21 Best Clear Backpacks for Heavy Duty or General Use - Recommended for Their Durability

21 Best Clear Backpacks for Heavy Duty or General Use - Recommended for Their Durability

A backpack is a favorite choice, especially for students who bring a lot to the school. Aside from their books, they would also need to carry other kinds of stuff like an extra pair of shoes or a lunch box. Having two free hands to do anything or carry different pieces of material is practical. Backpacks are highly recommended by doctors more than other types for school use. A well-made backpack evenly distributes the weight of the bag on the entire body, giving less pressure to each part. A shoulder bag will place all the weight on one shoulder that may lead to straining the shoulder muscle.

Popular materials such as polyester, nylon, and even plastics are used in making backpacks. This is because of durability, which is a must when purchasing a bag. Transparent plastic packs have been around since the nineties. It was not as popular as it is now because of the style and quality. Most were said to be flimsy and easily broken.

At present, these plastic backpacks are made to be durable and stylish with a nylon backing, and most are crafted from recycled water bottles. It is now even available as gym bags and handbags. One obvious benefit of a pack made from this material would be transparency. You can quickly locate where your things are without opening the bag.

Have you considered buying one? Here are some heavy-duty backpacks to choose from.

1# Clear Transparent PVC Multi-pockets School Travel Rucksack

    Clear Transparent PVC Multi-pockets School Travel Rucksack

    Featuring a multipurpose pack for your school and travel needs. Crafted from PVC material, a pliable and durable type of plastic. Side net compartment for your water bottles and a small front zipper compartment to quickly access your valuables. A two way carry as a backpack or a handbag. Find HERE

    2# Clear Large School Backpack Waterproof Reinforced Straps

      Clear Large School Backpack Waterproof Reinforced Straps

      Keep your school things organized with this fully functional transparent pack. Featuring an inner divider for laptops and other gadgets. A half-size zippered front compartment with side pockets to keep your valuables on hand. Showcasing padded straps for a comfortable carry. Find HERE

      3# Extra Large Black/Silver See Through Travel Knapsack for Men

        Extra Large Black/Silver See Through Travel Knapsack for Men

        Never leave anything behind with this over-sized pack designed to fit all your travel needs. Showcasing a full central compartment, secured by two strong canvas belt type closure. Two vertical zippered front compartment so you would never run out of space. Handle, and straps are enforced with durable canvas material for added support and strength. Find HERE

        4# Half-mask Transparent Water Resistant School Backpack

          Half-mask Transparent Water Resistant School Backpack

          A smart and tasteful way to carry your school things. Showcasing a half-covered front for style and a semblance of privacy. Ample interior space to take all your books and personal possessions. Long and slim with open side pockets and a front compartment to keep your often-used belongings at hand. Find HERE

          5# Petite Semi-Transparent Jelly School Bag

            Petite Semi-Transparent Jelly School Bag

            A cute and charming pack for young ladies. Fashionably made with PVC material creating a jelly-like exterior. Glossy and soft to touch. Light and durable, with seamless stitches and a sturdy zipper closure. Available in white, blue, and black color. Find HERE

            6# Multi-Purpose Watertight Transparent Backpack for Women

               Multi-Purpose Watertight Transparent Backpack for Women

              Featuring a sophisticated pack for women who love to keep their things organized. With beautifully colored canvas lining for support and durability. Crafted from PVC material for a soft, sturdy body. Padded straps for a comfortable carry on your shoulders. Side compartments and interior dividers to keep your things in place. Find HERE

              7# Multi-Functional PVC School Transparent Backpack in Four Colors

                Multi-Functional PVC School Transparent Backpack in Four Colors

                A backpack and a handbag all in one. This transparent bag, with its spacious interior, can hold all your necessary belongings without a sweat. A half-size front pocket secured by a durable zipper for your small stuff. Includes mesh side pockets to accommodate your frequently accessed things like an umbrella or water bottle. Find HERE

                8# Big Clear Multi-pocket Backpack

                  Big Clear Multi-pocket Backpack

                  Organizing your belongings has been made easy with this transparent pack made from sturdy and robust PVC material. Water-proof and light to carry. Showcasing a spacious central compartment, two netted side pockets, and an extended front compartment with two slots for systematized storage. Padded strap for a comfortable carry.

