25+ Celtic Dragon Rings and Wedding Bands | Myths, Symbolism and Buying Guide

25+ Celtic Dragon Rings and Wedding Bands | Myths, Symbolism and Buying Guide

Rings have been around for centuries. In the past, wearing rings are a statement of one’s status in a community. Only the rich and powerful can afford to own and wear rings.

A ring has a way of accentuating the hand. Some designs make your hand look dainty and fragile, while some make your hand look masculine or casual. It all depends on ring designs, structure, dimension, and material. 

A ring is widely known to be a symbol of eternity because of its shape. It is infinite, eternal, just like marriage. It goes full circle and continues without an end.  Choosing a wedding ring is a bit tricky. You would need to consider the structure of the hand and the style of the ring-wearer. A large and thick ring is not suitable for a dainty hand with long thin candle-like fingers while a thin ring does not give the right amount of effect on a manly, thick fingered hand.  

The typical ring design would be a plain band or with some stones that are quite difficult to maintain and wear every day. Nowadays, wedding rings have evolved, having unique and eye-catching designs that symbolize different significances for the couple. There are also colored rings available for fashion-forward people.

Here are some unique and beautifully designed Celtic dragon rings that you might want to consider, they are available with Tungsten, Luminous, Titanium, Ceramic :

Tungsten Carbide

1# Blue Celtic Dragon Wedding Band

    A classic wedding band for men, made from genuine tungsten carbide that can enhance the manliness of the wearer. Featuring a black and blue two-tone design with a blue Celtic dragon inlay perfectly polished that suitable for daily use.  A Blue colored gallery with a perfect finish designed for a comfortable fit.

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    2# Blue & Silver Celtic Dragon Inlay Wedding Band

      A couple's wedding band made with tungsten carbide that features an intricate silver Celtic dragon inlay enhanced by a blue colored background. This 2 toned combinations and design is suitable for both men and women. A lustrous and beveled edge for a polished look and comfortable fit. Perfect for everyday wear for its durability and scratch-resistant features.

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      3# Green and Carbon Fiber Black Celtic Dragon

        An excellent combination of emerald green and Carbon fiber black with a Celtic dragon Design inlay for men. This design and color combination is most suitable for men for a masculine look. A classic ring that can represent the power and wisdom of the wearer,  a truly is a great way to show your strength and personality.

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        4# Black and Gold Celtic Dragon

          An undoubtedly great choice for an engagement ring or as a wedding band.  Made from black Tungsten Carbide material emphasized with a Gold Celtic Dragon design, a perfect couple ring that symbolizes both faith and everlasting love for one another. Hypoallergenic with a polished gallery for a comfortable fit.

          5# Black and Silver Tone Irish Celtic Knot Dragon Wedding Band

            Two-toned Silver and black wedding band made from Excellent quality Tungsten Carbide material with a Silver Celtic knot dragon designed inlay perfectly finished gallery for a smooth slip on and comfort. Symbolizes a life of a couple bounded for eternal love, romance, and loyalty. An ideal ring to have as a symbol of promise for both couples.

            6# Gold & Silver Celtic Dragon Wedding Band

              A metallic gray Tungsten Carbide ring intricately designed with gold plated Celtic dragon inlay with a black background. A perfectly smooth gallery finish for a cozy feel and easy slip-on. An Exceptional Design and color combination that is apt as a wedding ring replacement to symbolize the promise of loyalty and infinity.

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              7# Black & Blue with Carbon Fiber Celtic Dragon Wedding Band

                Elaborately Designed Black and Blue Carbon Fiber Celtic Dragon Wedding Band for Men. Made from Exceptional Tungsten Carbide quality material designs for a comfortable fit. Durable and scratch-resistant for daily wear. Show your power and courage with this elegant ring.

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                8# Rose Gold Plated Celtic Dragon

                  A classically designed wedding band for couples with an 18K Rose gold plated Celtic Dragon inlay that is suitable for both men and women. This color gives a feminine feel, the perfect mate for the masculine Tungsten Carbide band. It’s like a marriage of two styles and colors.

