50+ Unique Moon & Crescent Necklaces - All Types and Shapes

50+ Unique Moon & Crescent Necklaces - All Types and Shapes

Women love their necklaces. According to a fashion stylist, you can see a massive difference in style and aura from a woman wearing a plain white T-shirt and a woman wearing a plain white T-shirt with the most straightforward necklace you can think of. “It adds an additional ump, and you can see the difference in the attitude of the wearer.” One of the commonly seen modest necklace is a moon necklace. What does a moon necklace symbolize, and why is it so popular? From the classic, smooth finish to elaborately engraved and iced with stones and crystals.

A moon necklace varies in meaning depending on what other symbols it is combined with. A combination of a crescent moon and a star differ from a cat and moon necklace. There is also the famous moon and sun combination, which is a symbol of the union between a man and a woman. Simple and stylish with a beautiful meaning in every accessory. That is what the moon pendant offers.

We have compiled a list of gorgeous and fashionable moon necklaces of the year 2020 just for you. Here are some of it:

  1. Glow In The Dark Heart Moon Pendant Necklace

Glow In The Dark Heart Moon Pendant Necklace

Distance won’t matter as long as true love exists, a moon pendant necklace that features an elaborate hollow carving of a moon with a central heart dangle. Showcasing a luminescent heart that can last 10 hours. Feel the magic of love, especially at night. Buy from HERE

  1. Triple Moon Goddess Pendant Necklace

Be enchanted with this triple moon Wiccan inspired necklace. Made from black plated alloy metal with beautiful hollow carvings of a triple moon goddess symbol against a blue moon backdrop. Buy from HERE

  1. Gold Chain Reiki Crystal Crescent Moon Horn Pendant Necklace

 Featuring a fancy healing moon pendant necklace for women in various colored crystals. Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, opalite, and rose quart that supports different chakras of the body. The moon pendant comes with a sturdy gold-plated cable chain necklace designed for comfort and durability. Buy from HERE

  1. Two-Tone Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Cat Fish Pendant Necklace

Here comes a charming two-toned moon pendant with a heavy-duty cable chain necklace, a pendant that features two cats and a dangling golden fish that symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Excellently crafted from jewelry grade sterling silver metal base plated in steel gray and yellow gold-tone. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ Silver-Tone Moon Heart Pendant Necklace

Have a taste of luxury and elegance with this graceful moon inspired pendant chain necklace for women. Showcasing a heart shape core design paved with brilliant clear micro cubic zirconia crystals on a finely polished moon crafted from hypoallergenic sterling silver with a chic boxed chain necklace. Buy from HERE

  1. To The Moon & Back BFF Star Heart Necklace Set

Feel the love with this adorable friendship necklace in a set of two made from sterling silver. A moon pendant with engravings of a star and heart one each piece with a beautiful message of love for one another. Slender and delicate cable chain necklace that is light weigh on the neck. 

  1. Ancient Gold Double Crescent Moon Pentagram Necklace

Protection and power are the things that this antique moon necklace symbolizes.  A moon charm that dates back form the Wiccan era featuring a double crescent moon and a five-point star with a round opaque crystalline center. 

  1. Sun Moon Face Pendant Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

The unimaginable union of the moon and sun are showcased in this precast model with a silver metal base. The alliance between man and a woman in harmony, a beautiful manifestation of love and support on how the moon shines with the assistance of the sun, and how the sun shines brightly as the moon makes way for the sun to shine in the morning. Buy from HERE

  1. Chic Glow In The Dark Crescent Moon Heart Pumpkin Pendant Necklace

Incredibly chic and feminine moon pendant that lights up during the night. Silver-plated jewelry that features a delicate hollow moon carving with either a pumpkin or a heart-shaped hollow dangle. Blue and green luminesce that is both enchanting and has a harnessing cosmic feel. 

