Types of Hats and What They Say About You

Types of Hats and What They Say About You

Who are you according to your hat? The hat style that you wear tells a lot about your personality. You may say that I own a collection of hats, and they are very different from one another, but upon a closer look, you can see some similarities in some way. The color, perhaps? Or the type of hat itself.

Hats are like every day crowns for ordinary people. Its primary use is to protect the head, which is the most crucial part of the body. It houses the brain and a symbol of intelligence, reasoning, and spirituality. Did you know that in ancient times, leaders and chiefs uses helmets as their crowns? It serves as a protective gear, ceremonial functions, or a symbol of social status. During the 1800s, hats were a part of men's and women's attire. One would know one's occupation depending on the type of hat they wear. At present, it may not represent one's occupation, but it can reveal something about the wearer's personality.

Your personality according to your hat type


Also known as a knitted cap, a brimless cap that snuggly fits the head. It is made from cloth fabric or felt and is recognized as the skullcap. Laborers and individuals that belong to the blue-collar class used a beanie to keep their hair back. Nowadays, Beanies exude a casual and vibe that is both functional and functional, to hide a messy hairdo, or just to keep your head warm.


You are an artist and free-spirited. Emotional and social connections interest you as you enjoy the now and not worry about the future. You are independent, compassionate, and tend to look for the deeper meaning of life. You value your freedom and creative nature. You need to learn how to relax and not to overthink to prevent burnouts. You also have to remain focused and work on your goal.

Beret Hats

Characterized by a soft, circular –shape, and flat crown made from woven wool, felt, and knitted cotton. It was formerly a part of the military and police uniforms. Beret hats have been around since the bronze period and were popularized by the nobles and the artists. It became a fashion statement in the middle of the 20th century. Versatile that is suitable for men and women; you can wear it in the traditional level snug or wear it in a lopsided way for a modern and trendy look.


You exude a badass character, especially with a leather beret hat. Authoritarian in nature and confident. You do not care for what others think of you. You have a clear vision of what you want in life and beeline to achieve that goal. Choosing a beret hast also represents your artistic nature, as a famous trademark for artists and painters, you are an extremist. Its either you give it all you have or not do it at all.

Boater Hats

As the name implies, this is a summer hat worn by men and women when sailing. Made of rigid straw materials that have a stiff brim and flat crown with a grosgrain solid or striped hatband, a type of hat is worn in place of a homburg during warm seasons and can be paired with a blazer. It became a popular accessory in the late 19th century.


You have a laid back and pleasant character. It symbolizes a luxurious and privileged life but you prefer to live a simple and modest life. You enjoy the simplest things in life and are easy to please. Due to your kind nature, you tend to be taken for granted and presumed to be gullible. You always see the goodness in people and quickly forgive, but ones you reach your limit, you cut-off all ties and would never look back.

Bowler Hat

Knows as the bob hat and a derby hat. Characterized by a durable and sturdy body popular among the working class in the late 19th century in UK and Ireland. Created in 1849 in London for the gamekeepers to replace the top hats and was later worn by the city gents. Charlie Chaplin was one of the most popular actors that used a bowler hat. Derby hats are customarily worn in derbies for it is believed to bring luck. The southern belle is an alternative name for derby hats for women, which are wide-brimmed and embellished with different decorations such as flowers, feathers, and ribbons.


You are eccentric. You are not a fan of tradition and following the conventional way of how things are done. The combination of logic and your spontaneous character enables you to shift from one mindset to another in an instant. Due to your flexible nature, you know how to give importance and prioritize the things that need your immediate attention. However, you are as stubborn as a cow; the downside of having a flexible mindset is that you tend to ignore things that you don't believe in and to shut everyone out.

Bucket Hats

These include the angler's hat and the Irish country hat. These are characterized by a full and downward slanted brim made from tough-wearing materials such as denim, cotton, and canvas with small eyelets for air circulation. Irish farmers and anglers wear these types of hat traditionally as a protective gear for the sun and rain in the 1900s. They were made from wool fabric for it was said that the fat that came from raw wool gives a waterproof property. It became a part of the women's fashion in the 1960s and was made from felt fabric to provide it with a ramp appeal. Originally made from felt material but are currently made available in straw and a now a popular version of sun hat.


You have no interest in how other people live their life for you to know what you want and run after your goals. You love being in love and would need a partner that would be able to embrace your carefree nature and support you as you work to achieve your dreams.

Cloche Hats

These are bell-shaped that fits snugly on the head made especially for women. Its name was coined from the French term cloche, which translates to "bell" in English. Developed in the middle of the 1920s. Still, it only became popular in the 20th century together with the pixie cut hairstyles that were said to be the best hairstyle to complement the shape of the Cloche hat.


