20+ Bomber Hats for Men to Shop Today

20+ Bomber Hats for Men to Shop Today

Are you excited and ready for your next winter vacation and activities? Then it is time to look for a new and perfect companion to keep you warm and shield you from the cold weather. Bomber hats! Yes, it is time to leave you beanie aside and wear a more stylish and up-to-the-minute winter hat. Bomber hats or aviator hats or ushanka, whatever version you may prefer to call it, these are winter hats lined with either real or faux fur with elongated earflaps. High-quality bomber hats are made from windbreaker fabrics not just for aesthetics but also for functionality. What are these materials? As bomber hats are always equipped with inner fur lining, learning about the dos and don'ts to keep our hats in shape for an extended period of time, the pros and cons are also beneficial for us to understand how to wear, and which one should we choose for ourselves. Of course, history is never far behind and the different versions of bomber hats.

Before we move on and learn more about the bomber hat, let us look at some of the most functional and stylish bomber hats available in the market.

  1. Adjustable Cotton Fit Visor Mask Aviator Hat (4 Available Colors)

Adjustable Cotton Fit Visor Mask Aviator Hat

Wind, snow, or rain, be ready to protect yourself with this all-inclusive hat made from high-quality windbreaker polyester fabric lined with faux cotton fur. Fashioned with sturdy visor and a full-face cover with a heavy-duty button catch. Adjustable elastic guarantees a comfortable and snug fit to keep the cold out. Get from HERE

  1. Tartan Plaid Fur Tweed Chin Strap Trapper Hat (2 Available Colors)

Tartan Plaid Fur Tweed Chin Strap Trapper Hat

Exhibit a fashionable look even covered up this winter season with this trendy and catwalk-ready tweed hat with a soft and thick faux chinchilla fur and cotton lining. Full and warm earflaps completed with an adjustable chin strap for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in gray and red color. Get from HERE

  1. Faux Leather Fur Aviator Hat (2 Available Colors)

Faux Leather Fur Aviator Hat (

Here is a mixed style winter hat, which exhibits a classic aviator hat external feature with an adjustable back and chin strap and a circular sewn side design. Faux leather exterior lined with thick and soft faux rabbit fur for comfortable wear. Available in worn-out brown and black fine grain simulated leather. Get from HERE

  1. Red & Gray Checkered Cotton Fur Hat

Red & Gray Checkered Cotton Fur Hat

Be seen amid the sea of snow with this red and black checkered winter hat made from high-quality cotton styled with the signature northland double earflap and side button. Equipped with thick and soft faux wool gray fur and an adjustable chinstrap secured by a heavy-duty plastic buckle clasp for a secure and snug fit. Get from HERE

  1. Classic Easy Store Soft Wool Winter Hat (5 Available Colors)

Classic Easy Store Soft Wool Winter Hat

Look adorable with this furry trapper hat available in five delightful colors made especially for women. Soft and smooth to touch made from dyed faux leather with classy earflaps and an adjustable chinstrap secured by a durable black plastic buckle clasp. Look chic by sporting a ski-style hat by locking the tow flaps together on top of the crown. Get from HERE

  1. Adjustable Drawstring Polyester Fur Hat (2 Available Colors)

Adjustable Drawstring Polyester Fur Hat

Add style to your rustic look by wearing this modernly fashioned Northwood style hat this winter. Featuring a bomber hat made with a piece of dyed polyester exterior equipped with thick and soft faux beaver fur interior lining and as a piping accent. Black buttons to secure the earflaps for a ski-style look. Get from HERE

  1. Colorful Yarn Wool Fur Chin Strap Hat

Colorful Yarn Wool Fur Chin Strap Hat

Exhibit a fun and spirited vibe as you ski your way down the slopes. Skillfully made from multicolored yarn with fluffy and thick faux beaver fur inner lining. Long earflaps equipped with durable plastic buckle catch. Smaller earflap accent with imitation fur piping that creates a cute and adorable vibe. Get from HERE

