15+ Classic Newsboy Hats for Ladies and Gents to Buy at Affordable Price

15+ Classic Newsboy Hats for Ladies and Gents to Buy at Affordable Price

Are you tired of your regular baseball cap? Do you want to add some pizzazz in your regular day in and day out appearance? Why not try wearing a newsboy hat. However, before you do, will you be able to tell the difference between a flat cap and a newspaper cap? These two are typically put together due to their similar short bill and low profile crown. However, when you look more closely, they are very different. If you are not familiar with any of the two, no worries. It is quite understandable for a newsboy cap is not as popular as the baseball cap. Only those individuals with a high level of self-confidence and shall we say "know what they are doing" would dare to wear a newsboy hat, for it is not a style that is well-loved. Hollywood stars have been admired for being stylish, while some have received flak. Let us know more about newsboy hats, fabrics like tweeds, its counterparts, or the standard type of caps mistaken to be a newsboy hat. Plus, how to pull off this a look without looking like you have a pancake on your head. Check out our top fourteen newsboy hats that have a classic and easy to pair with outfits that you already have in your closet.

  1. Two-tone Cotton Tweed Newsboy Cap (5 Available Colors)

Two-tone Cotton Tweed Newsboy Cap

If you are looking for alternative headwear for your everyday baseball cap, then this piece is perfect for you. Casual shades are suitable for casual everyday wear made from breathable cotton fabric. It has a stretchable back that can accommodate a head size form 21.65vto 23.23 inches. This would go great with a denim backpack suitable for teenage and adult men. Get from HERE

  1. Herringbone Cotton Tweed Eight Panel Cap (3 Available Colors)

Herringbone Cotton Tweed Eight Panel Cap

Get a stylish and hip vibe by wearing this up-to-the-minute tweed cap with its distinct herringbone twill pattern. Warm and heavy perfect for a cold day paired with an overcoat and tonal separates, a design suitable for both men and women available in black, gray, and brown colors. Get from HERE

  1. Eight Paneled Herringbone Wool Tweed Cap (3 Available Colors)

Eight Paneled Herringbone Wool Tweed Cap

Exude a laidback and relaxed look that sends a message of confidence by wearing this versatile hat worn two ways, as a flat newsboy hat and a full and puffy baker boy cap. Featuring a classic herringbone tweed fabric with a hidden button to connect the brim and the crown together. Get from HERE

  1. Adjustable Bill Polyester Tweed Cap (3 Available Colors)

Adjustable Bill Polyester Tweed Cap

Look and feel comfortable with this beautiful hat made from dense and heavy wool tweed fabric. Warm and soft with classic shades of light gray, brown, and dark gray. Suitable for as an everyday cap when you run for some groceries on cool weather to protect your delicate head from the cold wind and light snow. Get from HERE

  1. Stonewash Eight Panel Denim Cotton Cap (4 Available Colors)

Stonewash Eight Panel Denim Cotton Cap

Go for a rugged and sleek look with this hip newsboy cap for teenagers, headwear suitable for warm summer and chilly fall season. Its eight-paneled crown gives full and round protection, while its short brim shields your eyes from the sun, a compact version of a usually puffy cap. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Herringbone Tweed Eight Paneled Cap (3 Available Colors)

Classic Herringbone Tweed Eight Paneled Cap

Fashioned from a 100% polyester tweed fabric for durable and long-lasting wear. Its elastic and stretchable hatband at the back guarantees to accommodate different head sizes from 21.65 to 23.62 inches. Warm and comfortable to wear with an additional black nylon inner lining to keep the cold air from entering. Get from HERE

  1. Muffin Top Traditional Wool Gatsby Cap (3 Available Colors)

Muffin Top Traditional Wool Gatsby Cap

Keep a warm head by wearing this highly stylish and vogue cap made from wool fabric. Highlighting a rounded and compact six-paneled crown with a short and hard brim. Decorated with a modest and small "W" engraved metal accent on the side that gives a youthful and schoolboy appearance. Get from HERE

