Top 10 Wave Rings Made of Sterling Silver and Opal

Top 10 Wave Rings Made of Sterling Silver and Opal

Here comes the wave! Do you love going to the beach? How peaceful the ocean water is. It’s translucent color and how the ocean houses many aquatic species. You can see the waves crashing on to the beach or the rocks. You’re a surfer who loves to ride the waves for the adrenaline rush it gives. The amount of stamina, patience, and balance a surfer needs in order to get in and ride whether a big or smaller wave. The gut it takes to face a 78 feet wave that was documented as the most significant wave anyone has ever surfed. But what does a wave ring mean?

Wave patterns and designs in pieces of jewelry have bee around for a long time, but wave rings are now starting to get noticed, its semi wavy design that has a semblance to how a heart thumps that you can see on heart monitors. Wave rings were made for surfers or individuals who love the ocean. Wave rings are usually made from sterling silver with a dainty and contemporary appearance with accents like crystals or gemstones inlay. Wave rings are a way to pay homage to nature. It is a symbol that can be seen as good or bad depending on a person’s perspective, ultimately, a symbol of perseverance and courage. Two important things that every person must have. It doesn’t matter if your solo or in a relationship. These are characteristics that one should learn in order to survive.

Come and check out our The Top Ten Sterling Silver Wave Rings.

  1. Chic Sterling Synthetic Opal Silver Wave

Chic Sterling Synthetic Opal Silver Wave

What an immaculate piece of jewelry that is simple and modern. A wave ring that breathes the freshness of the ocean and that waves that lash on to the shore. Flawlessly crafted from a premium quality sterling silver metal base, hand-polished to a sparkling shine. Clean simulated opal inlay that shimmers against the light, a perfect color for couples that are believed to be connected to love, loyalty, and deep passion. Buy from HERE

  1. Modern Sterling Silver Wave Ring For Women

Modern Sterling Silver Wave Ring For Women

Have a look at this divine and elegant wave ring made from 92.5% of sterling silver. A high-quality grade metal that’s is hypoallergenic durables. We bring you a ring depicting an ocean wave, buffed into a mirror-like and satin-smooth surface, a ring that suited as a fashion or couple’s ring for its clean and straightforward design. Buy from HERE

  1. Fashionable 925 Sterling Silver Wave Ring Clear Zirconia Crystals

Fashionable 925 Sterling Silver Wave Ring Clear Zirconia Crystals

Featuring an example of perfection and elegance crafted into a contemporary wave ring design. Seamlessly made from excellent quality 925 sterling silver metal, hand polished and intricately paved with brilliantly cut round micro cubic zirconia crystals that brought the rings luxuriousness to the next level. Grab one and show off your extraordinary and modern taste in fashion and style. Buy from HERE

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Ocean Beach Simulated Blue Opal Wave Ring

925 Sterling Silver Ocean Beach Simulated Blue Opal Wave Ring

Be one with the ocean and feel its depth and tranquil state by gazing upon this dreamlike and mystic wave ring. Exquisitely fashioned from premium grade 92.5% sterling silver metal, accentuated with simulated blue opal inlay design. The color play and the sparkling illusion of the central motif, making you dream of the ocean and reminds you that there is peace and tranquility after the wave has passed. Buy from HERE

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Ocean Lab Simulated Green Opal Wave Ring

925 Sterling Silver Ocean Lab Simulated Green Opal Wave Ring

Make way for this flawlessly crafted wave ring that guarantees to enhance your fashionable look. See the satin-smooth surface hand polished with precision to create a lavish and mirror-like texture. Featuring an inlay of simulated opal with different shades of green, a serene representation of clear ocean water, vibrant and fresh. Buy from HERE

Before we talk about wave rings and its meaning, let have a brief background on waves and the sport that lives to ride the most significant wave possible, surfing.


Water is a nurturing element that sustains life in general. It has a nurturing nature that cleanses our body, but it also has the capacity to cause destruction. Ocean waves specifically can be seen as an unstoppable force. Enormous waves called tsunamis can destroy anything in front of it. It was seen in a tsunami wave that was as big as 1,720 feet in Alaska that uprooted numerous trees that hinders its way. You can just imagine a massive wall of water coming towards the land with all the might I gained from the movement of the earth to the mighty wind that supports its movement.

