Best Matte Wedding Bands for Your Special Day in 2021

Best Matte Wedding Bands for Your Special Day in 2021

Can you hear the wedding bells? I do! Naturally, what comes after a marriage proposal is finding that perfect wedding band that you will gladly wear every day of your entire life. Matte wedding bands are ideal for men and women who prefer understated elegance and luxury. Individuals who love their privacy are confident yet do not like the limelight and attention it brings. In fact, matte wedding rings are growing more famous for it is a union of simplicity and art. Matte polished wedding bands are advantageous for it does not attract much attention and only needs basic cleaning here and there.

Wedding bands are available in various end polish, from the sparkling and smooth high polish to a more textured and coarse sandblasting surface. Matte polish is subdivided into two forms, satin and brushed, where the body is purposely subjected to abrasives creating minimal patterned lines.

If you want to know more about matte wedding bands and other types of ring finish and designs, please continue to read below. First, let us present our top 20 matte wedding bands designed for men and women.

  1. Silver & Rose Gold Off Center Groove Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 Silver & Rose Gold Off Center Groove Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring

Celebrate the start of a lifelong commitment with this superb tungsten carbide ring. Designed with a chic rose-gold plated inner shank, complemented by a satin-polished gray topcoat. The ring highlight an off-center groove accent bringing a modern and stylish twist to a gorgeous 8mm pipe cut wedding ring. Get from HERE

  1. 10mm Silver Tone Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring

 10mm Silver Tone Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring

A toast to your upcoming nuptials. Presenting a bulky and heavy 10mm wedding band for highly masculine men. Highlighting a smooth brushed center designed with high bevel edges, expertly molded from a robust tungsten carbide base. Durable and reliable, just like its wearer. Get from HERE

  1. Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring (15 Available Size)

 Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

We bring you a luxurious pipe cut men's ring suitable for men with a gentle nature. Highlighting a semi-polished ring made from top-notch quality tungsten carbide, finished off with a stylish satin end polish. Molded with a comfort fit inner shank, providing space for air to apps through minimizing sweat production. Get from HERE

  1. 10mm Brushed Silver & Black Tungsten Carbide Ring (15 Available Size)

 10mm Brushed Silver & Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

Sexy, robust, and wow, just like the wearer. Characterized by a muy macho 10mm pipe cut body made from premium quality tungsten carbide, ion-plated with a black coat, hand-polished with a matte satin finish. Get from HERE

  1. Unisex Brushed Silver & Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 Unisex Brushed Silver & Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Ring

Here is a unisex ring constructed from a hardwearing and rust-resistant tungsten carbide base. Featuring a rose-gold plated shank, surmounted by a wire brushed textured surface in dark gray color replicating a rotating circle. Like a wheel, marriage has its ups and downs. The important thing is hanging on to the good memories and the commitment you both made during your wedding day. Get from HERE

  1. 8mm Dual Polished Black Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 8mm Dual Polished Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

Black, a lasting color that represents a profound and commanding presence. Highlighting a jet-black plated tungsten carbide ring featuring a matte satin-smooth center set over a highly polished base. Bold, simple, and durable, suitable for daily wear. Get from HERE

  1. Silver & Gold Brushed Top Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band (19 Available Size)

 Silver & Gold Brushed Top Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Here is a beautiful ring highly recommended for men. Featuring a tungsten carbide comfort fit wedding band, ion-plated and polished to a lustrous yellow-gold shank. Styled with a soft-brushed gray center accent. The color combination leaves a high-class executive appeal. Get from HERE

  1. 6mm I l Love You Matte Satin Black Titanium Carbide Ring (9 Available Size)

 6mm I l Love You Matte Satin Black Titanium Carbide Ring

I love you, the words we long to hear followed by will you marry me. Featuring a romantic tungsten carbide wedding band, IP plated with a jet-black color. The ring highlights a secret love message printed on its glossy inner shank, a total contrast to the silky matte center accent. Get from HERE

  1. Brushed Center Rose Gold Tone Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 Brushed Center Rose Gold Tone Tungsten Carbide Ring

Reminisce those moments when you vowed to love and cherish one another as you exchange rings sealing this pledge. Highlighting a beautifully polished rose-gold plated tungsten carbide ring featuring a glossy shank, perfectly complemented by a matte brushed center design. Get from HERE

  1. Slim Brushed Silver & Blue Tungsten Carbide (20 Available Size)

 Slim Brushed Silver & Blue Tungsten Carbide

For individuals who are always on the go and embodies an active lifestyle. We bring you a stunning 3mm slim ring made from a blue-plated tungsten carbide base. Emphasizing the matte brushed gray top that is rust and scratch resistant guaranteed to last a lifetime. Get from HERE

