60+ Best Waxed Canvas and Leather Backpacks for Every Occasion

60+ Best Waxed Canvas and Leather Backpacks for Every Occasion

A common perception is that backpacks are an integral part of almost every youngster’s life. But they are useful to many more people, especially to those involved in adventure and travel. Some people try to find a solution in duffle bags, but they are often big and bulky. Backpacks are the perfect solution when you require space, comfort, and freedom.

A bag at your back not only keeps your hands free but also holds your belongings in a safe and organized manner. Today, travel gears and accessories are more than just a practical tool. They have become a fashion statement, and do you know the factors behind making them a style statement? Yes, it’s the design and material used to make them.

Below we are revealing some of the best rucksacks made of canvas and leather by Innovato Design. They will complement your style, no matter whichever situation you are in. Let’s explore:

1. Vintage Green & Khaki

Vintage Green & Khaki

This is one of the most preferred backpacks by women. It’s sleek look and flawless hand-finished design makes it handy, chic, and a fashion statement. This high-quality canvas bag with leather lining perfectly describes trendsetting women. Find HERE

2. The Traveler

The Traveler

If you like to go for quality and details, this bag is for you. It is made from authentic canvas and features a soft strappy handle. This is stylish and waterproof, a safe heaven for your gadgets, books, and other belongings in every season. Find HERE

3. The Hunter

The Hunter

Innovato Design has crafted these vintage style canvas bags especially for men involved in adventurous activities like mountaineering. This is a high capacity pack and can carry all your essentials in an organized manner. Find HERE

4. The Waxer

It is a waterproof backpack from Innovato Design but this is not the primary feature of this bag. Its softback and attractive design along with interior compartments define its excellence. This durable piece is perfect when you require a stylish medium-sized backpack. Find HERE

5. The Explorer

Our next pick is a dynamic waterproof backpack designed especially for women who look for comfort, style, and space in a backpack. This dual shade bag features a soft handle and comfortable shoulder straps making it easy to carry anywhere. Find HERE

6. The Fisherman

Double tone vintage shades make even the simplest things look valuable. This two-tone vintage canvas and genuine leather waterproof backpack is best suitable for your travel needs. With enough interior pockets, you won’t be searching endlessly for things during travels. Find HERE

7. The Buffalo

The material used to make canvas backpacks is not always the same. This one is made of premium-grade polyester and features zip as well as hasp closure. Innovato Design has made it to complement your modern outfits. Find HERE

8. Pocket Man

When you want a premium-grade genuine leather backpack for men with features like separate cellphone pocket, computer interlayer, and zip closure, go for this one. This large capacity backpack is best for activities like hiking. Find HERE

9. Classico

This is a beautiful double tone genuine leather backpack from the house of Innovato Design. It has so much space that you can easily carry a 14-15 inches laptop along with all your essentials. For enhanced security, it has a zipper closure. Find HERE

10. Mr. Heavy

Innovato Design has made this canvas backpack especially for teenagers. The combination of grey and dark brown shade makes it a decent bag to carry to school. Moreover, it is spacious, lightweight, and durable. Find HERE

11. The Roe Deer

Take your love of black to next level with this authentic leather backpack with polyester lining. If you like the bag but black is not your thing, don’t worry because It is available in four different shades. The best feature of this backpack is the comfortable shoulder strap. Find HERE

12# The 76

This one is quite a spacious with 76 liters capacity backpack from Innovato Design. You can easily carry a laptop along with your clothes and other essential items in it. With arcuate shoulder strap, it is designed to minimize the overall weight on your back. Find HERE

13. Innovato's Choice for "Travel" *****

There are certain backpacks made specifically for laptops. It is one of them. Besides canvas construction, leather straps, and polyester lining, this waterproof backpack has a separate compartment to easily store your 15-inch laptop. Find HERE

14. Top Choice for "Everyday Use"

Only travelers, mountaineers, and hikers do not need a large-sized backpack, students also need one. Innovato Design has made this high-quality genuine leather canvas backpack to fulfill the needs of the school as well as college-going students. Find HERE

15. "Large Capacity" Favorite

This vintage style backpack will revive your childhood memories but its design, material, and quality will make you realize its usefulness. This dual shade backpack is available in 5 different colors and can easily carry your 14-inch laptop too. Find HERE

16. The Best for School

A combination of light and dark shade of the same color gives an exclusive look to a product. This canvas backpack features dual shades of the same color. It has all important features of a backpack and is available in 4 different colors. Find HERE

17. Explore the Nature

Students usually prefer style over quality but this canvas backpack from Innovato Design provides students with quality as well as style. Moreover, the medium size of this backpack is perfect for every college-going student. Find HERE

