Skull Bead Bracelets - Ultimate 30 Collection for Men and Women

Skull Bead Bracelets - Ultimate 30 Collection for Men and Women

Beads, stones, and skulls! These spells bracelets! Bracelets made from beads are all the rave nowadays, simple and easy to use, not to mention affordable and stylish. You can use it as a stack up or in singles. Not only is it attractive and comfortable on the eyes, but some beads also promotes inner peace and healing. You can buy it made or design one of your own.

There are also beads made of natural stones or rocks. Some people believe that these stones and healing powers. The benefits are determined by the material and color of the stone used. Some rocks are for grounding purposes, some for promoting inner peace for those people who ate conflicted and needed guidance.

Beads with a skull centerpiece is a trend, especially in November, wherein there are a lot of Halloween themed parties. Bracelets are crafted from an assortment of materials. Some made of metals, alloys, gems, and some natural sources such as shells and wood. You can wear it using one band or stacks of bracelets together.

Scare the wits out of each other by adorning these skull designed bracelets. Here is a list of skull bracelets for you to choose form.

1# Brown Wood Iron Stone Skulls Bracelet

Brown Wood Iron Stone Skulls Bracelet

    Feast your eyes on this beautifully crafted bracelet. Made from a combination of smooth, natural wood, ironstones, and stainless steel skull design. Look at the intricate design of the skull with smaller skulls imprinted having a meaner and nasty look. Featuring a stainless ball and a silver pendant for a sense of balance and style. Find HERE

    2# Beaded Skull White Stone Bracelet

     Beaded Skull White Stone Bracelet

      A combination of elegance and character. This sparkling bracelet made from raw white stones with a marble appearance and a smooth feel. Emphasized with a flat silver bead, a life-like skull design for a perfect balance and styled by rhinestones roller beads for a smooth run on the skin. Grab this exquisite bracelet at an affordable price. Find HERE

      3# Beaded Skull Wood Bracelet for Women

      Beaded Skull Wood Bracelet for Women

        A modest-looking bracelet specially designed for women of style. Featuring a three-dimensional gold skull design from premium quality gold or silver plated alloy. Tow skulls connected on the topmost part of the cranium facing opposite to each other. Styles by two plated rings on both sides for additional style. Wooden beads promote healing and inner peace from nature. Find HERE

        4# Four Piece Beaded and Leather Skull Bracelet

        Four Piece Beaded and Leather Skull Bracelet

          An all-natural four-piece bracelet designed for a casual everyday look. Wear this as a set or by pair. Bracelets made from high-quality brown wood, white and black stones, and an adjustable gothic skull styled leather band bracelet. Hop on your bikes with these bracelets and feel nature at its best. Find HERE

          5# Blue Crystal Beads and Skull Bracelet for Women

          Blue Crystal Beads and Skull Bracelet for Women

            A picturesque bracelet of a skull and crystal beads. A bracelet made from sharply etched skulls and blue crystal beads secured by a top-quality elastic band. Pristine and stylish, adjustable and can fit any female wrist size. Get this for yourself or as an extraordinary gift to your friend. Find HERE

            6# Multicolor Beaded Lava Stone Skull Bracelet

            Multicolor Beaded Lava Stone Skull Bracelet

              Here is an ethereal bracelet well-crafted from natural lava stones with silver beads. Perfectly polished to a beautiful and glossy texture. Featuring a skull pendant centerpiece made from authentic zinc alloy. Simple, thin, and trendy. A calming and cleansing effect, drive away all your negative vibes with this beautiful bracelet. Find HERE

              7# Elastic Beaded Skull Bracelets

              Elastic Beaded Skull Bracelets

                Check out this beautiful bracelet expertly crafted from natural stones. Choose from a selection of stone colors, a feature that would surely attract attention. A nifty piece that you can wear with your regular outfit, a dress or a suit. Featuring a showpiece of a realistic skull design made from high-grade silver plated alloy. Find HERE

                8# Handmade Natural Stone Skull Bracelet

                Handmade Natural Stone Skull Bracelet

                  Showcasing an exquisite beaded bracelet, beautifully crafted from all-natural stones. Featuring an exemplar life-like skull design for style and ruffian character. Highly durable and secured with a hard-wearing elastic band guaranteed not to break easily. Polished to a suave and delicate texture. Made from all-natural and environmentally friendly materials. Find HERE