  1. Muffin Top Eight Panel Wool Baker Boy Hat (5 Available Colors)

Muffin Top Eight Panel Wool Baker Boy Hat

Stay stylish and protect your head from the cold this winter season by wearing a statement cap that goes effortlessly with your knitted sweater or coat. Featuring a typical eight-panel muffin top with a thin and sturdy hatband with a full and stiff brim. Made from a piece of wool-felt fabric made available in six fabulous colors. Get from HERE

  1. Adjustable Retro Plaid Polyester Peaky Cap (4 Available Colors)

Adjustable Retro Plaid Polyester Peaky Cap

Have a break from your regular baseball cap, and try this chic and trendy flat cap fashioned from a piece of high-quality plaid tweed fabric. It features a duckbill sloped front with a compact and fancy appearance. Built with a two size adjustable button back made available in four lively colors of white, black, yellow, and red plaid. Get from HERE

  1. Traditional Fishbone Twill Cotton Tweed Cap (3 Available Colors)

Traditional Fishbone Twill Cotton Tweed Cap

Featuring a newsboy cap handmade from premium-quality herringbone tweed fabric that brings back the old and classic American feel. Fashioned with an adjustable and elastic headband for a snug and comfortable feel. Available in large and extra-large sized suitable for men for casual to semi-formal wear. Get from HERE

  1. Sporty Cotton Denim Flat Cap (5 Available Colors)

Sporty Cotton Denim Flat Cap

Get a sport and manly vibe with this highly masculine flat cap fashioned from breathable cotton denim fabric. Compact and trendy with an embroidered letter "B" and two-tone color accent. Equipped with an adjustable and heavy-duty brass, side buckle belt on both sides for additional style, and a comfort fit. Get from HERE

  1. Cotton Blend Needle Punched Tweed Chain Mariners Cap (3 Available Colors)

Cotton Blend Needle Punched Tweed Chain Mariners Cap

Fashioned from needle-punched cotton-blend tweed that features a luxe touch of gold-tone cables chain front design. Mariners cap for women available in classy and elegant white, red, and black with golden accents. Soft and warm, perfect accessories during the chilly season as you stay protected and fashionable at the same time. Get from HERE

  1. Breathable Muffin Top Cotton Newsboy Cap (3 Available Colors)

Breathable Muffin Top Cotton Newsboy Cap

Army green, navy blue, and pristine white, these three shades create a fresh and youthful vibe paired with a high-quality cotton fabric for a bright and breathable feel even when under the sun. Its typical eight-panel crown and full body is a breath of fresh air from the regular baseball cap for a casual and sporty look. Get from HERE

  1. Multicolor Plaid Eight Panel Tweed Cap (3 Available Colors)

Multicolor Plaid Eight Panel Tweed Cap

Exhibit a dad look with this classic Gatsby cap made with plaid tweed fabric. Round and puffy with the customary eight-panel crown and a buttoned top. Wear with your toned separates for a laidback and carefree look, a lovely alternative headwear to keep you warm and protected this cold season. Get from HERE

Hat vs. Cap

Before we go to our main topic, which is all about the newsboy cap and its counterparts, there is one question that we need to answer. The very basic yet commonly misused terms. Are hats the same as caps? Is there a difference between the two?


  • Both are used to protect the head from heat or cold.
  • Both are used as daily headwear suitable for a casual look. Both can also pull a hip and trendy look used as a fashion statement depending on the variety and style.


  • Brim

Caps are brimless, but instead, it is equipped with a visor or bill in front, while hats are fashion with brims.

  • Crown

Hats may or may not have a crown, the dimension also ranges from tall or high profile to low profile.

Caps technically do not have a crown. The body of a cap is made with sewn together panels, and these are only available in a small or low profile dimension.

  • Closure

Caps are commonly fashioned with a strap belt either on the side or at the back for adjustable wear, while hats are built with a tie band found on the inner sweatband for adjustability and a snug fit. Hats are also available in different head size for it must have a close to perfect fit, unlike a cap which is offered in a single size for it is readily adjustable to fit all types of head sizes.