You are a born idealist that you actively look for the goodness in people and try to turn a bad situation to a better circumstance. People tend to misunderstand your positive mindset, but when you are with the right crowd that gets you, you become a fountain of hope and happiness to others.

Cowboy Hats

Characterized by a high profile crown with a wide brim, single central crown crease, and a pinched front and a rolling brim. Wind strings are attached to some styles to keep a traditional rider look. It represents the North American cowboy attire that is connected with individuals who work in a ranch setting. Currently made from wool, felt and straw materials but retains the original construction and design. It was reintroduced in the market by the films that feature rangers, and Wild West-themed movies.


You are a storyteller; you have a sensitive and warm nature making you a great team player. Many people like you, and you give importance to being likened. This gives you a sense of belonging, whether at work or in a family setting. You tend to stick within your comfort zone, making you reluctant to try out new things for you fear that any modification may change hoe people sees you.

Fedora Hats

Characterized by a soft with a mid to a full-size brim, indented crown with a pinched front. Developed in the late 1800s, popularized by the play. Originally made from felt fabric with a typically high profile crown measuring up to 4 ½ inches and brim sizes that range from two to 4 inches wide. These are made by pressing a piece of wool-felt fabric over a precast mold to create that sturdy and well-shaped crease and body. It became a trademark hat for thugs and jazz artists depicted in films from the 1920s to 1950s.


Responsible, decisive, and self-sufficient. You have a very sharp mind and prefer to work alone rather than rely on somebody else. Personal integrity is one of your strong points. You have a strong sense of duty and strive for security and stability. Due to your highly focused character, you tend to forget to take care of yourself. You despise laziness and dishonesty above all, for that is a total contrast of your most valued principles.

Flat Cap

Native in the northern part of England, where it was initially considered a bonnet, it was later known as a cap in the 1700s. Flat caps made from wool fabrics were widely used due to an act that commanded all men of more than six years of age must wear a woolen hat on Sundays and holidays except for noblemen. This is the reason why flat caps became a trademark for people who do not belong to the noble class. During the 20th century, flat caps were a part of a school uniform in the USA and are currently a fashionable alternative for the baseball cap.


You are different, strategic, and imaginative and take every opportunity to improve your skills and further your knowledge. You also exhibit a high sense of self-confidence that enables you to decide without hesitation. You are not a follower; you tend to question things, therefore, is perceived as an arrogant person. By doing so, you tend to make situations harder for yourself. You search romance but are clueless about how a relationship works.

Homburg Hats

Considered a semi-formal hat characterized by a flat brim with a semi-curled edge (pencil curl) with a single central crown dent known as the gutter crown. Made from rigid wool-felt decorated with a grosgrain hatband. It was initially a hunting headgear and was commercialized as semi-formal alternative wear for a top hat.


You are efficient, energetic, and decisive. You enjoy planning and seeing things through. You feel energized in being a leader. Strong-willed and has high self-esteem. Thus you do not entertain any self-doubts that may arise and strive to achieve your goal despite what challenges and obstacles that may come your way. As you are a very efficient person, you despise inefficiency and refuse to accept any other ideas other than yours.

Newsboy Hats

Similar to a flat cap but with a rounder body. It has a stiff peak or a visor with a paneled body and a button on top. Popular in the 20th century in Europe as a head accessory for both men and women. As the name implies, newspaper boys and other men and women that belong to the lower and working-class status wore the hat. Upperclassmen also wore this hat but only when engaged in leisurely activities such as golf and other country sports. It became a part of women's accessory and a hipster style for men in the 20th century.


You exhibit a down to earth and nurturing nature. You want to be a wall that your family can rely on and would do anything for the sake of your family. You would always put loved ones first before yourself to the extent that you forget to reach your own dreams.

Panama Hats

Originated from the country of Ecuador thus also known as an Ecuadorian hat. Typically made from Toquilla straw, likewise native in Ecuador. Due to the lack of tourism in Ecuador, it was sold in Panama where tourism was booming, this is the reason why it was more popularly known as a Panama hat rather than an Ecuadorian hat. Panama hats are known for their lightweight and breathable property making it a popular choice during warm weather. It was formally introduced worldwide in 1855 and was popularized by the former president Roosevelt.


You exhibit a charismatic persona. You have a way of spinning words to your advantage. You have a modern mind and would instead think and formulate new ideas and scrap existing methods. You are also quick on your feet and a quick thinker.

Pillbox Hats

Characterized by a small hat with no brim. Fashioned from the container used to house pills for the military men during the war. It became a part of women’s accessory in the year of 1930. Originally made with velvet, wool, and fur fabric but are now available in polyester and linen. Traditional chic for modern women with a conservative nature.


You exhibit a gentle persona. Compassionate and caring with a charismatic and charming vibe. Shy and secretive, with a generous heart and ask for nothing in return.