                  9# Transparent Multi-function Travel Backpack for Mothers

                    Transparent Multi-function Travel Backpack for Mothers

                    A current and trendy pack for women. This bag would undoubtedly catch attention for its bright colors placed strategically for maximum impact. Featuring a wide central opening secured with a durable zipper. Lined and backed with canvas fabric for additional support and style. Lightweight and easy to lug around while you travel to school or work. Find HERE

                    10# Jumbo Clear Waterproof School Backpack in Six Bright Colors

                      Jumbo Clear Waterproof School Backpack in Six Bright Colors

                      Get noticed with these colorful and bright clear packs crafted from high-quality PVC material. Featuring a roomy central compartment to accommodate your valuables and a slim front zipper lot for your thin and regularly used things. Secured with a belt type canvas fabric and a heavy-duty and easy to glide zipper. Find HERE

                      11# Large Translucent Waterproof School Backpack

                         Large Translucent Waterproof School Backpack

                        Ladies, feast your eyes on this beautifully made backpack with a feminine style and color. Made from robust PVC material, lines, and backed with rose pink canvas fabric. Softy padded and breathable straps for a comfortable carry. Showcasing multiple compartments to store your daily essentials and not so essential pieces of stuff. Find HERE

                        12# Reflective Semi Transparent Large Travel Backpack (4 Available Color)

                          Reflective Semi Transparent Large Travel Backpack

                          Here is a large backpack for school and travel purposes. Made from a semi-transparent reflective PVC, stylized with colored trimmings of black, white, pink or purple. Equipped with adjustable nylon back straps and a leather handle. Featuring an additional front zipper pocket providing easy access on frequently used valuables. Get from HERE

                          13# Waterproof See-through School Backpack for Women

                            Waterproof See-through School Backpack for Women

                            What a fun way to carry your belongings with these colorful and show-stopping see-through packs. Waterproof and light to carry. A compact design that can accommodate all your belongings. Padded and skillfully stitched for a durable and comfortable carry. Available in five bright and playful colors. Find HERE

                            14# Large Transparent Waterproof Outdoor Backpack

                              Large Transparent Waterproof Outdoor Backpack

                              You would love this sizable see-through pack for its hefty size and stylish look. A perfect fit for an outdoorsy person or for traveling. Fill your bag with all your things. Guaranteed to protect your valuables from water and dust. With side mesh pockets and a front zippered compartment with a key holder. Find HERE

                              15# PVC Translucent School Backpack for Teens

                                PVC Translucent School Backpack for Teens

                                Young and fun looking, a clear hefty backpack for teen. A well-made plastic bag with a modest design. Pass the security line without the hassle and conveniently carry your valuables with its padded canvas straps. Adjustable and sits comfortably on your shoulders. Choose between classic transparent black and flamboyant orange. Find HERE

                                16# Charming Clear Mini Backpack with Matching Colored Pouch

                                  Charming Clear Mini Backpack with Matching Colored Pouc

                                  Have the freedom to carry your things with privacy given by the colored interior pouch, sized to perfectly fit its transparent outer shell. Compact and petite for high-spirited young ladies. Choose from six adoring colors and strut your way to school or mall with this cool backpack. Find HERE

                                  17# See-through School Mini Backpack

                                    See-through School Mini Backpack

                                    A fashionable petite bag for teens made from PVC material in four classic colors. Lightweight and waterproof guaranteed to protect your things from sudden rain showers or unexpected liquid spills. Featuring an adjustable canvas belt strap, durable, and comfortable to use. Find HERE

                                    18# Rose Pink Clear Nursing Bag for Moms

                                       Rose Pink Clear Nursing Bag for Moms

                                      Can’t see what you are looking for under all those diapers? This clear bag is just for you. Quickly locate what you are looking for with this multipurpose bag for moms. Featuring an elegant rose pink color canvas fabric, seamlessly stitched for additional durability. Comfortably carry it as a handbag or a backpack. Find HERE

                                      19# Transparent Waterproof Travel Backpack with Colored Back

                                        Transparent Waterproof Travel Backpack with Colored Back

                                        Here is a backpack specially designed for ladies who love to travel. Featuring a spacious interior to accommodate your belongings. Backed and supported with durable canvas fabric for durability and a comfortable carry. Padded and adjustable straps with a winged S front design. Find HERE

