40+ Panama Hat for Ladies to Shop Today

40+ Panama Hat for Ladies to Shop Today

Hot, hot, hot! I am looking forward to the summer season, but going out and feeling the harshness of the sun on the face is somewhat intolerable. It is a good thing that Panama hats were invented. Two things that set a Panama hat among the rest of the hats is its breathability and elegance. A beach hat made of straws is light and breathable, but you really cannot wear it when going to the mall or to the office. Now a fedora hat, which is commonly mistaken to be the same as the Panama hat, is frequently made of wool or felt. There is no question about its fashionability, but its purpose is to keep the head warm and is not suitable for the summer weather or expect a very sweaty head when you take off your fedora.

Do Panama hats really come from Panama, and what is it made of? Are there different types, and how to should you wear them? In addition, what is a Tamsui hat and its relation to Panama hats?

If you still do not own a one of your own, then I think it is time to think about getting on for you are really missing out on its practical use as well as the multitude of upgrade it can give from your tank tops to your semi-formal wear.

  1. Classic Colored Polyester Fedora Hat (11 Available Colors) 

Classic Colored Polyester Fedora Style Panama Hat for Women

Look luxurious in this lovely fedora style hat available in eleven deep colors perfect to pair with your coat. Tailored from high-grade wool fabric built with a 2.76-inch brim for an ideal ratio for sun protection and style. Get from HERE

  1. Leopard Print Brown Leather Hatband Fedora (5 Available Colors)

Leopard Print Brown Faux Leather Hatband Flat Panama Hat for Women

Prey upon the weak with this outstanding looking fedora style hat together with any plain colored top. Handmade from a leopard print wool fabric emphasized with a thin faux brown belt hatband, perfect wear during the autumn season. Get from HERE

  1. Brown Leather Belt Straw Hat (8 Available Colors)

Colored Straw Brown Belt Hatband Panama Hat for Women

Protect your lovely face from the sun with this stylish and carefree Straw hat. Wear this together with your beach-inspired outfits and upgrade your look to a sassy and sweet appearance. Handwoven from a durable straw material decorated with a slim brown leather hatband. Get from HERE

  1. Wooden Bead Knotted Rope Hatband Straw Hat (5 Available Colors)Straw Colored Wooden Bead Knotted Rope Hatband Panama Hat

Not the umbrella type of gal? Then here is a chic and modest Ecuadorian hat for your casual wear. T-shirt and jeans? No problem, this piece hat made from warm-one straw material would definitely focus the attention to your beautiful face. Lightweight and wide-brimmed for complete protection from the sun. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Brown Leather Hatband Panama Hat (8 Available Colors)

Classic Brown Leather Hatband Panama Hat for Women

Do not let the harmful sun rays directly touch the delicate skin on your face by wearing this sleek Ecuadorian hat everywhere you go. Available in eight natural shades with a trendy brown hatband for accent.  Breathable and lightweight, best for light-colored outfits for a fresh look. Get from HERE

  1.  Classic Belt Hatband Felt Fedora Hat (9 Available Colors)

Felt Fedora Classic Belt Hatband Panama Hat for Women

Wear this for a high class and up-to-the-minute look and feel like a model ready for her catwalk. Seamlessly designed from a high-quality wool fabric accentuated with a classic faux black leather let hatband. This looks great with your leather boots during autumn to protect your head form the chilly weather. Get from HERE

  1. Studded Black Hatband Cotton Fedora Hat (9 Available Colors)

Colored Fedora Cotton Studded Black Hatband Panama Hat

This attention-grabbing fedora styled hat would surely turn heads your way. Handmade from an exceptional quality colored wool with a brown felt hatband decorated with square-shaped metallic prism studs. Presented in eight vibrant feminine shades. Get from HERE

  1. Gold-Tone Feather Hatband Wool Fedora Hat (10 Available Colors)

Wool Fedora Gold-Tone Feather Hatband Panama Hat

Are you looking for a beach wedding hair accessory that can upgrade your look as well as protect you from the sun? Look no more, we give you this fabulous fedora style hat for women. Handmade from a top-notch quality wool fabric with a standard 2.67-inch brim size. Get from HERE

