40+ Thumb Rings for Men and Women

40+ Thumb Rings for Men and Women

Where do you wear your ring? Do you wear it on your thumb? Index? Middle? Ring? Or the pinkie finger? Traditionally, we would opt to wear our rings on the ring finger, like for married couples, which denotes loyalty and love.

Thumb rings have been used since the 13th century. It was used as a piece of equipment used for protection and not as a piece of jewelry. Made from different types of materials, depending on its use and origin. Wearing of thumb rings also has different connotations. Some roots from a religious belief, while some traces back from the thumb's general characteristics. In some cultures, each finger denotes a different meaning regardless of the ring design. For example, wearing a ring on the middle finger represents balance, for it is located at the center of the five digits.

At present, thumb rings belong to the class of fashion accessories. It completes a look and adds a certain oomph on any outfits. Previously massive and bulky made for a bohemian, punk, and gothic look, but at present, thin and slender thumb rings adorned with brilliant crystals create a classy appeal.

  1. Sterling Silver Wave Thumb Ring For Women

Adorn your finger with this classically fashioned trendy wave design ring with a slim design for cozy wear. Seamlessly molded from 95.5% sterling silver base, hand buffed to a silky smooth glossy surface, a style that signifies your strength in facing the ups and downs of life. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Blue Opal Wave Thumb Ring

Have a peek at this peaceful and serene wave thumb ring highlighted with an ocean blue and green prismatic color design. Hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver base with a flat inner surface for easy and smooth on and off wear. Wear this on any finger for a modern and current flair. Buy from HERE

  1. Slender Prism LRing Tungsten Thumb Ring

Featuring a simple and elegant thumb ring excellently designed from a lightweight tungsten carbide base. Sparkling prism surface emphasized with a polished smooth and glossy surface to optimize and reflect light at its every turn. Built with a slender body for a comfortable fit. 

  1. Classic 2mm Tungsten Carbide Thumb Ring

Look hip and trendy with this slim and classy thumb ring. Flawlessly prepared from a premium grade tungsten carbide base. Lightweight and durable, a 2mm rounded ring uniquely constructed with a rounded design for a comfortable fit.  Heavy-duty and scratch-resistant, suitable for your daily wear. 

  1. 5% Sterling Silver Traditional Thumb Ring

Cleary see your reflection with this highly polished thumb ring made form high-grade sterling silver. Hypoallergenic with a mirror-like smooth rounded surface for slim 3mm thick band. Wear this on your thumb for a fresh and chic aura perfect for your everyday t-shirt and jeans. 

  1. Filigree Butterfly 925 Sterling Silver Thumb Ring

Wear this butterfly inspired thumb ring for a delicate and contemporary flair.  Featuring an extremely detailed model of a hollow butterfly fashioned with filigree design wings. Lustrous and smooth full top design with a seamlessly connected to a slim ring band for cozy day-to-day wear. 

  1. Sterling Silver Four Cubic Zirconia Wave Thumb Ring

Jump on the wave fashion wagon with this ultra-modern wave thumb ring. Distinctive flawless curve wave feature made classier with four brilliant circular-cut white cubic zirconia crystals. High fashion with silky smooth textures with a mirror-like polish. Slim design for easy and comfortable wear. Buy from HERE

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Rope Bali Style Slim Thumb Ring

Inspired by the deep native Balinese culture, we give you this unique thumb ring that features a filigree design on a black backdrop. Rope-like geometric parallel borders finished with a smooth and shiny polish. Best suited for people with a hip and punk style. 

  1. Stainless Steel Rose Gold Wave Thumb Ring

We present to you a high class and ultra-feminine thumb ring for fashionable women. Featuring beautifully curved design accentuated by line indentations on the side band. Smooth and lustrous rose-gold plated stainless steel base for a long-lasting and beautiful shine, a piece of versatile jewelry that would surely upgrade your look. 

  1. Stainless Steel Black Royal King Crown Thumb Ring

Fix your gaze on this incredibly detailed replica of a crown, fashioned to a gorgeous thumb ring specially made for men. Expertly designed from a jewelry-grade stainless steel alloy with fleur de Lis designed emphasized by a black plated backdrop. Highly masculine and trendy with a boss-like appeal. Buy from HERE

  1. 316L Stainless Steel Bike Motorcycle Chain Link Thumb Ring

Rock this biker-inspired thumb ring for men, a ring that features a realistic model of a motorcycle chain fashioned from high-grade stainless steel base. See the expertly assembled links and bolts design, finished with a silky smooth surface, a design made to emphasize your strong hand. Buy from HERE