  1. Silver Brushed Dome Top Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 Silver Brushed Dome Top Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring (

Cherish the day when you said I do with this impressive dome-shaped wedding ring, fabricated from a robust and tough-wearing tungsten carbide base. Featuring a sporty and glossy blue plated shank, stylized by a satin-smooth gray top emphasizing a thin center groove accent. Get from HERE

  1. Matte Satin Silver Tone Tungsten Carbide Ring (15 Available Size)

 Matte Satin Silver Tone Tungsten Carbide Ring

Nobody can say no to this wonderful men's wedding band that shouts confidence and simplicity. Highlighting an 8mm wide dome top ring, polished to a softly brushed matte finish. Completed with a comfort fit shank for comfortable daily wear. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Gold Soft Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring (19 Available Size)

 Black & Gold Soft Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

Bold and fabulous, here is a wedding band for men depicting wealth and power. Featuring an 8mm tungsten carbide ring, ion-plated with a face and scratch-resistant gold coat, surmounted with a black matte top design. A union of classic and modern style, perfect for millennials. Get from HERE

  1. Soft Brushed Black & Purple Tungsten Ring (15 Available Size)

 Soft Brushed Black & Purple Tungsten Ring

Grab this fun and fashionable black and purple fashion ring. Molded from a durable and tarnish-resistant tungsten carbide base bringing out the wearer's unique character and upbeat style. Get from HERE

  1. Unisex Matte Satin Black & Green Tungsten Ring (15 Available Size)

 Unisex Matte Sating Black & Green Tungsten Ring

Refreshing with an ultra-modern style and material, have a look at this fantastic tungsten carbide ring featuring a dual polish black surface, brought to life by a metallic green inner shank. A fashion ring exhibiting a modern, techno fashion style. Get from HERE

  1. Matte Silver & Rose Gold Tungsten Ring (20 Available Size)

 Matte Silver & Rose Gold Tungsten Ring

Rose-gold is just a delicate and feminine color that represents a romantic and conservative personality. Combined with a contemporary shade of gray, giving a perfect depiction of a modern woman. Featuring a 3mm fashion tungsten ring, constructed from a hardwearing tungsten carbide bass ion plate in rose-gold and gray, hand-polished to a semi-glossy satin polished finish. Get from HERE

  1. Soft Brushed Silver & Red Tungsten Wedding Band (15 Available Size)

 Soft Brushed Silver & Red Tungsten Wedding Band

Always fan the flame of passion and love until your golden days, just like this red and gray tungsten wedding band for men. Highlighting a brilliant red inner shank accentuating the subtle color of its gray-colored top. Buffed with a brushed end polish highlighting uniform parallel lines, flanked with a polished high bevel edge. Get from HERE

  1. Modern Crystal Encrusted Gold & Black Tungsten Ring (15 Available Size)

 Modern Crystal Encrusted Gold & Black Tungsten Ring

Complete a futuristic and modern themed nuptial highlighting your quirky and stylish personality with this hefty tungsten carbide ring. Characterized by glossy high bevel edges highlighting a sleek brushed center, accentuated by a line of lustrous gold and a pair of flushed, circular crystals. Get from HERE

  1. Matte Satin Dome Top Black & Red Tungsten Wedding Ring (15 Available Size)

Matte Satin Dome Top Black & Red Tungsten Wedding Ring 

Go for a classic dome top ring, polished to a soft-brushed satin surface, IP plated with a jet black color. A lovely red inner shank serves as a surprise adding personality and boldness to a marvelous piece of jewelry. Get from HERE

  1. Men's Off Center Wood Inlay Silver Tungsten Carbide Ring (19 Available Size)

 Men's Off Center Wood Inlay Silver Tungsten Carbide Ring

Here is a genuinely artistic wedding ring splendidly made from a high-grade tungsten carbide material. Highlighting a lustrous silver-tone inner shank, decorated with an off-center wood inlay emphasizing a dual polished exterior. Get from HERE

  1. Brushed Silver Top Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Ring (19 Available Size)

 Brushed Silver Top Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Ring

Only an assured and established man can carry this brilliant wedding band constructed from a tarnish-resistant tungsten carbide base. Featuring a sleek silver-tone shank, stylized with a wire-brushed surface highlighting a dark brown natural wood inlay accent. Get from HERE

  1. Blue Rimmed Black Matte Tungsten Wedding Band (15 Available Size)

 Blue Rimmed Black Matte Tungsten Wedding Band

Showoff your youthful self as you say I do. Featuring a lovely black-tone tungsten carbide ring, characterized by a matte center design. A pair of metallic blue step edge rim gives a playful, boyish appeal balancing black's deep color. Get from HERE

 Are you aware of the different types of wedding ring finish? If not, let us break down the types of jewelry polish available to help you choose which kind of wedding ring is perfect for you.