  1. Austrian Crystal Vintage Skull Cross Moon Necklace Earrings Set

A bright moon inspired jewelry set of a skeleton pendant with a dangling cross bone stud earrings. A fascinating collection of jewelry made from oxidized silver ornamented by round clear crystal designed for themed parties to complete your desired style. 

  1. Mermaid Moon Pewter Pendant Black PVC Cord Necklace

Have a feel of this mystic creature that has a soft voice and gaze upon the moon wishing that one day she can be like a human and walk the earth. Antiquated pendant cord necklace of a made from precast pewter material with highly detailed features of a beautiful young mermaid on in the moon.  

  1. Moon Star Gypsy Pewter Pendant Black Vinyl Cord

Featuring a roughly designed moon and star pendant with a heavy-duty black PVC cord necklace. Lightweight and lead-free pewter material molded in a hollow craved moon shale designed with a five-pointed star, roughly polished for vintage and barbaric appeal. 

  1. Celtic Luna Pewter Pendant Black Ball Chain Necklace

Be amazed by the intricate design of this Celtic inspired moon pendant of a moon goddess with a Celtic knot border. Made from precast lead-free pewter and secured by a black plated ball chain necklace that is highly comfortable on the skin as it rolls smoothly and sits comfortably on your neck. 

  1. Sterling Silver Marcasite Crescent Moon Earrings Pendant Set

Captivating and numinous, like the sorceresses of the past. A set of a crescent moon pendant with rolo chain necklace and a pair of hook earrings of the same design. A highly textured silver metal base with simulated marcasite material for an ancient aura and flair. 

  1. White Hexagonal Drop Moon Barrette Hair Clip

Featuring a lovely and modest piece of hair decoration for teens and young adults. Wear this cute barrette hair clip made from a corrosion-resistant alloy base with a white crystal drop design. A perfect hair accessory for a day out for its clean and chic look. 

  1. Silver Moon Star Jewelry Pendant Lariat Necklace

Make way for this remarkably delicate looking piece of neck jewelry made from silver in two different versions. Choose from a lariat chain necklace with a single long drop star and moon pendant or a lariat chain necklace with a double drop of a star and a moon pendant. Both are slender and incredibly sexy to wear. 

  1. Dazzling Swarovski Moon Pendant Chain Necklace

So fab and luxurious looking pendant necklace for women of all ages. A piece of neck jewelry made from stainless alloy paved with brilliantly cut clear round Swarovski crystals that would surely dazzle all those who had a chance to gaze upon its beauty. 

  1. Star Moon Delicate Gold Pendant Necklace

Astoundingly tantalizing moon inspired slip-on chain necklace made from highly durable and long-lasting stainless steel alloy in gold-tone color. A smooth and chic way to wear by just slipping the star ball end into the hollow crescent moon and voila! A slender drop necklace for modern women. 

  1. Petite Crescent Moon Necklace Curved Luna Chain Necklace

An astonishingly delicate piece of crescent moon necklace with a slender cable chain necklace. Petite and straightforward for a modest and understated look not to be showcased but to highlight your clean and smart style. 

  1. Burnished Gold Sun Moon Arrow Bar Necklace

A vintage and ancient inspired neck jewelry with a sun, crescent moon, and an arrow shape pendant hinged on a rectangular bar secured by rolo chain necklace. 

  1. Layered Inspirational Pendant Necklace

An incredibly modest and delicate piece of neck accessory exhibiting a rectangular plain flat metal decorated with tiny round cubic zirconia stones and an oval etched pendant in gold-tone metal coating. 

  1. Gold-tone Pave Heart Crescent Moon Charm Necklace

Featuring a cluster charm pendant necklace for women that features a paved heart and crescent moon pendants and a round plain metal with a sweet message of love engravings. Micro CZ crystals accentuate and upgrade the look from classic to the sophisticated and luxurious feel. 