  1. Multicolored Glow In The Dark Heart-Shaped Thumb Ring

Feel the mystery with this glow in the dark thumb rings for women of all ages.  Beautifully constructed from a silver-plated zinc alloy base, molded with heart-shaped designs incorporated and made available in six highly luminous colors that can last for 10 hours. Perfect for a night walk around the park or for Halloween themed parties. Buy from HERE

  1. Iced Cubic Zirconia Titanium Eternity Thumb Rings

Presenting this highly luxurious thumb ring made for the delicate feminine hands. Highlighting a heavily iced surface fashioned with a series of paved circular-cut bright cubic zirconia stones. Molded from a premium-quality titanium base with a slim 3mm wide shank. Durable and corrosion-resistant for worry-free everyday wear. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Claddagh Thumb Ring for Men

Wear your heart on your thumb with this Irish inspired thumb ring for men. Gaze on the intricate carvings of two hands holding a crowned heart that symbolizes love and loyalty. Hypoallergenic Claddagh thumb ring characterized with a 15mm wide shank with sizes from 8–13. Buy from HERE

  1. Grim Reaper Death Skull Stainless Steel Thumb Ring

We bring you a broad and chilling, Goth inspired thumb ring for men. Introducing an eerie meticulous carving of a grim reaper with his scythe and black hooded robe emphasized by an understated black shadow on every hollow.  Punk rock style depicts a strong, courageous character, able to face any foe head-on. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Pave Cubic Zirconia Black Titanium Eternity Thumb Ring

We offer you this extremely luxurious thumb ring made especially for the delicate feminine hands. Emphasizing a heavily iced surface fashioned with a series of paved circular-cut black cubic zirconia crystals. Shaped from a premium-quality black plated titanium base with a thin 3mm wide shank. Sleek and corrosion-resistant for worry-free everyday wear. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Open Heart Dragonfly Tail Open Thumb Ring

Have a look at this cute and charming dragonfly thumb ring for women. Delicately fashioned from a 92.5% silver metal base, styled with a hollow carving of a flying dragonfly with a curly heart tail. Smooth and glossy surface with an adjustable open end. Buy from HERE

  1. Chic 18K Rose Gold Stainless Steel Double Cross Thumb Ring

We give you this Christian inspired thumb ring for classy and religious women.  Featuring two thin parallel bands with a Christian cross design concluding on a one-piece end. Nicely polished surface exhibiting a glossy and smooth surface made from stainless steel base plated with an 18K rose-gold color. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Black Ace of Spades Thumb Ring

Love poker? Then this thumb ring is perfect for you. We bring you a manly thumb ring made from a chrome-plated stainless steel alloy designed with a black-coated spade centerpiece. Smooth and shiny exterior with a semi-dome shaped design. Hypoallergenic and nonreactive made available from size 7 to size 14. Buy from HERE

  1. Tension Set Round CZ Dolphin Thumb Ring

We give you an ocean-inspired tension ring built from a rhodium-plated alloy base. Characterized by a charming and fresh design of a dolphin with a circular-cut bright cubic zirconia stone held in between its head and tail. Matte silvery appearance with cute and glossy eye and tail. Buy from HERE

  1. Biker Gothic Stainless Steel Skeleton Bone Hand Thumb Ring

Featuring a thumb ring characterized by punk and gothic style. Highly detailed skeleton bone digits, each emphasized by black shadowed furrows countered by a highly lustrous and smooth exterior polish. Sturdy and scratch-resistant that fits your rough and tough aura and style. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Skull Biker Knuckle Thumb Ring

If you are looking for a unique designed thumb ring exhibiting a punk style full of personality, then this ring is for you. Beautifully made from a high-grade stainless steel alloy with a series of bone-shaped ring band with a, exquisitely carved human skull centerpiece, a knuckle-like ring design for a rebellious aura. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Antique Angel Wing Thumb Rings

Here comes a cool and trendy thumb ring for men. Molded from a stainless steel base, which features a meticulously carved angel wing that features divine feather carvings enhanced by black shadows. Featuring an open ring illusion for a fashionable and trendy flair. Hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant for long-lasting wear. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Stainless Steel Multi Skull Head Thumb Ring

Presenting a biker-inspired thumb ring for men and women. Featuring nine human skull designs in different sizes, highlighting one large skull centerpiece. Made from high-grade stainless steel base, available from sizes 8 to 14. Durable, scratch, and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting wear. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Eternity Cubic Zirconia Thumb Ring

We bring you a highly luxurious thumb ring explicitly made for the delicate feminine hands. Highlighting a heavily iced surface fashioned with a series of paved circular-cut bright cubic zirconia stones. Molded from a 92.5% sterling silver base with a slim design. Durable and hypoallergenic for comfortable daily wear. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Sterling Silver Black Cubic Zirconia Eternity Thumb Ring

