Fishing Jewelry: Hawaiian Fishhooks to Buy for You or a Friend

Fishing Jewelry: Hawaiian Fishhooks to Buy for You or a Friend

Are you a creature of the waters feeling at home once your body hits the ocean waters? On the other hand, is a hobbyist of fishing where fishing gives you a sense of reward and tranquility? Have you ever thought of showing this passion with fishing jewelry? Fishhooks and sea creatures are often utilized as a charm or design as they display the magnificence of Earth's waters. The most popular fishing jewelry at present is a fishhook that is associated with the Hawaiian demigod Maui. Most of us may have heard of this God, thanks to a Disney Movie. Why is he famous all thorough out the Polynesian countries?

There are two types of cultural accessory deemed of cultural importance by the Maoris. These are the Hei Tiki and Hei Matau. Both represent their individuality, culture, and the importance of fishing in their way of life. For the Hawaiians, fishhooks are a symbol of success and strength. These totems are also believed to spiritually bond with its owner. This is when passed as an heirloom; this becomes a form of link connecting one generation to another. Aside from the Maoris, fishhooks are also linked to a collection of stars and were mentioned in the bible.

Before we move forward, here are some modern to traditional fishhooks and totems giving honor to the ocean and its marine life.

  1. Stainless Steel Fishhook Urn Necklace

 Stainless Steel Fishhook Urn Necklace

He or she will never be forgotten. Keep a part of your special someone near you at all times by securing their ashes within this moisture and dirt-proof urn necklace. Molded with a fishhook feature made from a corrosion-resistant and highly durable 316L stainless alloy base. Designed with a barred upper shank sealed with a crew cap. The stylish pendant comes with a heavy-duty cable chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Colored Mermaid Tail Fishhook Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Silver-Plated Colored Mermaid Tail Fishhook Necklace

Imbibe the sensation of a mermaid as you adorn this exquisite mermaid tail pendant, coated with a high polish and silky smooth silver-tone hue. See beautiful patches of blue, white, or purple fluorescent accents giving a playful shimmer of the ocean. Wondrously paired with a chic curb chain necklace complementing the delicate and feminine appearance of the pendant. Get from HERE

  1. Silver-Tone Fishhook Fish Charm Necklace

Silver-Tone Fishhook Fish Charm Necklace 

Hop on the Korean trend and wear this cute fishhook pendant coated with a glossy silver-tone coat. Highlighting three lovely fish charms dangling under the hook plated with yellow-gold, rose-gold, and silver styled with a tiny black crystal for the eyes. Equipped with a delicate and robust cable chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Tribal Silver or Gold-Plated Fishhook Rope Necklace (2 Available Color)

 Tribal Silver or Gold-Plated Fishhook Rope Necklace

Grab hold of this antiquated silver or gold-tone fishhook totem equipped with a durable, light, and skin-friendly black faux braided leather. Molded to a bait holder type of fishing hook with a textured surface accentuated by dark shadows. Fishhooks were offered to the Greek God Poseidon by the seamen and fishermen to bless them with a safe journey and calm waters.  Get from HERE

  1. Black Plated Stainless Steel Fishhook Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Black Plated Stainless Steel Fishhook Necklace

Here is a hip way to show your passion for fishing. Highlighting a clean-cut Kahle fishing hook, fashioned from an ion-plated steel base. A stylish and trendy plated curb chain necklace gives comfortable and secure wear as it complements the pendants fade and scratch-resistant black, gold, or silver surface. Get from HERE

  1. Red Crystal Tribal Pattern Fishhook Necklace

 Red Crystal Tribal Pattern Fishhook Necklace

Bring to life the magic of Hawaii's mythology with this enigmatic bait holder pendant. Flawlessly made from a 316L stainless steel, designed with rustic Hawaiian pattern representing a courageous culture, giving honor to the waters. A modern and heavy-duty 70 cm rope chain necklace effortlessly balances the pendant's spiritual nature accentuated by a fiery red, circular-cut red crystal centerpiece. Get from HERE