  1. Multiple Layer Tribal Crescent Moon Celestial Disc Necklace Set

Spectacular set of chain necklaces available at an affordable price, a collection that features celestial discs and a crescent moon in ancient gold tone. Slender necklaces add elegance and a clean put-together look. 

  1. Décolleté Lariat Crescent Moon Pave Star Bar Multi-Layer Chain

An alluring and sexy neck accessory that features multiple layers of gold-tone chain necklace with a hollow crescent moon and a star pendant, chic and stylish to be paired with a sexy plain dress or tops. 

  1. 3 Piece Set Silver-tone I Love You to the Moon Necklace

Featuring a set of three charming necklaces with a sweet message of fondness.  Wear this with your best buddies as a sign of your bond and love for one another.  Silver-plated moon pendants with a hollow star, circle and heart shape dangles, each secured by a delicate cable chain necklace. 

  1. 3 Piece Set Gold-tone I Love You to the Moon Necklace

Featuring a set of three charming necklaces with a sweet message of affection.  Wear this with best friends as a sign of your friendship and love for one another.  Gold plated moon pendants with a Hollow star, circle and heart shape dangles, each secured by a delicate cable chain necklace. 

  1. Silver-tone Pave Celestial Star Moon Arrow Charm Necklace

A cluster charm pendant necklace consisting of a star, arrow, and a crescent moon. Five-pointed star paved with clear microcrystalline cubic zirconia crystals secured by a heavy-duty cable chain necklace. 

  1. Lariat Galaxy Crescent Moon Star Necklace

Come and adorn yourself with this dainty and sexy lariat necklace for a bewitching flair. Featuring a long rope chain necklace with a star and a crescent moon pendant made from high-quality alloy base material that is light and comfortable to wear. 

  1. Silver Cabochon Celestial Crescent Moon Charm Necklace

Get a glimpse of the universe and the galaxy outside of Earth with this glorious crescent moon necklace. Featuring a highly elaborate hollow carving of a moon and the kaleidoscopic effect of the round bead dangle. 

  1. Amber Gold Cast Owl Crescent Moon Charm Necklace

Showcasing a vintage styled crescent moon with a five-pointed star hollow carvings, a perched owl that is seemingly watching over everything it can see.  Amber gold metal hue creates an ancient and timeless look that sets an enchanting atmosphere. 

  1. Silver-tone Cabochon Crescent Moon Charm Necklace

Exhibit the thrilling feel of magic with this remarkable piece of galaxy-inspired moon bead pendant necklace. Featuring a well-polished, intricately carved crescent moon with a cabochon round dangle in mystic blue color. 

  1. Layered Black Lace Choker Silver Moon Dream Catcher Necklace

A temptress in an accessory form featuring a four-layer necklace set with that consists of black lace and a beaded thin choker, a chain crescent moon pendant necklace, and finally, a long chine dream catcher pendant necklace to finish an enchanting and sexy look. 

  1. Gold CZ Pave Owl Quarter Moon Pendant Necklace

Express the youth in you with this highly adorable and charming owl crescent moon necklace in a gold-tone metal-coated alloy. Paved with round microcrystalline CZ crystals that twinkle and glints its eyes as it sways with your walk. A wonderful gift from a mom to her daughters. 

  1. Traditional Crescent Moon Galaxy Pendant Necklace

Have a peek of this classic piece of neck accessory made from a premium quality alloy base and a durable rolo chain necklace for an easy and relaxed wear.  Highly polished to an even and mirror-like finish. 

  1. Double Layer Pave Star Crescent Moon Lariat Necklace Set

Fashionable double set décolleté lariat chain necklace for stylish women. Gold plated stainless steel base alloy paved with micro CZ crystals for an elegant and classy flair. 

  1. Silver Hip Hop Iced Crescent Moon Star Pendant Chain Necklace

Make way for this crescent moon and star pendant iced with sparkling round cubic zirconia crystals against a silver-plated alloy base material. The pendant comes with twenty-four inches boxed chin necklace suited for teens and hip hop fashionistas. 