                  9# Black Stone Cubic Zirconia Skull Bracelet

                  Black Stone Cubic Zirconia Skull Bracelet

                    Here comes an elegant beaded bracelet perfectly crafted from natural black stone and plated alloy metal. Featuring a plated three-dimensional skull representation and is intricately designed with cubic zirconia stones with plated beads on each side for balance. A total sophistication for businessmen and women. Wear this with your casual to business casual outfits. Find HERE

                    10# Brown Stone Skull Beads Bracelet

                    Brown Stone Skull Beads Bracelet

                      A classy and impressive looking piece made from high-quality indigenous brownstones finely polished to an even and silky surface. Suitable for women with refined taste. A perfect replica of a skull, impeccable detailed crafted from high-grade alloy metals interlaced with plated textured rings for additional emphasis and style. Find HERE

                      11# Antique Black Stone Bead Bracelet

                      Antique Black Stone Bead Bracelet

                        Here is a double layer beaded bracelet marvelously made from unadulterated black stones. Featuring dual-textured beads. A smooth and finely polished upper layer and a geometric textured lower strands beads. Highlighting a silver-plated skull centerpiece that would give you goosebumps. Wear this with your t-shirt and jeans for a striking look. Find HERE

                        12# Malachite Green Stone Beads Skull Bracelet

                        Malachite Green Stone Beads Skull Bracelet

                          A gorgeous piece of accessory immaculately crafted from pure malachite green stone. Peaceful and calming to look at. Feel Mother Nature with this finely polished piece with a phenomenal three-dimensional skull. Choose from our four elegant colors, black, gold, rose gold, and silver. Wear this with other beaded bracelets for a complete look. Find HERE

                          13# Antique Stone Beads Skull Bracelet

                          Antique Stone Beads Skull Bracelet

                            Be wowed with this exquisite bracelet made from unadulterated stones. Featuring a smooth and marbled surface design. A realistic skull made from gold plated copper material. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Artistically enhanced by textured gold plater rings. Truly a masterpiece. Suitable for women of class and finesse. Find HERE

                            14# Elastic Black Onyx bead Bracelet

                            Elastic Black Onyx bead Bracelet

                              Featuring a dual-layer beaded bracelet from premium quality material. Beautifully crafted beads crafted from genuine black onyx stone. A highly powerful stone for protection. Guard yourself against all the negativity and wear this superb looking bracelet. An intricate skull centerpiece finely polished to a smooth and shiny surface, secured with a durable elastic band. Find HERE

                              15# Lava Stone Skull 2 Piece Set Bracelet

                              Lava Stone Skull 2 Piece Set Bracelet

                                Strut this tribal style bracelet with your jeans and black T’s. Be Hip and fresh with these two pieces set bracelet made from organic lava stone. Adorned with a premium grade silver plated zinc alloy skull, delicately designed, and perfectly polished to a smooth and glossy surface. It is a steal! Come and grab this for yourself or your loved ones. Find HERE

                                16# Lava Rock Skull Beaded Bracelet

                                Lava Rock Skull Beaded Bracelet

                                  A majestic looking piece of accessory. Designed for a classy vintage look. Featuring a life-like three-dimensional skull crafted from gold plated zinc alloy material. Enhanced with a pair of gold plated crowns facing each other. Live like a royalty and sport this classic and magnate look. Find HERE

                                  17# Bohemian Skull Beaded Rope Bracelet

                                  Bohemian Skull Beaded Rope Bracelet

                                    Here is a cute and endearing piece of accessory, featuring a skull design impressively crafted from silver-plated high-grade zinc alloy material. Interlaced and secured by a highly durable rope with beaded knot closure. Perfect for young ladies and women with eccentric taste in style and unique personality. Find HERE

                                    18# Stainless Steel Black Lava Skull Bracelet for Men

                                    Stainless Steel Black Lava Skull Bracelet for Men

                                      Punk it out with this uniquely designed bracelet. Superbly made from pure stainless steel alloy l bracelet chain and organic lava rock beads. An accurate representation of a smiling human skull centerpiece. Durable and guaranteed not to fade. Comfortable and easy to wear. Garb yourself with a leather jacket and this fabulous bracelet to complete that rocking renegade look. Find HERE

                                      19# Rhinestone Beaded Skull Bracelet for Men

                                      Rhinestone Beaded Skull Bracelet for Men

                                        An out of this world look. This beaded bracelet made from premium quality rhinestones would undoubtedly take your breath away. A beautifully polished marble, smooth, and shiny surface with a silver-plated ring-type bead. A showpiece of a three-dimensional skull made from silver-plated zinc alloy material. Comfortable to garb and has a great fit. Find HERE

