55 Mens Stud Earrings to Emphasize Your Masculinity

55 Mens Stud Earrings to Emphasize Your Masculinity

Earrings, an accessory was traditionally worn by women but are also worn by men depending on the culture. Usually worn in pairs, but as time pass, it is currently worn as a single piece as a fashion statement. 

Materials like beads, feathers, crystals metals, and alloys are some of the most commonly used accent and base material in crafting a pair of earrings. According to studies, pieces of evidence states that ear piecing dates back from sixteenth-century BC, where illustrations of hoop earrings were depicted in paintings. There is a famous portrait of a woman with a title fashioned around studs entitles “girl with a pearl earring.” In this painting, you can see a girl wearing a golden robe with a blue and gold-colored headpiece and a large pearl dangle earring. A picture of pure elegance and simplicity. You can see here how an ornament can upgrade a look. 

Now men are usually seen wearing an earring or a pair of earrings. The most commonly used type of ear decoration for men would be a “huggie” or a stud.  These are the small-sized and straightforward types of earrings that must perfectly fit your earlobe or any pierced part of the ear, such as the helix, lobe, or the tragus. 

Here are some studded earrings made from a durable stainless steel alloy that fits perfectly for men.

  1. Three Set CZ Black Stainless Steel Magnetic Stud Earrings

 A pair of earrings to match your look for three days. Form plain round black stainless magnetic studs, to the elegant prism cut onyx cubic zirconia crystal on a sleek black stainless steel base. Built with powerful magnets that can hold and stay in place. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel CZ Silver Black Charm Stud Huggie Earrings

A sleekly masculine-styled earring skillfully made from metal black plated stainless steel alloy. Decorated by double rows of sparkling round white cubic zirconia stones on a silver plate, a total contrast of color that makes a refined set of jewelry. Buy from HERE

  1. Ethnic Gold Silver Stainless Steel Huggie Stud Earrings

Inspired by the ethnicity of the Greeks that shaped this old-fashion design of men’s huggie earrings. Dreamily crafted from metal plated stainless steel alloy with a yellow-gold hue. The intricately carved silver pattern fits perfectly with the gold-tone base. Easy to put on and securely hugs your ears. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel CZ Silver Red Purple Green Square Stud Earrings

Feel the regal vibe of these colored stone clasped by claw-like metal that securely holds the gems to its base. Earring base made from premium grade stainless steel alloy that is guaranteed hypoallergenic and non-reactive to sweat. Buy from HERE

  1. Men's Black Skull Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Rock on with these creepy and punky fashioned pair of studs made exclusively for men. A man’s earring crafted from high-grade stainless steel alloy plated in a smooth and even finish hand polished to a glossy texture. A design fit for men of character and extreme self-confidence. Buy from HERE

  1. Men Silver Black Stainless Steel Classic Stud Earrings

Accessorize your earlobe with this pair of stud earrings inspired by ancient patterns. A vintage design crafted from a quality stainless steel alloy. Featuring round black carbon fiber accent bordered with prehistoric designs.  Hypoallergenic and rust-resistant. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Traditional Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Adorn your ears with this modest and hip pair of studs made to emphasize the softness of your earlobes. Premium crafted from stainless material with a black metal plating that is designed not to fade and maintain its lustrous surface. Buy from HERE

  1. Natural Black Striped Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earrings

Featuring a pair of earrings made from stainless steel buffed to a shiny and even surface. Fashionably designed with a middle grove creating a slim illusion that’s guaranteed to accentuate your ear. A classic design of a huggie made for your daily commute. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Four-sided Stainless Steel Studs Earrings

Here is geometric-inspired modest pair of studs made entirely for men. A pair so simple that is a statement of its own. Highly masculine perfect to be worn with the regular t-shirts of your formal long sleeves. Buy from HERE

  1. Men's Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Silver Tone Round Cross Pendant Vintage

Introducing a Goth inspired huggie made to be worn by highly confident and masculine men. Represent your faith and your personality by adorning this earing made from stainless alloy polished to a mirror-like surface. Faith and style in one. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Gothic Skull Cross Stud Earrings