18. Hiker's Way

If you need a large capacity vintage-style canvas backpack for your travel needs, go for this one from Innovato Design. It is waterproof and features soft handle, genuine leather straps, zipper, and separate interior slot for laptop. Find HERE

19. Waterproof selection

Not able to keep things organized is often an issue some men face frequently. This handmade canvas backpack is made to help men develop a habit of keeping things organized. Find HERE

20. Blue Classic

This is a very beautiful dual shade waterproof backpack that can easily hold your 14-inch laptop as well as other belongings. Its sleek design makes it stylish and the high-quality build material, as well as genuine leather straps, make it durable. Find HERE

21. Hunter's Life

The next one is the classic waxed vintage backpack suitable for both men and women. It is made from top-rated canvas and features polyester lining. This handcrafted backpack has slot pocket, interior compartment, zipper, and other features to make your life easy and organized. Find HERE

22. Ladie's Choice

If a backpack is targeted for women, it should be fashionable and complement most of their outfits. Keeping this in mind, Innovato Design has come up with this backpack for women featuring a drawstring, durable external frame, and professional embossing. Find HERE

23. Camping Under The Stars

The next on our list is one of the trendiest backpacks in the market. Its manly design is harmonized with high-quality canvas leather. With different types of straps, it is made to add comfort to your journey. Find HERE

24. For those who look compact options

Innovato Design understands the needs of backpack users well that’s why some of the exceptional backpacks fall under this brand. This one is available in three vintage colors and has multiple straps to be carried on shoulders or in hands. Find HERE

25. Classic & Vintage Combination

 Classic & Vintage Combination

Our 25th pick is made especially for students who want to outshine amongst their peers in school or college. Innovato Design has included features like softback design and soft handle to make it more comfortable. Find HERE

26. For the Mall

 For the Mall

This waterproof backpack is available in dual shades and is given a slightly different shape from the regular completely rectangular backpacks. It has drawstrings, genuine leather straps, and is undergone professional embossing. Find HERE

27. Heavy Duty & Stylish Traveler

When a backpack is designed by keeping the needs of men, it is often stylish, big, easy to carry, and comfortable. This dual-toned backpack has everything to satisfy your storage needs. The best thing is that it is eco-friendly. Find HERE

28. Daypack Favorite

Daypack Favorite

A very stylish and easy to carry backpack is our next pick. The materials used to make it are of the highest quality and the unique carrying system make it more than a backpack. If you want to bring comfort in your life, go for it. Find HERE

29. The Stopper

The Stopper

It is a premium-quality backpack made by keeping teenagers in mind. This waterproof bag is of medium size and can be used to carry a 15-inch laptop along with other essential items. Two-color options are available – gray-green and dark brown. Find HERE

30. California


Our next pick is a small-looking but stunning backpack made from vintage canvas and leather. The jacquard technique is used to craft this stylish piece for men. You can organize all your essentials in its different pockets. Find HERE

31. Texas

We have a simple but very useful backpack as our next pick. This is a handmade bag made for men engaged in frequent travels. It is affordable and water, wear-resistant. These features also make it the perfect choice for hikers. Find HERE

32. Kansas

When you want a backpack to be more than just an accessory, go for it. This one from the house of Innovato Design is made to highlight your outfits. Moreover, arcuate shoulder straps and soft handle of this travel daypack adds comfort to your life. Find HERE

33. Miami

If you are searching for a large-sized affordable backpack that can easily carry your 14-inch laptop and other essential items while going to school or college, end your search here. It’s soft and genuine leather shoulder straps adds comfort and durability simultaneously. Find HERE

34. Leather World

Our next pick is a multi-functional waterproof backpack from Innovato Design. If you are a student, you can use it as a bag to carry your laptop and books. If you are a hiker, put your essentials in it and enjoy hiking. Find HERE

35. Shoulder Combo

Maximum backpacks in the market are carried on both the shoulders buy when style is your priority, you want something different. This is a single-shoulder travel bag for men made from 100% genuine polyurethane leather. Find HERE

36. Militarie's Choice

The next one in our list is a stylish and trendy backpack featuring advanced embossing technique. This is a multi-functional backpack having multiple compartments to carry different gadgets together. It features leather straps and is available in three different colors. Find HERE

37. For Classic Men

Innovato Design has crafted this backpack for multiple uses. It is water proof, medium-sized, bag made for fashionable women. This features interior holders, a string closure, and an easygoing strap handles to enhance your experience with this backpack. Find HERE

38. College Favorite

The backpacks for women have two main qualities – convenience and sleek look. This hand-finished flawless backpack is the best choice for trendsetting women and whoever want to keep her belongings organized. Find HERE

