Motorcycle Chain Bracelets - 35 of The Best Bike Bracelets To Ride With

Motorcycle Chain Bracelets - 35 of The Best Bike Bracelets To Ride With

Vroom! Vroom! Are you a fan of motorbikes? A rebel at heart? Or just a fan of fashion. Whichever you are, I am sure you have noticed bracelets that take the appearance of a motorbike chain. This design made for men, but some are also suitable for women. It can be with a skull design, gems, or leather — a variety of materials to complement each other in style or properties.

Chains are a set of metals interconnected together to form a cord or a rope. These regular chains in accessories are sometimes easy to break or snaps. That is where motorbike chains come in. This kind of chain is designed to endure stress and dragging. They are characterized by rollers and pins to secure each link together. Aside from durability, Biker chains also have this masculine aura that automatically creates the illusion of a roughneck or a rebel. Tough and manly.

Chain with a skull design is quite scary. Skulls mainly portray the symbol of passing. Death is unavoidable for all since we are all mortals. Some people wear the symbol as a sign of braveness, meaning they are not afraid of death. Fashion-wise, it adds character to the wearer making it a fashionable accessory for themed parties or daily casual outfit.

Here some bracelets with a motorbike chain design bracelets that you may like:

1# Biker Skull Motorcycle Bracelet

     Biker Skull Motorcycle Bracelet

    This elaborately designed bracelet would make you want to wear your punkiest outfit. Crafted from pure stainless steel metal, realistic three-dimensional representation of a skull. A biker chain design bracelet that is smooth on the skin. Express your hidden ruffian in you with this high-quality bracelet. Get from HERE

    2# Black/Red Skull Biker Bracelet

      Black/Red Skull Biker Bracelet

      Feel muy macho with this realistic design of a black skull with red eyes made from high quality black and red plated stainless steel is a must-have for all those who do not conform to the norm. Secured at the end with a durable clip-on clasp. Get from HERE

      3# Stainless Skull Biker Link Bracelet

         Stainless Skull Biker Link Bracelet

        Feast your eyes on this lifelike skull designed bracelet. Skillfully crafted from high-grade stainless steel material that would leave you in awe of its detailed features. Classy and polished to perfection. Rust-proof and easy to clean. Guaranteed to keep its shine and last a lifetime. Get from HERE

        4# Alloy Black Leather Link Chain Bracelet

           Alloy Black Leather Link Chain Bracelet

          Rock this savage-looking bracelet with your best rock outfit. Featuring a combination of leather, intricately laced in between alloy metal with a clip-on leather clasp. Adjustable to two sizes for a better snug or loose fit. Comfortable to wear with the right amount of weight you need on your wrist. Get from HERE

          5# Sterling Silver Thin Biker Chain Fashion Bracelet

            Sterling Silver Thin Biker Chain Fashion Bracelet

            An elegant bike chain design bracelet constructed from high-quality 925 sterling silver. Polished to a sleek and even surface suitable for men due to its thick and bulky from. Assembled with a sturdy metal fold-over clasp. A robust bracelet for everyday wear together with casual outfits. Get from HERE

            6# Stainless Steel Custom Engraved Motorbike Link Chain Bracelet

              Stainless Steel Custom Engraved Motorbike Link Chain Bracelet

              Here is a stylish link chain bracelet explicitly crafted from premium quality 316L stainless alloy. Available in solid silver or silver and gold color combination, highlighting a rectangular plate prepared for personal engravings. A long-lasting and chic bracelet for men. A sweet token to give for your friends and family. Get from HERE

              7# Thick Link Chain Biker Skull Stainless Bracelet (4 Available Color)

                Thick Link Chain Biker Skull Stainless Bracelet

                Presenting a punk biker bracelet suitable for men who prefer hip-hop style outfits. Available in pure gold or silver, or a combination of the two. Stylized with 2D skull link, set in between curb chain. Durable and easy to maintain with regular mild cleaning to keep its luster and gloss. Get from HERE

                8# Multi-colored Steel Bike Chain Bracelet (14 Available Color)