  1. Sterling Silver Dainty Crescent Moon Star Pendant Necklace

Showcasing a slender eighteen inched box chain necklace with a small hollow five pointe star with a crescent moon accent. A little blue round crystal against the smooth and well-polished sterling silver base metal that is highly durable and long-lasting. 

  1. Gold Hip Hop Iced Crescent Moon Star Pendant Chain Necklace

Bling your way with this crescent moon and star pendant iced with sparkling round cubic zirconia crystals against a soft, yellow gold plated alloy base material. The pendant comes with a twenty-four inches boxed chin necklace that is highly hip and in-vogue. 

  1. Silver Crescent Moon Stars Angel Pendant Necklace

Reach for the star with this endearing and touching illustration of a young girl reaching for a golden star made possible by a smiling moon. A moving depiction of a mom lifting her daughter, making her dreams a reality. Pendant and chain are both made of high-quality sterling silver. 

  1. Sterling Silver Gold Five Stars Pendant Necklace

True love transcends through time and distance, a heartwarming message from one person to another with a cosmic crescent moon and star shape pendants made from sterling silver and plated in yellow gold hue. Slim and slender chain necklace adds elegance and sophistication to this marvelous neck jewelry. 

  1. Classic Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

A classically fashioned crescent moon pendant buffed into a lustrous and smooth finish held by a durable and neat rolo chain necklace. Hypoallergenic and long tasting sheer can be expected from the silver material base as well as easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. 

  1. Sterling Silver Simulated Marcasite Crescent Half Moon Pendant Necklace, 46 cm

Entrancing and magical, like the enchantresses from the past. A crescent moon pendant with rolo chain necklace with a textured silver metal base decorated with simulated marcasite material for an aged appearance and style. 

  1. Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Small Star Pendant Necklace

A delightful piece of neck accessory for simple and a modest look. A lightweight and easy to clean moon pendant and rolo chain necklace made from sterling silver metal that is proven hypoallergenic on the skin. 

  1. Black Velvet Choker Rhinestone Moon Pendant Necklace

Elegance overload! This highly chic and classy choker necklace made from soft black velvet accentuated with a golden chain drop-down pendant decorated with a round clear rhinestone and a crescent moon end. 

  1. Filigree Glim Cage Crescent Moon Glow in the Dark Necklace

Heart, owl, and glim cage, choose from these lovely designs as well as various glow in the dark moon ball colors perfect for young girls and teens. A Crescent moon pendant with hollow filigree carvings secured by a classy cable chain necklace made from high-quality alloy material. 

  1. Lapis Lazuli Crystal Crescent Moon Gold Chain Necklace

Featuring an elegant healing moon pendant necklace for women in Lapis Lazuli promotes a mental state of balance and healing. The moon pendant comes with a sturdy gold-plated cable chain necklace designed for comfort and toughness. 

  1. Birthstone Round Start Moon Pendant Earring Set

Birthstones are said to complement and give luck, especially for the celebrant, some provide healing while some for protection. Featuring five variations of birthstones for you to pick out from, each set includes a pair of stud round shape birthstone earrings with a soft push back, and a moons tar hollow design on a round cut birthstone of your choice. 

  1. Seven Chakra Healing Stones Caduceus Moon Pendant

Inspired by the stones and the symbol for medicine, this trendy and contemporary piece of jewelry is created. Made from an alloy base material in lustrous silver metal hue adorned with seven colored crystals that support the seven chakras of the body. 

  1. Chic Glow In The Dark Owl Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

Cute and naughty looking crescent moon pendant with an owl dangle. Featuring a glow in the dark jewelry in bleu luminesce, a perfect gift you young ladies for its magical effect, especially during at night, a guardian that guards you through the dark. 