Have a look at this impressive eternity thumb band made from high-quality sterling silver. Evenly plated with jet-black color with a brilliantly polished surface. Bright black cubic zirconia crystals held by a bar set ring, slim body with an uneven side. Express your rebellious side with this fabulous black thumb ring for women. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Simulated Opal Cubic Zirconia Eternity Thumb Ring

Be wowed with this remarkable eternity thumb band made from high-quality sterling silver. Lustrous and luxurious appeal emphasized bright round-cut cubic zirconia crystals alternately set with a bead-shaped simulated white opal held by a bar set ring, slim body with an uneven side. A fresh and classy design made for women. Buy from HERE

  1. High Polish Princess Cut Eternity Titanium Thumb Ring

Sophistication and elegance, this fabulous thumb ring would surely make heads turn. String and lightweight titanium base finished with a highly lustrous and smooth surface, paved with a series of process-cut bright cubic zirconia crystals that twinkles at its every move. Built with a slim design for daily comfortable wear. Buy from HERE

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Thumb Ring

Featuring a lifetime of love and promise represented by this beautiful thumb ring.  Impeccably fashioned from a 92.5% sterling silver base that features a Celtic knot design. Hand polished to a glossy and smooth texture. Hypoallergenic and fashionable for women that exudes elegance and class. Buy from HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Vintage Horseshoe Thumb Ring

For horse lovers, we give you this bulky horse inspired thumb ring for men. Featuring a Horseshoe centerpiece designed with gold plated geometric patterns. Full tapered sterling silver band with a tribal-inspired man carving on both sides. Attract luck where ever you go by wearing this highly masculine thumb ring for men. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Vintage White Cubic Zirconia Thumb Ring

Have a look at this magnificent thumb ring for men. Made from a stainless steel base with silver-plated accents, surmounted by a sparkling circular-cut white cubic zirconia stone held by six, thin prongs. Wave carving enhanced by dark black shadow backdrop, with a smooth matte surface. Buy from HERE

  1. Men Stainless Steel Fashion Lucky 7 Thumb Ring

Fiery and fashionable thumb ring made from a high-grade stainless steel base.  Featuring a number seven design with the word lucky carved in a banner like the middle design with a fire-like body hollow carving that creates a punk, biker appeal. Oxidized to capture a roughly made thumb ring aura, perfect for men. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Double Snake Head Tribal Biker Open Thumb Ring

Be sleek like a snake, this double-headed thumb ring would surely give you a secure and courageous appeal. Beautifully etched snake scales on the two-headed surface serpent, made from a jewelry-grade stainless steel base. Made modern by the trendy open ring design for an up-to-the-minute look. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex 925 Sterling Silver Greek Pattern Thumb Ring

We bring you an old-fashioned Greek-inspired thumb ring made from a sterling silver base, an 8mm full band designed and engraved with distinctive Greek patterns. Strategically oxidized to achieve a vintage appeal while highlighting its beautifully etched design. 

  1. Sterling Silver Adjustable Open Toe Ring

Experience a hearts and curve overload with this highly feminine toe ring for women. Lustrously hand polished 925 sterling silver base with hollow carvings of curvy hearts. Adjustable and comfortable to wear with an open-end feature that is both trendy and convenient to use. Buy from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Ring Black Plated Octopus Tentacle Thumb Ring

Here is a trendy and high fashion thumb ring for stylish women. Featuring detailed replicas of three-octopus tentacle accentuated with a black plated backdrop over a high-quality stainless alloy base. Hand buffed to an even and glossy body with an open ring end for relaxed and comfortable wear. Buy from HERE

Before we dive in about thumbs rings, let us learn about the thumb forts to trace the different connotations of wearing a thumb ring.


The thumb or pollex is defined as the first digit of the hand and is the most used finger. It thick, short, and unique among all other fingers. It is composed of two bones connected by a single joint and the only digit that can go against other fingers in order to take hold of things, which gave its name as the opposable thumb. It might not be the strongest according to studies, but its capacity to work with other fingers to manipulate and grasp objects, making it the most useful among all the fingers.

Have you heard of the phrase under one's thumb? This phrase denotes that a person is under the control of the other. This phrase might have rooted from the ability of the thumb to influence things with the help of the other finger, whether it is the index, middle ring, or the smallest, the pinkie finger.

Thumb Finger Religious meaning


There is a passage in the book of Leviticus where the blood of the sacrificed ram was applied on Aaron's right ear, right thumb, and right toe. The thumb represents the hand while the hand signifies worship and service. Since the purpose of the sacrifice was for cleansing, the act of applying the blood on the thumb denotes cleansing of his past wrongdoings as well as blessing his hands to do pure acts of service according to the will of the Lord God.  