  1. Curl Rope Pattern Fishhook Stainless Steel Necklace

 Curl Rope Pattern Fishhook Stainless Steel Necklace

Be awed by the beauty of this spectacular fishhook pendant stylized by a precise and detailed swirling rope engraving. Each curve is emphasized by a black oxidized silver accent resulting in a highly masculine appearance. Furnished with a heavy-duty and fashionable 24-inch round box chain necklace giving hip-hop and free-spirited vibe.  Get from HERE

  1. Blue Opal Sterling Silver Kahle Fishhook Necklace

 Blue Opal Sterling Silver Kahle Fishhook Necklace

Here is a Kahle fishing hook pendant made for women. Exquisite in appearance, made from fine sterling silver finished with a lustrous and silky texture. See the simulated blue opal surface reflecting the magnificent ocean bed tempting you to go back and revisit its grandeur. Elegantly paired with a slim and robust curve box chain. Get from HERE

  1. Plated Kahle Stainless Fishhook Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Plated Kahle Stainless Fishhook Necklace

Wow everyone, with this outstanding Kahle fishhook pendant equipped with a 24-inch long rope chain necklace. Available in jet-black, silver, and gold, with a gleaming sheen. Stylish statement accessory showing your love for the ocean and giving honor to your Polynesian roots. Get from HERE

  1. Traditional Hawaiian Fishhook Wood Necklace

 Traditional Hawaiian Fishhook Wood Necklace

Garb this wooded fishhook pendant and imbibe an authentic tribal vibe.  See the expertly carved jagged ends decorated with typical Hawaiian shark teeth engravings. Accompanied by a stylish white and brown rope cord secured with an adjustable sliding knot for more tightfitting and comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. Love Koi Lotus Emblem Obsidian Pendant Bead Necklace

 Love Koi Lotus Emblem Obsidian Pendant Bead Necklace

The Asian carp, also known as the koi fish, is a symbol of love and prosperity. Wear the fabulous obsidian charm pendant highlighting detailed etching of a couple of koi circling around a lotus flower representing enlightenment and purity. The curve of the fish represents balance like the yin and yang, making this beautiful necklace highly spiritual in nature. Accompanied by black beads rope cord necklace, similar to that of prayer beads. Get from HERE

  1. Parrot Fish Charm Silver-Plated Friendship Bracelet

 Parrot Fish Charm Silver-Plated Friendship Bracelet

Everyone wants a parrotfish friend in his or her life. Parrotfish are a symbol of friendship for their helpful character seen by anglers as they help their fish friends escape from traps. Highlighting a cute small replica of a silver-plated parrotfish charm, secured by a durable snake chain, equipped with a robust lobster hook clasp. Get from HERE

  1. Good Fortune Catfish Moon Emblem Gold & Silver Necklace

 Good Fortune Catfish Moon Emblem Gold & Silver Necklace

A catfish signifies adaptability and good fortune for its ability to grow from clean to muddy freshwaters. Features a grand, 3D replica of a bearded catfish with detailed scales and fins engravings made from artistically plated silver and gold shades. A crescent moon hides under the fish making this a lunar type of accessory. Equipped with a reliable cable chain necklace made from 925 sterling silver. Get from HERE

  1. 990 Silver Fish Engraved Statement Ring

 990 Silver Fish Engraved Statement Ring

Depict a manly and robust aura with this wide statement ring fashioned from premium grade 990 silver. Styled with an open end to easily adjust its size, its pliability is thanks to its high silver content, likewise making this ring more skin-friendly. A smiling and friendly fish engraving serve as the main design. Get from HERE

  1. Colored Zirconia Fish Tail Stainless Jewelry Set (7 Available Color)

 Colored Zirconia Fish Tail Stainless Jewelry Set

Show off your affinity to the ocean as you strut wearing this fabulous earrings and necklace set, molded from top-notch quality 316L stainless alloy. Styled with a fishtail feature, embedded with a line of sparkling white CZ crystals, emphasizing a teardrop colored crystal. Get from HERE
  1. Silver Tone Fishhook Military Rope Wrap Bracelet (7 Available Set)

 Silver Tone Fishhook Military Rope Wrap Bracelet

Always be ready for an emergency and garb this military rope wrap bracelet. Highlighting a durable camouflage army color made from nylon with a stylish fishhook clasp. Available in sets of twos to seven. Get from HERE


The term is used for the activity of catching fish. The art of fishing dates back to the stone age era, supported studies done on the corpse of a 40,00year old man from East Asia. It showed that the man has a regular supply of freshwater fish.  