  1. Scorpion Studs Leather Hatband Panama Hat (8 Available Colors)

Straw Scorpion Studs Brown Leather Hatband Panama Hat

Wealth would become your middle name with this outstanding piece of headgear. Strut with this fabulous Ecuadorian hat made from flexible dyed straw material, handwoven for light, and superior quality product. Decorated with a silver-tone scorpion and diamond studs fastened on a glossy leather hatband accent. Get from HERE

  1. Chain Buckle Black Leather Hatband Felt Fedora (10 Available Colors)

Fedora Felt Chain Buckle Black Leather Hatband Panama Hat

Sizzle in this classic plain colored fedora style hat, perfect to pair with your red lippies.  Fashioned from a piece of high-quality felt fabric with a smooth velvety surface. Versatile in the style that can easily upgrade any outfits. Get from HERE

  1. Jazzy Golf Style Panama Hat (5 Available Colors)

Colored Jazzy Golf Style Straw Panama Hat for Women

Come and check this breathable Straw hat the almost feels like you are wearing nothing on your head. Handmade from beautifully dyed straws, fashioned to accompany you on your errands and your daily outdoor activities. Classically designed with a sleek black leather belt hatband. Get from HERE

  1.  Leopard Print Hatband Felt Fedora (7 Available Colors)

Colored Fedora Felt Leopard Print Hatband Panama Hat

Here is a safari-inspired fedora hat for the spring and autumn season. Impeccably fashioned from a smooth and velvety colored fabric emphasized with a leopard print felt hatband. Stylish and classy best paired with a crisp and fresh colored top. Get from HERE

  1. Summer Chic Brown Tassel Straw Hat (5 Available Colors)

Summer Chic Brown Tassel Hatband Straw Panama Hat

Beat the heat of the sun with this gorgeous summer hat made from high-quality straw material. Finely woven to create a light and breathable sun embellished with a chocolate brown tassel end lacy hatband for a carefree feel. Get from HERE

  1. Native Pattern Hatband Fedora(10 Available Colors)

Fedora Style Wool Native Pattern Hatband Panama Hat

Love the way the charm shimmies under the indigenous-inspired geometrical pattern hatband that gives this lovely hat a Mexican flair. Handcrafted from a superior-quality wool fabric fashioned in a fedora style with a dented crown. Get from HERE

  1. Feminine Tassel Cowrie Pendant Straw Hat (8 Available Colors)Feminine Tassel Cowrie Pendant Hatband Straw Panama Hat

Here is an excellent example of an ultra-feminine hatband with a young and fresh appeal. Handwoven from a durable and high-quality organic straw material dyed in different earthy hues. It features a four-layer of lace highlighting different patterns and with pastel-colored tassel and cowrie shell pendants. Get from HERE

  1.  Tassel Cowrie Pendant Hatband Wool Fedora(9 Available Colors)

Wool Fedora Tassel Cowrie Pendant Hatband Panama Hat

Let your personality flow with this beautifully fashioned fedora hat expertly made from a soft and robust wool fabric. Decorated with a multilayered lace design with pastel-colored and cowries shell dangles. Completed with a brown suede rope end with a knot design. Get from HERE

  1. Black Wrap Fedora Style Straw Hat

Black Wrap Fedora Style Straw Panama Hat for Women

Feel the relaxing vibe of this classically fashioned Panama hat with a wide black cloth wrap hatband that brings sophistication on a traditional Ecuadorian plantation hat. The creamy brown natural hue of the hat definitely brings nature with it wherever it goes. Get from HERE

  1. Golf Style Summer Panama Hat 

Golf Style Summer Straw Panama Hat for Women

Go visit the golf club with your partner and rock this golf-style Panama hat in natural dark brown straw color. Wear this fabulous hat with your all-white golfing outfits to keep a crisp and fresh appearance and feel. Get from HERE

  1. Summer Colored Balls Straw Hat (6 Available Colors)

Summer Straw Colored Balls Pinched Panama Hat

Express a playful and young vibe with this free-spirited boater beach hat, a straw hat that features a white or blue lace hatband with a sequence of cute soft yarn ball pendants. Wear this on your next beach vacation trip with a sheer sundress for a sexy and innocent appeal. Get from HERE

