42 Princess Tiaras and Crowns for Your Wedding, Homecoming or Party

42 Princess Tiaras and Crowns for Your Wedding, Homecoming or Party

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, have you thought about your wedding dress? How about your headdress? Are you going to wear a crown? Or is it called a tiara? I don’t know! It’s the thing that you wear around your head with jewels and pearls? The one that princesses wear! They look fabulous!

It is quite challenging to separate a crown with a taira because they have the same look and purposes. One thing that separates the two is that a crown can be used by men and women while a tiara is only for women. I am talking about in the olden times. Nowadays, tiaras are everywhere! If you want to wear one, Buy one and wear it wherever or whenever you want to. 

Tiaras are extremely popular, mainly during weddings, themed parties, and debuts. Anyone, young and old who wants to feel like a princess or a queen can buy and wear on unlike in the past where only royals or a person of high status are permitted to wear it. It was a status symbol like for a King or a God. Now tiaras and crowns are even available for children to wear. You can see them in the children's’ department store as hair accessories for their parties and special occasion or just every day when the child wants to be a process. 

Here are some spectacular crowns that are available in the market: 

  1. Baroque Crystal Wedding Crown Tiara

Have a look-see at this divine baroque style silver and gold-tone tiara. Intricately embedded with rhinestone. Available in zircon blue, champagne, emerald green, and ruby red. This tiara features multiple significant teardrop-shaped colored rhinestone and lined with small round flat clear stones on the band. A fabulous tiara for a wedding. Find HERE

  1. European Silver Crystal Tiaras and Crowns

This substantially set tiara would surely sit perfectly on your head. An impressive set of crystals and pearls of different shapes. Beautifully designed for a princess like you. Stylish and modern fit for a debutant or young teen who wants to feel and be like a princess. Find HERE

  1. Royal Red & Silver Tiaras and Crowns

Feast your eyes on this majestic and luxurious crown made to be worn by kings or queens. Go back to the times where royals used to ride the horses as their wife wait patiently in their castle while knitting waiting for their husbands to come back from the hunt. Find HERE

  1. King and Queen Tiara Rhinestones Crown

A classically designed crown made old souls. Featuring a tall pointed design crown softened at the end by round clear rhinestone that glistens when touched by the light. Perfect for men who want to exude power and elegance. Made from premium alloy materials plated with gold and silver hues for a regal look. Find HERE

  1. Royal King Crown Cross with Zirconia Stones

An authentic vintage looking crown worn by the monarchs of the past. Featuring a heavily lined band

and curve with not-notch cubic zirconia stone. A metal framework plated with gold and silver. A centerpiece cross design. The only thing missing is your scepter to award your soldiers as you say the word “I dub thee.” Find HERE

  1. Multicolor Royal Crown

An outstandingly made crown impressively crafted from a plated metal alloy, polished to a smooth surface. Delicately designed with teardrop colored rhinestones. A must-see for young teens who are attending a prom or having a royal themed party. The pink-colored stones soften the crown's look. Find HERE

  1. Vintage Blue & Gold Color Crystal Tiaras

Kings and Queens, lend me your eyes for this magnificent crown, vintage looking and deeply set with colored square zirconia stones and intricately designed by small cube clear stones and microcrystals. Available in three hues, ruby red, azure blue, and white clear cubic zirconia stones. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Gold and Red Crown Tiara for Brides

Wear this strikingly elegant crown as you walk the aisle to meet your king. You are the queen of the event, and nothing can be more suitable than this magnificent piece if a headdress to emphasize your beauty. The ruby-red stone would put a bridal glow to your already beaming face as you say I do to your man. Find HERE

  1. Luxury Royal Queen Crown

A queen would always wear a crown where ever she goes, and this luxurious crown would undoubtedly complete your regal look. Made from premium-grade alloy material, plated with silver and gold using the latest technology for an excellent polished and silky surface. Featuring a two-color combination of red and gold, and blue and silver. There is also the pristine-looking silver with clear crystals. Find HERE

