Best Wooden & Bamboo Sunglasses with UV Protection for Men

Best Wooden & Bamboo Sunglasses with UV Protection for Men

Vacation time! Going to the beach? Or visiting the city? You would need to arm your eyes against the harmful effect of the sun. UV rays cause damage to the skin, and also to your eyes. Due to the hole of the Earth’s ozone layer, UV rays have more negative effects. Aside from your hats and umbrellas, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes as well. If the UV rays cause aging to our skin that is also true with the eyes, it causes degeneration of the eyes, making it prone to cataract formation, blurring of the eyes, and ocular pain similar to having a sunburn.

Metals, plastics, and poly carbons are the common materials used in making sunglasses. But, there is a new trend of shades made from wood material. Have you heard of these? Well, yes, wooden frames are the latest trend in sunglasses. They are made from different kinds of woods, like bamboo, zebrawood, rosewood, and others. Wooden frames are excellent materials for sunglasses due to their durability and natural style. Because of global warming, more and more people are choosing to use environmental-friendly materials to help fight climate change. Staying fashionable as well as protecting the environment at the same time.

Check out these wooden frame sunglasses and grab one for yourself:

  1. Bobo Bird Wooden Casual Sunglasses

Bobo Bird Wooden Casual Sunglasses

Here is a pair of a round shape sunglasses made from organic wooden material, finely sanded and smoothly polished. A rich reddish-brown hue with a unique wood pattern. Lightweight and made from eco-friendly materials. Suitable for a round, rectangular, and triangle-shaped face women. Best for a Casual stroll or drive around the city. Buy from HERE

  1. Retro Bamboo Sunglasses

Retro Bamboo Sunglasses

A wayfarer style wooden sunglasses delicately crafted from natural bamboo fibers. Featuring polarized lenses for protection against the glaring sun. For adventurous women, grab your scarves for a fashionable free-spirited look. Hypoallergenic and comfortably sit on the bridge of your nose, a particular feature for wooden sunglasses. Available in seven different colored lenses. 

  1. Polarized Classic Wooden Sunglasses

Polarized Classic Wooden Sunglasses

Modern sunglasses for men. Designed with a plastic frame for hip factor with pure bamboo fibers, hand-sanded, and meticulously polished for a silky texture. It also has a comfortably glide when you put it on our ears. Featuring polarized lenses against UV rays that are damaging to the eyes. Buy from HERE

  1. Rainbow Polarized Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Rainbow Polarized Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Showcasing a wayfarer style wooden sunglasses with multi-colored striates. A hip and trendy rainbow-colored sunglasses for a playful look. Go out to the beach with your board shorts and surf your way through the waves. Artfully crafted from natural bamboo that is highly durable and environmentally friendly. Buy from HERE

  1. Classic Bamboo Round Frame Sunglasses

Classic Bamboo Round Frame Sunglasses

Featuring a round shape wooden sunglasses for men and women. Available in six colored lenses. Frames are ranging from a combination of black and natural wood, tortoise design, and natural wood color. A chic accessory designed for people with a strong sense of fashion. Lenses are equipped with UV rays protection to keep y our eyes safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Buy from HERE

  1. Men’s Luxury Wooden Polarized Sunglasses

Men’s Luxury Wooden Polarized Sunglasses

A classic piece of sunglasses made from natural bamboo fibers. Light and robust material, hypoallergenic, and affordable. Bamboo wood floats on water, a unique characteristic that is a huge plus for people who loves to wear their sunglasses while in the water. Available in 14 unique polarized colored lenses. Buy from HERE

  1. Wooden Round Dark Bamboo Sunglasses for Men

Wooden Round Dark Bamboo Sunglasses for Men

Make way for this Exquisite pair of sunglasses, in ebony, and dark brown natural wood color. A sleek and classic design made for men. Expertly handmade from native bamboo from Asia, known for its sturdy and robust nature. Delicately polished and sanded for an even and glossy surface. Wear this with your casual and smart casual outfit for a refined look. Buy from HERE

  1. Men’s Luxury Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Men’s Luxury Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

A natural pair of sunglasses made from premium quality bamboo fibers. Handcrafted and delicately polished for comfortable wear. A unique wood stripes with every sunglasses, an additional perk you can get in wooden frames. Sleek and stylish, equipped with polarized lenses for a must-have feature to protect your eyesight from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

