Skulls Cross Necklaces for Women to Shop

Skulls Cross Necklaces for Women to Shop

The month of November is just right up the corner, and we all know what this means, dark-themed Halloween parties! Well, some are fun themed but still, it the day we celebrate and honor our loved ones who had departed. The event of the day of the dead is not complete without a skull cross necklace and jewelry. It is like a skull cross accessory is a part of the celebration, much like the jack-o-lantern and trick or treats. 

Skull cross necklaces are not just famous for the Halloween season but all year long. Both the cross and the skull designs are considered high-impact styles that scream a punk and fearless personality, though this does not mean that a cross skull designed necklace cannot be classy and chic. It is how you wear and carry these statement jewelry, for two people may wear the exact jewelry piece yet exhibit a totally different vibe and aura.

Whoever first thought of incorporating the skull and cross-shape together is a fashion genius for both signifies death. The skull has always served as something associated with the spirit world. The cross was linked to various beliefs taking different forms from the ankh to our modern-day Christian cross that also takes different versions depending on the country or faction.

Keep on reading and see some fabulous skull cross necklaces line-up we have prepared for you.

  1. Ancestral Skull Cross Crystal Pavé Stainless Necklace

Ancestral Skull Cross Crystal Pavé Stainless Necklace

Upgrade your look by wearing a traditional silver and black skull cross necklace made from a non-reactive and durable stainless steel base. The design displays a totem-like from punked-out by tapered cross arms and metal bead carvings. Three-arm is accentuated with a skull feature highlighted by black hollows and sparkling crystal paved body. Equipped with a gorgeous Venetian chain offered in 6 different lengths. Get from HERE

  1. 3PC Skull Heart Crystal Black Stainless Jewelry Set (3 Available Colors)

3PC Skull Heart Crystal Black Stainless Jewelry Set  

Give your outfit an extra thrill with this three-piece skull inspired jewelry set fabricated from a premium grade stainless steel base. IP plated with a long-lasting jet black color showcasing a glossy and smooth surface. The collection highlights a heart-shaped frame of a reversed angel wing, giving emphasis to a bejeweled skull centerpiece. Choose your color from sapphire blue, emerald, green, or brilliant white colored crystals. Get from HERE

  1. 3PC Heart & Skull Floral Stainless Jewelry Set (3 Available Colors)

 3PC Heart & Skull Floral Stainless Jewelry Set

Embrace the darkness in you this season with a skull-themed jewelry set, available in black or silver. Fashioned from a scratch and fade resistant, PVD plated stainless alloy base. The set includes a cable chain necklace paired with a heart-shaped pendant displaying a skull and floral engravings highlighted by pieces of embedded white zirconia and a pair of colored crystals for the eyes. A six-pronged ring features a sparkling heart-cut cubic zirconia center stone, flanked by a couple of skull engraving on each side with a spray of white micro pave crystals. The bracelet highlights a vintage skull engraved plate with a heart-shaped CZ and a skull link chain. Get from HERE

  1. 3PC Native Skull Chief Colored Zirconia Stainless Jewelry Set (4 Available Colors)

3PC Native Skull Chief Colored Zirconia Stainless Jewelry Set

This Goth-inspired feminine skull jewelry set is sure to give your look a mysterious and enchanting vibe. The set includes a cable chain necklace and a pendant, a vintage ring, and a fancy chain bracelet. Each jewelry displays a skull-themed design with a feather-like headdress encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconia crystals emphasizing a large heart-cut centerpiece with a floral accent. Available in four beautiful colors. Get from HERE

  1. 3PC Floral Skull Tribal Stainless Jewelry Set (6 Available Colors)

 3PC Floral Skull Tribal Stainless Jewelry Set

Make way for this trendy three-piece jewelry set made from durable and stylish black or silver-plated stainless steel base. The collection features a chilling smiling skull design highlighting a multifaceted heart-cut colored cubic zirconia secures by robust bounded prongs with a delicate blossom design. Glittering white, black, blue, or green crystal paved setting breathes life and enchantment to this glorious black or silver-plated set. Get from HERE

