33 Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces and Top Pure Oils to Use with Them

33 Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces and Top Pure Oils to Use with Them

Are you familiar with the concept of aromatherapy? I have recently just discovered this. We are now in an era where we have rediscovered the wonders of nature. We have come to the limit where we use innovation rather than discovery. We have decided to trace our steps and look for answers from the past. Using organic products that come from nature. There are people around the world who are a fan of what is called herbal medicines, wherein they use and consume organic things to relieve stress and ailments.

Oil extracts from plants have been around us for a long time now; we use it to make perfumes. It takes a long time to extract oils, especially from flowers. Nowadays, essential oils are quite popular to relieve stress. Some can be directly smeared to the skin combined with a carrier oil to treat some ailments, but some need to be inhaled to get the desired effect. We call this aromatherapy. Some fragrances have been proven to help with some bronchial diseases such as bronchial asthma. We use a machine called a diffuser to release these oils to the air. It’s not just pleasing to the nose, but it also gives a terrific effect on our body. Since we are creatures of innovation, we have discovered to combine fashion with therapy. Wait for it! A diffuser necklace. Jewelry designed to add style and deliver healing at the same time.

Here is some diffuser necklace that you would surely want to check out and buy for yourself or for your loved ones.

1# Sterling Silver White Zirconia Tree of Life Aromatherapy Necklace

Sterling Silver White Zirconia Tree of Life Aromatherapy Necklace

    Look and smell fabulous wherever you go as you wear this marvelous aromatherapy necklace. Characterized with an open locket pendant, designed with a tree of life hollow feature. Accentuated by glittering white cubic zirconia crystal. The necklace includes four colored lava beads to absorb aromatic essential oils. Get from HERE

    2# Antique Silver Tree of Life Locket Pendant Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

    Antique Silver Tree of Life Locket Pendant Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

      The healing power of the stones combined with the magical symbol of the tree of life in this elegant necklace. Delicately crafted from sterling silver, polished to a lustrous finish. Find HERE

      3# Winged ball Locket Pendant Lava Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

      Winged ball Locket Pendant Lava Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

        Here is a set of natural lava stone bracelet and an attractive locket pendant necklace available in silver and rose gold color. You can choose to place the lava stones in the locket or wear it as a bracelet. A versatile way to improve your health with the use of the organic components from mother nature herself. Find HERE


        Jewelry designed to be worn on the neck. It can be made from a variety of materials such as beads, feathers, crystals, and metals. Necklaces made from crystals designed for healing to promote effects like relaxation and absorbs free radicals that contribute to illnesses and anxiety. A Necklace made from precious metals are designed to amaze and depicts the status of one’s wealth. A fashions statement or just a daily accessory.

        Lava rocks

        Lava Rocks

        Nature has a way of heling itself and all that lives on it. From the plants that we get nourishment to the magmas that volcanoes spit out from its mouth, which we consider catastrophic. Lava rocks are solidified magmas that are full of minerals that come from the depth of the Earth. It is known to have a soothing influence and grounding,

        The concept of grounding is to connect our body to nature and infuse our body with its healing effect.

        A simple example is walking barefoot on natural ground. As you can imagine, magmas come from the center of the earth. It would lead to the thought that it has more minerals and has a powerful grounding effect more than the surface that we can walk on.

        The stone denotes the rebirth of one’s soul. A rock that exudes the power of fire, and the strength and durability of a rock. Armored with the protection coming from the Earth itself, fueled by the inner fire and resilience of one’s character. Lava rock is a beautiful symbol with healing powers.

        The material of lava rock is also a great instrument to diffuse essential oils. Combining the power of grounding and the natural healing effects of essential oils like lavender and lemon. A natural and holistic way to help our body fight off illnesses and reduce the stress that is the common denomination of all the sickness that we are suffering from.

        Essential oils

        Essential Oils

        Research shows that essential oils have been used since the time of the pharaohs of Egypt. Around the same time, it was also being used in China and India who are famous in using medicinal herbs. Egyptians love their oils. It has been told that Egyptians from that time were quite fond of how they look. They use these oils as perfumes and fro other beautification purposes. They also use it for its medicinal purpose and for embalming the dead.

        Although aromatherapy was established in Greece wherein the father of modern medicine, have strong beliefs in the benefits of the healing powers of smelling essence from these medicinal plants.

        At present, we use diffusers like bamboo sticks and lava rocks to naturally release the essence of these oils. There are also machines called humidifiers. A few drops of water-based oils are combined with a small amount of water and then introduced to the air turning it to cold vapors.


