Effects of Decluttering and Organizing your Jewelry Box

Effects of Decluttering and Organizing your Jewelry Box

You have searched, you have found, and you have used a jewelry box of some sort, and now, it is the inescapable time to declutter and organize your accessories. If you just love wearing jewelry, I can imagine that you may have collected an assortment of trinkets in there. Rings are relatively easy to find and store, but when it comes to necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings? A collection maybe a little bit of a challenge to maintain and see our jewelry of choice, especially if you put them all together in a single compartment. We are going to answer why, how, and the effect after we have decluttered and organized our jewelry.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a receptacle or a container where we store our accessories and pieces of jewelry. Boxes were previously called caskets. The aristocrats only used jewelry caskets as a luxurious commodity. Used to house their essential documents and jewelry. They were custom made and more significant in size, comparable to a piece of small chest furniture and were only made from wooden material. Modern jewelry boxes are smaller in size, which is able to fit inside a dresser cabinet or drawers. Equipped with compartments, trays, and drawers, depending on the size.


Whether you are a jewelry accumulator or a casual jewelry user, it is advisable to have our own jewelry box to house and protect our valued jewelry. Some jewelry box also serves as a display case.


Choosing the most suitable box for you depends on the size, style, and use.


Do you have or are expecting to have a significant amount of jewelry in the coming future? If Yes, you may want a more massive sized case for your jewelry. However, if you rarely use accessories and have a few pieces at the moment, you may opt to choose a small and handy jewelry case, which you can also bring on travels.


What are the types of jewelry you have? Are they made of precious gems or more of fashion day to day pieces of jewelry? For highly valued pieces of jewelry, you may want to have them separated for your daily accessories for protection. As these precious pieces of jewelry are rarely used, constant exposure to dirt from the air due to the daily opening and closing of the case may affect its luster and brilliance. For everyday accessories, you may house them in a single compartmentalized jewelry box for easy access.



The primary use of a jewelry case is to protect your jewelry; however, that amount of defense may differ depending on the nature of jewelry it houses. Let’s face the fact that we live in a dangerous world, and we cannot have our flawless, type D colorless circular-cut diamond jewelry set lying around our dresser. It is safe to assume this expensive piece of jewelry is housed in a vault-like jewelry case.


Some pieces of jewelry are just too beautiful to be hidden inside a closed box. You can admire their beauty by placing them in a transparent glass case. This way, you can also quickly locate which accessory to use without opening the jewelry box.


These may be cylindrical, rectangular, or square-shaped. Characterized by a hard case with a soft cloth inner lining. These are small enough to fit inside your bag and can only hold a few pieces of accessories.

Reasons for a Cluttered Jewelry Box

What is the reason why we have cluttered jewelry boxes in the first place? It’s like these little pieces multiply in our sleep, and we just wake up one day thinking, where did all these come from? Science says it roots from an experience of loss, lack of space & time, and of course, over buying due to the feeling of missing out whether for trend or discount.

It is essential to know where this problem is coming from to be able to address and solve this problem. For some, constant purchase serves as short-term happiness to fill a void they feel, depression may also cause this condition. For some, it is the hype of the trend. The need to have and wear the trendiest accessory of the year or the month. While for some, limited space of not having enough time to organize their pieces of stuff.

Whatever the cause may be, it has become apparent that we need to do something, and organizing and sifting through them one by one is the only way. You may need to downsize your collection and get rid of some pieces that you no longer use or plan to use in the future.

Downsizing and Organizing

Organizing is easy if you have the space to put them, but how about if you have limited space? You need to decide which ones to let go and which one to keep. This is a tad harder because, for some who have the tendency to attach memories to things, letting go of these memorabilia is equal to letting go of the memories of the person or the experience they had. So how do we choose?

  1. Stop impulse buying

You would not be able to uphold an organized jewelry box if you succumb to impulse buying. It is the seller’s job to sell, but it is not your duty to purchase. The ability to stand your ground against the impulse to buy accessories offered with discounts, on-trend, or to get that short sense of fulfillment in is the first step that we should not forget or downsize, and reorganizing will be a constant battle we have to take. This is the reason why pointing the root of the jewelry clutter is more critical than decluttering itself. Realizing the source behind your accessory pile gives you the idea of how to sift through your pieces of jewelry.

