38+ Tungsten Carbide Bracelets for Men to Expand Your Jewelry Collection

38+ Tungsten Carbide Bracelets for Men to Expand Your Jewelry Collection

Are you looking for a bracelet that would last you a lifetime? Something easy to maintain and would not snap at a mere swing of your hands? May I introduce a list of durable, sturdy, and hypoallergenic tungsten carbide bracelets. Tungsten is renowned as heavy metal — a preferred material for wedding rings and bracelets for its practicality, durability and stylish color and appeal. 

Tungsten is mined in three provinces of China and a country known to have almost fifty percent or tungsten reserves. It is also found in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Canada. Tungsten, at its original state, is made of crystal matrix known to have the highest melting point among metals. Due to its high conductivity, it is mostly used in lamps and as emitters for electrical products. 

Due to its hardness and durability, it’s being used in cutting gears. It’s also mainly used on jewelry for ist hardness and unique natural hues. 

It was frost used in jewelry making in the 1960s as a material for a watch. The first-ever watch made of scratch-resistant tungsten carbide base. After that, it has been widely used as wedding rings and bracelets, especially for men. It has an edgy and stylish appeal combined with its durability that is suitable for men.

Let's check the best tungsten carbide bracelets on our store:

  1. Black Tungsten Bracelet

Rebuild your strength with this edgy health bracelet for men. Featuring a series of static magnet built on the inner surface of the bracelet. Base materials consist of durable and stylish tungsten carbide. Guaranteed to be scratch and fade resistant. The color and design adds a strong appeal and highlights the circumference of your wrist. Buy from HERE

  1. Rose Gold Wide Tungsten Bracelet

Only true men can wear this highly elegant and delicate color of rose gold, a bracelet that features a full width that highlights your stiff wrist. The jet black color tone can heighten any outfits, especially dark and formal wear, for its original eye-catching design and color. Buy from HERE

  1. Gold Black Stylish Tungsten Bracelet

Elegantly fashioned from high-quality tungsten carbide alloy base. Sleek black fused together with the classy yellow gold to create an outstanding masculine piece of jewelry. IP plated to assure a long-lasting color and shine. Durably secured by heavy-duty screws to prevent snaps and detachment. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Bronze Tungsten Bracelet

Restore and feel refreshed with this arm candy made of durable tungsten carbide base material. Durable and long-lasting color thanks to its IP plating. Showcasing a unique color combination that reflects a down to Earth personality of the wearer, Tiny magnets to support health and wellness while sporting a stylish and spiffy look. Buy from HERE

  1. Two-tone Black Silver Tungsten Bracelet

A piece of jewelry that shouts class and power. A classically styled bracelet for men with black hematite to support blood circulation and increase grounding effects. Harness the natural healing power of nature as you go along your day. A perfect fit for men with high stature and a commanding personality. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Tungsten Bracelet for Men

Soothing and comfortable to wear, this is what this sleek black healing bracelet can offer. Beautifully crafted with top quality tungsten alloy coated with an even and glossy black hue. A durable silver-toned jewelry snap clasp for a secure and relaxed overall fit. Buy from HERE

  1. Gold Silver Men Tungsten Bracelet

Harmonize you’re your body and have an inner balance with this exceptionally refined tungsten bracelet for men. Featuring a traditional color combination of soft yellow gold and gleaming silver metal tones highlighted with a unique central link built with round, non-reactive magnets, and hematite stone beads. Buy from HERE

  1. Men Tungsten Bracelet Black & Silver Crystal Gift Bag

Pure elegance is are the words that can describe this high class, well-designed tungsten bracelet for men. Intricately crafted with rectangular cut black Crystal in four even facets emphasized and with three bright micro square-shaped CZ stones. A lustrous and well-polished silver-tone base with built-in hematite beads. Buy from HERE

  1. Hip Silver Thin Tungsten Bracelet

Cement your signature style with this exclusive and sophisticated piece of jewelry designed for men. Crafted from premium-grade tungsten carbide alloy, hand polished and buffed to a highly lustrous and smooth surface. Thin with a pleasant weight to it. Hypoallergenic and tough resistant making it an excellent material to last you a lifetime. 

