8 Best Gear Rings - Unique Patters to Impress Everyone

8 Best Gear Rings - Unique Patters to Impress Everyone

Gear rings are quite a unique find, and ordinary folks may not understand why the gear design is used in rings and other accessories. Gears, in general, are a part of the steampunk fashion. When you hear steampunk, you automatically imagine steampunk where gears, goggles, and other things used in science fiction are being utilized in apparel and accessories. Gear rings are one of them, but why is it so? What is the connection between gears and the steampunk fashion, and when did it start? What are the history behind cogs and its meaning?

Gears rings are not just amazing to look at, its design resembles a well-functioning gear framework from the simplest clockwork to a larger scale. Gear rings made from tungsten carbide, platinum, or stainless steel alloy would have detailed engravings and inlays that looks out of this world. The gear design is not just a fashion, but it also has a deep meaning that varies from personal, work, and life in general. Can you just imagine the level of accuracy that gear needs to have in order to have a flawless run? It’s just so mind-boggling, and you get hooked for sure.

Interested in Gear Rings as well? Here are the 8 Best Gear Rings made from the finest metals used in the jewelry industry.

  1. Steampunk Tungsten Gear Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Ring

Steampunk Tungsten Gear Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Ring

A healthy marriage must be represented by a sturdy and heavy-duty wedding ring as well. We bring you a wedding band made from heavy-duty tungsten carbide metal base in a channel band setting. A finger accessory designed with a bevel-edge hand polished to a mirror-like and smooth surface. Three-dimensional inlay of gears with a checkered pastel blue background that has a fresh and clean appeal. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Titanium Ring Steampunk Gear Wheel Bolts Wedding Band for Men

Black Titanium Ring Steampunk Gear Wheel Bolts Wedding Band for Men

One the hardest metal on Earth, yours at a reasonable price. Featuring a sleek and elegant piece of jewelry made exclusively for men. Built with a durable titanium base metal with a bolt to screw outer rim design in jet black metal plating. Real-life cogs and gear pieces meticulously carved and placed at the middle inlay that adds character and individuality to the ring. Hypoallergenic and has a pleasant heavyweight. Buy from HERE

  1. Black/Blue/Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Gear Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Black/Blue/Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Gear Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Gold denotes abundance and strength. Blue, a color that signifies loyalty and purity. Black implies power and stability. Choose from these three distinctive wedding colored wedding bands made from a high-quality stainless steel alloy base. Tiny stainless steel linear gears against a vibrant colored carbon fiber middle inlay with a bevel-edge for maximum comfort fit. Robust resistant and non-reactive, perfect for both men and women. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Silver Gear Design Tungsten Carbide Blue Inlay Wedding Band

Unisex Silver Gear Design Tungsten Carbide Blue Inlay Wedding Band

Say yes to this lustrous and unique wedding band perfect for nontraditional couples. Silver coated tungsten carbide that gives additional protection and luster to its heavy-duty metal base. Delicate life-like gears on a sapphire blue checked carbon fiber inlay that emphasizes the sparkling and mirror-like finish of the ring. Resistant to corrosion and scratching, available in 10 ring sizes to choose from. Buy from HERE

  1. Unisex Silver Gear Tungsten Carbide Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Unisex Silver Gear Tungsten Carbide Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Say I do to this radiant and exclusive wedding band perfect for nontraditional couples. Glossy and smooth silver metal plating over a durable tungsten carbide that gives additional protection and luster to its heavy-duty metal base. Tantalizing replica of a gear set on a deep black carbon fiber inlay that emphasizes the sparkling and mirror-like surface of the ring. Resistant to fading and scratching, available in 8 ring sizes. Buy from HERE

  1. Silver-Tone Tungsten Carbide Lavender Gear Inlay Wedding Band

Silver-Tone Tungsten Carbide Lavender Gear Inlay Wedding Band

You can’t help and resist but fall in love with this charming and luxurious wedding band for women. Featuring a lavender base middle carbon fiber inlay topped with slim gear set that highlights the clean and glossy metal finish of this glamorous channel inspired wedding band. A pleasant heavy feel on your finger reminding you of the promise and deep connection to your other half. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Tungsten Carbide Red Gear Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Black Tungsten Carbide Red Gear Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band

Express your passion for your partner with this remarkable and extraordinary wedding band made from black plated tungsten carbide alloy base. Delicate black plated gear set over a flaming red carbon fiber inlay that totally leaps out of the deep black metal ring base. Corrosion and scratch-resistant that is also hypoallergenic on the skin. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Tungsten Carbide Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Rose Gold Gear Wedding Band

Black Tungsten Carbide Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Rose Gold Gear Wedding Band