  1. 2PC Skeleton Heart Colored Zirconia Stainless Set (3 Available Colors)

 2PC Skeleton Heart Colored Zirconia Stainless Set

Exhibit a ghost bride look this season by wearing this two-piece, black plated stainless steel jewelry set.  The set highlights a cable chain necklace with a skull and skeleton heart pendant and a gothic wedding ring displaying a sparkling heart-cut crystal centerpiece held by talon-like prongs, enhanced by crystal paved florets and a pair of skulls and cross bone design. Get from HERE

  1. 2PC Skull Pave Heart CZ Black Stainless Jewelry Set (2 Available Colors)

 2PC Skull Pave Heart CZ Black Stainless Jewelry Set

Love for our dearly departed is seen on this magnificent two-piece jewelry set made from 316L grade stainless alloy base plated with a fade and scratch-resistant black coat. The set includes a trendy cable chain necklace highlighting a hollow heart-shape pendant, designed with a bejeweled skull and a delicate and glittering heart-shape mystic purple or ruby red colored cubic zirconia crystal. Likewise, a vintage ring highlights ad four-prong crystal with a pair of skull engraving and micro paved trimmings accents on each side. Get from HERE

  1. Pirate Skull Anchor Cross Stainless Necklace

 Pirate Skull Anchor Cross Stainless Necklace

Bring the creepy and unrestricted vibe of a pirates life with this spunky skull cross pendant equipped with a 24-inch Venetian box chain. Exquisitely fashioned from gleaming and high polish stainless steel base. The pendant highlights an anchor-like cross, giving emphasis to a bandaged skull 3D centerpiece with black colored engravings. Get from HERE

  1. Punk Fleur de Lis Skull Cross Titanium Necklace

 Punk Fleur de Lis Skull Cross Titanium Necklace

Rock on with this punk rock skull cross pendant created from a hypoallergenic and robust titanium base. Featuring a Fleur de Lis cross with tribal splintered engravings emphasizing a vicious looking skull centerpiece. Paired with a durable and sleek cable chain necklace giving a laid-back and feel perfect for a casual t-shirt and jeans outfit. Get from HERE

  1. Tribal Skull Cross Gothic Stainless Necklace
Tribal Skull Cross Gothic Stainless Necklace

Equipped with a 24-inch long Venetian link necklace, this tribal piece of chain that will bring you to the time where a skull represents a victorious conquest and human sacrifice. Highlighting a cross-shaped stainless steel pendant highlighting four skulls on each arm facing each direction and a central skull accent. The cross exhibits an intricately molded Fleur de Lis feature giving an authentic-looking vintage appearance. Get from HERE

  1. Double Skull Totem Cross Bone Titanium Necklace

 Double Skull Totem Cross Bone Titanium Necklace

Menacing and bloodcurdling are the words that come to mind seeing the two expressions of this stylish skull cross pendant secured by a reliable cable chain necklace. The pendant displays a cross-shape built with three bone-shaped arms and a couple of stacked skulls. Fashioned from a durable and robust silver-coated titanium base with a glossy and smooth end polish. Get from HERE

  1. Dagger Scythe Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

 Dagger Scythe Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

Danger and death revolve around this artistically fashioned pendant, with a sophisticated rope chain necklace. Fabricated from a 316L stainless steel base for a rough and unique metallic look. Featuring a double-bladed scythe cross highlighting an engraved skull centerpiece and a serpent-like bottom accent. Get from HERE

  1. Anchor Pirate Skull Stainless Skull Necklace

 Anchor Pirate Skull Stainless Skull Necklace

Here is a reminder of how the danger of the waters. Featuring a pirate-inspired pendant characterized by a bandana wrapped head, with a scary wide smiling mouth with a rope hair surmounted on an anchor-shaped base. Each nook is emphasized by a black shadow giving life to magnificent punk rock jewelry. Get from HERE