  1. Wellness Gold Silver Tungsten Bracelet

Focus your attention on the intricate detailing of this wellness bracelet designed to promote energy and grounding therapy. Hematite microbeads embedded on the inner bracelet with the security and durable backing of a tungsten carbide alloy base material. Gold plated square link to emphasize the lustrous silver-tone bracket. 

  1. Men Silver Square Tungsten Bracelet

Free your body of all the negative energies and harness the healing power of Mother Nature with this sporty bracelet for men. Scratch and tough resistant, perfect for on the go individual with the support of hematite micro beads placed at the inner side of the bracelet to smoothly touch your skin as well as imparts its healing properties. Built with a robust snap-on clasp for easy on/off wear. 

  1. Men Copper brown Silver Tungsten Bracelet

Durability is an essential feature to be considered in choosing your bracelet. A bracelet for men having a high-quality tungsten carbide alloy base that’s is known to the dense and study. Beautifully plated with a warm and soothing copper brown center link pieces that are added to the bold flair. Buy from HERE

  1. Black Gold Thick Tungsten Bracelet

Black and gold are colors that depict power and luxury. Featuring an expensive-looking piece of jewelry with rich yellow gold and deep black metal plating. A string and hypoallergenic tungsten carbide material base and round micro hematite beads to promote positive vibrations and dispel negativity throughout your hectic day. Buy from HERE

  1. White Ceramic Tungsten Magnet Bracelet for Women

Improve your wellness with this new and trendy bracelet for women, a white ceramic base material that shouts style and a delicate personality. Highly fashionable that is easy to pair with any outfits for any occasion. Built with a sturdy tungsten carbide snap clasp and rivets for a durable and all-around fit. 

  1. White Ceramic Tungsten Bracelet

Accessorize with this highly chic and fresh design of white ceramic coating for men and women. Uniquely fashioned with a bold screw link that adds a rough appeal for men and the smooth and pristine white hue pf the ceramic complements the lustrous shine of the tungsten. 

  1. Black Crystal Gold Men Tungsten Bracelet

Regenerate and be a trendsetter with this highly lustrous and sought after bracelet for men. Featuring a resilient tungsten carbide alloy base IP plated with elegant soft yellow gold color with a smooth and radiant finish. Brilliant rectangular cut black crystal linearly linked as the focal design of this grand bracelet. 

  1. Men Black Crystal Gold Tungsten Bracelet

Sexy black crystals enclosed with a robust gold plated thick bracelet for men, a design that would attract attention to its sparkling black crystal strategically placed in between luxurious gold links. Built with a secure snap clasp for easy and comfy wear. 

  1. Black Gold Square Tungsten Link Bracelet

Alleviate stress with this therapeutic tungsten bracelet for men. Hard-wearing tungsten carbide base material coated with soft yellow gold metal hue interlinked with a square-shaped jet black middle design. High fashion and trendy with a hint of understated luxury and individuality. A piece of jewelry that easy to match with any style and outfit. Buy from HERE

  1. Tungsten Ceramics Silver Super Linking Beauty Men Bracelet width:12mm length 7.7

Check out this stylish and exclusively manly fashioned bracelet. The natural color of the tungsten carbide needs no further accent except a smooth and well-buffed finish. A link bracelet created particularly for men. Sturdy and easy to use snap-on clasp for comfy wear. Small circular magnets to help improve blood to circulate within your body freely. 

  1. Space Gray Tungsten Bracelet for Men

No need to coordinate your outfit with this versatile and up-to-the-minute bracelet designed for men with classy taste. Featuring a smooth and well-polished surface crafted from heavy-duty tungsten carbide alloy base. Precisely cut multi-faceted square focal pieces designed to naturally glisten and shine as you go on your daily routine. 

  1. Rose Gold Heavy Tungsten Bracelet Reflect

Delicate, classy with a touch of playfulness can be seen in this one of a kind bracelet for men. Pinking hue emphasizes manliness against your solid muscular wrist. Crafted from premium grade tungsten carbide alloy that’s durable and scratch-resistant, a material perfect to be paired for daily wear. 

