Wooden Pocket Watch with Carved Number Dial and Classy Vintage Look

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Wooden Pocket Watch with Carved Number Dial and Classy Vintage Look-Pocket Watch-Innovato Design-Innovato Design

Wooden Pocket Watch with Carved Number Dial and Classy Vintage Look



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Product Details

This unique wooden pocket watch from Innovato Design has the following features:

  • Runs on high precision mechanical movement
  • Uses a mechanical hand wind system
  • Analog time display
  • Front cover pops open when you press a button on top
  • Uses a stationary bezel function
  • Dial, bezel, and case are made of stainless steel
  • Dial window is made of acrylic
  • Diameter of the clock face is about 4.5 cm a and thickness is about 1.8 cm
  • Unisex design
  • Bronze color
  • Comes with a bronze chain that is about 37 cm in length

Classic Design

Pocket watches have been very popular in olden times before wristwatches became the norm. Today, they are starting to become the trend again, especially the wooden pocket watches that are quite reminiscent of the original pieces people wore many decades ago.

Indeed, the wood finish of this classic pocket watch from Innovato Design is what makes it so appealing to the modern individual. The timepiece has a rustic appearance and looks like an antique piece but it blends perfectly with modern styles. Its classic design also makes it very versatile – you can wear it to work with your business attire, you can use it as a highlight accessory for your party outfit, and you can even wear it in an ordinary day to day setting with your regular t-shirt and jeans.

Convenient but Stylish

Some people do not like the idea of pocket watches with lids because of the hassle of having to open the cover in order to see the time. As we all know, most people are always in a hurry these days and the extra effort of popping open the watch cover is too much of an inconvenience. With this particular watch, however, you don’t even have to open the cover because you can see the time right through the hollow face of the cover.

There are bronze Arabic numbers printed on the cover of the watch, against a dark mahogany shade of the wood finish, so it is very easy to tell the time. That is a huge plus for people on the go. Of course, if you choose to take the extra step of popping open the lid, you will be able to better appreciate the artistry that goes into the design of this splendid timepiece. The numbers on the inside are gold-colored Roman numerals against a taupe background. There are also smaller black Arabic numerals along the edge denoting the minutes.

The ornate clockwork carvings in the middle of the pocket watch are the main attraction of the piece. The intricate chiseled shapes depicting gears and cogs are very precisely done and the sophistication of the patterns will just astound you. Even the back cover of the clock received just as much attention as the rest of the piece. The surface is light bronze and there are floral engravings all around the perimeter of the cover. The center part of the back lid is hollow, so the back side of the clock’s gears and mechanism can be seen in a very artistic manner.

Promotes Environmental Awareness

Technically, this wooden pocket watch is not really made of wood. The different parts are actually made of stainless steel and other alloys and acrylic but the wood finish is indeed very realistic. Wearing this watch, or giving it away as a present, is a wonderful tribute to the environment and can be an effective way to promote environmental advocacies, especially those related to trees, like forest preservation. It is also a great way to say that we should consider the smart use of renewable resources such as wood because time is running out if we don’t take care of our planet’s resources properly.

Fantastic Gift Idea

One of the beautiful things about this wooden pocket watch by Innovato Design is that anyone can wear it so you can give it as a present to any of your loved ones. It works equally well for both men and women. Older children will also be able to wear and appreciate these kinds of watches.

The size of the person doesn’t matter as well because the chain that comes with the watch will fit anyone. Furthermore, the body of this pocket watch is made of stainless steel, which is a hypoallergenic material. Therefore you do not have to worry about causing allergies to people. Anyone can wear this without being harmed.

Using Your Wooden Pocket Watch for the First Time

This watch does not run on batteries – it is mechanical. This means you have to power it up by winding the button on the side of the pocket watch until you can’t wind it anymore. If you need to adjust the time, just pull the button slightly and rotate it until you get the time that you want, then press the button back in.

The pocket watch will sometimes stop when it is left still for a long time. In this case, you just need to swing it a few times to get it going again. Or maybe it is time to wind it up again, in which case you just need to repeat the process of winding and readjusting the time.

Under normal conditions, the wooden pocket watch will operate properly for 36 hours, after which you will have to wind it again. Sometimes it will stop before 36 hours, especially if you don’t wear it often. All you have to do is wind it and it will work again. The more you wear your wooden pocket watch, the less winding it will require. For example, if you wear it for more than 10 hours a day, you will not need to wind it so many times.

Packing Details

This wooden pocket watch comes in an elegant black box with separate individual grooves for the watch and the chain. This is placed inside a slightly larger brown box that is very sturdy and ensures the protection of the contents. The packaging is very nice and is perfect if you are going to give the wooden pocket watch set as a gift.

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