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps are characterized with its distinctive round, paneled, and full crown joined together at the center by a squatchee, a squatchee is the button commonly seen on caps covered by a piece of fabric. At present, a small hidden button is located on the brim to transform it into a flat cap for versatility.


Used for protection for most working classmen would work under the sun.


Newsboy caps have retained its old-fashioned feel that artists and actors are drawn to. It has a vibe that radiates this poor boy look for the rich and famous. During the 1910s up to the 1920s, newsboy caps were part of the lower working classmen such as the farmers, tradesmen, beggars, and of course, newspaper boys. People who belong to the upper class also use this as they go hunting or participate in other leisurely outdoor activities like golf. At present, both men and women use newsboy caps during summer and winter. The only difference would be the material used, such as wool, cotton, and tweed. Newsboy caps are also known as poor boys cap only when it is worn backward.


Eight panel

When you look at the crown of a newsboy hat, you may see these so-called "pizza slices" or panels where pieces were sewn together. On top would be a button covered with the same or different type of fabric where the fabrics converge called the squatchee.

Rounded crown

Because of the eight sections, the sewn panels of the cap creates a saggy muffin shape, which is rounder than its counterparts are.

Small and stiff brim

Fashioned with as small and hard visor, sewn firmly with the curved front panel.

Newsboy cap look alike:

The newsboy cap is commonly mistaken for other caps that look similar, yet upon closer look, you would be able to tell the difference. Here are some of them and their distinctive features that are frequently overlooked.

  • Flat cap

The British version of the newsboy cap, associated with the working-class in the northern part of England as well as the west countryside. In addition, known as a cabbie cap and peaky popularized by a show that showcases gangsters and thugs.

Structure- Unlike the newsboy cap, flat caps are more compact with three strips of fabric sewn together and joined at the back for a consistent and linear flat look without the standard squatchee on the top. The short and sturdy brim is surmounted with the end of the crown resembling a sloped duckbill appearance.

  • Mariners Cap

Introduced to the masses in the 19th century, it was a cheap worker hat for the farmers and sailors. It also replaced the traditional Jewish headwear and became the daily hat of the Jewish community.

Structure ā€“ Soft bodied with a flat top connected to a sturdy hatband, which is a little smaller in diameter attached to a short and stiff visor. Commonly made navy blue corduroy or denim fabric.

  • Baker Boy Cap

Most commonly mistaken as a newsboy hat for its puffy and muffin top crown.

Structure ā€“ Fashioned with an eight paneled crown with the typical squatchee on top but instead of a firmly attached brim, it has the sturdy hatband and visor, standard features for a mariners cap. It is a type of hat that sits in between the newsboy cap and the mariner's cap.

How to wear

  1. The most important thing to consider is size. Check the hat size guide when buying online, do not purchase a size larger for it newsboy caps are already puffy and more significant than needed would make it look even fluffier resembling a baker hat.
  2. You must wear the cap draped down to your ears with the brim sitting low on your forehead; a side tilt also looks incredible and gives off a playful and flirtatious flair.
  3. Newsboy caps made from tweed fabric are suitable during the fall season, where it is not cold or warm. Its limited protection is not ideal for extremely cold weather.
  4. Newsboy caps are created as everyday wear, such as a trip to the mall or a walk on the park grounds.
  5. As it is used for a casual look, it must be paired with casual outfits for consistency. These are your jackets, jeans, and even coats.
  6. In general, for a safe and stress-free life, choose a cap with a solid neutral color like black or navy blue. These colors can be paired with any patterns and colors.
  7. For an upscale and trendy look, choose tweeds with unique and elegant patterns like the Herringbone, plaid, and checked. Note that you have to pair these with some of your tonal separates for a well-put appearance.


The most commonly used material used on newsboy caps is cotton, polyester, and tweed. These are hardwearing fabrics with a warm and casual feel, perfect for a newsboy cap.


