13 Handmade Colorful Leather Backpacks for Ladies with Style

13 Handmade Colorful Leather Backpacks for Ladies with Style

Leather, a preserved skin or hide of an animal-like, cow, sheep, crocodile, and others. It is a material that is considered an excellent investment, may it be used in shoes, jackets or backpacks. Quality leather is a bit priced higher than fabrics like canvas or cotton, this is due to the origin of the material and the process it goes through.

Our ancestors used the meat of the animals for food and its skin as an article of clothing, tents, a part of a musical instrument like the drum. Leather making dates back from the middle age where skins of animals were dried naturally under the heat of the sun and then pounded to released fats and moisture before finally salted and smoked to preserve the material. Later it was also soaked in a concoction of leaves and barks of trees now known as vegetable tanning process. This process is still used and improved in the later years. Durable and warm are the characteristics of quality leather material. I can be hard and heavy or lightweight, depending on the type of animal skin used. Due to the continuous revolution of fashion, Leather material has been made softer, lighter, and more colorful.

It was commonly used in the past as a cover of briefcases, handbags, and now, even as a trusty backpack. People opt to use a pack in traveling and as a daily bag for its practicality. A backpack made from leather material is stylish and elegant at the same time. A versatile material that can be an accent to your formal or an everyday look. Gone are the massive and plainly colored leather bags and now replaced with supple, colorful, and stylish leather material that can fit the style from young teens and up.

Here are our top thirteen colorful backpacks that you wouldn’t want to miss.

1# Multicolor Black Genuine Leather Bag with Patchwork Design

    Multicolor Black Genuine Leather Bag with Patchwork Design

    Rock this multicolored backpack for women made of vividly dyed sheep leather. A soft and lightweight type of leather, making it comfortable to carry around. This unique and full of character backpack features a wide-mouthed central compartment with two side pockets and a secret back compartment with durable zipper closures. Buy from HERE

    2# Colorful Patchwork Design Leather Backpack for Women

      Colorful Patchwork Design Leather Backpack for Women

      Featuring a chic and elegant backpack made from authentic cow leather. This trendy backpack with a highly embossed and colorful patchwork design, highlighted by beautiful stitches to create a mosaic effect. A sturdy zipper and a hip clip buckle for dual closure. Highly durable and comfortable to carry on your back with a hand strap for versatility. Buy from HERE

      3# Polychromatic Cow Leather Backpack

        Polychromatic Cow Leather Backpack

        Feast your eyes on this bodacious and trendy backpack, beautifully crafted from cow leather material. Leather material dyed in vibrantly colored hues that is a character of its own. A pack that features a spacious central compartment with a white opening secured with a sturdy zipper. Slim side pockets for your umbrellas and water bottle and a small front pack with a slipknot closure to keep your frequently used things handy. Buy from HERE

        4# Multi-color Leather Backpack with Textures Patchwork Patterns

           Multi-color Leather Backpack with Textures Patchwork Patterns

          Here is a classically made leather backpack with a flair. Made with authentic leather with characterized with beautiful embossed patched patterns. Patterns highlighted with delicate stitches for additional support and design. The back surface has a smooth feel making comfortably sit on your back as well as a secret back pocket secured by a durable zipper. Buy from HERE

          5# Multipurpose Lady’s Sling or Backpack Floral Leather Patchwork Pattern

             Multipurpose Lady’s Sling or Backpack Floral Leather Patchwork Pattern

            Fabulous and classy, these words cannot even wholly describe the look and style of this multipurpose leather bag. Showcasing a highly detailed embossed floral pattern in a checkered pattern. A design made for elegant women who can carry this high fashioned design and craftsmanship. Accentuated with a front tassel design, which can be used as a handle. It has a beautiful clip-on clasp for easy access and durable back straps. Buy from HERE

            6# Large Polychromatic Convertible Genuine Leather Backpack

              Large Polychromatic Convertible Genuine Leather Backpack

              A bag made for students or individuals who carry a large number of things on the go. Featuring a multi-purpose bag with four internal compartments to organize your laptop and other gadgets. You can choose to use it a backpack or a handbag. It rocks a colorful and trendy design without losing its classy feel. Buy from HERE

              7# Multi-Color Square Leather Sling Bag or Backpack for Girls

                Multi-Color Square Leather Sling Bag or Backpack for Girls

                Charming and unique are ways to describe this beautifully styled and colored leather backpack made, especially for teenage women. Featuring a square-shaped pack with a wide central opening. Organize your belongings with this convertible bag that features a central divider with inner zipped compartments for your small valuables. Buy from HERE

                8# Petite Backpack with Embossed Floral Patterns Leather

                  Petite Backpack with Embossed Floral Patterns Leather

                  Featuring a cute and charming small backpack for young ladies. Showcasing a three zipped compartment for organized storing of your valuables. Made from Cow leather with a colorful and distinct floral pattern. Sturdy and water repellant. It comes with a secret back zipped pocket for and an inner pocket your highly essential things. Buy from HERE

