36+ Anchor Bracelets for Men to Mark Your Bohemian Style

36+ Anchor Bracelets for Men to Mark Your Bohemian Style

Do you like wearing accessories? Bracelets are one of the well-loved and used a type of accessories. It is worn by people nowadays to give an accent to their everyday outfits and style. Some would wear this for just an additional style. Some as a symbol or with a deeper meaning, some for good fortune, some as a sign of friendship, and others for love and commitment.  

Have you ever given a bracelet to a family member or a friend as a sign of your love and relationship? Bangles are also a popular item to gift your loved ones. How do you choose what design to give them? Is it the material? Like gold or silver because of their value? Do you prefer a cute or elegant design according to their personality? Or do you choose behind the meaning of the design? For example, a dog charm because you value their loyalty, and you both love dogs. Or, a cloverleaf for luck and their success in their business ventures.

There are different types of bracelets. There are some made from leather, stainless, gold silver, and others. 

There are many designs in the market today. One of the in thing or the trendiest are bracelets with an anchor symbol. Anchor design is popular amongst the men and women, depending on how they give meaning to it. Some use it as a couple's bracelets, some for a more personal belief such as being a symbol of rock, religion, or some with some mysterious nature. It depends on personal principles and style.

Here are some stunning and outstanding bracelets with an anchor design for men.

1# Adjustable Anchor Leather Bracelet Bangle

    Here is a manly surfer wrap bracelet with an anchor central design piece with four side rings made from premium alloy metal. The wrap consists of high –grade leather material connected to 2 slim cords on both sides. Tied at the end with an adjustable knot for a better fit. This beautifully designed bracelet can give you a seafarer's look, perfect for a simple white T-shirt and jeans. 

    2# Black and Silver Anchor Wrap 

      A fashionable and straightforward anchor wrap bracelet suitable for men and women. This bracelet comprises a long medium width leather band made from premium quality leather. An exquisite stainless steel slim anchor made from High-quality stainless metal, with a slip-on clasp at the end. Non-reactive and hypoallergenic to any skin. 

      3# Pirate Skull Anchor Leather Bracelet

        Arrr! Maties! Feel like a pirate with this fresh anchor piece designed with a skull in the middle. This key feature made from pure stainless steel material having a three-dimensional look. Perfectly polished with a smooth finish. Band made from genuine leather with braided texture design and faultlessly secured with a heavy-duty magnetic clasp. Get from HERE

        4# Brown and Silver Leather Anchor Cuff Bangle

          This hip and stylish bracelet crafted from 2 straps of premium grade leather attached to unmodified stainless steel metals for the anchor and clasp. All metals are unreactive to sweat and are proven to be hypoallergenic to any skin. Smooth and flawlessly finished. Simple, and adds character to your daily look. 

          5# Orange Braided Leather Bracelet 

            An extravagant piece of accessory that undoubtedly stands out from the rest of the crown. Impeccably crafted from premium class orange leather braided together for a cord-like look. Crafted from untainted stainless metal, at the end for a slip-on clasp. Gorgeous looking, it can brighten your day and enhance your fabulous look. 

            6# White Leather Anchor Wrap

              A classy and elegant anchor leather bracelet for women. Seamlessly crafted with high-grade white leather, an anchor dangle at the end made from pure stainless metal superbly polished to a smooth and glossy finish. A leather wrap can surely give a little kick to your daily business attire. 

              7# Black Silver Anchor Bangle

                A funky leather bracelet for men and women. Made from premium quality leather braided into two cords for a stylish look. A Stainless anchor at for the clasp. Hypoallergenic and does not react to sweat, a typical characteristic of solid stainless steel metal. 

                8# Black and Gold Leather Wrap

                  Here is a sophisticated leather bracelet for men and women, faultlessly crafted from genuine thin long black leather. An anchor dangle made from premium gold plated stainless steel material polished to perfection. A fashionable wraps for a fashionista like you. Wear it a little loosely around your arm for a classy and casual look. 

                  9# Black and Silver Braided Anchor Warp

                    This hot and in supercool bracelet made from high-quality black leather, exquisitely braided to for pleasant wear. A stainless anchor dangle with a hook clasp. Brilliantly designed for a rugged look. Casually pair this with your T-shirt or a jacket for the always-on-the-go look. 