When did Halloween start? Celebrating Halloween every 1st of November was believed to have been originated by the Celts. It was not celebrated as the day of the dead per se but rather a feast that marks the end of summertime and the start of winter. Samhain can be compared to our new year. According to the Gaelic calendar, celebrating from the 31st of October to the 1st of November was considered one of the most essential celebrations. This also denotes the start of the dark days, where they believe that the barrier between the living and the dead is thin. Because of this, supernatural beings were able to go through the wall and visit our mortal world. This led to people leaving offerings outside their houses to appease the spirits and their beloved deceased. Rituals such as divination and scrying were also practiced under the light of a bonfire, which was believed to protect humans as they replicated the sun.

In 43AD, the Romans conquered the Celts for 400 years. The Romans celebrated the soul of the dean on the 31st of October and celebrated the feast of the goddess Pomona on the next day.


For the Christians, the 1st of November is the celebration for the souls, the 2nd of November is the celebration for the saints, while the night of the 31st is called all hallows eve. It was un the 13th of May, 609AD, when Pope Boniface VII dedicated the Pantheon in Ancients' Rome and the first day of November to honor Christian martyrs and saint. In 1000AD, the 2nd of November was announced to be the day to honor the dead in the guise of replacing the Samhain celebration.

People flocked to Rome to commemorate the dead. It was in the dawn 12th century that rituals like ringing the church bell, black dressed crier paraded the street with sorrowful sounds. Soul cakes were baked, share, and collected. Later it became customary for children to go from one house to another to collect cakes.

Trick or Treat

It was in eth 16th century when the concept of trick or treat came to be. Folks go from one house to another, singing in exchange for food. It's like caroling at Christmas. If the household gives out food, they shall receive good fortune, while those who were unable to offer food shall have bad luck. These people wore costumes and blacken their faces using ashes from the sacred bonfire.

By the 18th century, people were imitating ghosts and doing pranks. It was in the 20th century when the tradition of carving turnip, later a pumpkin started. It was believed that by lighting these lanterns would give protection from the evil spirits. 


Jack o lantern

The story of jack-o-lantern tells a night when jack was tricked by the devil to climb a tree. In turn, Jack carved a cross mark on to the tree and bargained with the devil never to take his soul to hell. Upon reaching an agreement, he spent his remaining time on Earth drinking and living a sinful life that he was not allowed passage to heaven by the time of his death. He had nowhere to go that the devil even threw a lump of coal at him. He placed the coal inside a hollowed turnip to keep him warm as he roams the land looking for a place to rest his tired soul.


The immortals and believed to have walked the Earth for centuries. The snake cast out of the Garden of Eden, He tricks humans and feeds on their blood to regain strengths, like a forbidden fruit that he offered to Adam and Eve. This is the fantasy of cheating death. The enemy of God represented by the cross, where only pure silver and a cross-shaped made from oak can kill.


Being the darkest color, it is associated with the emptiness we feel upon death and the darkness of evil. It was commonly used in Egyptian artwork in drawing the underworld. The color death and used for mourning. It was the color used even for clothes and even in mourning jewelry. In addition, the color of animals associated with death and darkness are bats, spiders, and crows.

Crown / Ravens

Crows are seen as an omen of impending death and catastrophe, for they are categorized as scavenger birds that feed on carcasses of the deceased. Where crows are looming, there is sure to be dead or nearly being below. It was believed to be lost souls of the murdered or bodies that were not given a proper burial. Ravens were depicted in Greek mythology as a mark of bad luck and a messenger of God. It is seen as a mystical animal that bridges the human and the spirit world. In a Greek myth, the ravens were once a white creature linked with the God Apollo. He used the bird to spy on his lover; upon receiving his lover's unfaithfulness, he burned the bird, causing it to turn black.


