Best Snake Cross & Ankh Necklaces for Men

Best Snake Cross & Ankh Necklaces for Men

Snake cross and ankh necklace is one of the hippest and Gothic designs nowadays, giving a highly forbidding yet dark vibe. Well, anything with snakes generally gives a negative vibe, but are they really evil? Have you ever speculated about the foundation of these symbols?

Snake, cross, and ankh, these three symbols are associated with various beliefs from many cultures, yet they all meant the same. Life and afterlife. From three different religions: The ankhs for the Egyptians, the snake cross for the Christians, and the serpent cross from the Hebrews. The jewelry (snake cross, ankh necklace) unites three dogmas that happened almost in the same era. We shall catch up to that a bit later.

As a fashion accessory, the combination of the snake cross and ankh is commonly paired with a long chain necklace, specifically fashioned as an accessory for men. This gives general hip-hop and youthful vibe perfect for teens, worn together with a baseball cap and loose shirts—also a piece of exceptional jewelry to complete a traditional Gothic outfit. The necklace may also represent something positive, like rebirth and transition. The origin of the snake cross was mentioned the Bible in the book of numbers and its destruction in the book of kings.

  1. Bronze Snake Cross Leather Cord Necklace

 Bronze Snake Cross Leather Cord Necklace

Here is a Gothic cross necklace to commemorate the holiness of the cross and Christ. The bronze-plated pendant features an animated cross figure with spearhead tips. An inverted wing accent sits on top of the cross as a life-like serpent figured curls its body around the cross mark facing upwards. Equipped with braided glossy leather rope necklace perfectly complementing the vintage appearance of the pendant. Get from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Asherah Snake Ankh Necklace (4 Available Necklace Length)

 Stainless Steel Asherah Snake Ankh Necklace

Here is a combination of the Egyptian ankh and the goddess Asherah. Featuring a highly detailed pendant styled tau cross form designed with a wood grain stipe replica. A long coiled serpent creates a handle forming an Egyptian ankh symbol. Furnished with four varying chain lengths of 18, 20, 22, and 24-inches, each made from a hypoallergenic and rust-resistant 316L stainless steel base. Get from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Hanging Serpent Ankh Necklace

 Sterling Silver Hanging Serpent Ankh Necklace

Here is a daunting sterling silver necklace highlighting a 3D snake design. See the long python pendant with detailed circular scales engraving, hanging from a pulley. The pulley is artistically etched with an inverted skull future, adding a creepy devilish vibe. Beautifully paired with a thin cable chain, completed with a robust lobster hook. Get from HERE

  1. 3D Curled Viper Sterling Silver Necklace (5 Available Necklace Length)

 3D Curled Viper Sterling Silver Necklace

You won't be able to resist the charm of this fierce pendant necklace featuring a 3D snake feature. Lay your eyes on the intricately engraved serpent scales emphasized by black crystal-like accents as an excellent contrast to its glossy silver shade. Equipped with either an 18, 20, 22, and 24-inches rope chain, made from a premium grade sterling silver base. Get from HERE

  1. Coiled Serpent Ankh Stainless Steel Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Coiled Serpent Ankh Stainless Steel Necklace

Silver, black, or gold, whatever shade you may choose, this snake ankh necklace is guaranteed to give your outfit an instant upgrade. Fabulously made from a durable and non-reactive 316L stainless alloy, the pendant displays a silky smooth tau cross stylized by a coiled serpent creating a fashionable Egyptian ankh. The pendant is provided with a 22-inch chain coated with the same material. Get from HERE

  1. 3D Crystal Pave Nehushtan Egyptian Ankh Stainless Steel Necklace (2 Available Color)

3D Crystal Pave Nehushtan Egyptian Ankh Stainless Steel Necklace 

Take a peek at this gorgeous Nehushtan ankh pendant fashioned from a hypoallergenic stainless alloy ion-plated with a fade and scratch-resistant gold and silver coat. Micro paved with brilliant white crystals accentuating the lustrous metallic base. Molded with a tau cross base with a twisted 3D serpent developing the round handle resulting in a stylized ankh form. Get from HERE