  1. Prism Black Gold Tungsten Bracelet

Enhance your manly aura with this magnificent and grandiose bracelet for men.  Expertly made from heavy tungsten carbide alloy, gold plated for a lavish effect, paired with deep black well-cut octagonal-shaped main design gives off an expensive and elegant look. Tiny circular magnets placed at the inner part of the bracelet to support magnetic therapy

  1. Thick Black Crystal Silver Tungsten Bracelet

Flaunt the rugged and fierce in you with this hip and stylish bracelet for men.  Featuring a wide glossy look bracelet adorned with movable back rectangular crystal creating a double horizontal link. Versatile and adjustable built with a robust jewelry snap clasp for a relaxed and comfortable all-round fit. 

  1. White Ceramic Gold CZ Tungsten

A fashionable bracelet that would go great with your casual to semi-formal attire, flawless white ceramic stones linked to gold plated tungsten carbide centerpieces decorated and emphasized by a round micro cubic zirconia crystal. Black hematite beads embedded within its inner surface that are gentle on the skin.

  1. Fashionable White Ceramic Tungsten Bracelet for Men

Featuring a bracelet that adds a pop to your daily attire. Featuring an edgy and manly link bracelet made from top-notch quality tungsten carbide base alloy made elegant by thin bars of white ceramic stones. Both materials are proven hypoallergenic and durable with a sturdy and secure snap clasp. 

  1. Rugged CZ Black Silver Bracelet

Fashion-forward design for a punk rock look. Featuring a premium grade tungsten carbide base bracelet, IP plated to a sleek and even jet black metal color.  Impressive round cut clear cubic zirconia stones paved on a silver-tone link. Thin and hypoallergenic with a pleasant weight and feel. 

  1. Jewelry Thin Black Silver Tungsten Bracelet

Looking for an accent to upgrade your ensemble for the day? This bracelet is for you. Thin, luxurious and seek, a fashionable accessory made from high-grade tungsten carbide material hand polished and buffed to a smooth and glossy texture. Dark rectangular thin positioned between silver links, secured by a snap clasp closure. 

  1. Men Black Gold Magnet Tungsten Bracelet

A touch of gold enveloped with the natural hues of tungsten carbide alloy. Sturdy and scratch-resistant perfect for people that are always on the go. Embedded with circular magnets and black crystals to promote wellness in a natural way harnessing the healing power of nature. Proven non-reactive and tough resistant fro your daily wear and tear. 

  1. Black Ceramic Gold Tungsten Bracelet

Go from an office inspired look to a sexy flair with this statement bracelet. An accessory made from ensembles of black rectangular ceramic highlighted with gold plated thin bars pf tungsten carbide alloy with round magnet inner inlay.   Design to promote better blood circulation and pain management. 

  1. Men Black & White Ceramic Link Tungsten Bracelet

A youthful and fresh design for young men and fashion-forward adults. Revive your youthful aura with this durable link bracelet for men. Black plated tungsten carbide square-cut links positioned in between white ceramic links, a style that’s easy to coordinate with any of your outfits. 

  1. Jewelry Men Tungsten Bracelet, Black & White, 8.46

Dare to dazzle with this fabulous and contemporary design link bracelet for men.   Treat yourself with this trendy bracelet made from black plated tungsten carbide alloy fashionably positioned alternately with tin white ceramic bars. A series of small circular magnets placed on the inner part of the bracelet. 

  1. Men Tungsten Bracelet, Black White

Show off this highly fashionable and avant-garde bracelet that’s definitely a head-turner. Pristine white ceramic with black plated thin bars of black coated tungsten carbide alloy with a built-in solid snap clasp. The soothing and relaxing effect of magnets against your skin that also repels negative energies that may cause harm to your inner psyche. 

  1. Men Rose Gold Ceramic White Tungsten Bracelet

Wellness, combined with a solid sense of style, is expressed with this beautifully crafted link bracelet for men. A fresh and clean design that enlarges your stiff wrist and show your unique style and self-confidence. A bracelet that features a rose gold plated tungsten-based material with accents of white ceramic with round magnets embedded on its inner face. 