A man’s ring if I may say so. Featuring a gear inspired wedding band for men. If you are a supporter of the steampunk fashion of the culture played an essential part in your relationship, then this wedding band fi perfect for you. Smooth and evenly plated jet black tungsten carbide base decorated with a sapphire blue checked carbon fiber inlay under a unique and fragile looking straight gear set that is totally amazing to look at. Buy from HERE

Did you know that the smallest gear ever made has a measurement of 0.147 x 0.08 and weighs about a microgram? A Japanese CEO crafted the tiniest gear recorded in history not to be used in any equipment or apparatus but as a symbol of his company and personal management style. Motoo Matsuura also said that being able to craft such delicate and small-sized gear is a testament to their skills and ability as craftsmen. He, his company and his unique management style is an excellent example of how each individual, no matter how minor or significant, or how raw and crude they might be in their original form, may be polished to a well-refined and sleeked piece when given enough training and knowledge and be a fundamental piece in a full functioning and a successful company.

Gears are also termed cogs or cogwheels. It’s a part of the revolving mechanism with teeth that are primarily used to adjust the speed, force, and direction from a source of electricity. The system created by mounting gears together is called a gear train. According to some historians, the first gear used dates back from the 27th century BC in the form of a mechanism used in chariots. In 50 A.D., a Greek mathematician named Hero of Alexandria published and invented a depiction of a device powered by steam. He also created the wind wheel that harnesses the power of the wind and converts it to force. You can see that gears and wheels are a vital part if his inventions like his wind-powered organ and mechanisms used in Greek theaters.

The first-ever gear was said to have been crafted from wood. It was to generate electricity for windmills.


Gear Symbolism

Gears are not only meshed together to create rotation but also to a translation that changes the location of an object from one place to another. It is like how trains move from one point to the next. Denotes moving forward and continuous journey in life. Whether it be a journey to self-enlightenment or a career journey where you need to move from one company to the next in order to grow your craft.

Gear Symbolism in a Family

Sometimes, cogwheels are connected to a belt or a pulley to support the rotation of its mechanical system. Family members represent the belt or the pulley that supports and push the gear to move continuously. As a member of the family, you can take the role of the gear or the belt that is always there to back and give strength to the one who needs it.

Gear Rings Symbolism for Couples

A circle, in general, denotes a cycle. Gear inspired wedding rings or engagement rings denotes a harmonious and fruitful relationship between couples. Like how a set of gears that moves to regulate the hour hand of a clock connected to the gears that handle the minute hand. Both hands have to be connected in order to tell the correct time. It involves a set of ratios and proportions to move flawlessly. A give and take a relationship between two different individuals. It’s like rules that we follow in real life. A couple would need to have an agreement of what is acceptable and not in order to have a peaceful and working relationship. Without rules, turmoil and chaos will arise, thus destroying a beautiful relationship.

Gear Symbolism in a Society Setting

Every cog has a purpose, each individual has a part that affects each other in a way. The best example is plastic garbage, if each individual is throwing a piece of candy wrapper on the sewage system or wherever it is not supposed to, it would eventually reach the ocean and cause harm to the marine life and thus circling back to us humans in a more catastrophic way. Each cog represents a person that if we do our part in the society, whether it be a doctor or a student, if we follow the set rules, then we can expect a highly organized and peaceful society.

Gear Symbolism in Business

Cooperation and consistency are represented by cogs in the business or company setting. Just like what the Japanese CEO mentioned earlier, every employee can be trained to do a specific task or job just like any metal can be crafted to a particular size and thickness to fit a gear set. The total cooperation of every individual from the employer to the littlest possible employee is essential for a company to be successful. The consistency and continuous improvement of one's skills are also of utmost importance.

The CEO is represented by big wheels that push the smaller gears to rotate continuously, the most significant gear would always be the source of power and continuously touch the tinier ones to support them. It’s the same with business, the head would still be the source of encouragement, and the employees would always reflect how the management treats them and support them on their craft.

Gears as a Steampunk Fashion

What is steampunk culture, and why are gears or cogs a part of its culture?

Steampunk is an artistic representation of the influence of science of the past and the anticipation of what is to come. What was a flying blimp of the past, the airplanes of today, and a plane of the future that can travel at the speed of light. The concept of science fiction is also integrated that is based on past inventions, it is still considered fiction for these theories are yet not proven by science.

Gear accessories, especially timepieces like clockworks, are one of the significant design that represents steampunk fashion. Steampunk enthusiasts would meticulously prepare a wardrobe with gear frameworks that actually function on their hat, coats, or a robotic hand that is just so cool. Cool accessories like gear pendants and gear ring have been can also be seen.