  1. Vintage Royal Sky Blue Crown for Wedding or Prom

For my King and Queen, these regal looking crowns explicitly made with the monarch in mind. Exquisitely crafted from premium quality alloy metal. Plated with a golden hue to have a vintage look, with a breathtaking set of shimmering clear crystals. Available in seven different colors. Find HERE

  1. Queen Bridal Tiara in fifteen styles

A striking tiara design for a remarkable woman. Featuring a flower designed tiara in10 different colors to match the motif of your wedding. Elegant and beautifully made with colored teardrop stones within a set of micro-clear crystals, that’s a head-turner. A fantastic style to look back on your golden anniversary. Find HERE

  1. Princess French Crown with Pearls and Crystals

This charming piece of accessory is perfect for young ladies. A combination of clear crystal and pearl setting designed for a youthful and soft look. An endearing design of flower pearls like a blooming young lady to her teen and young adult years. Wear this your favorite dress and embrace your youthful glow with this lustrous tiara. Find HERE

  1. Vintage King and Queen Crowns with Crystals

Introducing a crown that traveled through time. A classic piece of jewelry that carrying vintage-looking setting of bronze and black crystals on a gold plated alloy material. An imperial look, exhibiting arrogance and superiority. Designed with an assortment of different shapes and colored glass. Find HERE

  1. Pageant Crown Queens Perfection

A glamorous tiara for a queen of that not only exudes beauty but a totality of an exquisite woman. An intricately designed crown made from silver-plated metal. Entirely lined with micro-crystals around a central clear round-cut white crystal.  Soft round design for a woman of grace and elegance. Find HERE

  1. King and Queen Bridal Crown

A modestly designed tiara perfect for a stroll around the castle grounds. Feel the simplicity of this crown, lightweight, and adjustable. Featuring a tower-like design, impeccably crafted from silver and gold plated metal polished to perfection. Highly suitable for a country and themed weddings. Find HERE

  1. White Crystal Pearl Crown for Men and Women

Here is an extravagantly designed crown for aristocrats and the lords. Exquisitely designed with a combination of bright crystal gemstones and white ps that emanates a soft glisten in every turn. Featuring tear-shaped pearls and crystals on top of each leaf design that dangles gracefully with every sway you do. Find HERE

  1. Royal Blue and Silver Crystal Bride Crown

Shimmer your way through the crowd with this magnificent piece of jewelry.  Showcasing a glorious sun-shaped centerpiece, embedded with glittering clear micro-crystals, enhanced with teardrop-shaped azure blue. A royal color for royalty. Framework made from premium zinc alloy metal plated with silver using the latest metal plating technology.  Polished to an even and lustrous surface. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Fashion Tiaras and Crowns

Majestic and extravagant are the words to describe this beautiful piece of jewelry.  Wear this proudly and be the royal that you are. Showcasing a sequence of tall and thin peacock design. Lined with clear zirconia stones. Available in pink, purple, brown, green, white, and yellow colors. Comfortable to wear. Find HERE

  1. Multi-crystal Silver Queen Wedding Crown

Finally, a crown fit for a goddess. Pristine and unadulterated. A perfect match for your soft and feminine facial features. A kind-hearted queen loved by her people.  An impressive looking crown designed to be worn with an updo hair showcasing your slender neck and beautiful face. Find HERE

  1. Men’s King Crown with Crystal Silver

I pledge my life to you, my king. Here is a king’s crown. A classically designed crown for men. Lined with luxurious cubic zirconia clear cut crystals on a premium quality silver plated alloy material. Wear this crown and be a king to your queen during proms and other special events. Find HERE

  1. Silver and Gold Princess Crystal Crown

Be wowed by this highly elegant tiara made gold and silver-plated metal with a coral shape design with small flowers embedded with cubic zirconia clear crystals. Luxuriously lined with clear microcrystals perfect for pageants and attending the prom night. Find HERE

  1. Antique Princess Tiara

A charming piece for little girls and young teens. Wear this tiara in attending weddings and on your princess themed birthday party. It’s every girl's dreams to be a princess even for a day, a beautiful tiara with your princess gown and with your wand, and voila! An instant princess look. Find HERE