Originated in Scotland and various parts of the British Isles, it was a traditional coarse fabric woven from pure wool fibers. Heavy and warm primarily used for outdoor clothing due to its hardwearing and property. This is the original fabric used during the 19th century due to its tough wearing and long-lasting feature suitable for workers for their daily lifestyle and profession. Tweed is the best fabric used for newsboy caps, especially for chilly weather conditions because of the following reasons:

  • Durability ā€“ Due to its robust and sturdy property, rooting from a tightly woven feature enables the fabric to withstand the daily wear and tear of making it a great choice of material used for apparel designed for outdoor use.
  • Water and wind-resistant ā€“ Tweeds are tightly woven fabric made with a high number of thread count, it is because of this feature that makes it resistant to air and water penetration.
  • Beautiful ā€“ It is undeniable that tweed has its own unique appeal.
  • Variety ā€“ You can never run out of different types and patterns. There are three different twills suitable for different purposes and styles. These are subdivided into nine basic patterns and designs, so you can just imagine the wide variety to choose from and the different looks it can achieve.

Types of tweed

  • Harris Tweed

Considered as the most famous among all the types of tweed. Initially made for the wealthy as a fabric used for their outdoor wear as they go hunting and shooting. Handmade from virgin wool fibers known for its high quality but is quite itchy on the skin.

  • Highland or Scottish Estate Tweed

These are location-based tweed created by the landowners to identify the people who toil and live in an estate. Characterized by a windowpane-checked pattern with a plain or twill weave.

  • Donegal Tweed

Native from the country of Donegal, marked with a bristly texture for a casual and sporty looking appearance.

  • Saxony Tweed

Made from the wool fibers of the Merino sheep species characterized by a beautiful and soft texture commonly used for suits.

  • Cheviot Tweed

Named after a particular sheep specie of the Cheviot Hills, the yarn made from this species are larger and heavier, stiff and has a touch of sharp texture.

  • Shetland Tweed

Name after the sheep grown and raised from the Shetland Islands. In contrast with the Cheviot tweed, Shetland tweed is characterized by a remarkably beautiful and soft shaggy texture.

Tweed patterns

  • Plain

These are characterized by a diagonal or parallel ribbed pattern, the most basic and straightforward weave for a tweed fabric.

  • Herringbone

Characterized by a fishbone pattern. Popular for its distinct "V" shape pattern that making it a favorite for statement caps and apparel.

  • Overcheck

Utilized a plain twill with a contrasting checked pattern overlay. This pattern is suitable for an understated and traditional Scottish look.

  • Overcheck Herringbone

This is a combination of the contrasting checked pattern and the Herrington V-shaped twill.

  • Striped

Characterized by a vertical line stripe in various proportions.

  • Barleycorn

Characterized by a coarse surface with barleycorn features when closely observed.

  • Plaid

Characterized by the traditional Scottish weave.

  • Checked

Characterized by a series of square patterns resulting from a sequence of horizontal and vertical lines pattern, which can be enhanced aesthetically with an over checked overlay.

  • Houndstooth

As the name implies, it exhibits a pattern similar to the teeth of a dog that are commonly used for a camouflage appearance.


Cotton fabrics are of natural origin and commonly used for caps because of its amazing properties such as its durability, breathable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and wash. Most of all, it drapes well. Caps need a material that can easily be maneuvered and beautifully embrace the crown of the head. This is commonly used for caps suitable for the warm weather in place of wool and tweed


Synthetic and durable fabric most coveted for its water-resistant and mildew resistant property. Polyester fabric is a material commonly used for hats, especially in cold weather for its warm and non-breathable property, which is an excellent insulator fabric to keep the cold from coming in. At the same time, it retains and circulates the warmth inside the cap.

Caps and hats, in general, is undoubtedly, back in the fashion scene, there is no denying it. So you hop on the wagon and choose a style that is suitable for your style, lifestyle and does not forget the season. You would not want to be wearing a warm cap under the blistering heat of the sun. It exudes a cool and hip vibe for the men, while a stylish and modern feel for women.


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