19 American Flag Items of Jewelry that Every Patriotic American Should Have

20 American Flag Items of Jewelry that Every Patriotic American Should Have

Patriotism is ever-present in America. You only have to watch the Independence Day celebrations to see a flood of stars and stripes. We wear the flag with pride, on our clothing, household items and even flags on our cars. Travel the world over and the flag appears everywhere, on pairs of jeans, mugs, t-shirts, you name it!

However, many people have actually lost sight of what the flag itself represents. Each of the stars represents one of the 50 American states with the 13 stripes being representative of the number of former colonies that would become the USA. Many people might not actually know that the stars and stripes of today are not the same ones that were flying when your grandparents and parents were younger. The number of stars has increased with the number of states. Throughout most of the 20th Century, the flag had only 48 states, with 49 appearing in 1959. This is due to the additions of Hawaii and Alaska as new American states. Indeed, if we were to look back, the American flag has actually been modified no less than 26 times.

Most people in America (and many elsewhere in the world) own at least one item of clothing with the red, white and blue design. It has become a fashion symbol the whole world over. But we’re not just setting the world on fire with our fashion statements, we are proud of our American heritage and patriotism. Our motto, “In God We Trust” is as relevant today as it was when it was first coined and our Old Glory flies throughout the world as a symbol of our power over adversity, our triumph, and our thanks to our forefathers.

But, you don’t need to wear a full-on “I love America” t-shirt these days to be patriotic or to follow in fashion trends. What many people haven’t realized is that there are many items of American flag jewelry out there on the market today. Sure, you can be as bold as you like with the American flag, but for some of us that might be a bit too much. A piece of jewelry can add either a subtle nod to your patriotism or enhance a full American outfit. We are going to show you the best 19 American Flag items of jewelry out there today. Which one is your favorite?

1. X Shape - Patriotic USA Flag Cross Pendant with 24 chain

Newest patriotic flag necklace by Innovato Design in the form of X. It is available in two options - Silver and Black. You can buy it from HERE

2. The American Flag Cross Pendant

The American Flag Cross Pendant

This stunning piece of jewelry combines two very important things for many Americans: faith and patriotism. The Christian symbol represents our love of God as well as our faith in our nation too. The two are put together beautifully in this stunning necklace. Every pendant is made from gold-plated jeweler’s metal and filled with color enamel.

It comes with a high-quality link chain, which is also made from Stainless Steel, measuring 24” in length. The pendant measures 1.75” x 1.18”. Buy from HERE

3. Nail Flag Cross Necklace

Nail Flag Cross Necklace

Two stainless steel nails combined together to form this unique cross pendant. In addition, is decorated with the colors of the American Flag, a luxury chain with 24" length. Buy from HERE

4. American Flag Skull Ring

    American Flag Skull Ring

    This striking ring is made from solid, heavy Stainless Steel (316L) and is perfect for the patriotic bikers amongst us, thanks to its skull design. It could even be especially for Hallowe’en! It is 20mm wide with the USA flag adorning one side of the skull. The metal is hypoallergenic and free from Nickel. It is actually a large-sized ring, covering up to one-third of your finger. It's solid and heavy too – an ideal choice of the bikers amongst us.

    5. Stars and Stripes Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

      Stars and Stripes Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

      A great choice for the patriotic ladies that just love all things America, this heart-shaped pendant is adorned with red, white and blue crystals to form a sparkly heart of the USA flag. It brings a whole new dimension to the phrase “star-spangled banner”. The chain measures 24” in length. It would make a lovely gift, especially at Christmas or at Valentine’s Day due to its heart shape and sparkly presentation. It really is a star-spangled all-American necklace.

      6. American Flag Cufflinks

        American Flag Cufflinks

        These beautiful American Flag cufflinks are made from sturdy, high-quality brass, making them an extremely durable piece of jewelry. They have been electroplated to ensure maximum color retention which lasts. They are designed with business wearers in mind or for that more formal occasion when a dress shirt needs to be worn, such as a wedding or ceremony. These flag cufflinks would make a perfect gift for any man whose heart belongs in America. Furthermore, there’s a 90-day exchange or money back guarantee, in case you change your mind. They come with a little velvet storage pouch too. Why not choose these as a gift for your loved one? They would make a great choice for the real America lover or for your groomsmen as wedding attire.

        7. Masonic Tie with Gold Square and Compass and American Flag

          Masonic Tie with Gold Square and Compass and American Flag

          This tie is a perfect accessory for the Freemasons amongst us. It features the Star - Spangled Banner and the masonic golden square and compass design. It makes a great accessory for the patriotic freemason and, what's more, it is made right here in the USA too. It measures 29" in length and is 4" wide. Made from 100% polyester, The Masonic Exchange is proud of its American product. Wear into the Freemasons dinners or July 4th celebrations or choose it as a gift for the freemason in your life. If American freemasons have anything in common, then it’s their patriotism and love for America, so why not combine the two with this stunning and remarkable tie?