  1. Sterling Silver Rose Gold CZ Crescent Moon Star Pendant Necklace

Check this heavily paved moon necklace with a heart hollow design engraving and a dazzling star shape drop. A highly ladylike color and design are suitable for teens and adults. Paved with a sequence of clear microcrystalline CZ stones and a stylish and chic cable chain necklace for a designer look. 

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Cat Gold Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

Come and dream with this quaint cat pendant necklace flawlessly crafted from sterling silver and gold plated to an even and glossy finish, an accessory that features seventeen inches of curb chain necklace with an additional 2 inches of drop curb chain at the rear. A highly feminine and charming bracelet for young teens and adults. 

  1. Sterling Silver CZ Crescent Moon and Star Pendant Necklace

Have a look at this highly elegant and tasteful piece of jewelry paved with micro Cubic zirconia with a lustrous and reliable sterling silver base metal. Equipped with a cable chain necklace with a secure spring clasp, a unique and delicate backdrop chain pendant that adds beauty in every angle. 

Moon as a symbol

The moon is said to be a female entity dating from ancient times. The moon would always be represented by a goddess. The word Luna, a Latin translation of the word moon, a goddess from the Roman folklore, equal to Artemis, who is also a moon goddess. The moon denotes power over the dark, a symbol of protection for women and children. It also represents any other round symbols the life cycle from birth to rebirth. It also describes the dark side of oneself. 

The moon, as a symbol, is also connected to fertility. Like how the moon takes twenty-seven to twenty –eight days to circle around the Earth. It is almost the same time it takes for the female reproductive organ to be fertile and have their monthly menstruation. The monthly female cycle which is also being reasoned when a woman is generally irritable and hard to deal with. Although studies proved that the moon has no impact on childbirth to humans, studies show that it can influence animals. 

Types of Moon Necklaces

Classic Crescent Moon

A downward crescent moon symbolizes destiny. The start of your journey, which is why it mostly made of stones and crystal that complements the moon symbolism. An example is a jade crescent moon. The jade itself is a prosperity stone that attracts good fortune, while it also supports the heart chakra that promotes balance and harmony of one’s emotion. A jade crescent moon would attract a peaceful and prosperous future to the wearer.

Crescent moon and a star

A star is a radiant entity in the sky that is slightly similar to the sun. A star symbolizes change. A Crescent moon and a star symbol have initially been used by the Sumerian that denotes power and fertility, it was also a symbol of gods by the Greek and female chastity belt that protects the honor of an unmarried woman. The emblem was passed through eras from the Roman Empire to the different flags.

Crescent Moon and a Cat

Have you ever heard of mooning?  Daydreaming, it is what the moon and cat symbol means. A cat mesmerized by the beauty of the moon that it dreams of being able to walk and feel it.  A wistful meaning for dreamers, especially young children. Being able to imagine of what they want the future like the moon, even when she doesn’t have a light of her own, she is still able to shine at night and share the dark with the stars. A symbol of hope.

Crescent moon and Sun

Unison between a man and a woman completing a round shape that denotes life.  The sun is usually depicted as a man while the moon is represented by a woman.  The sun shines in the morning while the moon sits back and let him take the lead, when the sun sets, the moon takes over but can only reflect what the sun gives her. A beautiful message of a man who cherishes and shares his light to the woman making her shine in her own time. A symbol that reflects the note of a wife that shines is complemented by a supportive husband. 

Crescent Moon and a Young Child

A symbol that denotes the realization of one’s dream. The moon represents a mother who would do anything for her child to reach and live his dreams, always by his side, to support and guide him, especially in the dark times where he may lose his way. A responsible and caring mother who is always looking over her child.

A necklace would never get out of style just like the moon would always be by the Earth, whether it can be seen during at night or it’s hidden by the dark. One true meaning of the moon necklace is a female guardian. She sits back and lets the sun takes its place but would always be there for the Earth, whether she is appreciated or not. She has her moods and her dark side, but she would always try to be a glimpse of light when the sun is nowhere to be found, reflecting what little light the sun can give her.

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