        Aromatherapy is mainly used for relaxation. These are widely used in spas where they use a secret combination of essential oils to create the desired effect like revitalization, relaxation, and pain management. The best way to use these oils would be through a massage where your body would have direct contact and absorbs the healing powers of nature.

        Types of essential oils in aromatherapy


        Sage Oil

        A plant initially used in rituals for purification purposes. Used as incense for advanced technology was still lacking at that time. They would burn branches and leaves not just to heal the physical body but to purify the spirit as well. This is due to its antibacterial effects. Many natives would attest that they have recovered from sickness with the use of this herb.

        The foliage of this plant is used to produce oils known to relieve stress and anxiety. There were studies on mice where it was proven to have antidepressant effects.

        A plant that signifies protection for not just from physical harm but also from evil spirits.


        Lavander Oil

        Colorful and aromatic. The essence of the lavender plant has been primarily known for calming purposes. It helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. The theory of calming the mind and soul would naturally lead to our body’s natural healing process. Our body is capable of healing its own by our immune system. A little help from organic and natural products is all it needs to boost our immune system to fight off these illnesses.

        A symbol of innocence, peace, and calmness. The color also denotes sophistication and luxury for having the shade of purple, which is considered to be one of the royal colors.


        Lemon Oil

        A fruit that is popular to heal and rejuvenate the body. From the juice to the oils. It has a fresh and clean scent that repels insects and enhances the body’s immune system. It also rejuvenates and lifts one’s mood

        A symbol of purity and wealth. For some, it is a sign of bitterness in life.

        Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena)

        Bulgarian Rose Oil

        Not your common rose variety. It is considered as one of the oldest kind of that dates back from the seventh century. Extracts from this plant are called the liquid gold of Bulgaria. It is as expensive as gold, but still highly sought after because of its medicinal uses as well as an ingredient in beauty products. Why because it takes a lot of roses to extract one milliliter of rose oil.

        The essential oil from Damask rose has been proven to have antidepressant properties. A study shows that a group that underwent aromatherapy with rose oil has calming effects and relaxes the brain. Once the mind is relaxed, it also helps with headaches. The essence of Damask oil also has an antibacterial property that helps fight skin infection and inflammation. Rosewater is considered mild that it can even be used in eye drops in treating eye infections and dry eyes.



        A musky scent that has been proven by science to reduce inflammation and the ability to fight off the fungus. A part of the endangered species that is why further studies about these plant have been limited. An antidepressant and can help with people suffering from insomnia.

        The oil of Spikenard was popularized by the Holy Scriptures. A symbol of deep affection between couples. It was also used to on the feet of Jesus, also denoting the importance of the oil. To be used only for people, you consider essential, and you genuinely love and respect.



        The oils are extracted from the resin to help relieve the symptoms of asthma and contains properties to fight cancer cell formation. Although some studies are needed to prove the effectivity in this area. The oil from the Boswellia tree was primarily used in Egypt to embalm the dead, repel insects, and even in their version of an eyeliner called Kohl.

        A plant that denotes Holiness. Used in religious ceremonies for its woody and warm scent. It was also mentioned in the Holy Scriptures as a gift to infant Jesus.

        Things to Consider in Buying a Diffuser Necklace


        A necklace comes in direct contact with a person’s skin, so it is a must to look for a hypoallergenic material or a material that you are not allergic to. Keep in mind that sweat can produce chemical reactions to some metals that can affect the glossy finish of the material.

        Durable material is also a must. A chain made from sturdy material that would guarantee not to snap on everyday use. You would want a necklace that easily breaks even on the slightest pressure.


        A reasonable price is acceptable. Note that I did not say affordable because you have to consider all the aspects of the necklace. A simply designed necklace would be available at a lower price than the intricately designed one. A piece of jewelry made from precious metals would have a higher rate than those crafted from beads and readily available materials.


        The question “why” should always be answered before any purchase. As they say, it is not easy to earn money and whatever we use it form must have a purpose. A diffuser necklace is meant to promote healing more than for aesthetics. It was made for people who need the natural effects of the stone and the healing powers of the oils. The practicality of wearing one rather than bringing a machine or a diffuser of some sort.

        Earth has given us what we need just a parent to her children. She gives us all the essentials that we need and, most times, even more. But, just like a mom, she has her limits, she is sick and we are not helping her. Let us take care of her now when she needs us the most. She has been patiently and continuously providing for us and we have been taking her for granted. Lets now try to be one with her as we continue to live on this Earth.
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