60+ Awesome Buddha Bead Bracelets You May Really Want

60+ Awesome Buddha Bead Bracelets You May Really Want

Have you heard of Buddha bracelets? These are also called prayer beads that the Buddhist religion use for prayers and meditations. Prayers are motivated by different mantras, depending on the purpose. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism that journey to find self-enlightenment. Prayer beads in Buddhism consist of 108 beads in total with an amulet if a tassel end. The bead represents human desires, afflictions, and to count the oration of mantras. It is used in meditation and direct breathing in a state of meditation.

Buddha bracelets are a shorter version of mala, or prayer beads are made up of around 21 - 28 beads that are used in doing prostrations.

Buddha bracelets are also widely available as a fashion bracelet, mostly made of colored wooden beads, crystals, and lava stones that can be used for on-the-go aromatherapy. Their porous nature can absorb essential oils that can soothe and relieve stress. Buddha bracelets are a combination of natural beauty as well as used in holistic therapy to achieve a healthy mind and body with the help of nature.

Here are some of our trendy and contemporary versions of a Buddha bracelet suitable for men and women.

  1. Long Obsidian Mala Bead Wrap Bracelet

 Long Obsidian Mala Bead Wrap Bracelet

Unequaled sophistication can be seen in this traditional mala bead bracelet made from natural obsidian beads, styled with chakra colored stones that can be worn as a fashionable wrap bracelet, or as a long beaded prayer necklace designed for men of classic and trendy style. Get from HERE

  1. Natural Lava Bead Colored Stone Elastic Bracelet (6 Available Color)

 Natural Lava Bead Colored Stone Elastic Bracelet

Aromatherapy with the support of chakra stones and blessings that comes from Mother Nature can be achieved with this stunning elastic healing mala bracelets. Black lava beads adorned with marbled colored chakra beads as well as gold spacer accents. Get from HERE

  1. 2PC Black Lava Hematite Aromatherapy Bead Bracelet (5 Available Color)

 2PC Black Lava Hematite Aromatherapy Bead Bracelet

A stylish and modern version of a mala bracelet, a set that features black lava beads bracelets adorned with ellipse shaped hematite beads and a bejeweled centerpiece. Wear this in pairs or single for a hip fashion that can be paired with any of your outfits. Get from HERE

  1. 2PC Lava Chakra Bead Bracelet (6 Available Set)

 2PC Lava Chakra Bead Bracelet

Rich, porous black lava rock chakra bracelet to heal and cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. Natural lava bead that supports aromatherapy and 7 colored chakra beads for meditation. Bounded by a heavy-duty elastic band and decorated with silver spacer beads. Get from HERE

Some materials used depends on the focus of the meditation

Bodhi tree

A sacred type of fig fro during Buddha’s journey to enlightenment, it is under this specific type of tree that he had achieved enlightenment in India.

  • Rattan seeds, a general-purpose mala that are also called by the Tibetans as moon and stars. Hard, ivory white with tiny holes that represent the moons and black specks that depict the stars. These are mainly used during pacifying mantras.
  • Saffron, lotus, and sandalwood seeds are used to magnetize and attract positive forces and karma. Samantha meditation is a version of the Theravada Buddhist mantra that promotes a tranquil mind and uses fragrant woods.
  • Crystals, pearls, and conch, which are all white in colors, are also in building compassion, the purification process of the mind, and the body to repel physical and mental illnesses and bad karma.
  • Blueberry beads or bone are used to tame energies that harm others like evil spirits that cause emotional and mental turmoil.
  • Metals like silver, gold, copper, and amber material are used in increasing mantras that are believed to enhance and lengthen life expectancy, wisdom, and virtue.

Types of mantras in Buddhism

Mantras are orations that bring success in all aspects of life, helps with achieving growth, wisdom, and enlightenment.

  1. The White Tara mantra is recited during meditation. Prayers of chants that are combined with positive intention or wishes for someone else like for a loved one. The purpose of this mantra is to release someone from his sufferings, generate compassion as well as have a longer life.
  2. For overcoming relationships, the Green Tara Mantra is recited.
  3. Amitabha Mantra is used in overcoming difficulties and problems that hinder one’s journey to self-enlightenment.
  4. To ask for blessing and receive compassion from Chenrezig, Avalokitesvara Mantra is used. Journey to enlightenment with love and compassion, a pure and high level of wisdom that can be put into practice.
  5. Shakyamuni mantra is chanted when you want to embody Buddha’s nature that is said to be innate to all of us.
  6. The medicine Buddha mantras are chanted to ask for success and enlightenment. Relieve from pain and suffering from sickness and give them a peaceful mind.
Buddhist bracelets bring inexplicable peace and calmness. Whether its brought about by the wooden nature of the bracelet or receiving a blessing from the cosmic force of the universe. Aside from being fashionable, Buddhist bracelets are also environmentally friendly, having materials of organic origin. No matter if you are a believer in meditation or Buddhist, studies show that regular meditation is proven to help calm the mind and release stress. With all the things that are happening around us and the world, we could use some items to support our well-being and enable us to practice these calming practices wherever we may be. Let’s practice some meditation with your own Buddhist bracelet.
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