                                        20# Black Stone Zirconia Stone Skull bracelet

                                        Black Stone Zirconia Stone Skull bracelet

                                          An imperially made bracelet for a royal-like you. Garb this regal bracelet exquisitely crafted from pure black lava stone polished to a round textured surface. Featuring a silver-plated skull lined with zirconia stones, two silver-plated crown beads for emphasis. It also comes in black, rose gold, and gold. Find HERE

                                          21# Lava Stone Beads with Skull Bracelet

                                          Lava Stone Beads with Skull Bracelet

                                            Here is a stylish and fun bracelet for your daily look. Featuring a beaded bracelet expertly crafted from raw lava stones. Offered in different colors such as white, blue, and red. A three skull piece made from plated zinc alloy. Designed with wooden beads on each side for an earthy look. Find HERE

                                            22# Lava Stone Skull Beads Bracelet

                                             Lava Stone Skull Beads Bracelet

                                              A beautifully crafted bracelet crafted from unadulterated lava stone. Choose from our four different colors! Black, white, blue, and red, a color for all occasions. Guaranteed not to fade and polished to perfection. Amplify your daily look with these amazingly one of a kind bracelets. Find HERE

                                              23# Stainless Steel Gothic Skull Bracelet

                                              Stainless Steel Gothic Skull Bracelet

                                                Wow, your friends with this exquisitely made bracelet. Impressively made from solid stainless steel featuring a detailed skull design. A durable lobster clasp closure with intricate tribal designs. A manly mans’ bracelet. Scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Draw attention to your toned fore and biceps with this impressive bracelet. Find HERE

                                                24# Zirconia Beads Silver Skull Bracelet

                                                Zirconia Beads Silver Skull Bracelet

                                                  A voodoo inspired bracelet that could make your skin crawl with terror and awe. Intricately crafted from authentic silver metal, an excellently made textured replica of a human skull. A mixture of black and silver colors designed for a high impact look. This bracelet is embedded with tiny Zirconia stones to razzle and dazzle anyone who has the chance to lay eyes on its majestic features. Find HERE

                                                  25# Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet

                                                   Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet

                                                    Make way for this fashionable and lifelike piece of accessory. Made from sterling silver metal, durable, sturdy, and rust-resistant. Perfectly polished to a smooth and shiny surface. Wear this band to achieve your desired creepy and enchanting look. Best to be worn with a beaded skull necklace and a black dress. Find HERE

                                                    26# Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet Chain

                                                     Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet Chain

                                                      Introducing a delicate skull bracelet chain made from premium grace sterling silver. Crafted to precision and polished to a fine-textured and glossy finish. Delicate looking and dainty. A match made for women with small wrist size and beautiful skin. This magnificent bracelet features a lobster claw clasp for secure closure. Get this high-quality bracelet at an affordable price. Find HERE

                                                      27# Rose Gold Skull Black Bead Elastic Bracelet (2 Available Color)

                                                      Rose Gold Skull Black Bead Elastic Bracelet

                                                        A strikingly crafted bracelet crafted from untainted black stone. Featuring a stunning 3D skull beads designed expertly made from top-class plated alloy material. Emphasized by sparkling black zirconia crystals and a pair of plated bead accent on each side. Secured by a durable elastic band. Guaranteed not to fade and polished to perfection. Intensify your casual style with this astonishingly one of a kind bracelet. Get from HERE

                                                        28# 3D Skull White Stone Elastic Bracelet

                                                        3D Skull White Stone Elastic Bracelet

                                                          Feel the chill down your spine, as you look wear at this terrifying bracelet. Designed with a line of 3D Voodoo-inspired white stone, excellently mirroring a real human skull. Assembled together with a durable elastic band for a lightweight and comfortable wear adding character to your daily look. Get from HERE

                                                          29# Turquoise Cat’s Eye Steel Skull Bead Bracelet

                                                          Turquoise Cat’s Eye Steel Skull Bead Bracelet

                                                            Here comes a sassy bead bracelet, secured by a durable elastic cord. Assembled with glossy and smooth turquoise colored beads, accentuated by a pair cat’s eye and steel skull accent. Wear this as a single or stacked with other bead bracelets for a punk ethnic look. Get from HERE

                                                            The Symbolism of The Skull:

                                                            The skull design is always a must during the Halloween season. No less than a skeleton in a black cloak and a reaper claw, a skull with burning red eyes that would consume your soul. During the early times, the skull is a representation of death, the death reaper wherein it signifies the passing of a person. In olden times, a crypt would have a skull with a cross bone drawing representing what is inside.

