20 Gothic Cross Earrings to Buy Today and Never Take Off

20 Gothic Cross Earrings to Buy Today and Never Take Off

Gothic cross earrings are one of the most common yet effective ways to say, "Hey, I love Goth." Simple yet full of personality and spunk, particularly when styled as a dagger, snakes, or blackened in color. Goth accessories are linked to the mourning jewelry prevalently used in the 19th century, popularized by Queen Victoria. She started wearing mourning jewelry and clothing after the death of Prince Albert. Unlike the mourning jewelry used to commemorate their dead loved ones, Gothic jewelry is more of an impression of one's personality and preference.

For many of us, we perceive Goth as a fashion trend or a certain look. Black eyeliner and black clothes, death, rock emo, rebellious, and many more things we have heard before. Why is the cross symbol used in Goth fashion? Goth fashion and subculture are a part of history and trends that never died down even at this present time. With style come Goth accessories to complete the look and flair. Specifically now that Halloween is just around the bend. What is lovely about Goth fashion and jewelry is the drama it brings, its distinct looks that will never go unnoticed. However, what does Goth mean? What is Goth? Is it a culture, people, even architecture?

  1. Black Cross Huggie Stainless Earring

 Black Cross Huggie Stainless Earring

Celebrate the real you as you wear this Goth inspired huggie beautifully fashioned from a durable and hypoallergenic stainless alloy base. Styled with a cross symbol coated with black color for aesthetics. Suitable for daily wear as a personal touch to an everyday standard look. Get from HERE

  1. Stainless Hoop Cross Drop Stainless Earring

 Stainless Hoop Cross Drop Stainless Earring

Goth can be glamorous and chic, as seen in this fabulous pair of earrings. Exquisitely molded from a jewelry grade 316L stainless alloy base plated with a magnificent silver coat. Hand polished to a silky and smooth surface. The pair highlights a hoop earring with a nail styled cross-shaped pendant. Get from HERE

  1. Single Huggie Black Cross Dangle Earring

 Single Huggie Black Cross Dangle Earring

Get a closer look at this beautiful huggie fashioned from a robust and corrosion-resistant steel alloy. Equipped with hinged closure for a secure lock and comfortable wear. Designed with a Christian cross pendant accentuated with a black enamel surface giving highlight to its marvelous form.  Get from HERE

  1. Slim Plated Cross huggie Stainless Earring (3 Available Color)

 Slim Plated Cross huggie Stainless Earring

Go for a delicate and youthful appearance with this charming pair of huggie earrings excellently fashioned from a stainless base. Highlighting a small cross-shaped pendant, ion-plated with a gold, silver, or black coat, hand-polished to a gleaming sheen that twinkles with every sway. Get from HERE

     5. Cross Chain Skeleton Hand Stainless Huggie Earring

 Cross Chain Skeleton Hand Stainless Huggie Earring

Just in time for this season of trick or treat, wear this playful pair of earrings durably made from a reliable and non-reactive stainless base. Featuring a smooth and dainty cross symbol pendant, paired with a skeleton hand accent chained on a fantastic huggie earring. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Silver Latin Cross Huggie Sterling Silver Earring

 Black & Silver Latin Cross Huggie Sterling Silver Earring

Don't let this chic Goth cross earring pass you by. Featuring a high polish smooth exterior styled with a Christian cross symbol. Accentuated with a black enamel coating to make the accessory pop. Fabricated from a high grade, 925 sterling silver giving an authentic punk rock appeal. Get from HERE

  1. Gothic Scale Thick Stainless Huggie Earring

 Gothic Scale Thick Stainless Huggie Earring

If you are tired of your regular huggie, how about trying this one-of-a-kind hoop earring made from a high-grade stainless steel base. Highlighting a crocodile or serpent-like textured surface accentuated by black oxidized silver accents. Easy, fun, and high impact, an excellent addition to your huggie collection.  Get from HERE

  1. Black Plated Medieval Cross Stainless Stud Earring

 Black Plated Medieval Cross Stainless Stud Earring

Upgrade your Goth-inspired look by wearing fashionable stainless stud earrings complete with a butterfly push back. Evenly plated with a fade-resistant, jet-black coat polished to a shiny surface. Designed with a medieval cross perfect for an old-fashioned punk look. Get from HERE