High Polished Jewelry

The most common type of jewelry finishes leaving a highly lustrous surface. The shiniest of all the giving a mirror-like finish.

Matte / Satin Jewelry Polish

Also, a type of dull polish, leaving a reduced amount of shine. A non-reflective polishes that do not exhibit noticeable scratch lines using a brass brush or scotch stone. A brass brush is best suitable for silver and gold. The method includes brushing the metal surface with soapy water, preventing the brass from transferring to the jewelry.  The indistinguishable marks varied from circular, straight, or in any direction of your choosing. Using a scotch stone is the way to create a "true satin" finish using circular motions.

Matte finish is considered an excellent finish for it does not leave fingerprints, unlike with a high polished. Normal wear and tear are also left unnoticed as the surface was created to display a grazed appearance.

Scotch stone

An outdated type of metal abrasive for jewelry polishing producing a satin finish. Available in squares and shaped to reach tight spots. These are now unavailable and replaced with ceramic stones.

Ceramic stone

These are used for fine cutting and jewelry polishing, a modern self-sharpening tool exposing new fibers, preventing clogging. Available in strips and round stones, used for manual hand polishing and with the help of ultrasonic polishing equipment. These provide an even surface available from 120 to 3000 grit size recommended to reach even the tightest nook and cranny when reshaped.

Scotch Brite Pad

A typical household item, also used in creating a satin finish. Used on a dry or lubricated surface using continuous parallel or circular motions.

Brushed Jewelry Polish

Dull or brushed is a type of metal finish with a unidirectional satin exterior. Most popular in household appliances using stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel where the metal is subjected to a coarse polishing belt with a grit size of 180 to 120.

Brushed metal polish leaves a distinctive appearance featuring fine decorative lines with a subtle shine. For rings, decorative lines are parallel along the ring's shank.

Brass Wire Brush

Satin polished is a type of softly brushed surface. The number of line indentations depends on the pressure used.

Steel Wire Brush

Compared to a brass wire brush, a steel wire brush leaves a coarser and more noticeable grooved surface.

Radial Bristle Brush

Specially made from mineral-infused bristles preferred by many jewelers for its 180-degree flexibility, reaching spaces sandpaper and other abrasives cannot. Available from 36 to 1-micron grit size for gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum, and brass. Safe for gemstones making it a perfect tool to polish prongs and grooves, producing excellent polish at a shorter time. The controlled and even pressure also guarantees a piece of evenly polished jewelry, unlike brushed tools manually used.

Silicon Carbide Wheel

A silicon carbide wheel is used in non-ferrous materials also known under the brand name carborundum. Made with a diamond-like crystal structure, almost replicating its hardness. Likewise used in cutting, grinding, and polishing.


The main disadvantage of a brushed finish is corrosion. The grooves from the fine lines make the jewelry more susceptible to corrosion as water has the tendency to flow through the channels, accumulating chloride that harms the jewelry. This is specific to alloys and metal with chromium content and heals itself through passivation.

Hammered Jewelry Polish

A lustrous textured surface exhibiting wavy and circular indentations is traditionally created by pounding a rounded steel hammer on the jewelry. Tools used are preen hammer, anvil, round bur, and a handpiece hammer. The hammering technique is best applied on highly polished surfaces. Preening leaves a flamboyant appearance giving a 3D effect. To get a vintage and archaic appearance, the metal base is left unpolished using a flat hammer creating a decorative convex surface.

Modern jewelers use an ex-shaft for a faster turnaround time. Modern tools like a diamalite tip or a reciprocating hammer and a round bur can also replicate a hammered surface.

Sandblasted Jewelry Polish

Also known as frosted using bombardment finishing technique. From the term itself, actual sand was used in this technique. However, silicon carbide, glass beads, and aluminum oxide, due to the risk of silicosis, later replaced it. Silicosis is a lung disease acquired by inhaling silica-containing dust, scarring the lungs permanently.

Glass beads leave a delicate shine creating the finest sandblasted surface by hammering the metal surface in contrast to using silica carbide, producing a coarse texture.


The disadvantage of a sandblasted ring is its susceptibility towards damage, only suitable for lightly worn jewelry. The jewelry must be recessed in order to protect the design. Non-coater sandblasted ring is so fragile that even your fingernail can damage it.