Pork Pie Hats

Popular in the 19th century when hats were a fashion trend for both men and women. The name was derived from the shape of the hat, which looks quite similar to a pork pie dish. Characterized by short curled brim with a semi dome-shaped top crown designed with a ribbon hatband. Commonly decorated with a pair of feathers fastened over a felt, straw, or cotton-covered hat. In the 18th century, Americans started to wear them in sports competitions like polo and tennis matches. It became part of the hipster fashion during the 1930s.


You love to socialize from one group to the other. You do enjoy some drama to kindle your logical mind as well as always ready to try new things. You are open-minded and highly observant, by being so, you get to form and connect ideas making you an excellent communicator for not only are you charming but also engages in deep and intellectual conversations.

Sun Hats

Mostly made from straw materials, characterized with a sturdy triangular-shaped hat equipped with chin ties or wide-brimmed with a circular crown. As the name infers, it is mainly used for sun protection. It is traced back to have originated in parts of Europe and Asia in the 15th century. Asians love their rice, and these hats were used in farms as farmers work to shield them from the harsh effect of the sun as well as sudden rain showers. At present, these are still used by the farmers; it is also commonly seen on tropical beach resort for sun protection as well as a fashion accessory for women. Also known as the floppy straw hat.


You exude a relaxed and happy-go-lucky persona. You have a positive outlook in life and bring the sun with you wherever you go. You can easily make friends with your lively energy makes people unguarded and relaxed around you. You love fashion and values how people see you and tend to ask for people's approval. When people see you in a negative way, you see this as a challenge and put in a great effort in making them like you.

Top Hats

Characterized by a high profile, flat crown with a curled brim worn as a part of a formal attire together with a white tie, and coat. Originally made from black silk, it was a symbol of morality and respectability in the 1850s. It became a symbol of the upperclassmen and entrepreneurship, which can be seen on a monopoly board game.


Organized, patient, reliable, and honest. You like putting things in order and love to take the top position. You value honesty and loyalty and make sure that you return the same courtesy. You are dedicated to completing your task as well as keep to your word and not let anyone down. You must learn how to relax for you tend to forget to enjoy the little things in life.

Trapper Hats

Widely known as ushanka, which translates to earflap hat. It is a Russian cap made from sheepskin or rabbit fur with earflaps that are equipped with strings to tie under the chin to protect the ears, jaw, and chins from the icy weather. Some hats are fashioned from fish fur, which is also known as artificial fur made from a pile of wool. Initially used by hunters as a protective gear but are presently used for outdoor sports such as skiing.


You are an adventurer. You find ways to push through with your passion and do things with passion, but you are quite shy. You are aware of other people's feelings, imaginative, and creative ways to connect with other people. You must take control of your feelings for you tend to shut down and lose self-confidence.

Trilby Hats

Known as the rich man's hat, characterized by a short brim and with a creased crown and a pinched front. Initially made from rabbit felt but are currently made with tweed, wool, and straw materials. Created in 1894, but due to its impractical use, it went out of style and was later reintroduced as part of the retro fashion style.


You love the spotlight and being the center of attention. You are a fashion enthusiast and are open to trying out new trends and designs. You live in the moment and are likely to lose focus on some of your responsibilities. You tend to put yourself first and can sometimes feel a little insecure.

Your personality according to color:


You have a conservative and predictable nature. Serious, determined, and gives importance to the social status and power. You blossom in an austere environment and do things systematically, particularly at work, checking everything even to the littlest detail. You tend to see the negative side of things, which makes you a great strategist for you, would always have an alternative plan just in case things go south.


You are an extrovert and relishes being the center of attention. Courageous and are highly competitive and motivated. Winning is your ultimate goal, and being a second-best is not acceptable. You must take care not to be easily angered and learn to be patient.


Optimistic, calm, and kind, like the color of the ocean. You need to feel appreciated and are continually looking for affirmation and openly gives them. Trust is your most valued principle, as you do not readily trust other people.


Practical and a lover of nature. You love being outdoor but have a tendency to gossip as a way to connect with other people. This roots from the need to belong to a group or family.


Creative and full of light like the sun. You are a bit impulsive and rush around, resulting in anxiety and stress. You are very selective in choosing your friends; thus would only rely on yourself. An introvert and you hide your real emotion behind a smiling face.


You have an innocent and pure heart. Hopeful and has a positive outlook on life. You are spiritually and emotionally balanced, practical, and cautious, particularly when it comes to financial aspects.


Witty and spontaneous. You need fun and excitement in life to stimulate your desire for personal growth. You react to challenges and risk acting quickly on your intuition. You are flexible and full of energy, able to bounce from one project to another.


The color of the soil and the delicious chocolate. You exhibit a down to earth personality, friendly, and sincere. You value your family and have a high sense of duty. Reliable and loyal but has a tendency to be sensitive to criticism.

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