  1. Silver Plated Christian Cross Bead Chain Huggie Earring

Silver Plated Christian Cross Bead Chain Huggie Earring

Rock this gorgeous pair of punk rock huggie earrings built with a secure and comfortable wearing-hinged clasp. Decorated with three different pendants consisting of a Latin cross, elongated rod, and a beaded chain suspended on a shiny and smooth huggie earring. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Rose Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Stainless Huggie

Black & Rose Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Stainless Huggie 

I bet you just said wow when you saw this high fashion huggie with a metallic rock band flair. Highlighting a rose-gold tone cross symbol placed in a slanting position surmounting a sparkling, crystal paved stainless base. Ion-plated with a scratch and fade resistant black hue giving a mystery and depth to an already superb accessory. Get from HERE

  1. Minimalist Crystal Pave Half Hook Stud Cross Earring

 Minimalist Crystal Pave Half Hook Stud Cross Earring

Get ready to wear this new and trendy cross earring constructed from 92.5% silver. Styled with engraved circles, oxidized to black color, serving as an accent to a set of circular-cut black crystal pave setting. Equipped with a robust butterfly push back and a lustrous and sparkly surface. Get from HERE

  1. Plated Egyptian Ankh Stainless Huggie Earring

 Plated Egyptian Ankh Stainless Huggie Earring

Give life to your dark and standard casual wear like how the ankh was used by the Egyptian Gods breathing life and healing Egyptians in the past. Highlighting a pair of Goth-inspired huggie with ad delicate ankh pendant. Expertly constructed from a sturdy and scratch-resistant stainless steel base ion-plated with a black, gold or silver color. Get from HERE

  1. Cross Skull Gothic Stainless Stud Earring (3 Available Color)

 Cross Skull Gothic Stainless Stud Earring

You would undoubtedly turn heads wearing this scary and dark pair of stud earrings intricately designed from a premium grade stainless alloy base. The pair features a 3D representation of a death skull accentuated by a Fleur de Lis cross pendant decorated with a sparkling circular-cut black crystal centerpiece. Get from HERE

  1. Bat Wing Oxidized Silver Zirconia Stainless Stud Earring

 Bat Wing Oxidized Silver Zirconia Stainless Stud Earring

Complete your Goth fashion with an artistic pair of stud earring expertly fashioned from a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel base. Molded to a Cross symbol creatively styles with bat-like arms and blackened oxidized silver accents giving the piece a dark and old feel emphasizing a brilliantly cut round-shape crystal centerpiece. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Silber Maltese Cross Round Stud Earring

 Black & Silber Maltese Cross Round Stud Earring

Add this pair of hip cross stud earring to your cart now and embody a rock and punk look as soon as possible. Wear this with any casual attire to get an instant upgrade. Suitable for both men and women, made from a high-grade 925 sterling silver highlighting an embossed Maltese cross set over a black plated backdrop. Get from HERE

  1. Crocodile Scale Cross Stainless Huggie Earring

 Crocodile Scale Cross Stainless Huggie Earring

Check out this exceptional and charming pair of huggie earrings made from a high-grade stainless steel base. Highlighting a crocodile or serpent-like textured surface accentuated by black oxidized silver accents and a Latin cross symbol. Equipped with a hinged clasp for a stress-free, fun, and high impact look. Get from HERE

  1. Gothic Alien Skull Zirconia Cross Stainless Stud Earring

 Gothic Alien Skull Zirconia Cross Stainless Stud Earring

Look like a stylish renegade as you wear this futuristic Gothic earring fashioned from a reliable and hypoallergenic stainless alloy base. Featuring a great representation of an alien skull, complete with a pair of white circular cubic zirconia crystal for the eyes, assembled with a spade-like cross accent dangle. Get from HERE

  1. Circular Stud Maltese Cross Stainless Earring

 Circular Stud Maltese Cross Stainless Earring

Look like a rock star with a pair of gorgeous stud earrings highlighting a Maltese cross accent. Perfectly engraved and coated with a black enamel set over a flat and round-shape surface. Equipped with a reliable butterfly push back and a glossy and smooth texture for comfortable daily wear. Get from HERE