Make way for this highly elaborate and convoluted design of a cross bone skull over a gothic cross dangle. A design accentuated by a vivid black Cubic zirconia crystal at the heart of the cross. Wear this at themed parties for a complete gothic look. Buy from HERE

  1. CZ Black Silver Royal King Crown Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

A design fashioned for a king, have a taste of the royal life by wearing this regal and majestic design of black stud earring made from a durable stainless steel alloy. A round black cubic zirconia stone as a centerpiece over a lustrous well-polished stainless alloy base. Complete with a push back for a secured fit. Buy from HERE

  1. Men Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Hoop Earrings Set, Black

Lay your eyes on this stylish and sophisticated huggie earring styled absolutely for men. A beautiful design characterized by a series of white microcrystalline cubic zirconia stones that dazzles anyone who lays their eyes on it. Built from a durable black coated stainless steel material. Buy from HERE

  1. CZ Black Azure Blue Stainless Steel Stud Hoop Earrings

Check this highly masculine design, toned down by the calming azure blue crystal centerpiece. A design made from high-grade black plated stainless steel that is both durable and hypoallergenic on the skin. A versatile style that’s easy to pair with other accessories and outfits. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Classic Cambered Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earring

 A fashionable huggie earring designed to decorate your delicate earlobe. Wear this traditionally set earring with a modern twist of black metal plated stainless steel base. Guaranteed to securely hold on to your ears and complete your everyday style. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Black Cross Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Make way for this elaborately carved huggie for fashionable men. Featuring a cross design against a rock wall replica, intricately carved and molded into a stud earring. Crafted from jewelry grade stainless steel alloy that’s non-reactive to sweat and tough resistant. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Blue Silver Gold Stainless Steel Stud Earring Set

Feast your eyes on these trendy hoop huggies for young men. From the vibrant color of azure blue to the classic soft yellow gold, you can definitely count on these four pairs set of earrings. All sets are crafted from premium grade stainless material, plated with the latest metal plating process designed not to fade and resist scratching. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Stainless Steel Men Stud Screw Earrings

Here’s a pair of men’s studs that are simple and direct. Designed with a screw top design crafted from black coated stainless steel material. Rest assured that your earring won’t fall off for each stud is built with a screw back. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Knot Half Circle Stud Hoop Earrings

Presenting an elaborately styled stud for men. A current and fashion-forward style designed to be worn on the helix of your ear. A knot and stud design on a half-circle to securely fit on your ear. Polished to a gleaming smooth surface. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver Wolf CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Inspired by one of the most mysterious animals of the jungle, the wolf. Presenting a stud earring made for men characterized by a spitting image of a wolf. Each feature is intricately carved and enhanced by a strategic black silhouette. A cleat round sparkling CZ crystal held by the fangs of the mystic animal. Buy from HERE

  1. Classic Silver Bead Ball Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Rock these classic and straightforward silver bead ball studs for men. Design available in six ball sizes to fit your piercing. Each pair are crafted from high-quality stainless steel alloy, a durable, rust-resistant and scratch-resistant material. Buy from HERE

  1. Cubic Zirconia Silver Red Skull Stainless Steel Stud Earrings CZ Silver Red Skull

Punk out with this enigmatic skull stud earrings for men. Featuring a replica of a molded cranium engraved with a patterned design. Meatal black plating on etched parts for additional impact and character crafted from a skin-friendly stainless steel alloy. Buy from HERE

  1. Rock Wolf Sword in Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Rock on with this animal-inspired stud earring crafted from high-grade stainless alloy. A design exhibiting a beautiful imitation of a wolf’s head with all the markings of furs and facial features. Beautifully made from stainless alloy complete with a push back for a secure hold. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earrings

Classically fashioned black huggie earring for men. Featuring a hoop stud for men in a black metal hue. It has an even and glossy surface, a simple design that can enhance any outfit on any day of the week. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Sterling Silver Greek Inspired Hoop Earrings

Exhibit a Greek-inspired hoop earring for both men and women who has a unique and modest style. A stud that’s totally worth your money for its versatile style, durable material and hypoallergenic characteristics. A snap-down back for an easy and secure hold. 