                    10# Vintage Bronze Anchor Leather Bracelet

                      Travel in time with this quintessential vintage leather bracelet expertly crafted from premium black leather. Feel the warm and smooth texture of this high-quality leather with an old alloy anchor, a style that brings you to the past and for an elegant look. Warp it snuggly around your arm for a masculine look. 

                      11# Adjustable Braided Leather Bracelet with Anchor Charm Amulet

                        Wear this funky piece of a leather bracelet with an anchor charm centerpiece. Decorated with five rings on each side for a bulky and manly look. Three bands of high-class leather tied together with a knot for easy adjustment and comfort. Have a robust and audacious look with this bracelet along with your jeans and boots. 

                        12# Black and Silver Tribal Anchor Leather Bracelet

                          A Bangle and a bracelet in one. This classic bracelet handcrafted from genuine black leather. It is comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic, with a stainless steel anchor accent that is highly unreactive to any elements. A pleasant and soft snug fit. An effortless way to emphasize your elegant style. 

                          13# Brown and Silver Vintage Anchor Leather Bracelet

                            This high fashion bracelet crafted from authentic brown leather. Made with one strand of first-class quality leather designed with two braided leather cords on both sides. A distinctive and flashy vintage anchor centerpiece enhanced with three rings on both sides. Made from alloy metal, perfectly polished into a smooth finish. 

                            14# Brown Leather Anchor Nautical Surfer Tribal Wrap

                              This bracelet features an iconic surfer design together with a tribal centerpiece band fitted on genuine brown leather. Fitted along with a hot metal slip-on clasp. A textures anchor dangle that adds character to an already luscious look. Feel the beach with this water-inspired leather bracelet for your casual everyday look.

                              15# Nautical 2 Wrap Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

                                A black two wrap style leather bracelet for men and women. Expertly crafted from authentic leather. An anchor centerpiece secured by a thin leather cord for style. Fitted together with a magnetic clasp for easy put on. Highly durable and comfortable to wear. Give yourself or your loved ones this classic looking piece for their special day. 

                                16# Adjustable Anchor Nautical Surfer Wrap

                                  Grab this highly fashionable anchor leather wrap. Made from three pieces of leather. A central band accented by a pure stainless steel metal anchor tied with a thin piece of leather cord. Two braided small leather bands for additional thickness and design. An adjustable knot at the end for a comfort fit. 

                                  17# Adjustable Leather Anchor Nautical Surfer Wrap

                                    A highly characteristic look of a genuine seafarer. Intricately designed with premium quality leather with a particular metal anchor made from alloy material. With a two-piece leather cord on each side for a more bold look. A rugged piece of accessory for a stylish and signature look. Get from HERE

                                    18# Brown and Silver-tone Leather Bracelet

                                      Flawlessly crafted from top-notch brown leather, comfortable and smooth on the skin. Designed with an anchor made from pure stainless steel metal. Finely polished for a smooth and even touch. A secure slip-on clasp intended to look like a bangle. Simple and in fashion, a great way to express your personality and style. 

                                      19# Black Braided Leather with Silver Gold Tone Anchor

                                        Beautifully crafted from premium class leather braided together for a stylish cord. Tied together by a gold plated metal. An anchor dangle made from stainless metal plated with gold for an elegant look. Hypoallergenic and rust-resistant. Excellently polished to a fine and smooth finish. Great to pair with your suits and for business casual attire. 

                                        20# Red White Black Leather Bracelet Wrap

                                          Featuring a lovely simple braided leather wrap bracelet. Crafted from genuine leather. Available in red, white, and black. A simple piece effortlessly designed with an alloy anchor for dangle and easy slip-on clasp. Suitable for men and women. A fantastic way for a couple to show your bond and promise to each other.

                                          21# Silver and Brown Tone Leather Anchor Wrap

                                            This simple and classy looking long and classic leather bracelet wrap. Designed with a genuine stainless steel metal that is highly non-reactive to rust and other elements. Hypoallergenic to all types of skin. Easy to wear. Sleek and uncomplicated, just the right amount of style for a simple fashionista like you. 

