Silver and Gold Plated Masonic Pocket Watch with Silver Chain Necklace

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Silver and Gold Plated Masonic Pocket Watch with Silver Chain Necklace-Pocket Watch-Innovato Design-Innovato Design

Silver and Gold Plated Masonic Pocket Watch with Silver Chain Necklace



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Product Details

This metallic Masonic pocket watch by Innovato Design has the following features:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Precision of quartz technology
  • Unidirectional bezel function
  • Analog time display
  • Antique look with glass face window
  • Has a diameter of 4.7cm
  • Has a thickness of 1.7cm
  • Comes with a stainless silver chain that measures about 80cm

Being a Mason is a privilege and certainly something that should be proud of. If you are one, what better way to show your pride as a member of the society than by wearing one of these freemason watches? You can also give this as a gift to some of your fellow masons, who will surely appreciate the watch not just for the practicality of the gift but also for the symbolism and the physical beauty of its design.

Quartz Precision

Watches that use quartz technology are considerably more accurate in telling time than mechanical watches, as these are accurate to approximately 15 seconds a month. A quartz crystal is used to regulate an electronic oscillator in order to keep time. This Masonic fob watch by Innovato Design takes advantage of this quartz movement. When you wear this watch, you will not only look classy and fashionable but you will also be able to tell accurate time.

Advantages of Stainless Steel

When comparing sterling silver and stainless steel as a material for jewelry, many people would choose the former because it seems more elegant and classy while stainless steel sounds so industrial. Quite the contrary, stainless steel actually has a lot of positive points.

First of all, it has a hypoallergenic quality that makes it suitable for practically anybody. It will not cause skin rashes or other reactions that can come from contact with other metals. Also, stainless steel does not tarnish and can keep its silvery look even with daily use. It is also scratch-resistant. This means that the beautiful engravings on your Masonic pocket watch will remain as good-looking many years down the line just as it does when you bought it.

Best of all, stainless steel is very inexpensive. People might look at your gorgeous freemason pocket watch and think that it costs a fortune when in fact it is not pricey at all.

A History of Freemasonry

For centuries, Freemasons have existed all over the world. The society's members now come from all kinds of professions but originally, they were generally from the medieval trade guilds, stonemasons in particular who often traveled as a part of their work. Because of their frequent travel, they needed to find a way to cultivate trust among its members. This is why they created secret handshakes, special symbols, confidential code words and practices that contributed to why freemasonry remains to be so mysterious to outsiders even to this day.

Though no longer so clandestine these days, there is still an aura of exclusivity to Masonic lodges. Of course, not anyone can easily join the group so there is quite a lot of pride once you become a member. Wearing a Masonic pocket watch is definitely a great way to showcase this pride to anyone you may encounter. Plus, the fact that it is a Masonic fob watch with an antique look and not just an ordinary wristwatch highlights the fact that Masonry is an organization that has been around for ages.

Masonic Symbols

Today, Freemasons come from different professions but the society retains the use of the symbols from masonry, which is where the organization started centuries ago. Traditional masonry tools such as the compass, the square, and apron feature prominently in their rituals and in their various items. These same tools are engraved on the front cover of the Masonic fob watch by Innovato Design.

In the traditional Freemason symbol, a compass that opens downward and a square ruler that is positioned like a V form a diamond-like shape between the two of them, with the capital G right in the middle. Some believe that the G stands for God while others say it means Geometry. Both of these meanings are correct but technically speaking, the G really means "Geometry under the Great Architect of the Universe".

This entire symbol is superimposed on the façade of the freemason watch and is done in gold finishing. The details stand out quite prominently against the silver color of the stainless steel cover. Even from a distance, the gold symbols can easily be discerned and people will know that the wearer of the freemason watch is a member of the elite society.

Principles of Masonry

For many years, Freemasons have followed three basic principles: brotherly love, relief and truth. Contrary to what many people think, Freemasonry is not a religion, although it is a religious group since one of the fundamental requirements for members is that they believe in a Supreme Being. During their meetings, discussions about religion are not allowed, and the same goes with politics as these topics tend to become too argumentative. On the other hand, the group does encourage mutual respect and tolerance for each other opinions and personal beliefs.

The main focus of Freemasonry is more on charitable works, and this is why they are very active in charity, both as a group and as individuals. If you are a Mason and proud of these principles and activities, then it is really a good idea to own one of these Masonic fob watches to showcase your gratitude to the group and to promote the society to other men as well. Similarly, if you know of a Freemason and you are proud of what he does and what the society stands for, you can give him this masonic pocket watch as a gift, and it is guaranteed that he will appreciate it.

Packing Details

The complete package of this Innovato Masonic pocket watch includes the pocket watch itself and a pocket watch chain of about 80cm in length. The package is secure and very well-protected to ensure that the freemason watch arrives in perfect condition, with not a single scratch or any defect.

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