Norse Viking Skull Mug with Horns and Stainless Steel Viking’s Helmet

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Norse Viking Skull Mug with Horns and Stainless Steel Viking’s Helmet



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Product Details

This one-of-a-kind Viking mug has the following features:

  • Realistic-looking Viking skull design that makes it an easy conversation piece
  • Two Viking horns on the side function as double grips for easy handling
  • Interior is made of stainless steel
  • Exterior is made of lightweight metal and plastic
  • Made from all eco-friendly materials
  • High quality and precise engraving
  • Removable stainless insert
  • Very easy to clean and store
  • Great for Halloween parties, bars or home use
  • Also a wonderful gift idea
  • Measures approximately 19cm x 13cm x 13.5cm
  • Capacity is 13oz

If you want to take your drinking experience to a whole new level, this Viking mug is an excellent option. Obviously, this is just perfect for individuals who love Vikings in however form. Whether you are passionate about the history surrounding the Viking era, or you are a fan of the current television series about the Vikings, this mug is definitely a must-have for you. It is also an excellent present for a collector of mugs, or a collector of skull items, or a collector of items from the medieval era. Even if it’s not an authentic medieval item, the representation is uncanny and will be appreciated by any collector.

However, it is not only the Viking fans that can get to enjoy this terrific-looking mug. Vikings have played a significant part in European history and they are associated with a lot of qualities, most prominent of which is the glory and honor in battle. They are known to be brave, tough and relentless. Anyone who possesses these qualities certainly deserves to have one of these Viking skull head mugs as a reminder and appreciation of their admirable traits.

Tough as a Viking

Just like the brave warriors that they portray, these Viking horn mugs are quite tough. It’s actually not that heavy but it is made of durable material that will not easily break, crack or chip. The exterior is made of designer quality composite resin and the design on the surface painted by hand. The inside layer is made of stainless steel. It can handle both cold and hot drinks, with the outer layer acting as insulation, so you can enjoy this mug for whatever beverage suits your fancy, whether it is ice cold beer or hot coffee in the morning. In addition, the stainless steel interior is actually an insert and you can take it off for more convenient hand washing and drying.

The Nine Noble Virtues

Contrary to the popular belief that they are unruly barbarians, Viking warriors were actually very civilized. Yes, they were brave and strong as a warrior should be, but they were also quite refined and peaceful when not in war. They are also quite fond of crafts and were skilled at it too. In fact, many of them used handicrafts to make a living and support their families.

The Vikings lived by the teachings of the Asatru religion and abided by a set of nine noble virtues derived from their sacred book, the Havamal. These virtues are courage, honor, truth, fidelity, hospitality, discipline, self-reliance, industriousness and perseverance.

Without a doubt, these are timeless values that still apply to this day. A Viking skull head mug, although rather terrifying in appearance to some, embodies all these splendid values. Drinking from this mug can inspire us to live as the Vikings did, fighting only when necessary but otherwise keeping peace and order in our lives.

Unique Gift

One of the good things about this Viking mug is that it is a fantastic gift to anyone – male or female, young or old, everyone will surely appreciate it. While it is unquestionably a practical gift – everyone can use it because everyone drinks – it is most definitely not one of those boring practical items people pretend to like but really don’t.

On the contrary, it is so interesting that it can even double as a display item when not in use. You can put it on the shelves along with your other ornaments, and it will be a nice added décor to your home. As a matter of fact, it does not even have to be used for drinking. It can be placed on a desk or study table and used for holding pencil, pens, markers and other office tools. It can even just sit there on the desk and be a nice conversation piece for when you have guests that come over.

Because of its masculine origins, this mug is particularly fabulous as a Father’s day gift or birthday gift to a dad, a graduation gift for a son who just completed high school or college, or an any occasion present to a boss at work. Of course, a lot of women would also appreciate this mug, especially those that are fascinated with medieval Europe or love to watch the recently-popular Vikings-inspired shows on television.

Awesome for Parties

What’s a better way to get conversations started during parties than by serving your drinks in these cool Viking skull head mugs? They work best for Halloween parties, going very well with your other skull decorations, but it will also be wonderful for a Medieval-themed party, or other gatherings as well. It is also an attractive mug to use in a bar. It can even be a unique wedding giveaway idea for the non-conventional newlyweds.

If you are planning on using a few of these mugs at a party and are thinking about how to wash them all afterwards, what with all the engravings on the exterior, you can put your worries aside. The inner stainless cup is actually an insert and can be removed for hand washing.

Packing Details

When you order this Viking skull head mug, you can expect that you will get exactly what you see in the pictures. It will arrive to you in a well-protected and thick cardboard box package, with the mug itself secured snugly in Styrofoam padding, ensuring that there will be absolutely no breaking or cracking of the item during transit.

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