  1. Luxury UV Protection Black Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Luxury UV Protection Black Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Come and see this magnificent pair of sunglasses in a dark brown colored frame. Impressively made form native Asian bamboo that is highly durable and eco-friendly. Wayfarer style suitable for men who love going on outdoor activities such as biking and cruising along the countryside. An elegant piece to protect your eyes and add character to your daily outfits. Buy from HERE

  1. Natural Blue Lens Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Natural Blue Lens Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo frames are your best bet in going all-natural and nature-inspired look. Perfect material for its unique characteristics, lightweight, durable, and it floats on water. Characteristic wooden stripes in every frame, making each piece different from each other. Combined with polarized lenses, a picture-perfect accessory you can ever wish for sunglasses. Buy from HERE

  1. Polarized Tiger Bamboo Frames Sunglasses

Polarized Tiger Bamboo Frames Sunglasses

Here comes a combination of a plastic frame and a wooden temple. A sought after design for its stylish feature and practicality. Impeccably made from the finest plastic materials ng raw bamboo fibers. Lightweight and durable. It is also available in fun rainbow geometric patterns. Playful and hip, for young men and women. Buy from HERE

  1. Wooden Green Frame Eyewear with UV Protection

Wooden Green Frame Eyewear with UV Protection

Featuring brownie styled sunglasses. A retro-inspired sunglasses in a funky green wooden frame. Artfully crafted from pure bamboo fibers, hand-polished to a lustrous texture. A groove in four different colored lenses. Relive the renowned fashion. A colorful and fun fashion statement for old souls like you. Buy from HERE

  1. Handmade Natural Color Bamboo Sunglasses

Handmade Natural Color Bamboo Sunglasses

A classic wayfarer sunglasses in natural wood tone color. Mix your style with this fresh looking pair of sunglasses available in blue and black lenses. Have fun under the brilliant glare of the sun while keeping your eyes protected with its anti-UV rays lenses. Lightweight and fashionable, carry this with you on your adventures and travels. 

  1. Polarized Zebra Wood Sunglasses with UV Protection

Polarized Zebra Wood Sunglasses with UV Protection

Gaze upon this fabulous stripes. A wooden sunglasses made from premium grace zebra wood. Characteristic dark stripes feature of a zebra. This pattern gives additional style and character to your face. In an oversized semi-round shape, fashionable and elegant. Feel like a movie star and wear this chic and trendy piece of accessory. Buy from HERE

  1. Luxury Black Wood Sunglasses with Orange Lens

Luxury Black Wood Sunglasses with Orange Lens

Ebony is love! Luxurious and muy elegante! Featuring a round shape wooden sunglasses handcrafted from black wood. Showcasing an orange hue lens with UV sun protection, making sure your eyes are well protected from the damaging effect of the sun. It also assures a comfy fit due to its spring type hinges. Buy from HERE

  1. Cat Eyes Red Wooden Sunglasses

Cat Eyes Red Wooden Sunglasses

Here come a gorgeous and chic wooden sunglasses in cat eyes shape. Made especially for women with oval, rectangular and long shaped faces. Handcrafted from organic bamboo, harvested at its premium state for durability and strength. Extremely lightweight and hypoallergenic. An exquisite piece for fashionistas to complement their style. Buy from HERE

  1. Real Red Lens Bamboo Sunglasses

Real Red Lens Bamboo Sunglasses

Make way for this classically styled wooden sunglasses. Available in dark brown wooden frame with spring hinges for a comfortable fit. Sleek and elegant to match your bright and refined personality. An accessory that would complement any skin tone, and it is suitable for men and women. Protect your eyes with these fabulous shades wherever and where ever you are. 