                                            22# Brown Bracelet Anchor Stretch Bangles

                                            A vintage-looking leather bracelet crafted from genuine leather. Designed with an anchor made from alloy material, perfectly polished, and finished for an old looking and classic look. Accented with a light brown yarn that adds personality to the bracelet. Comfortable, soft, and stretchy for pleasant wear. 

                                            23# Silver Brown Bracelet Anchor Strand Stretch Bangles 

                                            An extraordinary leather bracelet impeccably crafted from high-quality brown leather. Designed with an anchor clasp made from high-quality alloy material. Easy to use and stylish. If you are a fan of an anchor design, this surely is a bracelet to add to your collection of high quality and high fashion bracelets. 

                                            24# Orange Fashion Anchor Bracelet

                                              A glamorous leather bracelet flawlessly crafted from high-quality orange leather. With an anchor clasp design made from top quality alloy material. Emphasized with a black leather cord on each side. Easy to wear and up-to-the-minute. Grab this high fashion bracelet and wear it loud and proud. 

                                              25# Green Fashion Anchor Bracelet

                                                A dazzling leather bracelet made from genuine leather. Styled with an anchor clasp design made from premium quality alloy metal. Highlighted with a black leather cord on both sides. Comfortable to wear and contemporary. Great to put on together with your casual to semi-formal outfits. Be a rebel with this chic bracelet. 

                                                26# Stainless Steel Love Anchor Bracelet

                                                  This super cute and well-made stainless steel bracelet would undoubtedly catch your heart. Made from pure stainless steel metal that is guaranteed hypoallergenic to all types of skin, does not react to sweat or any natural elements. Finely polished for a glossy and even finish. A perfect gift for your special someone. 

                                                  27# Stainless Steel Love Anchor and Helm Charm

                                                    An enchanting and dainty bracelet perfect for women. This charming bracelet with an anchor and helm charm would capture your heart. Crafted with solid stainless steel material. High quality and intricately designed for a durable and lovely fit. Wear this with your other charms to bring stability and permanence to your life. 

                                                    28# Stainless Steel Bracelet Link Wrist with an Anchor Nautical Ball

                                                      This up-to-the-minute style bracelet is a great centerpiece for your sets of bracelets. Current and trendy, made from an unadulterated stainless steel material that is highly durable and rust-resistant. Proven not to cause any skin allergic reaction to any skin. It also features a lobster hook clasp and a nautical ball for style. 

                                                      29# Sailor Navy Sea Bracelet

                                                        Featuring a simple round band with an anchor and a gem design. A statement of "you are my anchor" intricately written on a Burn gold metal. Classy and expensive looking. Perfect to wear alone or in sets. A truly high fashion type of bracelet, simple and elegant. 

                                                        30# Adjustable Anchor Bangle

                                                          Here is a dainty looking stainless steel bangle with an anchor design. It also features an adjustable band for a better fit and comfort. Simple and cute best to wear with your other charm bracelets. Has a ring feature for smooth roll on the arm not to scrape your sensitive skin. 

                                                          31# Stainless Steel Bracelet Celtic Cross Magnetic Clasp

                                                            This complex and elaborately designed bracelet intricately crafted from solid stainless steel material would undoubtedly add to your robust and masculine look. Expertly designed with a Celtic cross together with an anchor centerpiece design. Bring out your manliness by wearing this one of a kind bracelet. 

                                                            32# Stainless Large Boat Anchor Bangle

                                                              A beautiful bangle for ladies who love the sea. Expertly made from pure quality stainless steel metal that's guaranteed hypoallergenic and polished to a smooth finish. Wear this on your wrist for a dainty, soft feminine look. A sure way to attract attention to your beautiful skin and adds a feminine touch to your daily outfit. 

                                                              33# Rope Bracelet Infinity Anchor Charm

                                                                A fantastic and fun way to show your friendship with rope infinity bracelet. Simple and chic. With an easy slip hook clasp design for easy wearing. An anchor hook clasp made from pure stainless steel material, rust-resistant, non-magnetic, and non-reactive. Perfect for best friends to show their love and endearment to each other. Get from HERE

                                                                34# Adjustable Anchor and Infinity Charm Bracelet

                                                                  This clean and beautiful bracelet made from high-quality white rubber rope is perfect for simple and stylish young ladies. An infinity charm that symbolizes endlessness, and an anchor for stability. Made from high-grade stainless steel metal with a high polished finish. A truly excellent piece of accessory for your daily use. 