  1. Snake Christian Cross Chain Engraved Steel Necklace (4 Available Color)

 Snake Christian Cross Chain Engraved Steel Necklace

Here is a creative manifestation of the serpent and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Featuring Christian cross mark base design made from a heavy-duty 316L stainless steel, IP plated with a silver, blue, black, or gold color. Highlighting a chain-like embossed cross surface with a tempting snake enveloping the cross symbol with its scaled body. Get from HERE

  1. Winged Serpent Dragon Dagger Cross Steel Necklace (2 Available Color)

 Winged Serpent Dragon Dagger Cross Steel Necklace

Presenting an animated snake cross pendant with a mystic and magical vibe. The fashion pendant shows a sparkling, multifaceted simulated heart-cut ruby, pronged at the cross's center. With a winged serpent sacrificing itself as it wraps its body along the blade of the sword protecting the crystal heart. Furnished with a 28-inch long box chain fastened on a tribal engraved bail. Get from HERE

  1. Snake Apple Charm Leather Rope Necklace (5 Available Length)

 Snake Apple Charm Leather Rope Necklace

Don't bite the apple! Here is a cut reminder on how the snake tempted eve and have Adam bite on the apple. Highlighting a 3D snake and apple charms made from a top-notch quality sterling silver base. Featuring a luxuriously paved snake pendant, covered with sparkling black microcrystals fastened together with an apple-shaped pendant, covered with a rich red color. Furnished with a glossy, faux leather rope cord. Get from HERE

  1. 3D Cobra Colored Crystal Medallion Chain Necklace (2 Available Color)

 3D Cobra Colored Crystal Medallion Chain Necklace

Beware of the bite of this vicious cobra. Highlighting a multifaceted black crystal-like feature enclosed in a silver-tone bezel setting. A ferocious king cobra stands guard showing its venomous teeth and hood signaling an attack position, with a small medieval cross symbol engraved on its throat. Get from HERE

  1. Red Heart Crystal Sword Cross Serpent Necklace (2 Available Color)

 Red Heart Crystal Sword Cross Serpent Necklace

Here is a snake cross pendant filled with fantasy and a medieval feel. Highlighting a brilliant, multifaceted red or black heart-shaped zirconia crystal pronged at the center of the cross. Guarded by a winged serpent dragon coiling the length of its body along the blade of the sword. Furnished with a long curved box chain completing a hip aura. Get from HERE

  1. Caduceus Plated Steel Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Caduceus Plated Steel Necklace

Representing medical professionals, we bring you a caduceus pendant equipped with a durable cable chain necklace. Fashioned from a corrosion-resistant gold, black, or silver coat made from a highly reliable and skin-friendly 316L stainless steel base. The pendant shows a pair of intertwined serpents coiled around a wings staff feature. Get from HERE

  1. Winged Skeleton Snake Cross Dagger Steel Necklace

 Winged Skeleton Snake Cross Dagger Steel Necklace

Here is a fictional snake cross pendant with a hint of a medieval feel. Highlighting a brilliant, multifaceted black heart-cut cubic zirconia crystal serving as a centerpiece. Protected by a winged serpent winding the length of its body along the edge of the sword. Provided with a long and sturdy cable chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Silver Christian Cross Snake Necklace Coiled

 Black & Silver Christian Cross Snake Necklace Coiled

Did you know that the serpent on a cross represents the body of Christ being crucified? Here is a marvelous representation of faith. Featuring a Christian cross symbol stylized with a sequence of embossed chains, set against a black coated base with a 3D snake wrapping its body likewise designed with detailed scale features. Get from HERE

  1. Medieval Fiery Dragon Eye Sword Cross Steel Necklace

 Medieval Fiery Dragon Eye Sword Cross Steel Necklace

Travel to the magical world where magic and dragons live. Featuring an elaborate pendant highlighting a medieval cross symbol with sword features. A pair of dragons coiled around the blade to the hilt, breathing fire on its handle. An oval focal accent gives a mystical essence as it sometimes displays a dragon's eye depending on the reflection of light. Get from HERE

