What Jewelry Says About Your Personality

What Jewelry Says About Your Personality

I have a question for you, if you can only wear a single piece of jewelry, what would it be? What does your chosen jewelry say about your personality and individuality? Do you consider what you have chosen your go-to accessory, or is it your favorite? Do you think it is an excellent representation of who you are as a person? First, let us answer why we wear jewelry, the types of human personalities, and what your jewelry is saying about your character, based on the kind of jewelry and the materials used with or without your knowledge.


Let us go first with the question: why do we wear pieces of jewelry? First impression, have you heard of this? We are born with distinctive physical characteristics like the color of our hair, weight, body shape, and others. Sometimes, we are judged by the way we look or present ourselves. In Psychology, there are what we call non-verbal cues or language, and one of them is personal presentation. Since we cannot change our inborn physical features, well technically, we could with the use of science, but let us talk about using pieces of jewelry instead. One great example is how a woman wearing a wedding band automatically shouts untouchable to single men.

Another example is how teens usually go through changes when they reach adolescence. Some may choose to wear a little daring piece of jewelry like a choker necklace, while some would stick to a more traditional and straightforward piece like a chain bracelet. We always hear to each his own, and that is true, we choose to present ourselves on how we want to be perceived.

What are the Different Types of Engagement rings Based on Personality?

Myers-Briggs have categorized human personality in 16 types.

  1. (INFP) Healer

You are imaginative and funneled by their fundamental beliefs. You love to help others and be and intervening with other people’s affairs. This roots from your compassionate nature and love for your fellowmen. You want to understand and help people in need and develop their hidden potentials. Your idealistic belief tends to cover your eyes from the truth in front of you.

Ring: Pearl ring

  1. (ENFP) Champion

You love to be surrounded by people. You a born extrovert that is free-spirited and a non-conformist. Extremely ingenious and eager to face a life full of promise and wonder. You can gather information in an instant and decide on which path to take. You are great at improvising, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the situation. You act according to your instincts, and you tend to seek confirmation and appreciation from others.

Ring: Halo Designed Engagement ring

  1. ( INTJ) Mastermind – The problem solver

ou are a planner and have a knack in solving problems. You have an innate ability and drive to realize your ideas and goals. You tend to see the bigger picture of things and tend to address each issue with a solution in advance. The downside is that you tend to overthink and overshoot your capabilities that may seem arrogant to others.

Ring: multi-row ring

  1. (ENFJ) Teacher

You want to become an inspiration to others. You emphasize with people and are highly familiar in recognizing the emotional needs of other people. Loyal and friendly with an affinity to facilitate and lead a group to inspire and nurture them with your knowledge.

Ring: Marquise-cut engagement ring

  1. (ENTP) Visionary

You are smart and daring. You love challenges and curious to find new ways without any fear of failure. Resourceful and intelligent with a bold and sneaky personality focusing on the far future. You are a good judge of character who seeks a better understanding of the rational principle. You are full of life, but you tend to jump from one thing to another, for you get easily bored and want to feel the excitement in order to continue.

Ring: Emerald-shape engagement ring

  1. (INFJ) Counselor

You have a very modest and classy demeanor; you have an idealistic view of the future and tend to be an advocate to others. You shy from the spotlight and is happy to stand back and act as a support rather than be a leader. You have a clear goal and an organized plan to achieve your vision.

Ring: Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

  1. (ENTJ) Commander

These are strong-willed leaders with a daunting commanding presence. You have a determined with your decisions and to find ways to achieve things. Decisive and realistic with a significant commanding presence, which facilitates your subordinates in action for efficient and swift completion of projects. You place and follow a specific system and tend to force it to others.

Ring: Side-stone set ring

  1. (ESFP) – Entertainer

You are dubbed as a performer and the life of the party, an extrovert through and through. Never the shy type who enjoys the comfort of life and the presence of other people. You are never alone for you to seek the company of others in trying new things or learning new skills.

Ring: Colored Diamond engagement ring

  1. (INTP) Architect

You are a nerd; you love science, discovering new things, and have an unquenchable hunger for knowledge. You love theories and logic, which enable you, solve, and have an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the world, you aim to unify and understand the process of life and the law of the creation.

Ring: Gold ring

  1. (ISFP) Composer

You tend to stay in between the introvert and extrovert personality. You have the creative side of a loner but has the flexibility of an extrovert. You tend to be quiet and sensitive to other people’s feelings and beliefs that you do not express or force your opinion to others. You are flexible in handling the different situation and enjoys the presence of your friends, but you also like to have your own space and work on your own pace.

Ring: Opal engagement ring

  1. (ISTP) Craftsman

You are innately an introvert with artistic skills. You quietly observe and tolerate difficult people and situations until it becomes a problem, by which you instinctively act to resolve the situation. You are fascinated with the theory of cause and effect and organization. You are efficient and focused, making you great in analyzation and processing of data to resolve a particular situation.

Ring: Tension set engagement ring

  1. (ISFJ) Protector

Loyal and has a high sense of obligation. You are an introvert with a quiet and strives for a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your family, friends, and co-workers. Very thoughtful and caring, motivated with the need to provide and protect your loved ones.