                  9# Blue & Silver Celtic with Meteorite Inlay Ring

                    This ring features an elaborate design of a blue Celtic dragon and an imitative silver meteorite inlay. It is Cobalt free, has a comfortable fit, and scratch-resistant for a lifetime luster. This one of a kind design creates an illusion that is out of this world with both the mystery of space and the power of the dragon. 

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                    10# Blue Carbon Fiber Silver Celtic Dragon Inlay Wedding Band

                      A wedding band for men and women made from authentic Tungsten Carbide with a blue carbon fiber background and a Silver Celtic dragon inlay accent.  It has a smooth and finely polished finish for a comfortable fit. Scratch-resistant and a diagonal edge. Highly durable and hypoallergenic.

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                      11# Glow in the Dark Black & Silver Celtic Dragon Ring

                        Featuring a luminiferous ring made from first-rate black Tungsten carbide with a fabulous Silver Celtic dragon pattern inlay.  Made from environmentally friendly material.  Feel the mystery and magic of the dragon as it glows on your finger.  The best gift for dragon enthusiast friends and loved ones. 

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                        12# Green & Gold Celtic Dragon Glow in the Dark Wedding Ring

                        A Unique glow in the dark silver Tungsten Carbide wedding ring emphasized with gold Celtic dragon design inlay. The light green, bright background highlights this fabulous ring even in the dark. Suitable for both men and women. Hypoallergenic, perfectly polished finish gallery and made from Eco-friendly materials.

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                        13# Blue Celtic Dragon Glow in the Dark Black

                          Perfectly designed ring for both men and women made from high-quality titanium.  It features an exceptional blue Celtic dragon inlay. A glow in the dark background that surely light up your night. Guaranteed made from Environmental-friendly materials. Let the ring absorb the light for a better glow in the dark.   A great engagement gift for your partner.

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                          14# Rose Gold Celtic Dragon Titanium Wedding Ring

                            A wedding band made with genuine black Titanium with accentuated by a Rose gold plated Celtic dragon inlay that undoubtedly is a head-turner. This ring features a smooth finish for a comfortable fit and smooth slip-on.  An ideal gift for your family and special someone.   

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                            15# Gold-Tone Dragon Inlay Over Real Wood Titanium Wedding Band

                              A striking black-coated solid titanium ring, featuring a smooth top band with diagonal edges. Elegantly designed with a gold-tone dragon pattern inlay over genuine wood inlay.  Simple and classic with just the right amount of style.   Lightweight and has a comfortable fit, Hypoallergenic with a Fine polished Gallery and a diagonal edge. 

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                              16# Titanium Band with Dragon Design and Cubic Zirconia Accent

                                A Sleek and contemporary ring made from authentic solid titanium, designed with a yellow-toned dragon pattern inlay with a diagonal edge. Emphasized with a set of three vibrant round cubic zirconia in the middle. A perfect finish for a comfortable fit. Lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. Suitable for both men and women.

                                17# Titanium Band with Dragon Pattern Over Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

                                  A stunning titanium ring crafted from authentic solid titanium that features a silver dragon design with blue carbon fiber inlay. A smooth top with diagonal edge design. Guaranteed Hypoallergenic, lightweight with a comfortable fit. Highly durable and scratch-resistant. A genuinely fantastic ring to symbolize one’s love for each other.

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                                  18# Titanium Ring with Dragon Pattern Over Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay and Azure Cubic Zirconia

                                    This audacious ring expertly crafted from lightweight titanium makes a one of a kind addition to your daily attire. Featuring a dragon design over azure carbon fiber and a three-point set of azure cubic zirconia for an illustrious look. An excellent modern wedding band for modern-day couples. Lightweight and Hypoallergenic.

