of four more degrees. At this stage, they study the Hiramic Legend. To be able to be an affiliate of this organization. You must be a Mark mason.

                                                                                    The Royal Master is the primary stage of the Association. It inspires a valuable message about ancient Masonry. Here, they study uplifting pearls of wisdom Hiram. The story of his untimely death was a massive loss for the craft. The lessons at this stage talk about the scriptures of King Solomon’s Temple. The Ark of the Covenant

                                                                                    The second stage is the Select Master. In this degree, they study about the incidents that happened while the temple is being built. This stage is the supposed origin of another popular rite, which is the Scottish Rite. Select Masters work stealthy to preserve the truth that can only be told up until the time of the revelation where everyone shall be enlightened and granted everlasting life.

                                                                                    The third stage is the Super Excellent Master. This considered the highlight of the story wherein due to the defiance of the last emperor of Judah, which led to the destruction of the city, this teaches loyalty and trust for a broken trust can destroy a once-powerful city.

                                                                                    The final one is the Thrice illustrious master, at this stage. The importance of holding an office is taught. They must learn to lead with dignity and give honor to the agency they work for. This degree is symbolized by a silver trowel.

                                                                                    The first stage in being a Knights Templar is by joining the illustrious order of the Red Cross. They are represented by their logo that comprises a seven-point star with their motto and the words, truth, liberty, Deity, and Justice that honors their faith in God. The continuous journey to the fact is taught at this stage, integrity, and freedom to worship one God is highlighted at this degree.

                                                                                    Order of Malta known to be the voice of the unfortunate. You must be a devote Catholic, must be active in some of the works of the order, and be suggested by the members of the brotherhood to be able to participate in the humanitarian acts of the order. At this point, they study the history of being a knight. It is was said to pledge complete submission to the Holy Father in the way of a blood oath. This oath cannot be taken lightly for a member of the order must bring the said pledge to the grave.

                                                                                    Knight's Templar Freemason - York Rite

                                                                                    Knights Templar is the highest degree in York rite, wherein a belief in God as a supreme being is a must. Being that said, a brother from a non-Catholic religion would usually not pursue this degree for apparent reason.

                                                                                    Scottish Rite

                                                                                    Scottish Rite

                                                                                    This is another popular rite for a master mason to join to pursue his journey towards self-enlightenment. This consists of thirty-three stages towards holiness.

                                                                                    Stage 1

                                                                                    The secret master is the first stage wherein they teach about honoring different relationships. Relationship with one’s family, with god and of course the brotherhood. This is represented by an apron with the All-Seeing Eye logo. Studies about loyalty, confidentiality, and obedience are also being taught at this degree.

                                                                                    Stage 5

                                                                                    The perfect master which is the fifth stage. Here they teach the foundation of Freemason's integrity with the virtue of honesty and faithfulness. Represented with an apron with a cube stone logo.

                                                                                    Stage 6

                                                                                    The sixth stage is the intimate secretary. Represented by an apron with Hebrew letters and a gold triangle. They teach the virtue of tolerance, charity, and responsibility.

                                                                                    Stage 7

                                                                                    The seventh stage is called provost and judge. They study how to judge without prejudice, as they do not judge with haste and with an open mind. Represented with an apron with a golden key with rosettes.

                                                                                    Stage 8

                                                                                    The eight-stage is the intendant of the building. Striving for perfection and by following God's teachings of affection, compassion, principles, and charity. Represented by an apron with a golden triangle and Hebrew alphabets.

                                                                                    Stage 9

                                                                                    The ninth stage is the elected knight of the nine. This is all about the truth, sincerity, and open-handedness. Represented by a dagger with a golden hilt and a silver edge.

                                                                                    Stage 10

                                                                                    The tenth stage is the illustrious elect of the fifteen. Being tolerant to everyone for all has the right to his own dogmatic and divine opinion. Represented by a dagger with a three-arched shaped gateway.

                                                                                    Stage 11

                                                                                    The eleventh stage is the sublime knight elect of the twelve. This stage teaches about being sympathetic to everyone. To be able t sympathize with what others are feeling. Represented by a dagger with a blazing heart logo with inscriptions of the pledge.

                                                                                    Stage 12

                                                                                    The twelfth stage is the master architect. At this point, they teach the faith. Faith in God, merits, and morality. Represented by an apron with a blue and gold lining. A golden triangle and Hebrew letters.

                                                                                    Stage 13

                                                                                    The thirteenth stage is called the royal arch of Solomon. Freedom of the mind and of the heart are the teachings of this degree. The motivating elements of which are responsibility and integrity. Represented by a purple apron, with a golden triangle and a hexagram as a logo.

                                                                                    Stage 14

                                                                                    The fourteenth stage is called the perfect elu. It is all about reflection at this stage. To reflect on oneself as they endeavor to find the truth about God. Represented with a white silk apron with a golden lining at the edge. A five-point start and a compass with a crown.