  1. Thick & Furry Beige Foldable Trapper Hat (3 Available Sizes)

Thick & Furry Beige Foldable Trapper Hat

Sport an elegant and clean look with this gorgeous hat made from a piece of high-quality polyester fabric with a water-resistant property. Keep your head protected as it keeps the cold air from coming in your hat while staying comfortable as the thick and soft faux beaver fur provides enough warmth. Get from HERE

  1. Polyester Wool Fur Trapper Hat With Mask (3 Available Colors)

Polyester Wool Fur Trapper Hat With Mask

Gear up this winter season and get full protection by wearing this wondrous hat made with a nylon fabric. Nylon is la light fabric that keeps the cold air from coming in as the faux rabbit fur that gives enough warmth and softness for comfortably warm wear equipped with a detachable face cover protects your face from being hit by the cold wind. Get from HERE

  1. Thick Buttoned Polyester Fur Bomber Hat (4 Available Colors)

Thick Buttoned Polyester Fur Bomber Hat

Versatile in style and appeal and available in four refined colors, wear it in a traditional style during extreme cold, or in a crown ski-style version for a compact look. Expertly made from a piece of high-grade windbreaker polyester fabric, which is lightweight and exhibits a water-resistant property. Lined with soft and beautiful faux beaver fur to protect you from the cold weather. Get from HERE

  1. Knitted Christmas Holiday Theme Fur Hat (2 Available Colors)

Knitted Christmas Holiday Theme Fur Hat

Ho! Ho! Ho! Are you excited for the holiday season? Grab this holiday-inspired hat made from beautifully knit fabric with reindeers and snow patterns lined with gorgeous faux chinchilla fur. Furnished with chinstraps that you can secure by tying under your chin for a snug and comfortable fit. Get from HERE

  1. Cotton Fur Adjustable Face Mask Full Gear Hat (2 Available Colors)

Cotton Fur Adjustable Face Mask Full Gear Hat

Get full-on protection from your head up to your chin by sporting this hat made from lightweight and windproof nylon material in five lovely shades. Featuring a sleek exterior paired with black short pile faux fur lining, adjustable elastic tie on both the upper and lower portion of the face shield for close-fitting and comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. Pastel Camouflage Polyester Fur Women's Hat (2 Available Colors)

Pastel Camouflage Polyester Fur Women's Hat

Have fun under the snow and play with your loved ones, introducing a charming piece of headgear to protect you this winter season. Characterized by a fresh and youthful pastel-colored camouflage polyester fabric with a cute pair of small earflap accent. Clean and smooth white faux fur covers the inner portion of this splendid hat for comfortable and stylish wear. Get from HERE

  1. Tweed Plaid Fur Hat with Adjustable Chin Strap (2 Available Colors)

Tweed Plaid Fur Hat with Adjustable Chin Strap

Nothing speaks retro but paid, this Gray and red plaid pattern tweed fabric would not just protect you this winter but gives an unexpected personality and stylish look. Made from dense and warm polyester fabric with short pile faux beaver fur inner lining with an adjustable chinstrap secured by a heavy-duty black plastic buckle latch. Get from HERE

  1. Faux Black Leather Aviator Hat with Visor

Faux Black Leather Aviator Hat with Visor

Here is an authentic-looking aviator hat perfect for your steampunk get together. Featuring a bomber hat made with highly glossy black simulated leather with seamless stitching. Styled with a full-size visor and piece of short pile black faux fur lining. Completed with strong chinstrap with a sturdy plastic buckle for a secured fit. Get from HERE

  1. Foldable Striped Wool Fur Winter Hat (3 Available Colors)

Foldable Striped Wool Fur Winter Hat

Enjoy the cold weather, and keep your head warm by wearing this modish and classic stripe bomber hat outdoors. Furnished with a thickly covered inner lining of simulated short pile fur to give a warm and cozy feel. Two pairs of a black button enable you to wear it in three-way by securing the earflaps in different lengths depending on your need and amount of protection. Get from HERE

  1. Full Protection Wool Fur Winter Hat (7 Available Colors)

Full Protection Wool Fur Winter Hat

Cover up and protect yourself from frostbite as you explore the outdoors this winter. Featuring a full protection gear available in seven solid colors. Sleek and windproof polyester material shields you from the cold air as the thick and soft faux fur lining keeps the warmth inside. Detachable face cover safeguards your face from strong winds and snow. Finally, the durable chinstrap grantees a sung and tightly fitted wear. Get from HERE