  1. Skateboard Blue Wooden Sunglasses

Skateboard Blue Wooden Sunglasses

Be wowed with these colorful wooden sunglasses made from pure bamboo. Experiment with your style with these polychromatic wooden frames. Featuring polarized lenses for maximum eye protection. Hypoallergenic and lightweight. Go out in style and skate your way up those ramps and rails. Wooden frames are highly durable and eco-friendly. Buy from HERE

  1. Luxury Green Unisex Wooden Sunglasses

Luxury Green Unisex Wooden Sunglasses

Retro fashion is a fashion of its own. A fashion that would stand out of the crowd no matter where it is worn. Wear this distinct-looking shades and stand out of the crowd. Express our individuality with this pair of wooden sunglasses made from organic bamboo fibers. This pair of sunglasses would bring out the hip and kid within you. Buy from HERE

  1. Zebra-Stripe Luxury Wooden Sunglasses

Zebra-Stripe Luxury Wooden Sunglasses

Strut around with this pair of shades made from zebrawood. A block of wood with a characteristic dark brown to black stripes. A classy and vintage looking piece of accessory that would showcase your pointed nose and beautiful skin. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Grab one now and be one with nature while staying stylish and up-to-the-minute. Buy from HERE

  1. Men’s Red Luxury Wooden Sunglasses

Men’s Red Luxury Wooden Sunglasses

Are you blue or green? I think I’m brown. Yep! So many hues to select from classic black and brown lenses to green and orange hues. Fun and exciting colors with handcrafted wooden frames from organic bamboo fibers. A hip and modern style for millennials. Enhance your masculine facial features with these colorful shades. Buy from HERE

  1. Polarized Blue Men’s Bamboo Sunglasses

Polarized Blue Men’s Bamboo Sunglasses

A fun and cheerful design for easygoing young men. Express your young and vibrant personality with this colorful sunglasses made from pure bamboo fibers. Available in five different colored lenses equipped with polarized coating for comfort and protection. Bring our your boat shoes and walking shorts and garb yourself with this unique looking wooden sunglasses. Buy from HERE

  1. Bobo Bird Handmade Retro Bamboo Sunglasses

Bobo Bird Handmade Retro Bamboo Sunglasses

Come and gaze upon this fabulous piece of eyewear made from premium organic bamboo fibers. Featuring polarized optics for superior eye protection. Natural wooden color for a casual and daily look. Clean and fresh, looking for your visit to the beach or strolling around the town with your loved ones. Buy from HERE

  1. Bobo Bird Luxury Men’s Black Bamboo Sunglasses

Bobo Bird Luxury Men’s Black Bamboo Sunglasses

Be Elegant and high fashion. Wear these sunglasses crafted with premium-grade ebony wood. Hand polished for a smooth and even surface. An excellent pair of shades when you go outdoors wearing your suits and business attire. Comfortable and sits nicely on your face. An excellent way to enhance your facial features and your smooth and supple skin. Buy from HERE

Characteristics of a bamboo plant

Bamboo is not a tree. It is tall grass. As it grows older, it develops culms that become harder with age. Characterized by a hollow center, these plants can grow up to thirty meters tall. The premium age of bamboo to be used as wood is around four to six years of age because before and after those years, the wood is soft and would easily break.

Symbolism in Asian countries

Bamboo is a common plant in the Asian region. It is believed to be a symbol of prosperity thus a great gift for house warming events. Based on the characteristic of the plant, it has a smooth outer surface signifying innocence and purity. It stands tall and quickly multiplies that denotes growth and abundance. As the plant grows tall, you can see it bend during heavy winds, which is a sign of humility and endurance to harsh weather.

Aside from being a symbol, young bamboo plants can be eaten. It is white and rough in texture, but when cooked properly, it gives a nice crunch to the dish. It is also high in nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates, a complete meal that is readily available and affordable.

Types of wood used in making wooden frame sunglasses


A highly durable material from bamboo fibers. When aged and harvested according to its premium state, it is comparable to hardwood, such as oaks and mahogany. A unique characteristic of bamboo fiber is that it can float on water, unlike other wood, which sinks.


Considered as a hardwood that has a distinct striation that features the stripes of the zebra animal. A wood commonly used in the making of types of furniture and boats.

Red Sandalwood

Native in India, this type of wood is mostly used in making furniture and wooden carvings due to its porous nature. The color of the “Duramen” the innermost part of the tree ranges from orange to red this the name Red Sandalwood. While the outer layer has a white hue.

Dark wood

Also known as ebony pertaining to the black color. A hardwood that has a typical natural black color, sturdy, and a famous material for elegant looking pieces of furniture.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Sunglasses


A durable frame is a primary consideration in choosing your sunglasses.