Fish hooks

Fish hooks are traditional tools used to catch fish by snagging through their mouth or body. The oldest fish hook was found in Okinawa, made from sea snail shells, approximated to be more than 22,000 years old. Next in line is the hook found in Papua New Guinea, followed by the artifact found in Cedros island.

Parts of Fishhooks

Point – this is the pointed end of the angle used to catch the fish.

Barb – the backward spike located on the point securing the catch. Attempting to pull away will result to a ripped mouth or body of the fish.

Eye – the uppermost part where the line and the bait is secured. It is similar to the eye if a needle.

Shank and gap – The body of the hook connecting the point to the eye.


Fishhooks in the Bible

In the Bible, Fishhooks were used in the book of Amos in chapter four as he tells Israel to change its ways and seek once again the glory of God. Hooks and fishhooks will be used to take them from their land. Comparable to how a fish is taken out from the water, fast and sudden.

Fishhooks in Greek Mythology

Greek anglers and sailors used to offer fishhooks to the God of the sea and storm Poseidon prior to their journey to ask for a calm and safe expedition.

Fishhook Constellation

Scorpius is one of the brightest collection of stars in the sky, forming a fishhook like a form. However, the stars are perceived differently, deepening on the region or country. In Indonesia, the constellation is known as the brooded swan or the leaning coconut tree. In Chinese mythology, the group is seen as a portion of the great azure dragon. In Hawaii, it is known as the fishhook of Maui.

Fishhooks of Maori

Fishhooks are common as a tattoo design in most tribes surrounding the Polynesian countries. Hook, matau (Maori), or makau (Hawaiian) is a prized instrument for these people due to their location. The vast ocean was their infinite primary food source, having a limited supply of food coming from the land. They made fishhooks by combining different materials seen on artifacts found where wood, shells, and bones were secured together, creating an effective hook. This represents unity and oneness, which is a culture valued by the Polynesians. Fishhooks were also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge compared to how a hook can pierce deep within the flesh, signifying rooted information and understanding. Hawaiian women are also excellent at catching fishes they used basket traps. Woven vine baskets were filled with fish baits, lowered to the seabed. Women then dive to gather the baskets to the surface.

We go back to the demigod Maui and his fishhook. Maui was a part of Polynesian folklore. He is known as a hero and a trickster at the same time. Even with his tricks, he was loved and respected for his actions were always to improve the lives of the people. There are various tales regarding Maui and his adventures, but one highlights his use of a fishhook.

The story of Maui and the fish

Maui was horrible at fishing and was always left behind by his brothers. One night, he crafted a fishing line and enchanted with magic as he connects it to the jawbone hook his mother had presented him. He hid himself inside the hulls of the canoe and only revealed himself when they were too far from the shore to go back. Long story short, he cast his fishing line and caught something big. He asked his brothers no to look back and continue to sail as he catches the fish. One of the brothers looked around and saw a humongous fish said to be the Islands of Te waka a Maui, Te Ika a Maui, or the waka of Aoraki.

Another myth of Maui using the jawbone hook his mother gifted him involves the sun. The sun used to set quickly, leaving only a few hours of daylight, not even enough to dry newly washed clothes. Maui, together with his brothers, traveled to the location where the sun god sleeps at night. He and his brother used a long rope to catch Tama nui te ra. In the end, thanks to the mighty blow of Maui using his jawbone, the sun god agreed to travel gradually across the sky,

Polynesian Tattoo Symbols

The Samoan, Maoris, Tongans are just a few and more known groups of the Polynesian countries famous for their body art/tattoo. These tribes are actually associated with the groups living in the South East Asian region. Tattoos and carvings were originally used to identify one's self and personality. Tongan warriors are richly inked from the waist to their knees using only black ink. Tattoos were part of religious and warfare rites for the Samoans. The location of these intricate skin arts is vital in Polynesian culture. The belief to unite the Earth (lower body) with heaven (upper body) is the basis of these pattern placements.