                  Multi-colored Steel Bike Chain Bracelet

                  This sporty looking link bracelet is a must-have for sporty men with bold personality. Impeccably crafted from premium grade stainless steel alloy enhances by multiple colored links, secured by a robust fold-over clasp for a secure mount. A relaxed feel on your skin with just the right amount of weight. Get from HERE

                  9# Black and Silver Titanium Chain

                    Black and Silver Titanium Chain

                    Specially designed for men with a substantial wrist size. This bracelet would undoubtedly emphasize your well-toned arms from your wrist to your muscular biceps. A manly mans’ bracelet for an active lifestyle. Crafted from top quality titanium metal, a strong and robust metal perfect for men like you. Get from HERE

                    10# Black and Gold Wide Chain Bracelet

                      Black and Gold Wide Chain Bracelet

                      Sleek, classy, and stylish are not enough to describe the features of this bracelet. An elegantly designed bracelet for men, made from premium quality titanium metal, plated with black and silver for modern men. Highly durable and hypoallergenic. Trust that paired with your suits. You would look smart and refined with this bracelet. Get from HERE

                      11# Slim Bike Chain Bracelet

                        Slim Bike Chain Bracelet

                        This Bracelet offers a comprehensive variety of color combinations available for you to choose from. Be it a fun, hip, trendy or cute style. You can find your perfect bracelet. Made from stainless steel alloy, a sturdy material that can withstand any hard activities. Easy to clean and maintain. No worries with your sensitive skin because stainless steel is proven hypoallergenic to any skin type. Get from HERE

                        12# Silver and Gold Titanium Motorcycle Bracelet

                          Silver and Gold Titanium Motorcycle Bracelet

                          A dashing bracelet for business men, crafted from titanium metal, gold, and silver plated for an attractive look. Highly recommended for men who wear smart casual to business casual. Polished to perfection, a reasonably priced bracelet that would last a lifetime. A lovely gift for your male friends and family member. Get from HERE

                          13# Two-tone Chain bracelet with Zirconia Stone

                            Two-tone Chain bracelet with Zirconia Stone

                            Choose between dark grey or gold plated stainless steel chain bracelets. Own your look with this motorbike chain bracelet replica with a cubic Zirconia stone centerpiece. This bracelet would add character, hip hop, classy, gangster-like look? You can pair this bracelet with any style you choose. Get from HERE

                            14# Titanium Chain Bracelet with Light Blue Crystals

                              Titanium Chain Bracelet with Light Blue Crystals

                              Clean and unpretentious. This bracelet impressively made from High-quality titanium metal would give you a fresh young look. Intricately designed with light blue crystals embedded around the mid-roller, a design that is suitable for both men and women. A steady clip-on clasp, hypoallergenic, and durable for everyday wear. Get from HERE

                              15# Vintage Stainless steel Skull Chain Bracelet

                                Vintage Stainless steel Skull Chain Bracelet

                                Made from solid stainless steel alloy designed to look vintage for character and style. This bracelet features three-dimensional skulls in the middle, full, and thick perfect for bikers and free-spirited men. Featuring a belt-like clasp style. Wear this bracelet and feel the rebel within you. Get from HERE

                                16# Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet

                                  Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet

                                  This fun bracelet for men is available in four combinations. Blue and orange, gold and black, silver and blue, black and red, and black and blue. Made from plated stainless steel alloy, durable, stylish and cool. Get one for you and your loved ones. Hypoallergenic and affordable. Get from HERE

                                  17# Camouflage Chain Bracelet

                                    Camouflage Chain Bracelet

                                    Are you a fan of the army? This bracelet features a camouflage design for men who are fond of military life. An excellent accessory on your stiff wrist, a sure way to attract females and enhance your virility. Wear it casually with t-shirt and jeans. Made from top quality titanium metal. Get from HERE

                                    18# Black Leather Chain Bracelet

                                      Black Leather Chain Bracelet

                                      Here is a simple and thin Bracelet made from a combination of authentic braided leather and stainless steel bike chain. A simple bracelet perfect for your everyday look. A match between two durable material for durability, style, and comfort. Easy to slip on and off your wrist. Get from HERE