A classic frame would be made from metals. A variety of metals, from plated alloys, stainless, and to the lightest metal available, titanium is available in the market. One setback with this type of frame is that at times, the lenses would pop out of the frame.

Plastics are widely available and accessible material. It is sturdy and robust. There are also a variety of color and patterns to choose from. But as the world becomes woke, the usage of plastics has been gradually decreasing due to the long time it takes for the material to decompose.

Wooden frames are now the “in” thing for sunglasses. It is readily available, natural, and biodegradable. Durable and has a character of its own.


Tinted mirrors are of no use against UV rays. Dark sunglasses cannot filter these rays. So, choose a UV reflective lenses or a polarized one. Polarized lenses redirect the light and lessen the glare of the sunrays, protecting the eyes as well as having a more vibrant and sharper vision.


The nose is a sensitive organ for smelling. The nose is where sunglasses would sit on. Choose sunglasses that are light and would not put additional stress on the bridge of your nose. As much as possible, choose a lightweight material for a dense shade sometimes causes blurry vision and discomfort.


Chance are you are going to use your shades every day. For daily use, choosing a sturdy and robust material that is proven to withstand your regular daily grind. You wouldn’t want something to break in front of your eyes. You need something that you can count on to protect you from the rays of the sun.


Style is given consideration in choosing your shades. An accessory as well as an armor, so why not choose a fashionable one that suits your style and needs. Remember to choose according to the shape of your face to enhance your features, not the other way around. Wooden patterns are also different from each other, so you would be sure that the one you just purchased has a unique pattern of its own.

Skin Reactions

The skin on the face is one of the most delicate parts of the body. Be sure that whatever you put on your face is hypoallergenic and non-reactive. You are going to wear your sunglasses under the heat of the sun. Thus you are going to sweat. Be sure to choose a material that does not react to sweat; therefore, it would not cause harmful and uncomfortable skin reactions.


Wooden frames made from bamboo fibers are affordable than those made of plastic materials and metals. Since a bamboo plant multiplies quickly and there is no special treatment done on the wood. The price is relatively lower because of the law of supply and demand.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Which shape should I choose? I have a big face.

For a round face, I would suggest a frame with edges such as a rectangular, wayfarers, and aviators. These sunglasses would complement your soft facial features. An oversized and big frames are also complementary to the shape of your face.

  1. Are all sunglasses made from bamboo handmade?

If you mean hand assembled, then yes. Pre-cut and polished wooden frames would be assembled by hand to the arms, hinges and finally the lenses

  1. How do they make bamboo sunglasses?

The first process is harvesting bamboo that ages around four to six years old, and this is the prime age for a bamboo plant to be harvested and used for furniture and frames. At this is the age, it is at its hardest form. The second stage is cutting the wood into a specific length and width of the frame and the arms. The third stage is having a machine engrave the holes where the lenses are going in at a later time. These are pre-set to ensure the consistency of the measurement. The fourth stage is the sanding. Wood materials are sanded to have a smooth surface. These are polished delicately by hand to prevent cracking and uneven texture. The final stage is the assembly. It is connecting the frame to the hinges and arms and finally placing the lenses on the pre-cut holes.

  1. What is the difference between hardwood and bamboo wood frames?

Hardwood is considered to be durable and sturdy. These are woods that last a long time, and they are explicitly made for antique types of furniture. Bamboo is not a tree perse. It is a tall grass that grew up and hardened by time. It is also durable as hardwood, but a key difference is that frames made from bamboo fiber would float on water while;e hardwood generally sinks.


Sunglasses are now a necessity rather than a fashion statement. We must look at the benefits of wearing sunglasses to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful effects. Having polarized or UV lenses are practical and essential in protecting our vision. Reducing plastic consumptions by using all-natural wooden sunglasses is both a way to save the Earth and protect our eyesight. It is highly durable and sturdy, lightweight, and readily available. It is also much cheaper and fashionable.

As responsible citizens, we have to protect our environment. We only have one planet, and we must protect it the best that we can. We can start by choosing to use environmental-friendly materials that nature also provides us. We are already suffering the consequences of the irreparable damage we have brought upon the Earth’s surface.
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