                                                            Now, skulls can be seen everywhere, on clothes, caps, bags, jewelry, and human skin. A design that was creepy back in the days is now used as a fashion statement or style. Courage and resilience, these are what it means to adorn a skull design. Brave to face life head-on even when it means to lose one’s life.

                                                            Stone Beads:

                                                            Colorful and magnificent to look at. These beads made from natural stones are a favorite for people who believe in the healing power of nature. The naturalist. It is undeniable that nature provides for everyone, such as food and shelter. These natural stones exude natural power from mother earth. Whether you believe in this or not, there is no harm in learning what they can do for you.

                                                            Lava stones - made from dries lava from the volcano. They promote inner peace and confidence.

                                                            Eye of the Tiger - this stone is inner balance and foresight. This stone represents the brown eyes of a tiger to see what could happen — an earthy color of brown for inner balance and control.

                                                            Hematite – this is a black colored stone when smashed in half, you can see a bloody red color. “Hema” meaning blood, thus the name hematite. This rock promotes positive thinking and steadfastness.

                                                            Crimson Jade – like the color red, this also means passion and vitality.

                                                            Wood Beads - Wooden beans are mostly used on prayed beads for different religions such as Catholicism and Buddhism. At present, there a lot of available wooden beads out on the market. They are affordable and durable. Mostly secured by elastic bands that can be worn in a stack or as a single piece. Wood also promotes grounding where a person connects to the ground and absorbs the energy from the ground and the power of nature. A simple and eco-friendly material designed for an easy and uncomplicated style.

                                                            How to Choose your Bead Bracelets:


                                                            Natural is always better than synthetic made. Natural pertains to everything, like food, clothing s, and accessories. Plastics are light and colorful, but it takes time to decompose and with our current crisis against global warming. Wearing environmentally friendly accessories would not hurt. Some areas colorful and vibrant as the synthetics. You only need to look and explore other available material out in the market.


                                                            We each have our style. I prefer a simple and laidback look for myself. Although sometimes, I also love to dress up and wear elegant clothes and accessories. Choose each for every style that you like. A simple piece for your complicated dress or clothes. Pair an intricately designed bracelet with your simple outfit. Change it around, and you would discover your real style that suits your look, and you are most comfortable with.


                                                            Choosing a comfortable material to wear for a bracelet is a factor in choosing your bracelet. You would want to wear your band as often as possible, I mean that is why you bought it right? You like the style of the color. But when a bracelet has a hard or roughly made, it would lead to skin irritation or worse a scratched skin. Try to factor in the texture for the bracelet. A fine and smooth texture is recommended that those uneven surface that can be a magnet for dirt and bacteria.


                                                            Size, everything must be measured, the thickness, the width, and the lengths. The thickness of a band should be considered when buying bracelets. A heavy or a thick material may feel uncomfortable and sometimes harm or is painful to wear. Thin material is usually dainty and easy to break. Choose the right thickness for your wrist size. A wide bracelet would never emphasize a small wrist; likewise with a thin one is not appropriate to big wrist size. Measure the length so that it is not too snug to affect your blood flow or too loose to fall off your hand. Measure your wrist before purchasing bracelet. You can measure your wrist size on your own or go to your nearest jeweler.

                                                            Frequently Asked Questions:

                                                            1. How do I measure my wrist?

                                                            There are two ways to measure your wrist size, depending on what materials are available in your house. One way is using a tape measure; this is a tool that can wrap around your wrist. Now wrap the tape just above the bone on your wrist, take the measurement, and a half in or more depending on how loose you want it to be. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can also use a strip of paper and measure it with a ruler. The same procedure applies as above.

                                                            1. Do natural stones have healing powers?

                                                            This is a difficult question to answer, for this would come from your personal beliefs. It is comparable to people who believe in modern medicine and traditional medicine. It boils down if you believe that you would get its benefits or you won’t. They say healing comes from within. If you do not believe it, then it’s useless even if you buy everything available in the market.

                                                            1. What are the typical sizes of a bracelet?

                                                            The usual size of a bracelet sold commercially ranges from six inches up to ten inches. For a female bracelet, it ranges from six and a half to seven. As for men's bracelets, the size ranges from eight inches to ten inches.


                                                            Skulls are not a thing of the past but a staple design. Whatever your reason or your beliefs might be, it is undeniable that this design is a character of its own. It would stand out of the crowd whatever the season or wherever it might be. Give it a shot, and you might like the mystery it brings.

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