  1. Summer Cowrie Shells Pinched Straw Hat (2 Available Colors)

Summer Straw Cowrie Shells Hatband Pinched Panama Hat

Fee the beach with this wide-brimmed straw hat in its natural straw brown hue. Traditionally weaved straw hats with a beautifully trimmed loose brim for a lighthearted and relaxed with perfected with a chain of cowrie shell hatband fastened by a black rope with a simply knotted end design. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Gold Belt Hatband Acrylic Straw Hat (9 Available Colors)

Black & Gold Belt Hatband Acrylic Straw Panama Hat

Hideaway from the sun with style by wearing this vibrantly colored fedora styled hat. Available in nine exciting colors designed with a gold chain belt interlaced with a black velvet cord for brings elegance to a modestly fashioned straw hat. Get from HERE

  1. Jazz Fedora Patterned Straw Hat (3 Available Colors)

Jazz Fedora Patterned Straw Panama Hat for Women

Jazz it up with a double-tone patterned fedora style straw hat made for young and trendy women. Handwoven from a durable and beautifully dyed straw material for a hip and contemporary appearance. Lightweight with compact perfect for a day to the mall or going for a walk. Get from HERE

  1. Dual Pattern Turkish Fabric Straw Hat (4 Available Colors)

Dual Pattern Fedora Straw Turkish Fabric Hatband Panama Hat

Keep it fresh this summer by wearing this fashion-forward fedora style hat. Characterized by a crisp black and white checked pattern that denotes the skillfulness of the weaver.  Adorned with a Turkish-inspired printed hatband to give ethnicity to an already fantastic piece of head accessory. Get from HERE

  1. Palm Tree Patterned Fedora Straw Hat (4 Available Colors)

Palm Tree Patterned Fedora Straw Panama Hat

Keep a cool head with this highly breathable fedora  hat. Feel the vibe of the beach with the beautifully printed blue palm trees as the air breeze passes through its small openings. Light and simple, a perfect companion for your upcoming vacation. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat (7 Available Colors)

Classic Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat for Women

Gear up with this traditional diamond crown Ecuadorian hat with a wide brim. See the intricately woven dyed straws decorated with a black cloth hatband that retains the classic and chic Ecuadorian look. Get from HERE

  1. Polyester Medium Height Fedora Hat (21 Available Colors)

Polyester Wide Brim Medium Height Panama Hat

Loving the femininity of this campaign-style Panama hat with its low dented crown and full brim. The classic black ribbon hatband adds elegance and a British influence that would want you to go and have some English tea with your friends. Handmade from exquisitely dyed straw material, made available in twenty-one vibrant colors. Get from HERE

  1. Arabian Inspired Wool Fedora Hat (3 Available Colors)

Arabian Inspired Wool Fedora Style Panama Hat for Women

I cannot help but think of a sheik or a high-ranking official with this Arabian-inspired Panama hat handcrafted from a durable straw material. The solid shade of the band is perfectly balanced with a beautifully colored feather accent. Get from HERE

  1. Brass-Tone Feather Wool Fedora Hat (3 Available Colors)

Brass-Tone Feather Black Hatband Wool Panama Hat for Women

Rock this traditionally inspired Panama hat of the 20th century. Feel like an aristocrat for not only does this gorgeous hat radiates elegance but also wealth. Impeccably handmade from a piece of high-quality wool fabric, designed with a smooth black ribbon hatband with a brass-tone feather accent. Get from HERE

  1. Pink Black & White Polka Dot Hatband Fedora Hat

Pink Black & White Polka Dot Hatband Panama Hat

Get a glimpse of a genuinely chic retro-inspired hat seamlessly fashioned from a high-grade wool fabric. Exhibiting a fedora style hat made in clean pastel pink color designed with a white polka dot patterned hatband to get you that 60s feel. Get from HERE

  1. Black Wool Interlaced Leather Hatband Fedora Hat

Black Wool Interlaced Leather Hatband Panama Hat

This sleek and warm fedora hat is definitely a hat of choice for powerful women. Deep black wool fabric fashioned into a wide flat-brimmed fedora styled hat stylized with a glossy black interlaced faux leather hatband accent. Get from HERE