  1. Gold Silver Prism Tungsten Bracelet

Stand out with this two-toned innovative design made form tungsten carbide base material. Featuring a prism-like cut gold plated metal accents placed in between alternate silver links secured by a robust snap clasp. Harmonize your inner balance with the help of skin-friendly round magnets and black crystals that supports wellness in its natural form. 

  1. Men Black Silver Link Magnet Tungsten Bracelet

Mend your inner being and regain balance with this therapeutic bracelet that supports magnet therapy. A highly impressive design of alternately colored links made from a resilient tungsten carbide base. IP plated with a black and silver metal color that gives an up-to-the-minute and contemporary feel. 

  1. Gold Silver Link Magnet Tungsten Bracelet

A stunning and understated link bracelet design for men with simple and smart fashion sense. Improve your mood with this heavy-duty bracelet made from high-quality tungsten carbide alloy fashioned with soft yellow linear accents resembling a hint of the sun. Sturdy jewelry snap clasp for a secure and comfy fit. 

  1. Silver Link Magnet Tungsten Bracelet

Regenerate your cells while staying cool and fashionable with this in vogue link bracelet for men. Beautifully with tungsten carbide alloy with built-in small circular magnets that support blood circulation with a relaxing and refreshing feel. Hypoallergenic, even and glossy finish for a graceful aura. 

  1. Fashion Tungsten Ceramic Health Bracelet, Rose Gold Black,7.9

Bring elegance and style wherever you go with this highly sophisticated bracelet for men. A link bracelet crafted from tungsten carbide base material IP plated in subtle rose gold color. A dual-band styled bracelet to emphasize your big wrist.  A black crystal that shares its healing and grounding properties to alleviate stress and negative vibrations. 

Tungsten as carbide is a dense combination of hated tungsten, carbon black, and hydrogen. Its purity is about ninety-five percent tungsten metal. Two types of tungsten carbides are cemented carbide and fused or cast carbide. Which one is used in jewelry making? Cemented carbide is used with binders that can be either be cobalt or nickel. It is used in jewelry making particularly in wedding rings or bracelets. 

Wellness has been a trendy topic nowadays, healthy living and naturopathic way ion increasing one's health are increasingly becoming popular. The use of magnets to counter the harmful effects of free radicals that can be absorbed primarily through preservatives and gadgets. These free radicals are the root cause of converting healthy cells into cancer cells. 

According to the theory of magnet therapy, the magnetic force can interact with the muscles and nerve cells that could help in reducing pain, blood circulation, and protection from free radicals.

Magnets differ in types and composition. There are two types of magnets used in jewelry making especially in bracelets. Samarian cobalt magnets are preferred due to their resistance to corrosion and strength. Neodymium magnets, on the other hand, have a more powerful magnetic strength but have the tendency to rust and loosen at high temperatures. 

People have been looking for alternative ways to cure illnesses due to the adverse effects of modern-day medicine. The theory that magnets can help to relieve pain has bee a subject of debates. It is still unproven but many believers have been attesting to the positive effects of authentic magnetic bracelets. 

Why is tungsten a better choice for men?

One of the popular material in this new age is tungsten. Considering its strength, hardness, hypoallergenic, tough-resistant, scratch-resistant, unique color and pleasant weight, all of these are properties of tungsten carbide that are perfect for men who have an active lifestyle, outdoorsy and adventurous, this is because they are known to resist deforming and are considered a heavy-duty material that is even used in the industrial industry.

Bracelets have their own unique way of adding beauty and individuality to people. Some are made of precious metals and gems, while some are made of durable and modern materials such as tungsten carbide and stainless steel bracelets.  Some are also called magnetic bracelets that claim to have health benefits. Whichever is your personal reason for wearing these bracelets, no one can prevent you from expressing and living what you believe in, whether it's proven or unproven by science, stylish or not, always remember that you are free to choose whatever makes you happy.  

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