  1. 3D Twisted Winged Serpent Dragon Steel Necklace (2 Available Color)

 3D Twisted Winged Serpent Dragon Steel Necklace

We bring you the magic of the winged serpent dragon. Known to be a powerful ally and foe, the majestic dragon reminds us that great power can produce beautiful things or destruction. Featuring a 3D winged snake dragon, designed with a twisted body with detailed scales, wings, and head features. Made from a high-quality stainless alloy, plated with either gold or silver color. Get from HERE


As mentioned earlier, the snake cross was mention in the Holy Scriptures. Christians who are familiar with the word of the Bible may be familiar with the name Nehushtan. Moses created a snake staff made from brass or bronze (depending on the version). Nehustan translates to both brass and serpent. The serpent pole was to counter the venom of the snakes God had sent the Israelites who fled with Moses from Egypt. God was angered by their impatience and distrust even after they have seen God's power. God then sent snakes that killed most of them, and they were only saved after repenting. God told Moses to construct the now known brass serpent and set it on a pole, where people who laid eyes on it will be cured of the snake's venom.

The rod was preserved for 800 years, and people started worshiping the object. It became an idolatrous piece, which is against the scripture. Hezekiah cut down and broke the monument of the brass serpent as a follower of God.

Jesus Christ Crucifixion

The brass snake was alleged to be a premonition of how Jesus Christ was sent to the mortal world to save humans. We must note that the snakes were a form of punishment for the Israelites as they have angered God. He did not make the serpents go away; instead, the almighty provided a cure to save the dying Israelites in the form of a serpent mounted on to a pole for everyone to see.

Christ was also mounted to a wooded pole. Some religion believes that Christ was crucified on a straight bar or plank and not on the Christian cross icon that we see today.

Going back to the link between the brass serpent and Christ's crucifixion, both were sent to Earth as a form of salvation. The brass snake to cure the snakebites, and Christ to save the humans who believed in him. Both were erected for everyone to see, to let everyone know of his powers. And finally, both were the work of God himself.

The snake cross also represents Christ's victory against death and evil. Death can be seen in two ways, physical death, and spiritual death. Upon the resurrection of Christ, he showed us that we can overcome both deaths through him. If we follow his wisdoms, we will be blessed with eternal life and enter the gates of heaven. We overcome spiritual death when we live with Christ. The Holy Spirit will never leave us. We will suffer spiritual death once the Holy Spirit leaves us if we continue to live a sinful life.

Salvation Army

Another Symbol showing a coiled snake over a Latin cross is the emblem of the Salvation Army. An organization was established in 1865. The organization's symbols include various icons with different meanings. The most iconic is the Latin cross placed at the core of the design. This signifies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection from the dead. This is quite unusual for the crucifixion of Christ is commonly represented with a corpus over the cross symbol. The next character is the large letter S, which looks like a snake. The letter S signifies the sacrifice of Jesus. The letter also represents Christ as our salvation. A pair of swords in a cross position is located behind the letter S and the Latin cross denoting the numerous combat against evil by the army. The words blood and fire represent the blood of Christ and the essence of the Holy Spirit. The shining sunrays represent the protection of the Holy spirit surrounding the world. The colors used are also crucial as they symbolize: red for the blood shed by Jesus Christ the redeemer, blue for the holy God almighty, yellow for the fire of the Holy Spirit. Finally, the last three emblems completing the Salvation Army's logo are the crown, seven salvos, and the five wounds. The crown represents Christ's rule over this world. The five stars denote the wounds inflicted on Christ. Two for the hands, two for the feet, and one on his side. The seven salvos signify the truth of the gospel.


The Israelites worshipped many gods, and one of them is the Goddess Asherah. Asherah was said to be the wife of El and later Yahweh. She was associated with sacred trees and sometimes snakes. It was believed that the monuments with serpents were made to worship Asherah. This is comparable to the serpent pole made by Moses in the Bible. She was also associated with the snake cult, which links her to Asclepius.