                                      19# Gold and Silver Chain bracelet with Lord’s Prayer Engraving

                                        Gold and Silver Chain bracelet with Lord’s Prayer Engraving

                                        This beautiful and elegant bracelet for men features Lord’s Prayer and a cross engraving for the centerpiece. Bring the word of the Lord with you anywhere you go with this Chain. A holy man’s bracelet, fashionable and classically styled. Crafted from solid stainless steel alloy that is non-reactive and rustproof. Get from HERE

                                        20# Titanium Biker Chain Bracelet

                                          Titanium Biker Chain Bracelet

                                          Thick, full, and matte black, designed to look rugged. This bracelet features a lifelike motorbike chain design. Made from Top class titanium metal. Durable and finely polished to a smooths matte texture. A man’s bracelet for your ruffian look. Express the rascal within you with this bad boy bracelet. Get from HERE

                                          21# Stainless Steel Heavy Biker Chain

                                            Stainless Steel Heavy Biker Chain

                                            A biker chain designed bracelet available in 2 colors for men. Classic and elegant, you can never go wrong with these two varieties. Heavy and thick. An excellent weight to have on your wrist. Beautifully crafted from stainless steel high-quality material. Finely polished to a smooth and glossy texture. Scratch-resistant and would maintain its lustrous look. Get from HERE

                                            22# Stainless Large Biker Chain Bracelet

                                              Stainless Large Biker Chain Bracelet

                                              Gold, dark grey, or multi-colored? I choose all! Ideally made from solid stainless steel alloy, intricately designed to produce a lifelike motorbike chain bracelet. Hypoallergenic and durable. It can withstand harsh elements and abrasions. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean with gentle washing. Featuring a secure metal clasp. Get from HERE

                                              23# Stainless Steel Four Tone Bracelet

                                                Stainless Steel Four Tone Bracelet

                                                Are you a bumblebee fan? Not the bug but the robot. Bring out your personality this fun, young and fresh-looking bracelets for young men. Made from high-grade stainless steel alloy, this can endure all your daily activities like skateboarding or biking. Easy to keep and can last a lifetime. Get from HERE

                                                24# Dirt Biker Chain Bracelet

                                                  Dirt Biker Chain Bracelet

                                                  This timeless bracelet design would bring you back to the olden times. Made to look aged. Classy and sophisticated for men of elegance. Crafted from premium grade stainless steel textured for a realistic motorbike chain design. Suitable to wear with your business casual to formal wear. Get from HERE

                                                  25# Stainless Steel Two-Tone Chain Bracelet

                                                  Stainless Steel Two-Tone Chain Bracelet

                                                  A lovely and trendy two-tone bracelet for young men. Superiorly made from high-grade stainless steel material. Accessible to cleans and keep. Motorbike chain design not just for fashion but also for durability. A motorbike chain is known to be tough wearing. Designed to withstand high impact activities. Get from HERE

                                                  26# Titanium Silver Plater Skill Bracelet

                                                     Titanium Silver Plater Skill Bracelet

                                                    This exceptional bracelet features a black and silver-plated titanium metal. A three-dimensional black skull at the center and a motorbike chain for the band, this also features a top-quality metal clasp and a smooth and finely polished gloss. Titanium is known to be wear-resistant and hypoallergenic. A perfect metal to craft accessories. Get from HERE

                                                    27# Four Tones Titanium Motorcycle Bracelet

                                                      Four Tones Titanium Motorcycle Bracelet

                                                      Feel vibrant with these colorful bracelets. Expertly crafted from premium quality titanium metal. Also available in gold and silver color. Suitable for the whole family. Black for dad, silver for mom, blues for brother and rainbow for sister! Tough wearing, light and can last for a long time. Get from HERE

                                                      A skull is one of a kind design embraced and more popularly used by bikers. You can see it in graveyards as a symbol of the reaper or death. Why are they famous for a biker? It is because bikers have this tough and daring persona. They are not afraid of anything even death. This symbol can be seen on rings, bracelets and even on tattoos.

                                                      A biker chain with a skull design amplifies the meaning of the symbol. This chain knows to durable and robust. Together, both signify bravely enduring a hard life that even bereavement does not scare them.