Thumb rings

Thumbs rings were formerly used in archery, worn for the sole purpose of protecting the thumb. It was made of leather, wood, and other materials.  However, as time changes, so do the use. Two gold thumb rings that belonged to the late noble of Rui estate was found to exhibit a modern pattern, it was thought to be an item or decoration. A metal base thumb ring is not flexible enough to be used for archery and was said to result in an inaccurate shot. The thumb ring was also used for execution. The ring was used to tauten the handkerchief used to strangle a condemned official.

Thumb Ring Symbolism

In general, the thumb demotes strength, wealth, and influence. This is why most thumb rings are quite massive in size. The thumb is supposed to amplify the look of the thumb for a thick, strong thumb denotes authority; a thin thumb indicates weakness, while crooked thumbs reflect mischief.


In the 16th century, Celtic Gaul's and Britons used were symbols of their job. Ring on the thumb is for doctors. Rings on the index ring for traders, middle ring for chumps, ring finger for learners, and pinkie ring for lovers.


Most kings and emperors would wear a thumb ring adorned with precious gems or made of precious jadeite. The larger the ring, the more influential the ruler is. 


According to Chinese philosophy, the left thumb symbolized the yin (firmness) while the right thumb represents the yang (flexible nature). Wearing thumb rings on both fingers denote balance ion life.

Personal Sense of Style

Men and women who wear thumb rings were said to belong to the LGBTQ community, which had no basis. People who wear a thumb ring nowadays are just for their personal taste or whim. There is no deep meaning or symbolism; it is just that they want to wear one, simple. Thin thumb rings are comfortable to wear and adds personality, while large thumb rings would suit men with strong thumbs. All for fashion and enhancing one's look.

Different Types of Thumb Rings Based on the Use and Origin

Moghul Empire

It is full with an angled lip, decorated with a leaf-shaped gold with rubies and floral sprays. The thumb ring from the Mughal dynasty is currently displayed in the British Museum. Used by archers to prevent hand injuries and increase accuracy when shooting arrows. It was also a symbol of one's status and a symbol of appreciation. 

Ottoman Empire (Zihgir)


A thumb ring artifact that belongs to the Ottoman Empire is currently on display in a museum in New York. Surrounded with gold leaf pattern, with gemstones like ruby, jade, and emeralds. Thumb rings are the most crucial accessory worn by a Turkish archer. Thumb made from leather material was used for short distance target shooting while hard thumb rings made from metals characterized by the usually angled lips were used for distance shooting.

Qing Dynasty (Banzhi)

Aside from being used in archery, thumb rings were also used as an accessory.  Made form antlers and fashioned with a plain design. A thumb ring that dates back from the Shang dynasty had a small suspension hole top tie then on to their belts. There was a set of imperial archer rings sold in Sotheby; its final bid was 6.1 million USD. They were made of white and green jade with carved patterns based on poems.

Korean Thumb Ring (Gakji)

Made from horns of water buffalo, it is designed to deliver a fast and smooth release of the bowstring. Worn by traditional Korean archers to elongate and protect their thumb. At present, most gakji are made from various materials, from plastic to different horns of different animals. It should fit tightly over the thumb for an ill-fitted one that would result in irritation and a less accurate shot.

Modern Thumb Ring Designs

Bali Style

A nature-inspired style that features traditional filigree and granulation patters, with symmetrical shapes that replicate nature and sea. This type of design is usually worn for a fresh and relaxing bohemian-inspired look 


We might that skull patterns are the same, but according to jewelers, there are different types of skull patterns. 

Celtic Skull

    This is characterized by five distinctive holes for the Celts believe in the magical powers of the number. Two for the eyes, two for eth nostrils, and one for the mouth. This denotes power and the enlightenment of the soul.

    Cross-Bone Skull

      Represents death or poison. Embodied with two long bones in an X position surmounted with a human skull.

      Grim Reaper

        Designed with a black hooded grim reaper holding a scythe, this represents the circle of life and courage.

        Tribal Skull

          Eerie representation of a human skull with bold designs. This represents the ethereal appearance of the dead.

          Ace of spades ring

          One of the symbols that belong to the LGBTQ community, a design where it highlights a black spade shape. This a symbol of aromantic asexuality, which simply means they are not interested in any relationship based on romance. The opposite of this design is the ace of hearts, which denotes a romantic asexuality

          Wearing thumb rings might be tacky for some while fashionable for others; it all boils down to your personal preference. You decide whether wearing a thumb ring suits you or not. Although, note that the width and size of your thumb ring can affect your look. Size does matter when it comes to rings, so be sure to consider the fitting of your thumb rings. It's all about how comfortable and confident you feel while wearing your chosen jewelry that can make or break your look.

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