  1. Stainless Steel Silver Skull Cross Gothic Stud Earrings

Peculiar yet stunningly designed stud earring for men. This pair of stainless steel earrings are represented by a skull replica with a gothic-inspired cross dangle. A design fit for themed events that would totally upgrade your outfit. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Silver Pistol Punk Rock Stud Earrings

Rough it out with this well-designed stud earring entirely for men. A molded illustration of a handgun made from premium quality stainless steel that is resistant to scratching and non-reactive to natural elements like sweat. Easy to clean and maintain its pristine and glossy finish. Buy from HERE

  1. Fashionable Stainless Steel Unisex Silver Black Cross Men Cross Stud Earrings

Represent your faith while strutting this hip and up-to-the-minute stud earring for men. It has an understated gothic-inspired look of a cross, coated with jet black against a well-polished stainless steel base. Simple and can easily be paired with your casual outfits. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Black Eight Pair Set Stud Earrings

What a cute and practical way to adorn your ears with this complete set of eight vibrant black pairs of every day flat round stud earrings. Each has a different size best to be worn on different ear piercing. Hip and modern to complement your personal style and fashion sense. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Rock Men’s Vintage Wolf Head Stud Earrings

Featuring a canine inspired stud for men exhibiting a striking wolf head replica with the carving of its characteristic features. Black plated parts as a silhouette against the highly polished and smooth texture of premium quality stainless steel alloy base. Buy from HERE

  1. 14K Yellow/White Gold Peace-sign Stud Screw-Back Earrings

Punk would always have a special place for fashion. Featuring a punk-inspired stud for men in metal-plated soft yellow and white gold. Petite and fashioned with a slim peace sign with a durable and secure screw back. 

  1. Stainless Steel Silver Black Screw Spike Plug Stud Earrings

Here comes a distinctive screw design stud earring for men. A statement jewelry piece that needs no accent. Manly and alluring that can catch the eyes of the opposite gender towards your delicate ears. built with a spike plug pus back that is highly fashionable in front and at the back. 

  1. Men's Silver Black Cobra Snake Ball Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Introducing a serpent inspired look of a snake with an onyx ball in its mouth. Lay your eyes on its intricately carved cobra scales with a black silhouette. A manmade only round crystal inside its mouth. Design gives a rough and rugged vibe. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex CZ Silver Plated Black Flower Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Have a look at these fabulous stud earrings for both men and women. Featuring a floral design with a vibrant black round zirconia crystal as its focal point. An elegant design for your formal events as well as your daily travel to and from work. Crafted from stainless steel material and polished to a lustrous finish. 

  1. Stainless Steel Silver Black Spikes Stud Huggie Earrings

Make way for this Rockin design of spikes that would totally accentuate your earlobe. A bold design with a touch of punk fashion made from premium grade black plated stainless alloy. Rust and scratch-resistant built with a long-lasting black metal coating. 

  1. Stainless Steel CZ Silver Royal King Crown Stud Earrings

Allure your senses with these stud earring made for both men and women. Featuring a sparkling white Cubic zirconia stones that wink when touched by light. A crown design stainless steel base that securely holds the glittering stone accent. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Silver Gold Resin Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Tone

Showcasing a classic piece of jewelry set made from black plated stainless steel material. Accompanied by a glossy modest black checked pattern of carbon fiber.  The metal plating process assures a long-lasting color and even finish. 