                  9# Classic Floral Embossed Patchwork Leather Backpack

                     Classic Floral Embossed Patchwork Leather Backpack

                    A classically designed backpack with a spacious main compartment for your books and gadgets. A bag features an inner iPad or tablet compartment with a latch to securely hold your device in place. A wide-mouthed central opening with sturdy zipper closure. This pack also has an additional hand strap and exhibits a durable and soft back strap. Buy from HERE

                    10# Multicolored Convertible Charming Leather School Bag for Ladies

                      Multicolored Convertible Charming Leather School Bag for Ladies

                      Carry this adorable pack made from dyes leather can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag or a sling bag. Choose your style and put your daily essential in an organized way. This bag features four small pockets and compartments, strategically places for ease of access and security. It comes with a hand belt and a zipped back pocket. Buy from HERE

                      11# Bohemian Sling Backpack Multi-Color Pattern Leather Bag

                        Bohemian Sling Backpack Multi-Color Pattern Leather Bag

                        Garb this ultra-feminine patchwork pattern design for a smart and chic look. Multi-purpose where you can carry it as a sling, backpack or a shoulder bag. This pack's main feature it’s a slim yet spacious main compartment that can fit a laptop with your other valuables. It also has four inner compartments for organizing your things. Buy from HERE

                        12# Traditional Spacious Genuine Leather Backpack

                          Traditional Spacious Genuine Leather Backpack

                          Fit all your things inside this traditionally designed backpack with a roomy interior main compartment. This pack features a durable zipper closure with easy access side pockets. Polychromatic highlighted flawless stitching for a durable and well-made look. slide your fingers and fell the natural grain of the leather material that automatically upgrades your everyday look. Buy from HERE

                          13# Colorful Modern Genuine Leather Backpack

                            Colorful Modern Genuine Leather Backpack

                            Sleek and current, a design made for modern men and women. Showcasing a collapsible wide opening with a vintage clip-on buckle for added security, sturdy and durable zipper closure, and high-quality stitching. Showcasing a soft and pliable lather material that is easy to clean and maintain. Buy from HERE

                            What about the Quality?

                            There is a variety of leather in the market in crafting bags depending on the style and consumers. Premium quality is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. This is because aside from the tanning process that the hide goes through before turning into premium quality leather, it was said that it takes about two hundred to two hundred thirty stages in crafting a well-made bag. It also goes through extensive testing and inspections that it has to go through and pieces of machinery used in different stages.

                            Types of Leather



                            Considered as the top quality in leather. An untouched and thick kind of leather that was not sanded or bun and exhibit all its organic characteristics and appeal. These are thick and heavy, making them durable and full of character. The thing with leather is if it has imperfections? Then it must be of high quality. Rugged has been an original feel for leather but with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

                            Top grain

                            Top grain

                            Considered to be the next level from the top. A type of leather where the top part is strip taking away all the flaws making it thinner and smoother in texture. This is usually used in handbag making and finely buffed or sand for a smooth and softer feel. This type is less breathable than full-grain but is more resistant to staining.



                            A part that can be obtained in splitting leather. It can be thinned and fined by additional sanding until the appropriate thickness is achieved. A highly absorbent material that is has a cottony soft and smooth surface. A type of material that is not as durable on its own. It’s usually lined with a durable fabric underneath and leather accents for an additional sturdy and glamorous look.



                            More commonly known as corrected leather. A type of leather that is not considered high quality but still has some of the grain texture on it. It underwent the process of dyeing or coating to achieve a leather top grain texture. These are usually dyed or coated by sponge or spray dyeing to cover the uppermost part of the material. The sheer and characteristic feel does not last long like that of full and top grain, but with the care and maintenance, it can last longer and maintain its texture and color.



                            The lowest type of leather in the market. This is characterized by scraps and strips of leather bonded together with the used latex. This type of leather is considered a hybrid between natural and artificial leather for organic leather is combined with chemicals in order to achieve a replica of a top grain leather look and feel.

                            Leather dying

                            Dip dyeing

                            This type of dyeing method is characterized by having dried and preserved hides soak in a vat of colorful dyes at a specified amount of time in order to absorb the color through the material maintaining its natural grain and authentic look.

                            Sponge dyeing

                            A process wherein the dyes are incorporated on the topcoat of leather, this type can cover some of the grain characteristics of the leather but makes it more water repellant and durable.

                            Spray dyeing

                            A process where dyes are sprayed on the topcoat of leather, making it glossy and somewhat plastic-like texture. This type of coating is usually done on a corrected kind of leather to cover some imperfection and make it water repellant and have a lustrous and smooth surface. The downside of this type of dyeing is that it covers the natural surface and texture of leather making it look non-genuine.

                            Types of backpacks

                            School Backpack

                            School Backpack

                            An everyday bag for students of all ages. This backpack usually exhibits multiple compartments and a roomy and wide-mouthed opening. A pack with padded shoulder straps for a comfortable carry in spite of its heavy burden. Some would have a separate padded pocket made especially for your laptop to securely fasten and prevent damage during travel and sudden impact. Made from an assortment of materials, from cotton canvas, nylon and plastic. Some young teens to college students d would prefer a pack made of pliable leather for a smart casual look.