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                                    19# Black Titanium Band with Dragon Design with Black Cubic Zirconia Accent

                                      This audacious ring skillfully crafted from lightweight titanium makes an exceptional addition to your daily attire. Featuring a dragon design over azure carbon fiber and a three-point set of black cubic zirconia for an illustrious look. An excellent modern wedding band for modern-day couples. Lightweight and Hypoallergenic.

                                      20# Titanium Ring with a Celtic Dragon Design over Azure Carbon Fiber Inlay

                                        A highly durable elegant ring made from authentic titanium. Featuring a silver Celtic dragon on azure carbon fiber background. Ultra-Lightweight and Hypoallergenic. A high polished finish for a more comfortable fit and slip-on.  Guaranteed to be scratch-resistant and maintains its polished look that lasts a lifetime.

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                                        21# Black Ceramic Engagement Band with Dragon Design Over Blue Carbon Fiber

                                          A striking ceramic ring crafted from Solid black Ceramic. Featuring a dragon design over a blue carbon fiber background. It also features a diagonal edge polished flawlessly for a comfortable slide and fit. Guaranteed hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and durable. With the right care, it can last for a lifetime.

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                                          22# Black Ceramic Wedding Ring with Gold-tone Dragon Pattern Over a Wood Inlay

                                            A remarkable ceramic ring crafted from Solid black Ceramic. Featuring a gold-toned dragon design over genuine wood inlay. It also features a diagonal edge polished flawlessly for a comfortable slide and fit. Guaranteed hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and durable. A perfect symbol of eternal marriage and promise of love and loyalty.

                                            23# Black Ceramic Celtic Dragon design Over Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

                                              An astonishing ceramic ring crafted from Solid black Ceramic. Featuring a pink Celtic dragon design over carbon fiber inlay. It also features a diagonal edge polished flawlessly for a comfortable slide and fit. Guaranteed hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and durable. A more feminine look that is best fit for women's delicate hand. 

                                              The symbolism of a Dragon in Celtic Mythology:

                                              Dragon is also known as a spirit animal. It is be believed to bring magic and balance into one’s life. For centuries, dragons are regarded to be a powerful and magical being, thus making them an excellent ally. It can provide you peace though beware for dragons can also embody the devil.

                                              Dragons used to be a vital part of Celtic beliefs. The Celts live in harmony to the land, and dragons were thought to have power over the land. In Celtic mythology, Dragons are portrayed to be of a realm equivalent to the physical world. The Celtic dragon symbolizes Fearlessness, sovereignty, power, masculinity. 

                                              There are two forms of dragons in Celtic folklore: One form of a dragon has wings and four legs — the second one, the sea serpent that illustrates a gigantic serpent with wings. Dragons were known as a symbol of supremacy and intelligence amongst leaders. Celtic dragons also signify protection and wisdom. 

                                              Celtic representation of the dragon swallowing its tail, forming a never-ending circle indicative of the unending knot in the Celtic tree of life.   

                                              Celtic Knots

                                              Celtic knots are also famously known as endless knots because it has no beginning and an end. This knot represents the never-ending cycle of nature and life. The tree of life knots symbolizes the parts of the tree from the branches, and roots weave together, showing an infinite cycle of life. This tree is also deemed to give positive energy making it a celebrated design. 

                                              Ley lines

                                              Have you heard of the Ley lines? Dragons have also been believed to affect the land, due to its magical power, there have been beliefs that the power of the dragon affects the places they go through. To some, these are not just geographic, physical lines but also has deeper connotations. These lines link to the dragon’s path. The term dragon lines refer to the path that dragons take with relation to cosmic forces. As dragons follow these lines, they increase the amount of force in those areas. Up to these days, there are still some mysterious rituals that still believes that calling upon the eye of the dragon strengthens their power. 

                                              Eye of the Dragon

                                              What is the eye of the dragon, you may ask? The word dragon in Greek means to see clearly, for Dragons are believed to have the gift of vision, foresight, and wisdom, making them the guardian of the land. To predict specific events that may happen in the future. Celts deem dragons to guard the gateway to both heaven and the abyss. 