  1. Silver Gray Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earrings

For all men of high fashion and elegance, this pair of studs are designed exclusively for you. A fashionable and current styled pair of earrings with a color combination of dark silver and natural stainless metal hue. Polished to a lustrous and even finish that’s easy to maintain and clean. Buy from HERE

  1. Men Stainless Steel Four Pairs Round Stud Earrings Set

A set of four pairs of flat round stud earning in different color variants. A color for each occasion and style. Accessorize with a blue plated stud for a playful manner and fashion while wearing a black plated earring for a day to day commute. Buy from HERE

  1. Blue Black Men Stainless Steel Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Inspired by the ancient evil eye of Egypt. Here comes a stunning piece of jewelry set of stud earrings for men. Exhibiting a green and blue hues around a black iris that give an outer space vibe. Crafted from black plated stainless alloy with a push flat back for a snug fit. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Stainless Steel Glittered Carbon Fiber Stud Earrings

Featuring a pair of stud earrings for men in a  classic design of dark silver in glitter like form. Made from carbon fiber top design and magnificent black plated base of stainless steel material. A pair full of characters ready to be worn as an everyday accessory. 

  1. Seven Pair Set Stainless Steel Huggie Stud Earrings

One for every day of the week. Showcasing a seven pair sets of earring composing of four pairs of huggies in black, silver, blue and yellow gold. Three pairs of stud earrings in silver, black, and gold-tone. All pairs are crafted from stainless steel alloy and underwent a plating process that assures a long-lasting color and polish. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Black Blue CZ Stainless Steel Studs Earrings

Stunningly vibrant and stylish that can make any outfit stand out. Have a look-see at these highly fashionable huggie earrings for both men and women. See and feel the smooth and glossy finish of these studs made from stainless alloy that are both durable and comfortable to wear. 

  1. Black Silver Double Pair Set Stainless Steel Glittered Stud Earring

Introducing a two-pair set stud earring designed with a glittered silver accent. It comes with a pair of black plated and silver plated earring bases made from high-quality stainless material. Hypoallergenic and tough resistant. An easy to pair set of earrings that can enhance any article of jewelry. 

  1. Black Spider Stainless Steel Earring Stud for Men

Featuring a pair of black stud earrings for men. Strut your style with these earrings as a daily accessory or for exclusive themed parties and events. Made with a highly durable stainless alloy molded into a spider image with a strong push back fro a secure fit. 

  1. Unisex Stainless Steel Classic Three Sets Stud Earrings

Here is an excellent set that you would not want to let it pass. Featuring a three-pair collection in soft tones of coral, gray, and ocean blue. A black plated stainless alloy that is guaranteed not to cause skin irritation and built with a secure flat push back. 

  1. Two-Set Black Silver Frosted Men’s Stainless Steel Stud Earring

Sparkle your way with this two-pair set stud earring designed with a frosted silver accent. It comes with a pair of black plated and silver plated earring bases made from high-quality stainless material. 

  1. Gothic Skull Silver Red CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Strikingly eerie gothic-styled earring for men who loves rock and Goth fashion.  You can never take your eyes away from its bloodshot red eyes courtesy of the iridescent round red CZ crystal in a complexly styled and carved skull model. 

  1. Silver Blue Striped Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earrings

Grab this neatly designed huggie earring for men and women with an up-beat fashion sense. Made from premium quality stainless alloy hand polished and buffed to a mirror-like surface.  Dual thin engravings coated with the soothing hue of sky blue that creates a fresh and immaculate feel. 

  1. Silver Black Striped Stainless Steel Stud Huggie Earrings

Featuring a contrasting color that totally augments the impact and the modern design of this stud earring for men. Crafted from a high-grade stainless steel material with a striped design, metal plated with lustrous black and silver color that adds a masculine appeal. Durable and easy to maintain. 

  1. CZ Silver Half Wing Heart Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Introducing an avian inspired stud earring for men. Accentuated with a heart-shaped colored crystal of vibrant black and sparkling white crystals beautifully set on premium grade stainless steel alloy. Life-like winged design is emphasized by a black-plated silhouette against an intricately carved feather design. 

  1. Silver Black Rivets Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Be fascinated by this enigmatic and stylish black rivet designed stud earring for men. Inspired by an arrowhead-shaped top design that is best worn on the upper lobe or by the helix. Skillfully crafted from high-grade stainless steel alloy plated with a long-lasting metal black coating that is resistant to scratching and fading. 

  1. Silver Red Bead Ball Dragon Claw Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Rock this gothic-styled ear stud decorated with a spitting image of a dragon claw grasping a round red crystal. A design made durable by a stainless steel base with a secure back lock that ensures a non-allergic and long-lasting sheer. 