  1. Faux Brown Leather Belt Felt Fedora Hat (7 Available Colors)

Colored Felt Faux Brown Leather Belt Panama Hat for Women

Have a taste of class and luxury with this modestly fashioned wool fedora in khaki and magenta colors. Further styled with a warm brown belt hatband to retain a classic noble look. Stylish and chic, perfect wear with your long coats on a chilly day. Get from HERE

  1. Flat Brim Black Wool Fedora Hat 

Flat Brim Black Wool Fedora Panama Hat for Women

Pump up your casual wear like the stars with this black wide-brimmed fedora style hat. Sleek and mysterious, a perfect way to hide your beautiful face from the sun. Its versatile color makes it easy to pair with any type of clothing for a stress-free impromptu head accessory. Get from HERE

  1. Red Black & Gray Striped Wool Panama Hat (3 Available Colors)

Red Black & Gray Striped Hatband Wool Panama Hat

Good afternoon my lady, care to have some afternoon tea with me? Strut with this highly sophisticated and classically fashion wide-brimmed fedora hat with a striped patterned wide hatband. It has a triangular-shaped dent o the crown, making it suitable for all types of faces. Get from HERE

  1. Embroidered Red & Silver Hatband Fedora Hat (3 Available Colors)

Wave Pattern Red & Silver Hatband Panama Hat for Women

Featuring a magnificent hat exquisitely handmade from a high-grade wool fabric. It is available in three earthy color upgrades with a beautifully embroidered marron and white circular patterned hatband to accentuate the solid color of the fine-looking hat. Get from HERE

  1. Peacock Feather Black Felt Panama Hat (4 Available Colors)Peacock Feather Black Felt Panama Hat for Women

Look and feel like a boss with this stylish and chic black hat. Impeccably handcrafted from an excellent piece of felt fabric with a smooth and velvety texture emphasized by a vibrant colored peacock feather that gives off a refined look. Get from HERE

  1. Metal Bee Silk Hatband Wide Brimmed Hat (2 Available Colors)

Metal Bee Silk Gray Hatband Wide Brim Panama Hat

Are you looking for a casual and classy head accessory? Here is an excellent pick for you. Choose between a sleek black or dark Khaki hat handmade from pure wool fabric with a chic black or gray silk hatband designed with a metallic bee accent. Get from HERE

  1. Pink Animal Print Hatband Wool Fedora (5 Available Colors)

ink Animal Prink Hatband Wool Panama Hat for Women

Show off the animal in you with this serpent-inspired fedora styled hat handcrafted from a top-quality wool fabric. Chic and trendy, perfect for young women to go with your high-heeled boots and stilettos. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Cream Gold Ring Panama Hat

Classic Cream Gold Ring Hatband Panama Hat

White, clean and pristine, what more can I say? The creamy whiteness of this Panama hat is just exuding with sophistication and high-class. The thin gold-tone metal ring hatband only adds another notch on how exquisite this remarkable hat is. Grab it now! Get from HERE

   39. Egyptian Pattern Hatband Straw Hat (5 Available Colors)

Dyed Straw Egyptian Pattern Hatband Panama Hat

Here is a unique straw hat available in six beautiful colors. Handcrafted from a durable straw material woven to a finely knitted hat, styled with an ethnics patterned hatband for a natural and relaxed feel. This would be great with your bohemian outfits. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Felt Curved Brim Fedora Hat (7 Available Colors)

Classic Dyed Felt Curved Brim Panama Hat for Women

Hi there, mate! Wear this magnificent fedora hat made from beautiful felt fabric with a warm and soft feel. Its classic colors and shape are suitable for all styles and taste balanced with a simple black hatband for a refined look. Get from HERE

  1. Brown Belt Hatband Wide Brim Wool Fedora Hat (6 Available Colors)

Wool Faux brown Belt Hatband Wide Brim Panama Hat

You would never go wrong with the classics, handcrafted from a pure wool fabric made available in six different classy shade suitable for both men and women. It features a fedora style hat with a warm brown faux leather bel hatband with a gold-plated metal plate accent. Get from HERE

What Exactly is a Panama Hat?