Asherah is Mother Nature and the tree of life. Comparable to other religions like the Yggdrasil, The tree of life nourishes and protects everything around it. It is full of wisdom that even Odin had to hang himself to learn about the runes' secret. Buddha took a seat and meditated under a Bodhi tree for days before he reached enlightenment. It was said that he was protected by a massive king cobra. With these examples, we see that the Gods and snakes work together, bringing balance.

Rod of Asclepius

Asclepius is the Greek God of medicine. He uses a staff called the rod of Asclepius, characterized by a rod with a coiled snake. He was worshipped in temples in various locations such as Epidaurus, Los, and Pergamum. A type of non-venomous snakes freely roams these temples together with the sick. The group was considered as a cult for they offer sacrifices to God after eth purification ceremony. The treatments used were based on the sick's dream, interpreted by the priest.

The serpent represents the various contradicting meaning.

Life and death, this roost from the nature of their work as a medical practitioner. They deal with both the sick and healthy individuals and the last person who can treat the sick, resulting in an extended life or sudden death.

Snakes also represent the effect of medicines. They can be used as a drug or poison. We have to note that these were the era when parts of snakes and venom were used as medicine.

Another theory about the origin of the symbol was the procedure used to treat a then rampant illness called guinea worm disease. The infection was caused by drinking contaminated water with Guinea worm larva. Large and round painful blisters emerge from the skin. The only treatment was to manually pull the worm out from the wound winding the worm around a piece of stick.


A caduceus is a staff commonly held by the messengers of Gods. Iris, eth messenger of Hera and Hermes or Mercury. Lore on the designs of the Serpents includes Hermes trying to separate two fighting snakes with his staff.

The staff was believed to provide a peaceful death for the sick and resurrection for the dead. Aside from its association with medicine, the caduceus is also a symbol of trade and negotiation.

The origin of the symbol was believed to come from the brass serpent Moses created as told by the Bible and the libation vase honoring the Sumerian God of the underworld and vegetation called Ningishzida.


The ankh was a mark of life in ancient Egypt said to be the precursor of the Christian Cross. Characterized by a key-like form that was a standard symbol held by the Gods of Egypt. Its origin is still up in the air, but two Egyptian deities are associated with this symbol's use. The ankh was believed to give life to the dead. The hieroglyph directly translates to the breath of life for both the human and the spiritual realm. There were various instances when Anubis was portrayed using the ankh, breathing life to the dead before he escorts them as the journey to the field of reeds. The symbol was also used by the Coptic Christians during the 4th century.

The ankh symbol was a typical engraving on caskets and sarcophagus, characterized by a circular top connected to a capital letter T. It is similar to a large key (which is an appropriate symbol as it also means the key of life), or a handheld mirror. King Tut was said to have patterned his mirrors using the ankh symbol, as it was believed that the netherworld is a mirror image of the present realm. Mirrors were seen as a magical object and usually used in divination. During the new kingdom, ankhs were used as an amulet and later symbolized by God Amun. Amun is the sun and air god of the Egyptians.

As Christianity spread in the 4th century, images and symbols associated with the old religion were banned. The ankh was transformed into the Coptic Christian cross, representing Christ and his resurrection. Although the ankh is now associated with Christianity, it remains to be the symbol of rebirth and the assurance of an everlasting life in heaven comparable to eth field of reeds.

Tau Cross

 A medieval cross resembles the base of an ankh, known as crux commissar, a type of cross symbol, distinguished by its capital letter T shape. It was also the mark of Saint Anthony, the cross figure seen on his black habit. The Greek Letter Tau was said to be the cross's actual shape where Jesus Christ was crucified.

A snake cross and ankh necklace convey a spiritual message—the bringer of life, death, and resurrection associated with the deities and God's power. Snakes have been vilified primarily by the story of the Garden of Eden. However, in other beliefs, snakes were healers and guardians of the Gods, acting as a conduit to the spiritual realm. When combined with both the cross and ankh symbols representing high power. The union of these symbols represents the journey in life. In life, we will encounter good and evil, ups and downs, sickness and good health, but if we believe that God exists, whatever name we may call him, We will survive these with God's help. All he requirements us to do is to believe and trust in him.

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