  1. Polyester Fur Aviator Hat with Visor & Buttoned Face Cover (3 Available Colors)

Polyester Fur Aviator Hat with Visor & Buttoned Face Cover

You would never have to worry about the snow, wind, and rain with this highly functional winter hat. Exquisitely made from thick and windproof polyester equipped with a full-sized visor to protect your eye in the absence of your trustee goggles. Detachable Face shield, together with the earflaps, keeps the cold outside as the faux fur provides a soft and warm feel. Get from HERE

  1. Face Cover Nylon Fur Winter Hat (4 Available Colors)

Face Cover Nylon Fur Winter Hat

It is time to cover and shield yourself before you trip outside. Wear this upscale and functional winter hat equipped with a detachable face shield and a heavy-duty plastic buckle clasp. Water-resistant polyester fabric protects you from the outside, while the fabulous and warm simulated rabbit fur provides a cozy and comfortable feel. Get from HERE

Bomber hats are also known as aviator helmet, made from the leather exterior with an earflap and a chinstrap as well as a short bill visor. Equipped with a fur or fleece interior lining. Worn together with a pair of goggles to protect the eyes of the pilots. Famous in the 20th century when open cockpit airplanes were used. Used to keep the head and ears for pilots warm. At present, aside from being a fashionable winter hat, an aviator hat is also a part of the steampunk fashion.

Bomber Hat Counterparts

The bomber hat is a style fashioned from a Russian hat called ushanka that means an earflap hat in English, a fur cap with a pair of earflaps with a chinstrap to protect parts of the face from the ears, jaws, and chin. It can be worn in style called ski-style, which is a crown-like cap appearance when tied up that gives a better-quality vision that is crucial with high-speed skiing.


Ushanka is a design that originated from a hat called treukh, it resembles a bomber hat that only differs in the length of the earflap, which can reach the shoulder. Initially made from rabbit or sheepskin, but due to the concerns about animal cruelty, artificial fur or fish fur are now being utilized. Fish fur is made of a pile of wool with a cloth exterior. These can provide warmth, much like wool, but for extremely cold temperatures, it is better to purchase an ushanka made from animal fur that can provide protection for the wearer even from extreme or deep frost.

Developed in the 19th century, it was a winter uniform hat used during the Russian civil war. It was later that it became a trademark for the Soviet Union and the Russian federation. From being a part of a military uniform to

Lei Feng Hat

Lei Feng was a selfless and devoted soldier of the liberation army of China during Mao Zedong's reign. He is the poster boy for a role model serviceman recognized from his iconic hat known as a Lei Feng hat that was made from fur in black or green with a red star accent, it also has a pair of detachable earflaps.


Originated in Sweden, a version of the ushanka of Russia that simulates its overall look except for the all-around use of long pile fur exterior.

Northwood Style

The American version of the ushanka or a trapper hat having a polyester exterior and an additional pair of smaller earflap accent as the only difference.

Dos and Don'ts for Real Fur Bomber Hats


  • Store in a separate storage box. Choose a dark or shaded part far away from the heat from the sun and appliances.
  • Get it cleaned by a professional once a year or as needed especially when stained.


  • Do not use cloth dyer or even hairdryer in drying your hats.
  • Never put and wash your hat in a washing machine this would damage the quality of the fur as well as the exterior fabric it is made of.

Types of Windbreaker Fabric

Good quality bomber hats are made from windbreaker fabrics to maximize its use. What are the windbreaker fabrics? These are lightweight and breathable that can or cannot have any water resistance property. These do not produce any warmth, but instead, it prevents the cold air from the outside from coming in, and come in contact with the skin. For better protection, your bomber hat should be made from windbreaker fabrics such as:


Classic material, which exhibits a wind and water resistance property. Made from synthetic polymers, highly durable and resistant to abrasion. This makes it suitable for outdoor activities, and its resistance to molds and mildew makes it a hygienic material best suited for clothes and hats.