  1. Stainless Steel Agate Silver Black Round Stud Earrings

Come and stare these hip and modern black studs fashioned uniquely for men. A pair of ear studs characterized by a man-made version of an agate crystal the so dark and irresistible to gaze upon. A sturdy stainless steel alloy base with a secured firm grip back lock. 

  1. Silver CZ Plugs Tunnel Stainless Steel Studs Earrings

Get lost in the depths of this kaleidoscopic world contained in a round clear zirconia crystal. Highly sophisticated that needs no additional accent. Adorn your ears with these sparkling and vibrant flat crystals that are a statement of its own. 

Modern men are usually the ones who are aficionados of the piercing. This does not stop from the ears but is also done in different parts of the body like eyebrow, nose, and belly button, among others.

Here are some types of earrings.

Types of Earrings


A type of earring that is commonly used by both sexes. This is characterized by a pin with a grip push or screw back for a secure hold. Accents vary from beads, crystals to molded metals as part of the whole earpiece.

Lever back

A type of earring for women. Most commonly made of a metal base with a crystal or bead accent. The earring hugs the lower section of the lobe with the crystal accent sitting right below the earlobe. This a unique closure called the lever back, which gives a secure closure.

English lock

An earring that resembles a lever back has a smaller girth size with the focal piece sitting right in the middle of the earlobe. This is built with a closure known as an English lock where a stud-like pin is secured by a movable lock at the back.


A small round shape earpiece that hugs the lobe snugly. Usually having a traditional style, which is a plainly designed made of metals and alloys. A type of earring used by both gender but traditionally worn around the helix of the ear.


Characterized by a hook upper section that goes through the piercing. It does not have a lock closure, which is the reason why it has a long curved hook to prevent it from falling off. The design consists of a bead or crystal of two layers connected with a chain for a smooth dangle on the ears.


Imagine a teal falling, it resembles a drop type of earring but at a shorter length. The studded part is also adorned with crystals of the same theme as that of the teardrop accent. Usually worn with an updo hair to showcase the beauty and elegance of this


A type of earring that has a lot going on, it resembles a tiny chandelier like the name denotes. Commonly worn in special occasions like parties and galas. A statement of wealth and status in life for these are usually accentuated with rocks like diamond and crystals that sparkle against the light.


A simple long-chained with an accent at the bottom that dangle sits way as you strut your stuff.  Commonly worn by women for it elongates the neck, giving a glimpse of the soft and delicate collarbone and the skin behind the neck.


A great design for men. Characterized by a simple round shape earring, it can be thin or thick, depending on the model. A type of earpiece that can soften the face. 

Things to consider in choosing a man’s earring


Best suited for men are stainless steel alloy or silver, the color is just right for casual and formal wear. Aside from the aesthetics that it imparts, characteristics like hypoallergenic, durable, easy to maintain, among others, are a plus with these widely used metals base. There is also the current trend with plated metals which also has a highlighting effect. The colors for men would be gray, blue and the all-time famous black. It adds a masculine appeal that all the ladies are attracted to.


The design has always been one of the considerations for any jewelry, for each has our own style. It is best to choose something that you are comfortable with.  You can also choose depending on the occasion that you are planning to wear it to. All in all, you must select a design that would enhance your features rather than be a backdrop of magnificent jewelry.


A durable and secure lock is highly advised, for you would not feel once an earring is about to fall off, unlike with a ring or a watch that you can easily see with your eyes. Checking the grip of a stud is one of the first things to try. It must not be too lax or too hard to open and close for you might hurt yourself in the process.

Choosing a versatile and straightforward earpiece is advised, for it can enhance a person’s style and appeal without the worry of getting over or underdressed. Natural metal colors such as silver and gold are commonly preferred but with the age of metal plating, black is the color of choice. Since black is a universal color that can be paired with any other color and accessory. It’s like the little black dress that is a must-have for women. So please, go and grab your own black plated stainless steel stud or huggie earring and enhance your everyday style.

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