39. Sport Master

People often search for a backpack that can serve more than one purposes. If you invest in this eco-friendly bag, you can carry it to your school or college (if you are a student), while traveling or when you night-out at your friend’s place. Find HERE

40. Explore the Forest

There are some backpacks that do not require an extra color to look elegant. If you are looking for such a bag, this is the one. Its incredible features include an interior 14-inch laptop compartment, a phone pocket, a zipper pocket, and one slot. This expensive-looking but the affordable bag is made specifically for men. Find HERE

41. Girl's Favorite

Innovato Design has made this travel-oriented backpack for men from premium-quality canvas and used genuine leather straps as highlighters. A white drawstring does more than just grabbing the attention, it also keeps your things secure. This medium-sized backpack is available in two different colors. Find HERE

42. Traveler's Love

If you like the combination of light and dark shade of the same color, here is another one. This waterproof canvas leather bag from Innovato Design is the perfect representation of this combination. With many inner and outer pockets as well as extra storage space, this can serve multiple purposes. Find HERE

43. From Europe with Love

The next one is a handcrafted backpack made not only to fulfill your multiple needs but also complement your different outfits. It is one of the most stylish backpacks in the market. Despite certain premium features you can easily afford this waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable bag. Find HERE

44. Classic Men & Women

Are you looking for a unisex backpack? It is one. The design, features, and size of this bag are meant to complement the style of both boys and girls. It is lightweight and your perfect partner for school or college needs. Find HERE

45. For Sophisticated Men

A perfect replacement of traditional travel bags, this canvas leather travel backpack features a softback design to make your journeys comfortable. The contrasting colors make it an instant trendsetter and a perfect accessory to enhance your modern looks. Find HERE

46. Student's choice

When you want a combination of vintage design and bucket shape in a backpack for students, invest in this one. It is trendy and undergone an advanced embossing technique. The interior compartments and pockets of this bag are enough to carry all your essential gadgets together. Find HERE

47. Retro Lovers Favorite

Do you have to carry digital devices every time you go out? If yes, you will require a waterproof backpack. Innovato Design has made this backpack not only to secure your digital devices but also to enhance your looks. Find HERE

48. Casual Style

Black and brown is an evergreen combination. This backpack is made of black canvas and featured with brown colored genuine leather straps, stitches, and professional embossing. If you want a different color than black, you can choose from 7 more colors. Find HERE

49. For Long Hike

According to the latest trends amongst teenagers, sleek and eco-friendly backpacks are in demand. If you want a backpack with all major functions and can easily carry your 15-inch laptop, go for this one. Find HERE

50. The Most Durable

Are you looking for something to gift your school-going son or daughter? Here is the perfect gift. This backpack not only keep their books secure and organized but also help them make an impression amongst their friends. Find HERE

51. Hiking Favorite

Men require a backpack for different purposes – traveling and adventurous activities are most common. A multifunctional backpack is also essential if you are doing a sales job. This backpack is designed to fulfill all such requirements. Moreover, you can easily clean this masterpiece. Find HERE

52. Hiking Favorite #2

Innovato Design is known to produce high-quality products at affordable price. This backpack perfectly resembles the brand as it is made from premium-quality canvas leather and is affordable. Durability, comfort, and multiple pockets are some of its other advantages. Find HERE

53. Hiking Favorite #3

Black color highlights almost every other color and enhances the beauty of a product. This waterproof backpack justifies the magic of black. It also makes your presence magical when you are with this bag. Note that this backpack is also available in two other shades. Find HERE

54. Best in "Multipurpose"

A fashionable and trendy backpack that provides extra comfort is our next pick. The build material of this vintage-looking bag is 100% canvas leather and polyester. Whether you carry it on your shoulders or with one of your hands, the straps are soft and guarantee comfort. Find HERE

55. Army Style

Whether men or women, everyone wants to look trendy. This handcrafted masterwork from Innovato Design helps you look excellent in your casual outfits. The unique locking system is something you won’t find easily in other simple backpacks. Find HERE

56. With The Best Leather

Do you want a backpack made for men? Innovato Design has crafted this bag in two shades of vintage brown, especially for men. Designed to carry heavy loads, this backpack features a soft handle and soft straps. Find HERE

57. With The Beat Leather 2#

Our next pick is a fashionable yet strong backpack in retro brown color. It is made of genuine leather and has a polyester lining. The softback design of this bag makes it comfortable to carry to school, during travels or anywhere else. Find HERE

58. With The Best Leather #3

Our last pick is a multi-functional genuine leather backpack from Innovato Design. It is bigger in size than the usual medium-sized backpacks and has arcuate shoulder strap to enhance your comfort level. This retro style multiple pocket backpack is perfect for hipsters. Find HERE

