Natural Dark Koa Wood Wedding Band

Natural Dark Koa Wood Wedding Band


With singular carvings, patterns and designs, this Natural Dark Koa Wood Wedding Band from Innovato Design is a stunning piece of jewelry. On silver plated exterior, the Koa Wood core and feathered arrow layout are magnificent. It is finished with polished shine, shaped in domed band and is gently created to comfortably fit both bride and groom.    

Exquisitely carved to glorify your wedding attire. It is prepared from tungsten material which makes this ring quite a durable essential. Tungsten has the resilient ability to withstand the abrasion, rust and tarnish for a long period of time.

Product Highlights

  • A reasonably priced ring with superlative quality
  • Resilient construction makes it a durable ring
  • Unisex styled ring, befitting both bride and groom
  • Its striking presentation underscores your wedding attire
  • Available in US size 5 to 15 including half sizes

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