                                                                  35# Brown Silver Love Infinity Anchor Rope Bracelet

                                                                    This Elegant brown rope bracelet is suitable for men and women. For couples who wish to show their affection and promise of eternal love for each other. An anchor and infinity charm expertly crafted from premium grade stainless steel metal. A symbol of timeless life together as each other's source of power and permanence. 

                                                                    36# White Silver Love Infinity Anchor Rope Bracelet

                                                                      This Sophisticated white rope bracelet for couples who want to demonstrate their love and promise of everlasting love for each other. An anchor and infinity charm expertly crafted from premium grade stainless steel metal. A symbol of eternal life together as each other's source of strength and stability. 

                                                                      37# Black Rope Chain Bracelet Vintage Anchor

                                                                        This dark and unpretentious looking bracelet is perfect for men and women who have an active lifestyle. An anchor hook clasp accent made from unadulterated stainless steel. Wrap around with black leather cord for additional character and style. A casual and effortless way to partner with your casual look. 

                                                                        History and Symbolism

                                                                        The anchor symbolism dates back to ancient Egypt. Ankh is an Egyptian symbol that has three meanings, life, a set of flowers, and a looking glass. All of these are due to their shape, a round shape top, with arms, and the body.  This shape symbolizes life. These symbols are on tombs and many ancients drawings where Gods hold anchors, to give life, or to make the life of the dead more comfortable.  

                                                                        The round shape, at the top for a mirror, just as it looks. And, as a bouquet, the rounded top part for the flower, and the bottom for the stems and leaves.

                                                                        During the time of Christianity, where Christians use this symbol for God. The circle and as the head and body of Christ. They use this in tattoos and accessories to hide their beliefs, for they were hugely oppressed at that time for their faith in Christianity. 

                                                                        Anchor also has a different meaning for seamen or for those who work in the waters like captains, and staff. They have anchor tattooed on their skin to symbolize their job. Tattoos serve as a business card to represent who they are and what they do.

                                                                        Nowadays, people believe that an anchor symbolizes hope and permanence. For couples, anchors mean the connection between a man and a woman, the woman being the base that looks like a moon and the man as the shaft, where the combination of the two means permanence and stability of one's life — a union between two couples, an anchor for each other. 

                                                                        How to Choose your Anchor Bracelets:


                                                                        When buying bracelets, you must often consider the material used. Since this is an accessory that would likely touch your skin, choose soft and hypoallergenic materials. A quality bracelet can last you a lifetime and used on different occasions. A valuable remembrance of one's love or friendship. 


                                                                        A reasonable price is always a welcome addition to quality and stylish bracelets. Keep in mind that a bracelet is not just an accessory. It adds character, and together with what it symbolizes, it is not just a piece to be taken for granted.  


                                                                        A bracelet can be simple or elaborately designed. It is up to your style and how to pair it. Consider buying a bracelet that you can use alone or in combination with your other bracelets. Stacking is in trend nowadays, and having different designs that come together to make an outfit is an excellent investment especially with regards to fashion.

                                                                        Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

                                                                        1. What is the meaning of anchor on bracelets?

                                                                        Anchor design can mean a lot of things. An anchor can be a symbol of a rock that you ca not move. It can be a symbol of starting a new life in a new country. A promise of life together for couples. It varies on the situation of the wearer. 

                                                                        1. How should I wear an anchor bracelet?

                                                                         An anchor bracelet can be a wrap or a bangle. A wrap usually has a long strand of leather where you wrap it around your wrist until you have the right fit. There are also anchor bracelets made from metals that you can wear like a regular bracelet.   


                                                                        An anchor is a popular design at present. A deep meaning adds to the hype of this design. A symbol for people who love the water, a couple’s promise to each other, or friendship between friends. A bracelet with an anchor design is a great gift to give to each other or to one's self. 

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