                            Travel Backpack

                            Travel Backpack

                            A lightweight and large pack to store clothes and essentials. This type of bag is soft and spacious, which features small pockets for keys and identification cards. Usually made from durable and lightweight material such as canvas, nylon, and lightweight leather material.

                            Work Backpack

                            Work Backpack

                            A daily backpack for work. It can be significant to fit a laptop for work or a small-sized for everyday essentials, but unlike a school backpack, these packs exhibit a sophisticated and formal look. Leather materials are of a favorite choice.

                            Why should you choose a leather backpack?


                            One of the most desired qualities of leather material is its durability. Who wants a flimsy and easy to break packs, right? What makes leather durable? Its grain or the fibers. When fibers or dried animal hides are tightly knit making it more durable. Bear in mind that this material came from the organic origin and like your skin, it is permeable with water unless treated with waterproofing material. Fungi love to stay in moist places and they promote rotting. This is why leather, although naturally durable, must be taken care of to last you form ten to twenty years or more.


                            Due to technological advancement. Leather backpacks have been made soft and pliable, making it convenient to use. It’s beautiful and warm to touch as well as lightweight. Some are dyed to classic black and brown while some have vibrant and colorful hues made for all types and styles. What sets leather material apart from other colored fabric is its characteristic texture. The feel of the fine grain of the leather and the look of elegance and class cannot be compared to other bag fabrics.


                            When you see a leather couch, you automatically see sophistication and luxury. The same goes for your shoes and bags. Leather makes everything swanky. It’s like gems in accessories. It is easy to match with any ensemble, it upgrades your everyday t-shirt and pants outfit, and it also complements formal wear. No need to spend too much time thinking if it classes with your style and look for the day. Easy.


                            A quote comes to mind that can be applicable to all. It was said that simplicity is equivalent to beauty. We are all naturally fine-looking in our own unique way like leather. By saying this, I do not mean that we cannot upgrade that natural beauty with colors and styling. It’s just that when something is organically beautiful can stand on its own without any help.

                            Frequently Asked Questions

                            1. How do I keep my leather bag clean and in perfect condition?

                            You will need to wipe the surface with a damp cotton cloth, it “damp” not wet for leather material can absorb water, and it takes a little time to dry it thoroughly. Apply a leather cleaner on a circular motion to carefully incorporate and adhere to the grain of the material cleaning as well as massaging the surface. Cleaning a leather bag once or twice a year to maintain is pristine quality. Note that frequent shampooing can be harsh to the texture and would damage the topcoat of your bag. Moisturize with a leather conditioner to keep soft and flexible. When empty and not in use, stuff some bubble wraps inside to maintain its shape. Note that it is crucial to wipe away stain immediately to prevent the stain from setting on the material.

                            1. What is PU leather?

                            Artificial leather is also called bonded or artificial leather. Strips or scraps of leather are bonded and treated with polyurethane creating a perfect replica of organic leather. It is quite tricky to spot if the product is made of top-grain or faux leather by just looking. To confirm if your bag is made of organic or artificial leather, it is best to check the tag, smell the product for leather has a characteristic smell and would not smell like plastic. Last is if it’s too cheap then assume that it is made of artificial leather. Again, premium leather quality when it comes to a price. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a look that premium leather can give with the use of faux leather.

                            1. What are the things to keep away from leather?


                            Sun has is a natural bleaching agent; that is why white clothes tend to stay white when dried under the sun. In effect, colored material has a tendency to fade when often exposed to direct sunlight. It can also prematurely age your leather bag and cause drying and cracking.

                            Extreme temperature

                            Changes in temperature can cause premature aging of your leather, either when exposed to extreme cold or sweltering temperatures. As it came from a natural source, hot and cold temperatures can affect its durability in the long run. The fibers or grains would get weaker and would break that leads to a cracked surface. This is why regular conditioning of leather is essential in maintaining the quality of your leather bags. Keeping it supple and coating its topcoat at the same time.


                            Organic materials are prone to rotting, which is caused by fungi that live in moist places. Leather may be water repellant only at a certain amount, and it is hard to thoroughly dry it when it gets wet. Its dry nature is the reason for its durability, and inversely, its wetness would cause it to break and rot.


                            Any fabric must be cleaned as soon as it is exposed to stains for a leather material has pores and stains can set in these openings. Unlike fabrics, let’s say a cotton cloth which can be bleached when necessary to take the stains away, leather material would get damaged instead of stripping off the stain.

                            Harsh Chemicals

                            Organic materials can clean thoroughly clean your leather bags at the cost of abrasion and damaged topcoat. Like human skin, when exposed to harsh chemicals may lead to a dry, cracked, and dull look. It strips the natural gloss that leather has after being buffed or sanded. The compound would also cause fading especially for dyes and treated leather.

                            There are a lot of materials used in backpacks and leather is one of them. Any quality leather objects, may it be shoes, furniture or bags, are not just luxuries but an investment. It is due to the fact that when handled and cared correctly, it can last you a lifetime. Carefully choose the right type for your needs and purpose because tag to quality is not always the best fit for all purposes.

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