          8. American Black and White Pendant Memorial Necklace

            American Black and White Pendant Memorial Necklace

            This unusual black and silver dog tag necklace is evocative of American soldier’s identity dog tags. Being black in color makes it all the more somber and meaningful as a necklace. It’s suitable for men and women, especially soldiers or those connected with the military. It measures 59cm in length. This would make an ideal gift for someone who is from a military background or perhaps lost someone who was in the military. The fact it is black means that it will suit any outfit for any occasion, whether formal or casual. 8. American Flag Heart Charm Snake Chain Necklace

            9. American Flag Heart Charm Snake Chain Necklace

              American Flag Heart Charm Snake Chain Necklace

              This American Flag necklace features a heart-shaped flag charm on a snake chain and is perfect for any lover of the USA, whether resident, tourist or other! It would make a lovely gift to send to a loved one either inside or outside the USA too. The silver-plated necklace measures 20 inches and fastens with a lobster clasp. It is perfect for any occasion, smart enough to be worn on a formal occasion but wouldn’t look out of place in day-to-day wear too.

              10. American Flag Heart Stud Earrings

                American Flag Heart Stud Earrings

                These beautiful earrings are in a silver-tone finish and are heart-shaped with vertically-placed pave crystal stones. They measure 0.5" and feature five silver-colored stars, three lines of crystals with two white and one red stripe. They would make a lovely gift for the patriotic lady in your life. Maybe she could wear them for the July 4th parade party? Whatever the occasion, these earrings are more than just a fashion item. Yes, it’s true that the American flag has had a resurgence in the fashion industry of late, but these earrings spark patriotism and heritage. What’s not to love?

                11. American Flag Expandable Gold-Colored Bangle

                  American Flag Expandable Gold-Colored Bangle

                  This beautiful yellow-toned brass bangle features an American flag symbol charm, perfect for the patriotic American lady. It is expandable, meaning that it can be removed easily and fitted to all wrist sizes. It is 7 ¼ inches in length and can be made up to two inches larger or smaller for that perfect ft. It also features two smaller charms of a circular and heart shape. It would make a perfect July 4th gift or as a souvenir of time spent celebrating the American way.

                  12. American Flag Crystal Brooch in Silver Tone

                    American Flag Crystal Brooch in Silver Tone

                    This brooch is amazingly beautiful. It really will bring a sparkle to any outfit and is perfect for those celebratory occasions, especially Independence Day! In a silver tone, the brooch design features the flag and the flagpole too and is adorned with crystals in red, blue and clear. It really is a spectacle to behold! The flag is blowing in the breeze can measures 1.6 inches tall and 1.4 inches wide. It comes with its own gift box or favor bag as well as with a few spare crystals, should you need them. It really is an item that will be treasured and cherished for years to come. It would look stunning pinned onto any item of clothing, whether formal or casual.

                    13. American Flag, Peace and Daisy Necklace Set

                      American Flag, Peace and Daisy Necklace Set

                      This set of three necklaces is symbolic of all things America. The peace symbol signifies our peaceful times and our approach to world peace. The American stars and stripes stand for our patriotism. The daisy adds a touch of elegance and femininity to the necklace, giving it a hippy feel. It is a choker style necklace, made from a leather-look cord with the three charms hanging independently on their own lengths or cord at different lengths. The daisy sits highest, followed by the peace sign and the lowest hanging necklace charm is that of the heart-shaped American flag.

                      14. Patriotic Nation Under God Religion Necklace with American Flag Pendant

                        Patriotic Nation Under God Religion Necklace with American Flag Pendant

                        This necklace encompasses the two faiths that Americans possess strongly: faith in God and faith in America. The gold-colored simple-design cross is backed with an American flag design, with it waving in the breeze. It is made from gold-plated jewelers’ metal (Stainless Steel, meaning it won’t tarnish or stain) and the flag is filled with colored enamel.

                        The chain is made from 24” chain link Stainless Steel. It is also robust and long-lasting, thanks to its design. The pendant measures 1.57 inches x 1.18 inches. It also comes in a stunning gift box.

                        15. USA Map and Flag Necklace

                           USA Map and Flag Necklace

                          This silver-toned necklace is in the shape of the United States of American outline and features the American stars and stripes flag within the nation’s skeleton. Made from silver-toned jewelers’ metal, the pendant sits on a chain at the top of the breastbone. It would suit anyone with American geography as an interest or anyone who is particularly patriotic. Why not wear it to the July 4th celebratory bash? Or as a token of remembrance for everything that the country means to you? Whatever the occasion, this smart necklace will be a real talking point. It would make a lovely gift for anyone too, regardless of nationality thanks to its ‘on trend’ American flag design.