                                                                                    Stage 15

                                                                                    The fifteenth stage is termed as a knight of the east of the sword or the Eagle. At this point, the study of loyalty to one’s responsibility and to continue to strive against struggles and opposition. Represented with a red apron with a green lining. A two crossed swords with a head that bleeds, intertwined with three golden triangles.

                                                                                    Stage 16

                                                                                    The sixteenth stage is called the prince of Jerusalem. At this point, the teachings of one’s sacrifice and bravery is being highlighted. Judging with compassion with loyalty and brotherhood. Represented by a red apron with green lining. Featuring a hand that holds a balance with a blade and a star underneath.

                                                                                    Stage 17

                                                                                    The seventeenth stage is the knight of the east and west. Represented with a silken apron with the colors of yellow gold and a red apron with a sword logo. The teaching of this degree is to Pledge commitment to the Lord.

                                                                                    Stage 18

                                                                                    The eighteenth stage is termed as the knight rose Croix. Here, they learn that everything comes from the Lord. Life and power are gifts from God. Tolerance is a virtue studied at his stage. Learning how to adjust to other people’s shortcomings. Represented by the crucifix and a white apron with a red lining and a cross bone.

                                                                                    Stage 19

                                                                                    The nineteenth stage is named the grand pontiff. Reflecting on their previous life decisions and learning from one’s mistake. To surge forward into the future and try to make everything better for all humanity are the teachings of this degree.

                                                                                    Stage 20

                                                                                    The twentieth stage is labeled as the master if the symbolic lodge. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Having a deeper understanding of the Lord's philosophies would help them understand the laws of nature the learning how to differentiate between the good and the evil forces.

                                                                                    Stage 21

                                                                                    The twenty-first stage is called the Noachite knight. Being a worthy mason would entail the full embodiment of being humble, modest, and courteous at all times.

                                                                                    Stage 22

                                                                                    The twenty-second stage is the knight royal ax. The prince of Libanus. They teach perfection in everything completing a worthy task. A task must be done well or not done at all.

                                                                                    Stage 23

                                                                                    The twenty-third stage is termed as the chief of the tabernacle. Responsibility is highlighted at this stage wherein abandonment of one's responsibility, whether it be for one’s family or to the Lord will result in his own devastation.

                                                                                    Stage 24

                                                                                    The twenty-fourth stage is named the prince of the tabernacle. The three virtues of this degree are having sympathy for those who suffer, devotion to one’s religion, and serve justice to all men.

                                                                                    Stage 25

                                                                                    The twenty-fifth stage is the knight if the brazen serpent. A reflection of one’s faith. The purpose of why they seek enlightenment and the purity of the soul.

                                                                                    Stage 26

                                                                                    The twenty-sixth stage is labeled that prince of mercy. Learning the rewards of practicing god’s characteristics, such as intelligence, power, and coordination is the teachings of this degree.

                                                                                    Stage 27

                                                                                    The twenty-seventh stage is called the knight commander of the temple. Here is where they teach to give charity to the unfortunate. To provide a helping hand to the abandoned and disdain selfishness. Represented by a red lambskin with a black lining and a cross shape.

                                                                                    Stage 28

                                                                                    The twenty-eight stage is labeled the knight of the sun. At this stage, living life with fair justice, honesty and having a noble soul is equal to the degree of love for the supreme being. Represented by a while lambskin apron with a pentagram.

                                                                                    Stage 29

                                                                                    The twenty-ninth stage is the knight of Saint Andrew. The devotion of one’s life to God almighty, faithfulness to elders, and adhering to one’s pledge.

                                                                                    Stage 30

                                                                                    The thirtieth stage is named the knight of Kadosh. A lesson of righteousness. Being able to defend your beliefs. To stand for the truth and fair judgment.

                                                                                    Stage 31

                                                                                    The thirty-first stage is known as the inspector inquisitor. A time for self-reflection with prayer as a tool. Using the past as a way to prevent future mistakes.

                                                                                    Stage 32

                                                                                    The thirty-second stage is the master of the royal secret. Having to find the goodness in other people and adjust to other weaknesses. That is what they teach at this point. The combined virtues of affection, principles, and offerings to God, friends, and others. Represented by a white apron with a black lining with a gold cross and a double-headed eagle.

                                                                                    Stage 33

                                                                                    The last stage is the grand cross of the court of honor. This is the peak of the hierarchy. Having to reach this stage is a rare event, for this would only mean you have given an exceptional service toward the craft. Represented by the blue and white band sewed with a red rose and green leaves.

                                                                                    Over the centuries governments, even countries rise fall, but the freemason are still in the very same place they were before as a guardians of the past and believers in a better future. If you want to read more about them I would suggest checking these few websites:

                                                                                    http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masons/ - Mason's portal of MIT. You will find a lot of useful and interesting information, including history and rituals.

                                                                                    https://www.freemasonrytoday.com/ - The Newspaper for all Free and Accepted Masons. If you are interested in their world, that is the place to subscribe for.

                                                                                    https://www.masonicworld.com/ - Forget about Wikipedia! This is the place where you can find A LOT of information that even in the lodges websites will not be available for a common reader.

                                                                                    Want to suggest other sources? Feel free to use the comment form.

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