  1. Vintage Gold Plated Pearl and CZ crystals

Let nature’s beauty enhance your look with this nature-inspired tiara exquisitely made from zinc alloy material plated with a gold-tone using the latest technology in metal plating. Design enhanced by leaf-shaped clear-cut cubic zirconia crystal with natural white pearl. Adjustable and can fit any head size. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Crowns and Tiaras with Rhinestones

Create a memorable wedding with this glamorous tiara handcrafted from premium quality silver plated metal. Lined with clear white stones, enhanced with colored gems to match your dress and your mood. A tiara straight from a movie. All yours at a reasonable price. Available in five different colors. Find HERE

  1. European Monarch Crystal Wedding Crown

Be a vision of sophistication with this dazzling tiara. Perfect for weddings and themed events. Available in silver and gold body, lined with small round clear white zirconia atones with clear and colored teardrop-shaped stones. A piece of jewelry that would take your breath away. Find HERE

  1. Luxury Baroque Leaf Crown with Zircon

A baroque style tiara that sits tall and high wear this proudly for its elaborate and striking design. A two teardrop-shaped centerpiece with branches of leaves on both sides completing a look authority and supremacy. Available in five different hues. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Princess Crystal Crown for Women

A sensation piece of jewelry that would wow anyone who has the opportunity to lay eyes on it. Expertly handcrafted with cubic zirconia crystals, highly detailed, and with clear and colored stones. Every woman’s dream tiara for her wedding. Wear this on your wedding day and make a memory that would last you a lifetime. Find HERE

  1. Royal Queen’s Crown and Earring Set

Showcasing a fabulous two-piece set of a tiara and earrings. You won’t have to look elsewhere to discover an accessory that fully complements each other.  A piece of perfect jewelry for an updo hairstyle, elegant, classy, and stylish all in on.  Grab this set for your upcoming event. Find HERE

  1. King and Queen Tiara Crown

Make your prom night extra memorable by wearing this crown. Perfect for couples attending their prom as a king and queen. Choose from four different colors and styles that would match your motif and facial features. A crown made from top quality material lines with fermium grade pearls and stones for a royal and vintage look. Find HERE

  1. Luxury Vintage Crown Hair Jewelry

A tiara fit for a woman of high class and fashion. Only a woman of style would carry this magnificent crown, tall and proud, perfectly detailed and embedded with cubic zirconia stone designed to glisten and sparkle with your every move. Find HERE

  1. Luxury eight Color Tiara Crown with Zircon Crystals

A tiara that looks like it just came out of the movies. A diadem for delicate faces.  Featuring soft colored stones for a feminine and gentle look. A young queen’s headdress as she walks around the castle for an early stroll before beginning her royal duties. Find HERE

  1. Gold and Silver King and Queen Crowns

If you are looking for a vintage crown framework, then you have found the right ones. These crowns look like the crowns worn by the roman empire of the past. Where gladiators fought for their freedom as the monarch watch with excitement. An excellent piece for parties and special occasions. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Tiaras for Women

A classically set crown for men and women. Feast your eyes on this fantastic and detailed piece of jewelry. Wear this at weddings and momentous occasions such as debuts and anniversaries. Be royalty for a night, and create special memories with your loved ones. Find HERE

  1. Vintage King’s Crown for Men

A king’s crown is a representation of his character. Wear this crown for a powerful and pristine look. A heavily set headpiece embedded with clear shimmering white crystals on a silver or gold plated alloy material, hand polished for an even and glossy surface. Find HERE

  1. Purple Crystal Crown for Women

An extravagantly designed purple tiara for women. Designed with tall shards of purple crystals with a floral design base. A true deity inspired look for women who love nature. Featuring a royal hue that is full of magic and mystique. Suitable for women of all ages. Find HERE

  1. Fashion Royal Tiara Crown

A luxurious crown expertly made from premium grade zinc material, gold, and silver plated with the latest metal coating equipment. Available in six distinct colors to match with our motif.  Ideal for weddings and other special occasions. Featuring an oval-shaped clear and colored crystal and microcrystal setting. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Crystal Luxury Wedding Crown

A tiara for the bride. Every bride dreams of wearing a tiara and feel special on her wedding day. Let these marvelous pieces of jewelry enhance your beauty and glam your pristine wedding dress. A perfect accessory to your diamond earring s and rings. You can choose from five different colors and styles. Find HERE