  1. Crucifix Huggie Plated Stainless Earring (3 Available Color)

 Crucifix Huggie Plated Stainless Earring

Show off your faith with style by wearing this cross huggie earring featuring a replicated crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Offered three luxurious shades of gold, silver, and black, excellently created from a hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant stainless alloy base. Get from HERE

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Anchor Chain Stud Earring

 925 Sterling Silver Anchor Chain Stud Earring

Exhibit a free-spirited vibe with a pair of stud earrings made from a high-quality sterling silver base. Hand polished to a smooth and highly lustrous white sheen distinct only to silver metal. Styled with an anchor feature tied by a rope accent. Equipped with a robust butterfly push back for easy and comfortable wear. Get from HERE

Goth vs. Goth Subculture vs. Goth Architecture

What is Goth? Goth and Goth subculture is an entirely different topic altogether.


Goths were believed to be people with Germanic ethnicity. Originating from the southern portion of Scandinavia and was invaded by the Huns in the 4th century. Also known as Gutones by Pilny. They were known for their arts and artisanship inspired by the Greek and Roman influences. Gold was used on jewelry, creating cells that served as a setting for gems. Early Goths practices Nordic paganism before they were conquered and converted to Catholicism. Goths were divided in half as Visigoths and Ostrogoth. Ostrogoths were the group that fought under the leadership of Attila the Hun, while eth Visigoths were under the Roman administration. Upon Attila's death, the Ostrogoth joined the Roman forces, and the kingdom of Visigoths was established in France, while the kingdom of Ostrogoth was established In Italy.

Goth Architecture

Characterized by pointer arches famous for the 12th to 13th centuries. These were the eras where tall architectures were of the rage. Commonly seen on large and high ceiling cathedrals, castle, and town halls in various countries like France, Great Britain, and Spain. Elements that embody Gothic architectures are pointed arches, rib or later vaults, flying buttresses, towers, and sprier.

Goth Subculture / Fashion

A post-punk genre originating in the UK in the 19th century is called Gothic rock. Gothic rock is a kind of music characterized by dark sound, arrangements with drama, and sadness. As punk rock mellowed in the 1980s, Goth has spread into various concepts, from this rises the Gothic fashion.

Deathrock bands represent gothic rock fashion. Characterized by a streetwear type of look with nets, slim pants, leggings, and, of course, dark makeup and clothing. There is also the Mohawk hairstyle district to deathrock fashion.

Lolita Goth is based a Japanese style called Lolita. Highly influenced by the Edwardian and Victorian eras, equipped with dark clothes and makeup. Gothic jewelry and accessories were also influenced by mourning jewelry used in the Georgian and Victorian periods. Georgian mourning jewelry was macabre in nature. Morbid and gruesome in appearance highlighting the death itself. Skulls, coffins, angels, and ghosts were the preliminary designs for mourning jewelry in the Georgian period.

Victorian mourning jewelry highlights the sentimental side of death. Honoring the deceased where people hold on to various objects serves as a remembrance keeping them in their memory. Queen Victoria mourned for her husband until the time of her passing.

Note that the initial Lolita fashion was not sexy and sexual in nature. Lolita is a Japanese fashion that is supposed to be cute. Cuteness culture is a thing in the early years of the '70s. The kawaii style or cute style of clothing was popular in the 1980s. It then became a thing worn by bands and groups.

High fashion Goth or Haute Goth Fashion is a glamourous type of Goth fashion created by famous designers. Cocktail dresses and suits incorporating various elements defining Goth fashion like the Victorian fashion of lace, corset, and full skirts characterize these. Even the scary features like a skeleton, ghouls, and bloody concepts were shown on the runway.

Cyber Goth is a futuristic kind of Goth that is sometimes linked with cyberpunk. These are futuristic in concept. It maintains the dark eyeliner and black clothing with additional neon color accents, leather, metals, and gadgets.

Cross Symbol in Goth

The most used type of cross symbol seen in Goth jewelry is the Christian cross and the inverted cross. The reason behind this is that Goth embraces death and darkness as part of life. Even Jesus Christ himself needed to undergo death in order to overcome death and be reborn.

The Christian cross represents the resurrection of Christ and life. From its known precursor, the ankh, which was believed to be the Gods' key of life.