Waves are made of water, it’s a fluid that cannot be contained. It can be seen as an unstoppable in nature. What are the different types of waves, and how are they made?

Heart Waves

Wave rings are sometimes fashioned like a heart wave. This design is famous for couples due to its connection to the heart. It’s like saying that his heart is only beating because of you. Heartbeat symbol denotes life, a life with your special someone, a promise of a shared experience in marriages, until my dying breaths as we frequently hear.

Heart waves are also a symbol of survivors. These are for people who have experienced life-threatening situations where they push forward and fought death face on. Wave rings are a symbol of appreciating life, a second life that one was fortunate enough to be given with. A reminder of how fragile and precious one’s life is, it needs to be celebrated for we have no inkling what the impending future may bring.

Two Ways to See a Wave Ring

  • Waves of Emotions

We must remember that a wave is formed because of the wind or the earth’s movement that happens during the shifting of ricks and earthquakes. The nature of a wave is strong and fluid. It ranges from small waves called capillary waves that can be seen on the surface of the water. It has a playful nature that is peaceful, and the movement is relatively short that is less than 0.1 seconds.

Gravity waves, on the other hand, is affected by irregular or erratic wind. It is rare to have a 12 meters high wave in this form, but it was possible like what happened in the North Sea year of 2010. You have the fierceness in you and it would come when provoked.

Now let’s move forward to the most popular type of waves, which is unforgiving and unpleasant that anyone would never want to see. Storm surges and big earthquakes create tsunamis. It is considered as a long wave that travels from a few to a hundred kilometers in a span of one minute to twenty-one minutes. The most gigantic tsunami ever chronicled was a whopping five hundred twenty-four meters high above sea level in Alaska. Huge rocks that fell from the height of nine hundred fourteen meters high created this massive tsunami. This is a type of wave that no one would want you to be due to extreme situations that provoked you to bring out your violent and hard nature.

All humans experience different levels of emotions, just like types. The various waves of emotions happen to anyone, and we do not control the intensity of emotions we experience in our daily life. We could hurt and cause harm to others. A wave ring can remind us that we must try to regulate our emotions, stay peaceful like the capillary waves that only let outside forces affect them for a short time and revert back to its calm state of mind.

  • Wave of Hardships

In our journey through life, we encounter all kinds of hardships. It started when we try to learn how to sit as a child. Then we learned how to read, then in day to day ups and downs in work and personal relationships. From small waves to bigger wave that challenge us in our daily lives. A wave ring is a reminder that we can face these challenges head-on and we would rise above it. The bigger the waves, the stronger we become.

The symbolism of Wave Rings


Surfers would tell you how exhilarating, powerful and free they surf. The vastness of the ocean and make them feel free, especially when they ride and become one with the wave. It’s a dangerous sport that had claimed lives, but still, numerous individuals are addicted to this daring water sport. A surfer needs to understand the wave, how to maneuver with the tide and use its power to move up towards the beach. Being able to absorb the energy of the ocean wave and overcome rocky bumps that threaten your growth.


Wave teaches a valuable lesson of courage, a wave ring denotes courage to face any hardships that are yet to come. When you see a stationary wall, one would feel hopeless when you have no idea how thick or string the wall is. But still, you move forward, you try to look for a way to cross it. A pathway on the sides, up or below, or just so straight by digging. Sheer will-power can get you through that hard, unmoving wall. Now we see a wall of water moving towards you, the first instinct would be to run away but remember that a wave is made of water, it's fluid and you can go through that if you stand your ground. You just need to move with it, study how to use its form and power in order to overcome it. A wave ring tells you that YOU are brave and dauntless. No amount or size of waves can scare you in your journey through life.


Just like how surfers climb backs up to their surfboards, ocean waves instill resilience. You might not have grasped it yet, but the daily ups and downs that we experience are teaching us resilience and how to bounce back up, and continue on. Wave rings are reminders that every failure that we experience in life shows us something. One of the critical characteristics of wellness is resilience. We must learn this as a child for some who didn’t learn this value suffers from depression that is a common illness nowadays. A wave ring can help these people, to remind them that they need to get back and face life head-on. Everyone flops at one point in their life. Like a famous blue fish named Dory said, just keep swimming.