  1. King and Queen Rainbow Tiara

At last! A playful version of a crown. A reflection of the aurora within a throng of crystal gemstones in leaf formation. Be mesmerized by the utter beauty and style of this headdress. A crown with a youthful and feminine look designed for young ladies and princesses. Find HERE

  1. Queen’s Dream Rhinestone Gold Crown

A spectacular piece of jewelry made to be worn by queens. There can only be one and only empress in a household. Put on this gorgeous crown and lead your people to greatness. Lined with delicate round clear cut rhinestones that twinkles with the light. Pass this on to your children as they grow to be a queen of their own. Find HERE

  1. Spanish Queen Baroque Crown

Here is a grand masterpiece, handcrafted from premium grade silver and gold plated metal. Available in two models, one design, ha inverted hearts with a peacock-like center holding a clear round white zirconia stones. Another piece is designed with an inverted heart with a leaf at the center, topped by a round Zirconia crystal — a sleek and magnificent crown for women. Find HERE

  1. Baroque Rose Gold Tiaras and Crowns

A vintage set royal crown, plated with a rose gold hue, a feminine color on a majestic piece of jewelry. Featuring a four grand central setting with a significant leaf-shaped clear crystal, lined around with microcrystals. Double band base with detailed white crystal inlay. These pieces would put a rosy glow on your delicate face. Find HERE

  1. Laurel Leaf Roman Cesar Crown

Speak like the Romans and dress like a Roman. Here comes a roman inspired tiara in silver and gold hues. Designed with two branches of laurel leaves on both sides. Perfectly polished to a glossy and smooth surface. A casual tiara that can be worn at any event and gatherings. Find HERE

Crowns are common status symbols in the olden times for royals, God, and Goddesses.  

It is considered to be a symbol of a birthright for monarchs. Only a member of a specific family can wear a particular design to represent their bloodline.

Tiaras came from Diadem, which was worn by the greeks of olden times, they look like a headband lined with gemstones. Made of precious metals and only worn by royalties such as the kings and en queens. 


  1. How do I accurately measure my head size?

Wrap a strip of paper, wrap it around your head about one eight inches above the ear, and your forehead. Use a ruler to measure it. Keep in mind not ta wrap it too tightly or too loose, just enough that it won't fall off when you move.

  1. What is the difference between tiaras and crowns?

There is much difference between the two. First is the shape; the crown encompasses the whole circumference of the head while a tiara is almost like a hairband; it has an open end. 

Crowns are much more colorful, and it represents supremacy and a status symbol, while a tiara simple and more of an accessory than a symbol of stature.

Here are some things to consider in buying crowns or tiaras:


Bear in mind that an accessory must always compliment the dress and the wearer. So, choose a tiara that has the same hue as your dress, or the same style and design. 


Consider the location when buying a tiara. A heavily jeweled tiara is not appropriate for a casual beach event.  As well as a simple crown is not for a wedding. These are just considerations, but in reality, as long as you wear anything with confidence, your good to go.

Facial features

You must reflect on the shape of your face and your features. For strong facial features, choose a crown with a round design to soften your look. A small face must not wear a tall and heavyset crown for the goal of wearing accessories is to highlight your features, not the other way around.


You won’t usually wear a tiara going to work or doing your daily activities. Having a multipurpose tiara that can transform into a bracelet, necklace, or a broach is highly recommended. You get to wear it on different occasions. A tiara today, a necklace for tomorrow, and a bracelet the next day. It's just practical.


Some men and women used to dream of becoming kings and queens when they grow up, and this is because there were so many children's books and movies based on the lives of royalties. A price meeting a commoner and becoming a couple. Previously made only for the member of the royal family, many wish to have the chance to wear one. At present, tiaras are available for anyone to purchase. You can buy tiaras with real diamonds or with a lower grade gemstone with the same effect and look. It all depends on the budget that you have. With that said,  go and buy a tiara for you and your children. You deserve one. It is a free world, and you can wear anything you want at any given time. No norm to stop you. Express yourself the way you want to.

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