  1. Setting a goal

What is your goal in this process? Is it to keep and maintain an organized jewelry case? To get rid of unwanted pieces of jewelry? Or for hygienic purposes? Are you reducing your collection in half? You must establish a purpose first to accomplish whatever it is that you envision.

  1. Choosing a jewelry box

Now that you have a goal, you may have an idea of how big or small your end collection would be. To get you to stick to your vision, you would need to purchase and choose a jewelry box. If you want to stick to your existing jewelry case, you may need to clean and spread them in front of you as a reminder on how many pieces can fit and not get sidetracked.

Types of Jewelry boxes

Classic dresser Jewelry box

These are your usual rectangular jewelry box with trays, sections, mirror, and drawers. This may be placed on top of your dresser or inside the dresser cabinet for storage. It features an inner lining of soft cloth, completed with a secure lock. These types of jewelry case may be made from wood, cardboard, or glass. Glass cases also serves as a display case like what we see on jewelry shops.

Wall-mounted jewelry boxes

Just like your cupboard, but for jewelry. Characterized by a large hanging cabinet, inner lined with soft fabrics. Equipped with hooks for your chain bracelets and necklaces with compartments and slots for your rings earrings and watches. Simply put, a large cabinet having inner features of a typical jewelry box.


This serves as a dresser type jewelry chest. Commonly made of wooden material with a flip-top mirror. The pulls out dressers are line with felt fabric and compartmentalized in smaller sections to organized specific types of jewelry. The lateral sides of the chest are reserved for long accessories like those long necklaces hanged by hooks with a rubberized pocket below to support and fasten the pendants.

Musical box

This type of jewelry box plays music commonly equipped with a dancing or rotating ballerina. These are small dresser type cases characterized by a padded segmented interior with trays and drawers. The material varies from light cardboards to heavy wood or porcelain. This is usually gifted to young women when they first have their own set of jewelry. A type of old fashioned jewelry box that has never gone out of style.

Ring boxes

If you have a thing for rings, then you may want to have them on a separate box. Ring boxes are small rectangular display cases with a glass-covered top. The main difference is that the rings are inserted in between soft cushions to keep them uptight and secured in their place. The interior is also lined with felt or velvet to protect them from unexpected impact.

Watch Boxes

These are specialized boxes for your wristwatches. Commonly equipped with a detachable round or cylindrical cushion to place your watches and to keep them in place. These may also serve as a display case.

Travel rolls or boxes

If you are familiar if the cylindrical sunglasses case, travel rolls kind of look like this. The roll cam open flat on its back, inner lined with a soft fabric. Built with a zippered cylindrical pocket to secure your accessories and wristwatches. It also features punctured material on the upper portion of the case to hold your hoop and dangling earrings. The case rolls like a burrito to secure everything within.

Another version of a travel jewelry case is rectangular. It features a single, segmented interior lined with soft and plush fabric. Equipped with a mirror and a reliable lock. The external surface is made from durable and sturdy material covered with leather to protect the set of jewelry from water, dust, and impact.

  1. Sorting

This is the most dreary part of the decluttering and organizing process. Deciding on which one to get rid of and which ones to keep. You have to remember to focus and stick to your goals. One this that deviates us from getting rid of useless things is the sentiments we hold. This is a collective problem that most of us have.

Nevertheless, if you find that the jewelry is too hurtful to part ways, hold on to it, but If the piece just represents an experience that does not have a deep emotional value and you have not worn it for an eon, then please it in the get rid pile. Letting go of the past is a part of our lives. The object may be gone, but what matters is that the memories we had,  stay with us in our mind and heart.


This may become an overwhelming task, so you may choose by categorizing your accessories from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and their subcategories. Now pile them according to their category as neatly as possible. You need to be able to see them clearly in front of you.


Now that you have laid everything down, it is time to look inwardly. Reflect on the last time you used them. Do you have clothes to wear them with? Did they look great on you? If you feel that you look great wearing them and you have the outfit to match them with, it’s a keeper, However, if you answered with a so-so, or you have gotten rid of or need to purchase the ensemble to go with the jewelry, then you probably won’t wear them in the future. It goes to the get rid pile.


Do you get itchy or does it bite on your skin when you wear them? Or do they excellent against your skin? Remember, if they are not comfortable, they should go to the get rid pile unless you have no other accessories in place of them. On the other hand, once a piece of jewelry looks and feels great on you, it is a no brainer that it is for keeps.