                                        20# Six Piece Set Transparent Travel Backpack for Women

                                           Six Piece Set Transparent Travel Backpack for Women

                                          From your smallest to your biggest things, this daypack set has got your back. A collection that includes colored and transparent pouches, a clear hand, and backpack. Crafted from PVC material specially made for women who love to have matching colors. Classy and elegantly styled for sophisticated women that love to organize their valuables. Find HERE

                                          21# Rainbow Striped Travel Clear Backpack

                                            Rainbow Striped Travel Clear Backpack

                                            Who could resist this colorful bag for young teens? Waterproof and durably made from PVC material designed to withstand your daily activities. Featuring a rainbow color striped pattern with a glossy base. Breathable and padded straps to comfortably sit on your shoulders. Petite and compact for fun-loving children and teenagers. Find HERE

                                            Commonly Used Materials in Backpacks

                                            Ripstop nylon

                                            It is a common thing for nylon fabric to rip, this is how a ripstop nylon fabric came to the scene. What makes this type of nylon fabric different from regular woven nylon cloth? It boils down to the kind of weave, the nylon fiber was spun. This specific weave is characterized by four consecutive single interlaced fibers. Followed by two successive, double interlaced fiber. These double weaves prevent the fabric from further tearing.

                                            A cloth made especially for military use, such as for parachutes and uniforms designed to withstand the wear and tear when subjected to extreme abrasions and pressure. This material is extremely durable, water-resistant, and light. The downside is due to its close-knit fibers. It is not breathable and can contribute to the planets' pollution problems.


                                            A natural product from animal skin preserved with chemicals to be used different products like bags, shoes, and others. We often hear of animal skin and hides. What is the difference? Basically, the skin is used for small creatures while the hide is for bigger animals. The skin undergoes the process called tanning. This where it is preserved using either animal fat, tannin extract from the surface of tree trunks, or with the use of mineral salt. This mixture would liquefy the fat content of the skin. Without the fatty layer sitting in between the fibers, they can now move closer to each other, creating a stronger bond.

                                            The essential characteristics of leather material are that it has resistance to water, durable, soft. The downside would be its high price and maintaining the quality of the leather. Leather can last for a lifetime when conditioned and taken care of for regular use can affect the shine and color of the material.

                                            Artificial leather

                                            A man-made replica of authentic tanned animal hide. It is initially made from fabric where cotton is treated with nitric acid forming a mixture called pyroxylin. At present, the synthetic fabric is made from fabrics coated with PET and PVC material to replicate the strength and aesthetics of genuine leather.

                                            The benefit of using faux leather is that it is much affordable than the original type. It has the same characteristics without being cruel to animals. The process is also simple, affecting the price of the material.


                                            A manmade material that is a higher version of polyester. Chemically having greater molecular weight than the aforementioned. This material cannot be woven into fibers but can only be shaped and molded using high temperatures and extreme force.

                                            A Transparent, non-conductive, and sturdy material used in a variety of products such as water bottles, garden hosepipes, and now in backpacks. Though it is mostly combined with other materials such as PET for the water bottles and PVC material for industrial supplies.

                                            Nylon Fiber

                                            The fiber was invented in 1938 and was initially called DuPont fiber. Created from a synthetic polymer (from by-products of petroleum) that underwent condensation of two single molecules, when combined, creates a polymer. A material that can be made into fibers or molded in shaped like plastic materials.

                                            This man-made fiber is durable, elastic, and resistant to abrasion, mold-resistant, lustrous, the ability to be dyed. It maintains its shape. Chemically non-reactive, not quickly melted by heat. Unaffected by heat. Ropes, automotive accessories, and parts. Used as an under layer for synthetic leather.

                                            What makes Nylon fiber durable originates from the bonding of its molecules. It contains a big carbon molecule that chemically bonded in a straight line making the material extremely strong and fluid.

                                            The downside of nylon fabric is its ability to shrink. Synthetic fibers, when consistently subjected to heat, would naturally undergo shrinkage due to melting point capacity.

                                            Polyester material

                                            Cheaper and superior to nylon. A man-made fiber that undergoes the same process as the nylon material.

                                            The durability of the article is explained by its chemical component, such as the big benzyl ring straight chains. It makes the material stiff and resistant to distortion, as well as wrinkling. This is often combined with other materials to enhance its natural characteristics. For example, pure cotton mixed with polyester would enhance the blended material where polyester gives its stiffness, durability, and wrinkling resistance characteristic.