Skulls, skeleton, crossbones, these represent how we look like when death finally takes us. It was traditionally used to warn enemies of impending death when another tribe tires to enter a location belonging to another tribe. These were the periods when there were no laws against slaying another human without just cause. Death heads are symbols we see on poisonous substances, again represented by a skull on crossbones. Even the grim reaper who assists the death is depicted with a hooded skull with a scythe. It is undeniable that a skull typically symbolizes caution and, ultimately, death. Where did this design come from? If we analyze how humans were buries and mummified in the past, they were prepared with a crossed arm on their chest. It was a standard way to prepare corpses, so it is easier to place them in caskets. In some beliefs like Christianity, the crossed arms are honoring their Jesus and symbolizing that the deceased is under God's protection. If we fast-forward this look, the death skull symbol may have rooted on how the deceased looked like after deterioration.

This was also the symbol of jolly Rogers's flag seen on pirate shops.


On the other hand, the cross is linked with death but in a good light. It represents life, being reborn in the afterlife, and for the Christians, the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem us, humans, from all the wrongdoings we have made is and still doing. It is as if a match is made in heaven. Death should not be feared; in fact, it should be celebrated only after death will we awarded a life ever after. A perfect symbol to wear during Halloween.

Things to consider in wearing long chain necklaces for women

Long-chain necklaces are quite tricky to wear and pair with a perfect outfit, especially for women. For the men, long chains are linked with B-boys and rappers. The thicker the bling, the cooler it becomes. So how about the women? How do we wear a long chain necklace to look elegant or cool without looking like trashy? Sorry for the word, but accessories do affect our overall look, especially statement necklaces.

  1. Types and thickness of the chain

There various types of necklace chains. The type and thickness decide your end look. Thick chain necklaces, no matter the length, give a sassy and ferocious look. Hip-hop, punk, and rap are mainly associated with byzantine, Figaro, and curb chains. For a delicate look, any type of chain can be used as long as they do not look bulky.

  1. length

Lengths from 20, 24, 30, and 34 inches are considered long necklaces.

  • A matinee necklace is about 20 to 22 inches chain used for casual to formal styles. it lays right above your bust and is commonly elaborately decorated d with frills of beads and gems. Note that not everyone can pull an elegant look with a matinee necklace, for you need to balance a look sexy and elegant.
  • An opera necklace is around 24 to 36 inches long also worn for casual to formal attires. Unlike a matinee necklace that seems to temp the eyes towards the bust, an opera necklace gives an aura of class and sexiness of a high-class woman.
  • A 30 to 34-inch necklace is worn with eveningwear. In some cases, depending on the necklace's material, it can also give a free-spirited and carefree vibe. It is definitely designed for formal and evening events for chain necklaces, especially a thicker bodied like a rope necklace.
  1. layering

Layering necklaces is not as easy as a stackable bracelet. There are some guideline to follow especially of you are new to layering. As you use the style, you will be able to master this and know which looks good on you.

  • To be considered layered, your necklace must be three or more.
  • It must be made of varying lengths in order to achieve layers and not a stack.
  • The difference in length must be noticeable. Choose from the shortest of 14 inches to 34-inches long.
  • Lariat necklace goes well with layering; try to incorporate on to get a soft glam going.
  • Mix simple chains with a colorful pendant or statement accents. This adds spice and personality to break a monotonous look. Having this said, in contrast, you must keep your layers of the same shade. You can just imagine a layer of multi-hued metal on your neck that is just not right.
  1. Clothes

Long-chain necklaces usually do not go well with loose and long flowy dresses. Some may pull this off, but as a rule, it is not advisable for the fabric of the dress will just engulf your necklace. The measurement of the chain also depends on the neckline of your blouse or top. It's either you go high or low. When paired with a high neckline, a long necklace will give drama and emphasize the chain's length, like how a high society fashion look. It will result in pure sophistication and chicness when worn with a low neckline, tube top, or a spaghetti strap top or dress. Note that it will highlight your bare chest and neck area rather than your attire.

Halloween is not the only time to wear a skull cross necklace. It gives swag to our regular clothes and is a piece of excellent jewelry that is handy to use. The trick with a statement and long chains are to wear plain tops and let the necklace do its magic. 

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