Gear Rings Base Materials

These gear rings would be made from sturdy materials to showcase authenticity and detailed designs.

Stainless steel

A well-known alloy base used in rings and one of the most common ring materials used for gear rings for its natural metal color and its ability to be finely polished to look like a genuine gear part. Some gear rings made from this metal base can be rotated and fully functional. Some are even considered as fidget rings bear in mind that these intricate engravings would also need more time and attention to clean in order to keep it in its best condition.

Tungsten carbide

Gear rings made form a tungsten carbide base material would showcase gear designs through inlays of carbon fiber that are mostly three dimensional that resembles an actual clockwork. Due to its extreme hardness as a base, it is difficult to design it with detailed replicas of an original gear set.


A very luxurious modern metal used in on wedding rings. Just like gear rings made from stainless steel, the metal color and polish of a platinum base material replicate that of an actual cog but in a more pristine and luxurious way. Additionally, platinum rings are much more expensive than stainless rings, which is a great way to showcase your status in life in steampunk conventions and gatherings.

Types of Gear Rings

Fidget rings

Fidget rings are made of movable ring parts that can be rotated horizontally or vertically, depending on the design. It is a type of ring that is said to help people with anxiety. Spinner to fidget rings is said to bring calmness to students and adults. Studies noted that fidgeting is a natural reaction of our body when we experience stress or boredom. You can see students fidget during boring classes not to keep their attention away, but it is actually a way to regain focus.

Fashion Rings

Rings with gear or cogwheel designs are elaborately fashioned. It shouts smart, as well as a unique fashion sense. It depicts the true and robust nature of the wearer that one should not mess around with. Due to its distinct design, it is commonly used and purchased by steampunk aficionados to complete their attire for themed gatherings. It falls under the fashion ring category because of the modern metals used in crafting gear rings. Since traditional gold is quite soft, it is challenging to craft an accurate replica of a gear framework as engravings to rings.

Wedding or Engagement Rings

As we have mentioned earlier, gear ring designs have a beautiful meaning with regards to a romantic relationship, especially those who are thinking of tying the knot.

Things to Consider in Choosing your Gear Rings

  1. Use

Is it to be worn daily? Weekly or only during events. There are actually two types of consumers. One model would put quality over quality and price. These are the ones who have few things like one or two rings and the pieces of jewelry, but when you see these pieces, they are unique that you would not be able to take your eyes away from it. The second type of consumer would put price and quality over quality. They love to buy more pieces at a reasonable price instead of having a few to wear over and over again. For this reason, the middle class is acceptable as long as they fulfill their purpose.

  1. Quality

The quality of the ring depends on the use you have in mind. If the ring is for everyday wear like wedding rings or just your everyday ring, you may opt to choose a durable and would only require low maintenance. Gold and platinum are still the best choices because of their beauty, especially for women, and stainless steel or titanium would be best suited for men.

  1. Maintenance

Rings need maintenance; however, minimum it may be. Some base material would only require water and a soft cloth to bring back its lustrous shine, but some would need to be brought back to the jeweler for rebuffing or recoating. Intricate engravings, those small crevices are a bit tricky to clean so if you are not a fan of spending time cleaning your rings or accessories, choose a simpler and even surface for your rings.

  1. Comfort

Any ring lover would advise you to fit your rings first before purchase for a beautifully crafted ring does not translate to cozy and comfortable wear. Sometimes, the more elaborate and beautiful the ring is, the more uncomfortable it is to wear. Always know your ring size and have at least half an inch allowance for our fingers has the tendency to swell. Hard rings are somewhat uncomfortable to wear, so choose a bevel-edged ring and a semi-round inner face to prevent the ring from slipping off your finger without your knowledge.

Fun Fact about Gears

Sprockets! Sprockets are commonly called as gears. Those round things that rotate to run the bicycle are called sprockets, it’s because the gears are connected by a chain and not meshed together like what you typically see on clocks. What is the dissimilarity between a sprocket and a pulley? They are both supported to run. It falls down to their cogs. Like what you see in a bicycle, the teeth of the gear goes in the spaces between the links to push the wheel around, but with a pulley, the wheel has no cogs or teeth. It is rotated by a fitted belt and depend on friction to move. You may see this in your cars where the transmission belt or the driving belt is located.

It is undeniable that gears frameworks are one of the marvelous inventions that humans ever made. Whether you are a fan of the mechanism that powers every single machine that we have now, or just amazed by how beautiful a clockwork look, the deep meaning it tells us and the sheer precise movement is just too moving and inspiring to ignore. It promotes continuity in bettering one's self and relationship with others. Gear rings are a symbol that each one of us can relate to, so go grab one for you and your family.


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