                          16. American Flag Skull Necklace Stainless Steel Silver and Gold Color

                            American Flag Skull Necklace Stainless Steel Silver and Gold Color

                            This striking skull pendant necklace features an American flag across the lower part of the gold-colored skull. The chain is 24" link chain in silver color, made from high-quality titanium steel. Its well-polished finish means that it is durable and will not fade in color. It is also 100% hypo-allergenic. The skull measures 30-40mm. This necklace is suitable for both men and women but would particularly suit the American bikers amongst us. It would also make a fantastic gift in conjunction with the American flag skull rings in a similar design, making a complete set. Why not treat yourself or your loved one today?

                            17. USA Old Glory Flag Dog Tag Pendant Necklace in Stainless Steel

                               USA Old Glory Flag Dog Tag Pendant Necklace in Stainless Steel

                              This Stainless-Steel Dog Tag style pendant necklace features Old Glory, the American stars and stripes flag, on the front. Thanks to its materials, it is easy to maintain and will stand the test of time. The pendant measures 2” x 1” in size with a 24” chain. It also comes with its own beautifully presented gift box too. This necklace would suit the patriotic American, especially anyone with a military connection or those wanting to follow the latest military jewelry trend.

                              18. Rhodium Plated Men’s American Flag Dress Shirt Cufflinks

                                Rhodium Plated Men’s American Flag Dress Shirt Cufflinks

                                This pair of beautifully designed American flag cufflinks are stunning. Featuring the American flag in a circular design, the blue color features a series of little studs to represent the stars with the red and white stripes separated by the silver-colored metal. The cufflinks are 100% free from Nickel and so should be suitable for those with a Nickel allergy. They are made from rhodium-plated brass and measure 0.7” in height and width. They are a sleek and patriotic design that is perfect for any USA lover, whether American by birthright or not! They would look stunning on any dress shirt but would also be an ideal choice for a wedding or ball, especially if it is scheduled around Independence Day!

                                19. USA Flag Stainless Steel Money Clip

                                  USA Flag Stainless Steel Money Clip

                                  Ever losing your bills? Then this stainless-steel money clip would be a great choice of gift, either for yourself or your loved one. Featuring the Star-Spangled Banner in all its Old Glory, this money clip is perfect for the patriotic person amongst us. It’s made from high-quality silver-colored stainless steel and so is not only extremely durable but will not tarnish or stain even when subjected to years of use. It measures 1.02 inches x 1.97 inches and comes with its own luxurious velvet bag. Suitable for both men and women alike, it would make a lovely gift for your loved one, especially if their birthday falls on or near July 4th.

                                  20. American Flag with Gold Border Embroidered Appliqué Patches

                                  American Flag with Gold Border Embroidered Appliqué Patches

                                    This stunning pair of Americana appliqués would look great sewn onto a vast array of garments: backpacks, shirts, pants or pockets, whatever takes your fancy! You don’t just get one patch, but two! They are in full red, white and blue color glory, with decorative gold-colored borders. Their size is designed with tactical caps in mind. Each flag appliqué measures 2.15” in height and 3.35” in width. They have a hook/loop back so that they are easily attached to hats and other gear, including uniforms! They are of premium quality too. Buy one, get one for a friend!

                                    21. Masonic Lapel Pin with ‘Under God’ Message and American Flag

                                       Masonic Lapel Pin with ‘Under God’ Message and American Flag

                                      Are you a Mason? Or Know one? Are you also American? If so, this beautiful lapel pin is just the thing. It combines the American stars and stripes flag and symbolic eagle with the Masonic square and compass logo and ‘Under God' inscription. After all, the United States of America's motto is "In God We Trust". What better way to remember this than with a lapel pin? It is made with gold-colored jeweler's metal and embossed with red, white, blue, black and green enamel for the design. Shiny and bright, it would make a lovely gift and a stunning statement piece of any Freemason.

                                      Wrapping It Up

                                      Which patriotic American flag item do you like the most? Will it be one of the pairs of cufflinks? A pendant? Earrings or a bracelet? There's the ring, money clip, the brooch, and the embroidery patches to consider as well. Or are you a Freemason, or buying a gift for one? There are some truly amazing pieces here, each with that bit of red, white and blue, those stars and stripes, some with added sparkle, others with added symbolism of crosses or squares and compasses.

                                      Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to know that your pride in America, in all it represents, is summed up in your chosen piece. I know I’m proud to wear our flag, to celebrate our free and independent nation and our nation’s trust in God as per our motto. Old Glory flies high in fashion around the world. But in America, the symbolism is something more. We wear our flag, not just on July 4th, but the whole year through, celebrating our 50 states and the 13 colonies that came before.
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