                                                      Features of Stainless Steel Alloy:

                                                      Stainless materials are known to be hard-wearing, non-reactive, and easy to maintain. You can wear it as a daily accessory for it maintains its form and finishes. Highly resistant to abrasion and has a nice weight and feel.

                                                      It can withstand extreme heat and cold, and this is the reason why it is used in kitchen equipment like burners, grillers, griddle, ovens and even in refrigerators. Appliances that are mostly to heat and cold. A heavy-duty material that is guaranteed not to rust even in extreme use.


                                                      There are different grades of steel, depending on their purpose. Some grade would be of lesser quality than another but is enough to be used in specific industries. One grade of stainless steel is called ferritic, and this is the lowest grade for this alloy. A ferritic quality mostly used in the car industry due to its ability to conduct electricity.

                                                      Another quality of stainless steel is called austenitic; this is of high-quality alloy that can be used for food preparation, non-reactive to water and other chemicals. This grade, mostly used in the food industry, and that can withstand heat and cold temperature.

                                                      Martensitic is also another quality grade, a stainless alloy that almost has the same characteristic as to austenitic. Tough-resistant and non-corrosive.

                                                      The last quality of stainless alloy is Duplex, which has the same quality as the other two mentioned above. All three are high-quality materials and are guaranteed to be long-lasting.

                                                      Features of Titanium Metal:

                                                      Titanium is a metal that is tough, sturdy, and hypoallergenic making it a popular material in making pieces of jewelry and accessories. It does not bend, but it can be scratched. This metal can last for a long time even to the next generation when taken care of.

                                                      How to Choose Your Bracelets: (Buyers Guide)


                                                      Durable materials are always the first to consider when buying jewelry or accessories. You should also consider other features like maintenance, skin reactions, and quality. Some who claim that the material used is of high quality just because it is of a particular material. Keep in mind that even these well-known materials are available in a lower grade that does not have the characteristics of the premium one.


                                                      Mixed materials and colors are the in thing these days. Long past the plain and simply designed accessories. At present, one material can be combined with another to enhance one's characteristics’ or features. It not only adds to the visual look but also enhances the comfort and strength of the material. Choose a Bracelet that you can use in different styles and outfits.


                                                      Each person has a different wrist size; this is why when buying bracelets, you must always refer to the size. If the bracelet is adjustable then there is no harm buying a larger size, but if the size is smaller than your wrist, then that becomes a problem. To stay away from all the hassle of returning or replacing your purchased bracelets. Always check the size before the final purchase.


                                                      Affordable and of high quality. That is the general rule, but at times, due to the style, we have to pay a little more. Aside from the quality, we also must consider the unique features of the bracelet and put that into consideration. Will you buy an everyday piece for a lower price? Or a one of a kind design at a higher price? Again, this depends on your personality and style.


                                                      1. Are titanium and stainless steel the same?

                                                      No, even though both may look alike physically, there are differences between the two. Titanium is a hard metal that can last for a lifetime. They are more durable than stainless steel, but they are not scratch resistant. You must take care of your rings of bracelets that are made with titanium because they can be scratched and would appear dull. Stainless steel, on another hand, is an alloy that is also highly durable but not as much as titanium. This is because an alloy is made up of different elements combined together. The benefit of stainless steel is it is highly resistant to abrasion and therefore can keep its physical appearance the same even when subjected to extreme events.

                                                      1. What does a skull design mean?

                                                      A skull design means many things like being a nonconformist, afterlife, pirates. In the past, skulls are drawn on tombs to represent what is inside. It was also seen on the gates of the cemetery. Pirates also use this symbol on their flag as a sign of a renegade or terrorist. At present, it is a standard design as a fashion statement, and to express one's individuality.

                                                      1. Is a motorbike chain bracelet in fashion?

                                                      Bike chain bracelets have been around for quite a long time. These are readily available in jewelry shops and even online. Chain bracelet is a primary type of band that would never go out of style.


                                                      A bracelet made from a stainless steel and Titanium material is highly recommended due to its characteristics such as durability, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain. This bracelet is guaranteed to last you for a long time. It can even be passed on to the next generation.

                                                      Together with a skull design, leather and silicone, these styles and materials amplify the already impressive characteristics of these metals and alloys. Transformation can be seen even in accessories.
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