Micro Polyester

These are commonly known as microfiber. Soft and light made from a cotton or mesh coating. These provide insulation making it a standard fabric used on sleeping bags. It can repel water and are quite difficult to stain, making it suitable for outdoor use.


Heavier than micro-polyester fabric, that is made with similar synthetic materials like the micro polyesters fabric. Known for its durability and wrinkle resistant property, making it's the most utilized fabric in jackets. Its resistance to mildew also makes it an excellent material, especially for moist and cold weather.


Dense, soft, and a little glossy, a brushed polyester that has a less water-resistant capacity, Best for cold weather for its heavyweight, soft and comfortable feel. These are breathable than nylon and polyesters and used mainly as a lining material.

Types of Fur Fabric:

Faux fur? What exactly is it? Since a bomber hat is made of fur, we need to understand the difference between faux or simulated fur and natural fur from animal origin.

Faux fur

Unnatural or manmade fur is made of a pile of synthetic fabrics made of various tint and textures to imitate a genuine animal fur. This array of materials may be wool, silk, or cotton. First introduced in the market in 1929 using hairs of alpaca. The quality improved in 1940 to 1950s, wherein synthetic acrylic polymers replaced the alpaca hairs.


  • Affordable

Compared to the real fur, imitation fur are comparatively cheaper. This roots from widely available acrylics and synthetic materials used in making them.

  • Animal Friendly

Whether you adore animals or not, you would not be subjected to the feeling of guilt, particularly when you see videos on how poorly some of these animals are treated just to get their beautiful furs. You would achieve the look that you want without intentionally hurting these innocent creatures.

  • Easy to maintain

Real fur hates heat and attracts moths and other insects that houses in furs. Since faux coats are made from both natural and synthetic material, you can treat your hair fur hat a regular piece of clothing except for some regular brushing and storing.

  • Readily available

Faux furs are widely made by textile manufacturers. Therefore there is no shortage in supply from it that can be easily made even from leftover fabrics. This balances the supply and demand, thus maintaining an affordable and easily procured product.


  • Limited warmth

Wool can only give so much, even polyester can only prevent the entry of cold air, and it cannot generate heat like how real fur delivers.

  • Non-biodegradable

Choosing faux over faux fur also has its consequences. Since imitation fur is made of synthetic materials such as acrylics and modacrylic polymers that takes around five hundred to one thousand years to degrade. It is like choosing between protecting animals over mother Earth.

  • Cannot simulate the delicate texture of a genuine animal fur

Faux furs are not breathable, and even the highest quality called imitation fur still cannot replicate the exceptional fur quality of natural fur.

Real Fur

Made from hairy animals, the use of animal fur has been around since humans have discovered using hides of animals as clothing to protect them from cold temperatures. Beaver, fox, wolf, and other furry animal's pelts were used for hats and coats, especially in cold countries, for their ability to provide a warm and cozy feel. As of now, some states have banned or have considered killing animals for fur as illegal, while some still condone the act.


  • Highly glamorous

One of the reasons why high profile and wealthy individuals prefer to buy real animal fur hats and coats is the glamour and luxury that comes with it. It just immediately gives a wow factor that only high-quality genuine fur can provide.

  • Warm and unparalleled exceptional quality

Synthetic fur may be able to mimic the aesthetic of a real fur, but it cannot provide the warmth and softness of the animal fur. Imitation fur may also have an itchy feel that natural fur does not have.


  • Animal cruelty

Okay, so you may say that you really love the feel of your real animal fur, and you have the right to have one, but as more and more people are considered woke in the animal cruelty campaign, you might one day have an encounter with a supporter. Some may be confrontational while some would just give you the judgmental side-eye, but both would subject you to an uncomfortable situation.

  • High cost

It would take a couple or more to make a hat made of real fur. Like leather, the complex process of creating one would add to the cost of the hat, not to mention the type of animal and the quality of fur used.

If you want to go for a rugged and chic look this winter, you had better get a bowler hat that can protect you from the cold from the crown of your head, ears, and chins. You can even choose one with a face cover for full head coverage. You would never know what the weather would throw on you, so you had better choose functionality over aesthetics. You would not want to get frostbite, right?

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