Panama hats are made from woven palm leaves that originated from Ecuador since the 1830s. Also known as, toquilla straw hat, which is a classic brimmed straw hat. In 1835, a businessman, came to Panama to sell a ship full of Ecuadorian hats since there are only a few tourists that come to Ecuador. It became more popular in the 19th century and was dubbed as a Panama hat even though it originated in Ecuador.

Fun Facts:

  • The US government bought thousands of Panama hats for eth American troops during the 1898 war.
  • In 1925, Panama hats were worn to replace the fez in Turkey.

Material Used

Toquilla palm is actually not a real palm specie. It has a palm-like leave with a fleshy trunk, which is unlike a true palm that develops into a woody trunk. Native to Central America with durable and soft fibers.


The toquilla palms are first harvested and selected. It is then set fire for 20 minutes and left to dry under the sun. The dried fibers are now ready to be cut and classified into six grades and later made into handmade Panama hats.


The weave and the color are the two elements to look at in determining the quality of a Panama hat. The artisan's skill is defined by how he mesh and create a homogenous looking hat since the natural fibers would be in different hues.

Tamsui Hats

These are a much affordable version of Panama hats that originated from Taiwan. The fibers used in this type of hat are white, more flexible, and durable, making it easier to fashion, thus offered at a lower price.

What are the Types of Weaves Used in Panama Hats?

  1. Montecristi – the highest and most beautiful weave made from fine Toquilla fibers. It is under the category of 100X grade that has around more than 400 mesh per square centimeter. Because of its fine weaving, this style is the lightest of all Panama hat types and can be folded with a water-resistant property.
  2. Cuenca – this style sits in the middle wherein it is sturdy while exhibiting a high-quality weaving with 140 mesh per square centimeter.
  3. Brisa – made from a thick straw woven in squares. It only takes 3 days for a weaver to finish this type of Panama hat.

What are the Different Panama Hat styles?

  1. Golf – like the name, this style is designed for golf lovers. As golfers stay under the sun for a long time, they need a hat to protect and a new breathable hat. This type is characterized by small decorative hollows in between the weaves to allow air to pass through. Its super lightweight and
  2. Planter – fashioned from a farmer's straw hat, it has a round dented crown with an extended semi-curved brim. This is suitable for a haciendero look.
  3. Optimo- Looks like and shaped like a fedora without the pinched front crown. Instead, it has a well-defined top seam located at the center of the crown. Suitable for a 20th-century British look.

What makes a Panama Hat superior over other types of Hats?

  1. Unique

As we have discussed earlier, each hat is handwoven from natural toquilla straws, which exhibit a unique shade of their own. Another reason why each piece one of a kind is how the artisan created it.   

  1. Flexible

Unlike regular straw hats, Panama hast are quite flexible and more durable. The higher the quality, the greater is its capacity to be crushed and bent.

How to Care?

  1. Like any other hats, never, to maintain the beautiful shape of the hat, never hold it by the crown.
  2. Stay away from water and rain. Always remember that even though Panama hats are quite sturdy and durable, its shape would be affected when it is exposed to water for a long time. Immediately correct the shape of your hat with the use of a hairdryer or cloth iron set on low heat.
  3. Do not roll the hat, remember that the hat is made of dried straws and it may snap when pressure is applied.
  4. To clean your hats, use a dry and lint-free cloth. Take care not to get the fabric snagged to prevent damaging your fabulous hats.
  5. Store them inside their boxes.

How to Wear?

  1. For a full and round-shaped face, wear a hat with a broader brim while a smaller rim is suitable for small faced individuals.
  2. Wear a light-colored hat to elongate a round and full face.
  3. Experiment on how to wear it to create a different flair. Flat and level, for a traditional look or angled for a carefree appeal. Be confident, and you can pull any look you chose.
  4. Be careful with the hat size. No matter how beautiful your hats are, it is going to be a disaster if it does not fit your head well.

So, have you decided which piece from our lovely list of Panama hats would perfectly compliment you and your style this summer season? Just keep in mind that the rule is the more delicate the straw, the higher quality it is, which come s with additional comfort, lighter in weight, and is more resistant to water due to its excellent and tight weaving. Gear up with your own Panama hat this season and look fabulous under the sun.

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