                                            Polyester material has the same disadvantage as with nylon materials. It is not breathable (most synthetic fabrics) therefore would trap any moisture inside. Ability to shrink when subjected to constant high temperatures.


                                            A cellulose-based fiber that was first spun in India way back 3000BC. A natural fiber that is water absorbent, non-reactive to temperatures meaning it will not shrink nor get brittle when heated or subjected to lower temperature.

                                            The downside in using an organic fiber would be its decomposition. Like any other product made from natural sources, it would naturally decompose when subjected to the natural environment. This is due to the minute bacteria of fungi that live in the presence of oxygen that would cause its fibers to rot. Pure cotton is white in color, it would turn in to a yellowish hue as it is exposed to vapors and sunrays. The material would lose its durability and brightness as you wash and dry it under the sun.


                                            Commonly known as Sailcloth. An organic fiber from Hemp that produces thick threads that are interlaced to create a yarn that can withstand extreme pressure and use. This is the reason why canvas material is durable. Usually, fibers are directly woven to make a clot, but a canvas cloth is made of woven threads spun to create a fabric. This also explains its heavyweight and resistance to damage. Canvas fabric is usually used in making sails, shoes, and bags.

                                            The downside of the canvas material is its weight.

                                            Difference between Nylon and Polyester

                                            Nylons and polyester materials are quite the same in character, such as its strengths, resistance to wrinkling, and synthetic. It is because both are made up of polymer. The only difference is what the molecules and the shapes of where chemical bonds are connected. DuPont fiber is made up of a simple straight molecule, bonded with carbon element. Imagine a basic woven texture, and that is how it would look like. Now, with Polyester, it is composed of multiple molecules shaving a benzyl ring. Connect these rings together, and you will have a polyester. Chemically this would look like a decorated weave pattern of circles connected to each other. So the bond is more likely to be much stronger than the ones with the straight line.

                                            Benefits of Using Transparent Backpacks


                                            Backpacks made from quality plastic materials are proven to be durable. Especially those with PVC or PET plastic derivatives. These make the end products flexible and elastic. Combined with durable zippers and canvas or polyester fibers that contribute strength to necessary parts.


                                            We all know that synthetic materials are cheaper than organic stuff. These are why we currently have environmental problems. Getting a superior product at an affordable price is a plus in choosing your trusty daily companion.


                                            Using plastic backpacks is an efficient way to carry your things. It’s light, durable, and gives you a clear view and easy access to your valuables. A transparent plastic backpack’s edge over other packs is that you can go through a security line faster and more conveniently. There is no need to open your bag.


                                            It is the “in” thing at the moment. A fashion statement, especially those bags from recycled materials. Recycling and upcycling is a way to re-use materials aside from what they used to do. Supporting these products is a way of helping our planet as well as keeping up with fashion.


                                            Plastic backpacks are also offered with a multipurpose design. A pack that can be carried as a handbag is beneficial when you need constant access to your belongings. Some even come in a set where it has a matching color and style. Aside from aesthetics and functionality. It is sized to perfectly fit its outer plastic shell.

                                            Story Behind the Plastic Backpack

                                            Plastic backpacks have been available in the market since the year nineteen-ninety. A time where mass shootings in schools started. Transparent packs were recommended by the educators so they can easily see the inside of bags for security reasons. The thought behind this is to reassure the students that they are safe form each other when they can readily see if anyone has a weapon in their bag.

                                            Some schools followed suit with this movement. The movement was opposed by some parents, and even students for the packs available back then were said to be useless for their poor quality. As mass shooting in schools becomes more rampant. More and more schools were told to recommend the use of transparent packs. Not everyone agrees with this concept. Some were concerned with the privacy of the students.

                                            At present, more and more people are becoming interested in using these plastic backpacks. Companies have improved the quality of the product. As people become more aware of protecting the environment, manufacturers have discovered how to made packs from recycled water bottles. Combining plastic with durable materials such as PVC, nylon, and polyester derivatives.

                                            Plastic packs have currently become in a fashion where people use it in events to conveniently pass security faster. Bags have also evolved from backpack to gym and even fanny packs.

                                            We evolve as a race and so does fashion. Products are made to answer the need and to make our lives easier. A plastic backpack is a helpful, convenient and eco-friendly way to carry our stuff. Keep in mind that we must to reflect on the weight the bag can carry. However, durable a material is, it also has its limits and this applies to everything in life.

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