                                              Celtic tree of Life

                                              Trees were a central part of the Celt's philosophy and culture. They hold the Tree of life with utmost importance. The Celtic tree symbolizes the harmony and balance of nature. This belief originated from how trees grow tall and wide, protecting other forms of life. In the past, Celts honor the tree of life by keeping one massive tree amid the field when it’s time to clear their land. They believe that it has the power to care for all life forms providing food, shelter, and medicine. 


                                              The Celtic ring design originated from Ireland is a popular trend nowadays for its special meaning, known as Faith and Claddagh rings that make it popular as a couples’ ring or for wedding bands.

                                              How to wear Celtic rings:

                                              Since the Celtic dragon symbolizes Faith, wearing it in a certain way also means another thing. Previously worn only by women, for wedded or betrothed, the ring sits on the left hand with the heart pointed in the opposite direction of the heart, meaning the wearer is keen on love and having a romantic relationship with the other person. If the wearer wears it on the right hand, with the heart pointing in the direction the heart, this means she is not eager in having a relationship

                                              Things to Consider in choosing a ring:


                                              They say that size matters, especially to rings. Always check the size guidelines first and measure the size of your finger. The correct size of the ring sits comfortably on your finger without feeling too tight or too loose. The perfect way to choose the right size for you is choosing a half size or a size larger than the one that fits you. 


                                              Rings are everyday wear. The ring must not only feel good on your finger but also must accentuate your hand. The right ring gives the impression of the wearer's personality, whether it is a fashion-forward or straightforward style. The ring adds character to the wearer. And thus highlight one's personality.

                                              Skin Sensitivity:

                                              The ring should be nonreactive and stable. Most people have skin reactions to nickel and cobalt. Knowing your skin sensitivity is vital in choosing your rings. It may look good, but when you feel itchy, and your skin inflames while using it. It can cause you more damage than good. 


                                              Choosing a durable ring is a factor in buying your ring. Soft material like gold tends to bend though it is highly-priced in the market. It's pricey and a bit fragile depending on the design, so there is a propensity to snap or break at the smallest pressure. Assurance that the ring is durable and can last for a long time is an excellent factor to consider. Rings sits on a finger, and the most used part of the body are the hands. The affinity for impact and break is high. Therefore choosing a durable material is highly recommended.


                                              Prices have always been a factor for every purchase. Of course, we usually choose the more affordable ones. Who won’t? You must consider the price and the quality of the product you buy. Like how long it can last. Does it feature a unique design that suits you? And how long will we use it? The value should depend on the features and longevity of the product. 

                                              Frequently Asked Questions about rings. (FAQ)

                                              1.  How do I size my finger?

                                              Find a half or a size larger than the one that fits you because fingers tend to get a little bigger on warm weather and smaller during cold weather. 

                                              To measure your finger at home, use a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger closest to your knuckle, then mark the spot where the paper meet and measure with a ruler. Go to your nearest jewelry for a proper fitting. 

                                              1. Do wedding rings have to match entirely?

                                              Not really, It all depends on the preference of the wearer.  Wedding rings usually matches in some aspect.  For example, the thickness of the band may vary, and the placement and size of the stone but both have the same style, such as the pattern or the material used. 

                                              1. Can my ring be resized?

                                              Yes and No. It depends on the material. If made with soft metals such as gold, then the answer is yes. But unfortunately, not for materials such as Tungsten and Ceramics, this is due to their durability.  That is the reason why it is essential to size your finger before purchasing or be sure to have an exchange policy if the size does not fit your finger.


                                              Whatever your beliefs might be, it is undeniable that dragons are mystical creatures that possess supreme power. A symbol of wisdom and protection. This symbol, when combined with the Celtic Knot, creates a deeper meaning of infinite Cycle of life, power, and protection. A great design to symbolize a promise of eternal love and commitment to one another similar to marriage.

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