The inverted cross is seen as the symbol of Satan. Although technically, it is not supposed to because it is also the symbol of Saint Peter, that actually represents humility. The origin of the inverted cross roots from Saint Peter requesting that he be put to death not in the same way as Christ was. Not that he is choosy, but because he does not see himself worthy of dying in the same manner as Christ did. Anyhow, Satanism was associated with the inverted cross symbol depicted in horror books and movies.

Gothic Jewelry

There are three main concepts used in Gothic jewelry. These are Androgynous, Vampire, and fetish. As the word implies, Androgynous jewelry is suitable for both the male and female gender. Classic styles like skulls, skeleton, Christian cross, snakes are typical of this type of accessory. Although also defined as materials used by the witches containing magical powers, a fetish is somewhat more associated with sexual desires and fulfillment. These accessories are collars, handcuffs, and chains. Bats, capes, silver, coffins, and other forms linked to vampires, characterize vampire-themed accessories.

Meaning of Goth


Have you ever sensed that you do not belong, whether with regards to your friends, workplace or even in your family, because you are a typical girl or a boy? You did not plan to like Goth styles. Still, it is that unexplainable feeling of belonging and happiness you experience being in a community that you are free to be as quirky as you want and express your individuality without judgment. The teenage years are the best example of this feeling of loss. Falling in between not a child yet not an adult either, that time when you do not know what you need and who you are. This is also why Goth is also considered a phase in one's life.


We were taught to follow those standards, pink for girls, blue for boys, short hair for men, and long hair for women. It is the same as Goth fashion. People who are proudly Goths are courageous in the sense that they know that they will attract unwanted attention. They are aware of what people talk about behind their backs, the misconceptions, yet they still choose to be Goths instead of just blending with the crowd.


At present, Goth fashion, especially in teens, is considered a red signal for depression and self-harm. Some studies showed that emotional people belonging to Goth, punk, skaters, etc. are at high risk of self-harm. Furthermore, drug and alcohol use combined with depressive mood increases the risk of suicide. Goth is somewhat pinpointed because of its affinity to death.

At this age, we know that depression is a mental illness and not just being too emotional. Sudden change in the appearance of any kind is a red flag alerting the people of the possibility the person may need help.

Satanism / Vampirism

Another misconception about Goth is the practice of Satanism and blood sacrifices. In contrast to the common belief that Goth is all about death. Goth celebrates life. This concept may have been influenced by their association with vampires that, as we know, are immortal creatures. Albeit that they feed on humans' blood, it has superpowers and is often portrayed with passion, which is the romantic side of Goth. Goth is not a cult. Some Goths may have their fangs installed with red contact lenses, but that does not mean that they practice paganism and Satanism. That is a totally different genre. As a matter of fact, Goths are mostly Christian, which is why the cross symbol is a big part of their accessory designs.

Rebellion / Freaks

Goths are not looking for a fight or any type of attention. They want to keep to themselves and be their of being. In a traditional setting, Goth fashion is seen as a rebellious act or a way of seeking attention. People that Goth style was a form of rebellion against mainstream fashion. Much like the Goth rock music that was formed because middle-class youth got tired of all the materialism happening during that era.

Well, come to think of it, anything that does not fit what society dictates as normal is dubbed as freaks. Today, we are more accepting of our differences, that we are becoming more fearless in expressing our individuality. In fact, it is becoming a style that the more unusual you are, the cooler you become.


We all go through the chapter where we try out new things and see which one works. Fashion is always about creating your own look. It is the same with Goth fashion. There are times that we just want to have that dark and bad girl look. So we try it out and see who we are, or is it just a fantasy? Only by trying new things will we discover much more about ourselves.

Our takeaway for today is that Goth can mean differently for different groups of people. Goth was Germanic people who were seen as barbarians. Some see it as a phase that we all go through. Those teenage years wherein we were still trying to decide who we really are. Goth as a form of rebellion, while some consider it as an expression of individuality. Goth as fashion, a look embraced even by the top designers. Finally, Goth, as a community, a fellowship where outcast can be themselves without being judged for their quirky preference and personality. It is not always dark, death, and vampires; it's a way of life where people find comfort and feels a sense of happiness and belonging that cannot be explained by words.

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