Ring: Traditional engagement band

  1. (ESFJ) Provider

Another personality that belongs to the extraverts, you love to socialize named ad the social butterfly of the group. You are popular and is eager to give a helping hand. For you, cooperation and a harmonious relationship is the key to success. You are very appreciative of others and extremely loyal to a fault. You like to work fast while ensuring the accuracy of your work.

Ring: Rose gold engagement ring

  1. (ISTJ) Inspector

You respect and follow traditions and live to be an upright citizen. Honest with a strong sense of integrity. Practical with a serious and realistic view of life. Hardworking and focused on achieving your goal in life.

Ring: Vintage set engagement ring

  1. (ESTP) Dynamo

Modern and exciting, an extrovert exhibiting a confident and spontaneous demeanor. You tend to focus on the now and immediate solutions. Energetic who likes to live on the edge and can easily have a great conversationalist and rapport with other people. In short, you are not boring, and you tend to enjoy the comforts of life.

Ring: Princess-cut engagement ring

  1. (ESTJ)

You love to take charge of every given opportunity, and you provide it with everything you have. You do things with passion and has a strong set of core values.

Ring: Solitaire diamond engagement ring

Your personality According to the type of jewelry:


Do you know anyone who wears a tiara nowadays? To be able to wear a crown denotes a very confident personality. You are also a fan of the glitz and glamour of life and tend to attract attention towards yourself. Friendly and outspoken, and tend to follow your heart rather than your brain.


Body ring – previously denotes courage, believed by the Egyptians to be a bridge between the mortal life to the afterlife or eternity. At present, it indicates a young and rebellious personality. Not conforming to traditional thinking, free-spirited, artistic, and are not afraid to show it. Confident and have accepted that you are different and celebrating every minute of your youth and life.

Hoop earrings – women who love to hoops, belongs to the ESFP Personality type. Lovers of life, outgoing and spontaneous. You are flexible and can adapt readily to people and situations. Friendly and has a well-rounded personality depicted by the circular shape of the hoop earring.

Stud – Stud earring is generally a small type of jewelry. You are shy, classy, and practical. Traditional and sensible.

Drop earrings – you are confident and relaxed being the center of attention. You love a good entrance and give importance to the first impression. Fun-loving, outgoing, and sees life filled with promises. You are a great conversationalist making it easy for you to gain friends and be the belle of the ball.


Chain – You are the girl next door. Simple and does not want to create waves on the water. You like who you are, yet you seek affirmation from the people around you. You abide by the law and stick to your comfort zone because you are happy and contented with your life.

Leather – You are a rebel in every way. You know how you are and do not feel the need to explain or present yourself in a way that society dictates. In fact, your goal is to go against tradition and raise awareness for individuality. You are courageous and confident, love to take risks, and enjoy life.

Layered – you love fashion and always updates your wardrobe with the latest trend. Satisfied with your beauty with a hint of sensual nature. You have a dual personality of a temptress and a nun setting that invisible wall while enjoying the attention given to you.


Leather – you value your freedom of choice and individuality. You hate being told to do things, but the key is to challenge you, for you have a very ambitious and competitive nature rooting from defying expectations of you.

Chain – based on the four different personality types of psychology, you fall on the obliger category, which meets external expectations. You follow the rules, works well in a group, and in an office setting, and you do not show off your skills to gel well with your co-workers.

Magnetic – you uphold the rules, and you love to be organized. You are not a fan of surprises. You work diligently in an orderly manner, and you listen and follow carefully to instructions.

Bangle – you are the questioner of the group. You need to be motivated in order to complete a task. You do not easily say yes without understanding the whys. Because of this, you tend to be rude towards your supervisors and seen as an arrogant person.


This is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankles, which is also called ankle chains. The ankle gives balance and flexibility. If this is your accessory of choice, you have a strong sense of work and life balance. You also have the ability to adapt to stressful situations and tend to see the positive side of things to have a sense of inner peace. Despite your positive outlook, you tend to look the other way and directly address your problem that may affect your psyche in the long run.

Your personality According to Materials used on jewelry:

  1. Metals – an element in ancient Taoist belief that is divided into balanced and deficient metal personalities. For a balanced metal, you are calm, disciplined, and accepting towards others. You have a tendency to restricting and inflexible being overly concerned with rules and preservation of tradition. Having a deficient metal personality means that you are sloppy and pretentious. This roots from the belief in idealism, whether in traditional or modern ideas.
  • Gold – one of the precious metals that denote extravagance, luxury, and wealth. You love to show off your grandeur and wisdom. You love the spotlight and being the center of attention and sometimes stubborn, but you are compassionate, warm, and a romantic in a traditional way. The gold personality denotes a strong sense of duty and accountability, with a great sense of purpose in life.
  • Silver – like the color of the moon that represents feminine energies such as fluidity, emotional, and sensitive. You serve as a mirror to the people around you. You give what you receive. Being a silver personality, you are respectable, self-controlled, and determined in everything you do with a high sense of balance and justice.
  1. Gemstones – there are twelve popular gemstones based on the month of birth. These are:
  • Garnet – for people born in January, you give importance to your friends. You are loyal, protective, and express a deep and constant towards your loved ones.
  • Amethyst – is a birthstone for February, you exhibit a strong personality and is utterly loyal to a fault. Amethyst exhibits royal purple hue that translates to a compelling character with a severe and no-nonsense aura. You protect what is yours and make sure that no one takes advantage of you and your loved ones.
  • Aquamarine – the birthstone for March, you have a calm and warm personality that roots from the color of the ocean. In Taoist belief, the water personality is challenging to understand. This is due to its fluidity. You tend to adapt well to different situations and have a sense of balance emotionally and spiritually. You are careful, sensible, and thrifty. Due to these characteristics, you tend to be demanding and greedy, having a significant problem with fear. The feeling of dread, when not addressed, may lead to you withdrawing yourself from the world itself.
  • Diamond – Extravagant, rare and beautiful, dubbed as a woman’s best friend. Longevity is what a diamond symbolizes. Generally, people who wear diamonds are confident, glamorous, and believe in permanence. Only a confident woman with high social status would be able to show off a massive diamond ring more so a complete set of diamond jewelry. Based on research, three factors that motivate a person to buy a piece of diamond jewelry are economic, psychological, and cultural factors. You must have the moolah; you know what I am saying? You need a considerable amount of cash to be able to get and maintain one. The cuts of the diamond also say something about your personality.
  1. Round-cut – the jack-of-all-trades, well balanced, and is interested in anything and everything. You are honest and is comfortable being in the background as an observer.
  2. Cushion-cut – modern and dependable, a true nurturer, you love to explore new things and have a tendency to be romantic due to your strong traditional beliefs in love and marriage.
  3. Princess-cut – the square personality: logical, analytical, and organized. You are a born leader who is skilled and has a passion for success. You never back off in taking risks and has a strong and assured personality.
  4. Marquise-cut – you love to be the center of attention, you know what you want, and you strive hard to get them. You give importance to how people see you and your achievements.
  5. Emerald-cut – you are confident that radiates understated elegance. Like a true, royal, you know your worth, takes no crap from people and decide on which path to bring to your future.
  • Pear-cut – you are an entertainer, you love hosting parties and moving around interacting with different types of people. You are never dull and full of life.
  • Heart-cut – you are a romantic, you romanticize love with happily ever after, meeting your one true love in that one magical instance, like your soul recognizing you one a real mate.
  • Emerald – Green is a color of positivity. You are the glue that holds everyone together. You are an organizer that has a good sense of business and financial management. You do not like to waste any resources from food, money, and time.
  • Pearl – you are a nurturer, you feel empathy and has an innate insight that motivates you in helping others. You treasure your family and would always consider how your decisions may affect them. You also trust that is given to you and would never intentionally let others down. You are good-natured and have to be careful in being taken advantage of.
  • Ruby – the color of the ruby is associated with love and passion. It might have rooted from the shade of human blood and the heart. Based on the color combination of red and orange, you are a lover of life and very enthusiastic with a passion for success without stepping over other people. You also tend to live on the edge that can sometimes make you tired emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Peridot – you are reliable and have the strongest personality among all other moths. Born during the season where trees are at its most influential and crop are most bountiful. You are loyal and resourceful but is too emotional for your own good. You also love to go on adventures and enjoy life.
  • Sapphire – you are a born extrovert who is mainly motivated by fun and excitement of life. You love to interact with other people and want to have a wonderful time with you leaving a happy and pleasant experience and impression. From the red color, you are passionate and creative that makes you tend to overexert and distracted.
  • Opal – you are a very confident person that is loyal but not very honest. You are kind to others but also love to criticize. You are fun to be with but have a problem with trusting others that you tend to bottle your feelings and be secretive.
  • Topaz – a born romantic and is motivated by affection and emotional ties. You value your family exhibiting a yellow personality. You are stimulating to be with and have a great sense of humor. You bring sunshine wherever you go. You dream of a bright future and tend to stay focused on achieving your goal.
  • Turquoise – Based on color psychology, you have a great sense of balance and calmness from the blue and green color. You tend to focus on your spiritual side and inner peace. One thing to take care of is that you tend to be cold toward others, for you exhibit great control over your emotions that can be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation.
  1. Wood – based on Taoist belief, wood is one of the essential elements to describe a person from their organs to personality. Wood is the most straightforward element, having a wood personality denotes that you are ambitious, bold, and confident. You exhibit an innate entrepreneurial characteristic to help you reach success in life. The downside is that you tend to be arrogant and reckless; making you prone to anger that promotes stress and heart problems in the future.

This is just a generalization of the different types of personality and the pieces of jewelry they represent. You may or may not agree with it for we are all unique in our own ways. We are living individuals capable of change and adapt to the different situations, and no single object can adequately describe who and what we are. In fact, even a set of jewelry cannot wholly express our own eccentricity and uniqueness that each of us possesses.

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