Waiting out in a vast open sea requires patience, for you will never know when the waves are coming. Being prepared requires patience, and a wave ring symbolizes that value. The younger generation tends to be impatient. Studies say that it’s due to the advancement in technology that these individuals have been used to immediate gratification. Fast food deliveries, fast-forwarded games, short movies and others. They have never learned the value of patience. A wave ring symbolizes patience in life, you need to wait for the waves to tolerate its course. In life, emotional pain requires time and patience before you feel better. Physical injuries need also need time and patience to heal for when you had, let’s say a bone injury, you cannot walk on that foot and that requires enormous patience and self-control. A wave ring tells us that in life, waves come and go. Just wait for the right moment when everything is just right. There is no need to rush and face a powerful foe, sometimes you just need to wait.

The symbolism of Wave in Feminism

Have you ever heard of the wave metaphor? I just recently heard of the term. In human history, men have a higher status than women. In some parts of the world, women had no right to vote. No right to make personal decisions for the reason that they are female. In the year 1848, the first wave of feminism started. Two hundred women had a meeting to have a discussion about women’s rights. Right for education and ownership. After achieving those rights, the next wave came to be, and another and another. Freedom. It’s all about the freedom to live without prejudice. Equality. Being treated as equals both in jobs and salary rates. Even as at the moment, women are still fighting women’s equality. You can hear Hollywood stars talking about this and how they experience being treated unfairly. Waves represent the generation of women continuously fighting for their rights.

The symbolism of Wave Rings for Couples

Wave rings used as an engagement ring is viewed in two contrasting opinions. Like any other symbolism of love and relationship, a symbol has its positive and negative side.


Rings are a symbol of a life cycle with your parent, its round and usually smooth with some precious stone accents. A wave ring is also made with a circle shape but with some curves and twist like an actual wave. Sometimes it resembles a heart wave while some look like a crown. A wave ring for couples denotes a promise to stay by each other side no matter that situation. Like, what we typically hear from ceremonies, thick and thin, ups and downs of life, which is an adorable and heartwarming symbol for couples. Be the wind that lifts the wave as high as possible by supporting one another even on trying times.


Wave rings denote a hard marriage for some, a dark omen that instead of living a peaceful and happy married life, the couple would encounter constant fights, extreme sadness as well as happiness but never balanced. These are the reasons why some say that couples who wore wave rings as engagement or wedding rings have separated due to the negative influence of the ring.

Do’s and Don’ts with your Sterling Silver Wave Rings


  • Regular cleaning with a dry and soft cloth.
  • Once or twice a year cleaning using a silver cleaning solution
  • Choose a high-quality silver metal base material to prevent skin allergies.
  • When not in use, store it in a dry jewelry box.
  • Store away from lead and moisture containing materials like wood and newspapers.


  • Do not swim in salt and chlorinated water. Silver metal has coper in it. Copper reacts with the oxygen in the water that leads to corrosion or the black colored surface you see on some silver rings.
  • Do not exercise with your silver ring. Your sweat contains salt that can tarnish the luster of your silver ring.
  • Do not use harsh material when cleaning your ring. It scratches the delicate surface of the silver leading to tarnishing and corrosion.
  • Do not use strong soaps to clean your silver wave ring.

In life, we experience high and low points. As the elders would say, a person would never appreciate happiness if he hasn’t known sadness. The tota; contrast makes one understand the simple things in life. A person who hasn’t experience hunger would never enjoy simple food and

Life is not always peaceful or calm. As parents, we would try to shield our children from the waves that threaten to hurt them during their fragile years. As adults, we experience constant ups and downs of life, we may not realize it, but it strengthens us, emotionally and mentally. Imagine a surfer who just started learning. He paddles out looking for waves to practice preparing for that 78feet wave that may come his way. Wave rings represent those waves. A reminder that you just need to ride the waves, you may fall, but you can go back out and face it again. You are a rock, no matter how big or strong the waves are, you just stand your ground and soon, on its own, the water would become peaceful again and you remain triumphant. Are you a fighter? Represent your courage with a wave ring, so when you feel down, just look at it and remember that you are strong and can survive any waves that come your way.
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