Flick Wheels / Texturing Brushes

Flick wheels provide longer-lasting finish using metal wires creating deeper indentations. The machine must be used lightly as it gives a high amount of pressure sending the wires flying. These robust steel wires provided fine to coarse textures replicating a sandblaster surface that is hardened and more difficult to damage. Using flick wheels makes the jewelry receptive to plating and oxidation finishing treatments.

Micro Shot Unit

A shot-blasting machine used to polish, clean and prepare metal surfaces mainly removes tarnish, stains, and corrosion. Micro shot equipment is the most environmentally friendly in removing corrosion and surface preparation as it does not need chemicals and acids, increase in production producing accurate patterns. Media used are aluminum oxide, glass beads, and quarts abras.


An ancient engraving technique from Italy. The process involves manually carving the surface using a steel knife. Focus and precision are needed as well as patience in order to create flawlessly engraved curves. A time-consuming jewelry art using continuously striking the surface until the design deepens.


Previously made by manual engraving, but with the aid of technology and a 3D printer, some are presently molded with the designed engraving.


Like other surfaces featuring grooves and abrasions, engraved wedding rings have extra nooks where dirt and ions accumulate. Therefore it must undergo regular cleaning and maintenance.

Milgrain edges

Highlighting a ribbed dot margin traced back from the art deco era deriving from a French term means a thousand grain. A delicate and detailed design for engagement and wedding rings. Milgrain adds texture, adding space to reflect light resulting in a more sparkly ring. When combined with gemstones, the intricate and subtle feature of milgrain attracts and amplifies the stone's grandeur and magnificence. It also adds a hint of vintage and drama, creating a more impactful piece of jewelry.

There are three methods in designing a milgrain design.


The earliest technique used in creating a milgrain design wherein each bead is individually fused with precision. A time-consuming procedure, requiring a highly skilled expert, creating a romantic flair.


A technique using a knurling tool. A knurling tool is somewhat similar to a pizza knife or a rotary cutter used in sewing. The wheel is rolled on the edge of the ring, creating bumps engraved on the metal. The wheels are styled with either a square or an oval-shaped milgrain in different sizes.

3D Computer-Aided Design

The most modern and up-to-date method in jewelry designs. With the aid of 3D CAD, jewelers are able to incorporate a milgrain feature prior to the 3D printing of the mold or the jewelry itself. These are mainly for mass-produced rings and will not have the artistry that a knurling and fusing method gives.


The main disadvantage of a milgrain design is cleaning as it provides more nook for water and dust to seep into. Accumulated oils and dirt reduce the sparkle a milgrain design should deliver. Therefore it needs regular cleaning using warm water, soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. The design should also undergo restoration after a while, for its embossed feature has a tendency to look worn when rubbed on surfaces.

Oxidized / Patination

More commonly used on sterling silver as silver creates a fashionable black oxide giving a ring an antiquated appearance. Patination technique is used to accelerate the oxidation of metals, leaving black, red, or blue-green color. Some products used are silver blackener, green patina, powdered pumice and liver of sulfur.

Many factors are affecting the final color of the metal. These are the temperature of the solution and the metal, and the length of exposure. Subjecting the jewelry to high temperatures leads to richer and darker colors, while low temperatures result in light and pastel colored shade. A technique best suitable for copper-containing jewelry such as sterling silver, bronze and copper. Liver sulfur leaves purple, fold and straw shades with silver.

Oxidation is the last step in jewelry, powdered pumice is an excellent cleaner preparing the jewelry surface for patination. A clean and grease surface ensures a more rooted color for a longer-lasting color.

The cleaned jewelry is then dipped into the solution, sprayed on, or brushed. A number of dipping and rinsing of the jewelry is more advisable that coloring it up in one go. Paste wax is used to seal the oxidized surface inhibiting it from coming in contact with air. The more the oxidized portion is exposed to air, the faster the oxidation process, leading to rusting and corrosion.

It was highly unexpected that we now purposely oxidize jewelry for added appeal. Oxidation leads to tarnishing and corrosion. The purposely blackening of the jewelry is mainly caused by its sulfur content and not oxygen.


The main advantage of oxidized jewelry is also its disadvantage. Everything wears down, and as we have said earlier, the black oxidized portion needs a sealant preventing further tarnishing. There will come a time when the adhesive thins and air exposure will continue the oxidation process.

Once again, choosing which type of polish wedding ring polish depends on your taste and lifestyle. The high polished ring is most popular for its easy maintenance and care, while other end-finish provide a more stylish and unique flair. Each has its advantage and disadvantages, so please choose carefully as a wedding ring (in general) must last a lifetime like the promises given during your wedding day. 

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