Body Tattoo Placement

The head is the highest portion of the body, making it the heavens connection point linked to a person's spirituality and wisdom.  The upper body is associated with balance, honor, and emotion. The lower body represents sexuality, power, and life force. Upper arms are marked to strength, common for warriors and community chiefs, while the lower arms signify creativity and crafting. Joints are marks of unity as they connect the bones of our body. A tattooed knee is customary for community leaders as a symbol of high status where people usually kneel in front of them as a form of respect. Legs and feet a sign of progression and moving forward, like how we move from one location to another by putting one foot in front of the other.

Symbols and Patterns


Shark teeth

Represents protection, guidance, and fierceness. The family god called Aumakua manifest itself as a shark. He was adored on rocky locations where he was believed to inhabit. It is supposed to bring bad luck in harming these aumakua, which may take different forms. They can be in a state of a turtle, lizard, dragon, rock, plant, cloud, and other forms of animal and nature.


Another majestic creature that the aumakua takes form. If you have seen the Disney movie, you may have seen Maui changing different animal forms. This is actually a depiction of how an aumakua takes various ways to guide his descendants. Stingrays are seen as a mark of adaptability, grace, and stealth. A stingray can hide, swim with utmost grace, and can pierce you with its sharp tail. The spearhead is commonly used together with a manta ray as its tail.


Longevity, health, and peace. Turtles are perceived in two different meanings based on the artwork on its shell continuous interlinked patterns represents unity and oneness of a family. At the same time, a man figure signifies a turtle ferrying the soul of the dead to the spiritual world.



A letter E-like mark representing a man or God. This may be in a singular or a sequence and can be seen in an upside-down position signifying fallen rivals. A series of enata is called ani used to display the sky or ancestral protection.

Spearhead (maka ihe)

A symbolic pattern for warriors and anglers. This can be in a series of arrowheads (warriors), an enata holding a spear, or together with a centipede.  


A wooden stone-carved humanoid form is used to mark holy sites. They Represent ancestors that became semi Gods after their death. A symbol of protection and fertility. A tiki is commonly associated with reproduction that, at one point, it was the reproductive organ of Tane.

Waves / Ocean

The Maoris worship the ocean being their source of sustenance; it acts as a second home as they commonly travel its surface. This represents change and connection as it is believed that their deceased loved ones take residence in the ocean.

Fishhook and tiki – the combination means protection and wealth.

Fishhook and fish – prosperity

Jewelry totems and charms

Manaia – a mythological creature from the Maori culture commonly used as a pendant. Characterized by a bird head, a man's body with a fishtail. It is believed to act as a guardian and messenger for the mortals and the spirits. Commonly used as carving on weapons displaying a number 8-like form with an open-top highlighting a bird head feature.

Hei Tiki – Used as a pendant carved from pounamu, given to wives who are having difficulty conceiving a child due to its association with the Goddess of childbirth Hinetaiwaiwa. The difference between a tiki and a hei tiki is that a tiki is a large wooden carving marking a holy location, while a hei tiki is a tiki, work around the neck (Hei ). Pounamu is a robust and durable material the Maori used in jewelry, tools, and weapon making.

Hei Matau – another pendant for necklaces made from whale or cattle bones, wood, or pounamu. Characterized by a fishhook form that signifies good fortune and safe water voyage. A treasure for the Maoris representing the way of life, fishing, and the God of the sea. This is also believed to be of the same shape as the Hawkes bay.

Dolphins - the mark of unconditional love in Hawaii, in general, these magnificent creatures signifies harmony seen in how a pod of dolphin swims as they migrate from one place to another. Intellect, dolphins are said to be an intelligent being. They were also believed to transport the souls of the deceased to the afterlife.

Polynesians are inspirational people showing the world their rich and deeply embedded culture. They have high respect and sync with nature, an admirable trait that we must follow. Mother Nature has always provided us more than we need. It is high time for us to give back and protect them. We used to fish in small boats armed with fishhooks and basket traps, only taking what we need.  Now, large vessels take everything, and so much waste is dumped due to overfishing. Let us help save and protect our oceans today.

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