Scrutinize your for keeps pile look at them closely. Is your jewelry missing some pieces, like beads or crystals? How about the closures and clasps, are they still intact? How about the color and the polishing? Will it go back to its original luster after cleaning, or does it need professional intervention? Do you have the means to mend them, and are they worth the time and effort? Generally, is it still of quality that you are assured that it will stay intact when you wear it.


If you look at your pile, you may have noticed that you are drawn on a specific style. You do need the variety, but you have to ask yourself, how many do I need? Because some may even look the same with an indistinguishable difference. Remember, you have set a limited space. You must choose between you go to style duplicate or go for something different for eth reason that just in case I may need this… Think carefully before you decide. 


Now, what do we do with our get rid pile? Do we just throw away? Not yet! Here are the things we can do after decluttering.  



Gold and silver made jewelry that has damages still has value. You can have these quoted with your local jewelry shop or pawnshops that are open to purchasing damaged gold or silver jewelry. This may not be as expensive as its original price, but this is better than throwing them in the trash or uselessly taking space in your jewelry box.

Second hand

If you believe that your accessories are still in excellent shape, you can try selling them as a second-hand goods online. Be sure, to be honest, that this is pre-loved and describe in advance any flaw it may have.


Some vintage pieces of jewelry can be sold by components. Some jewelry collectors that may have the same jewelry as you but may need the parts that you have to repair or replace some part of theirs

Antique shop

Some people just love vintage pieces of jewelry. If you have something old or looks old, you may want to try selling them to an antique shop. A good quality vintage jewelry may even fetch higher than the new ones.


Some pieces of jewelry can serve other purposes. Beaded bracelets may be used as a curtain holder or an accent for your jeans. Brooch and pins may serve as an accent on your backpack or as a hair accessory. Play with your creativity, and find a place for them in your home.

Effects of Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering, in general, is getting rid of unneeded or unwanted pieces of jewelry that, as Marie Condo says, do not spark joy anymore. It’s either we have more than enough, or it was not as beautiful as it used to be. Decluttering and organizing our jewelry case, it has the same concept as decluttering our closet with our clothes. It also results in:

Efficiency & Productivity

Have you ever experienced having to spend more time than necessary just to find a pair of earrings? Or having to delicately untangle charm chain bracelets? It may appear like a short time, but without your knowledge, you have become less efficient, spending those precious minutes daily looking and straightening something that you should not in the first place. Those 15 minutes a day could have been used for leisure or for productive work,


Clutter is still a mess, even if it is made by expensive jewelry pieces. We have to note that our jewelry comes in direct contact with our skin. It has tiny nooks and crannies that may harbor dirt or bacteria. For some, they may take a bath wearing their jewelry for others, they may wipe them before putting them back inside the case, and for some, it goes directly back into the pile. We may seem to think that the first two are better than the last one; in some way, yes, however, we must take note that putting them in a pile without drying them fully will create a moist environment. Moist nooks generate a ground for fungi and molds. It may look like a clean pile, but we do not have bionic eyes to see if harmful bacteria are living on its surfaces.

Relives Stress

Our morning may have an impact on our whole day. A stress and hassle-free morning can result in a positive outlook and a great day. Can you imagine facing a lump of jewelry every morning? Unless you are the queen of Egypt that owns a mountain of golden accessories, this can cause stress. A missing push back or entangled necklaces, and just that specific time that you wanted to wear them. It is acceptable if you always have enough time sorting through your pile. However, there are times when you took longer in the shower, or you just snoozed your alarm for a bit. This feeling produces anxiety early in your day that may result in an irritated mood all through your day.

Minimalist Jewelry Case

Have you heard of minimalist jewelry? These pieces of jewelry are quite dainty and more straightforward than their counterparts and can complement any style. The advantage of choosing pieces of jewelry that are simple is that you do not need a vast collection. This means less clutter, less cost, and less stress.

The trick is getting modest pieces of jewelry. For example, statement rings that do shot shout I am here. Instead, it says hello there. These pieces have the oomph factor but not in a grand way. This way, you will under no circumstances have to concern yourself about over-accessorizing.

Decluttering our jewelry box is only a part of organizing our life. It is quite a symbolic act to partake for some. This means they are ready to move forward and leave all the mess behind. Some to be more efficient, while for some as a return of investment. Whatever your motive may be, one thing is for indisputable, a mess needs to be cleaned up to be healthy, happy, fulfilled, and that unexplainable feeling of a new and clean start.

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