Benefits of Canvas Backpacks

Canvas backpacks provide many more benefits than other kinds of bags. You can’t define each one of them just elegant and stylish, most of them are also comfortable and useful. Here are some benefits you can expect from the gears made of canvas:

  • They are spacious, you can hold a lot of stuff in them. The comfort along with the storage capacity provided by these packs is unmatchable.
  • Almost all canvas backpacks come with ample pockets to organize your belongings properly and neatly. This saves your time, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • The stylish design and details of canvas backpacks make sure that they complement the outfit and style of every user, whether boys or girls.
  • They keep your hands free. You can do whatever you want with your free hands without worrying about your things.
  • The straps of these bags are soft and easy. They do not put pressure on your shoulders. In fact, they minimize the pressure and distribute weight equally on both your shoulders.

Types of Canvas Backpacks

While shopping for a canvas backpack, you will come across a lot of options. Some might be with many pockets, some feature multiple straps, and some feature stylish details. Let’s learn about different options available in the market.

1. With Many Pockets

A large number of pockets is a common feature across many backpacks. Multiple pockets allow you to keep your things organized, safe, and easily available when needed. Some of them even have hidden pockets that are often used to keep valuable items.

2. With Many Straps

There are some backpacks with many straps. These are preferred by people who use a bag in different settings, sometimes on the shoulder, sometimes across the body, and sometimes in their hand. Multiple straps are most beneficial when you have to spend a long time with your bag and it usually happens while traveling or mountaineering. Changing the position of the bag relieves the pressure from one part of your body.

3. Canvas Backpacks of Cotton

Most canvas backpacks are made from cotton because it provides the desired strength. Other benefits of using cotton as the build material are the ability of cotton to maintain color for a longer duration, it ages slowly, and its beauty increases with time.

4. Canvas Backpacks of Polyester

After cotton, the packs made of polyester are most famous. It is a lightweight material and provides resistance from fade, abrasion, and water. If your polyester backpack gets a stain, you can easily clean it. In fact, washing also does not cause any harm. The best quality of canvas packs is that they do not retain moisture which often leads to the growth of mold.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Canvas Backpack

Canvas backpacks are the latest style statement. If you also want to purchase the best one, then you should be aware of the following things:

1. Laptop Compartment

Backpacks are most used by college students and travelers. Nowadays, both carry their tablets or laptops with them. Most manufacturers claim to provide a laptop compartment in their bags but its size is often inaccurate. This usually annoys the buyer. If you want to avoid this annoyance, find out the size of your laptop and purchase the one suitable for it.

2. Size

Another thing to consider is the size of the backpack. Markets are full of options. You should identify your needs, then purchase the most suitable one. Remember, under-packed backpacks remain loose and droopy whereas overpacked remain unstable.

3. Storage Capacity

This factor is a bit similar to the size and more about looks. Backpacks come in different storage capacities. It is important to consider because some of them look small but their storage capacity is large whereas some look big but have lower storage capacity. Go for the one you like the most.

4. Organization

Organization in relation to backpacks means how your belongings are stored in it. Find out whether the backpack you are looking to purchase has different sections to keep your things in a proper way or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people buy a backpack for the first time and some have already purchased it once or more than that. If you are the first-time buyer, some questions will pop-up in your mind. The answers to all questions will help you make the best purchase. Here are answers to some questions frequently asked by people while purchasing a canvas pack.

1. Why should I purchase a canvas backpack over others?

Canvas is an eco-friendly material made of closely and firmly woven cotton. It is extra durable in comparison to other synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Moreover, it looks stylish and can serve you for a long time.

2. I am a frequent traveler. Which size is suitable for me?

The needs of a frequent traveler can be easily fulfilled by a backpack of up to 35 litres. Whether you travel by bus, train, or plane, you can easily carry it anywhere. However, if you have to travel with some warm clothes and extra items, go for a large-sized bag.

3. I heard that canvas itself is water-resistant. What is the need of waxed canvas?

You are right, the canvas itself is water-resistant. The wax treatment makes it 100% waterproof. If you carry digital devices in your bag, experts suggest purchasing a waterproof canvas backpack.

4. How should I clean a canvas backpack?

If you are a traveler or adventure-loving person, your bag will catch dirt over time. Cleaning a canvas backpack is very simple. The best way is hand washing but you can also wash it in a washing machine. However, avoid washing it in old-school washing machines with central spires. They might tear your bag. If you want to remove a particular stain from your backpack, we suggest treating only the stained area with detergent.


So, these are some of the best canvas backpacks you can invest in. Experts suggest going for the one with leather strap because it not only increases the comfort but also the life of your bag. It also enhances the style, comfort, and life of a person, no matter he/ she is a student, a traveler or just an adventure enthusiast.

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