31+ Cross Hoop Earrings Picks To Make You Look Astonishing

31+ Cross Hoop Earrings Picks To Make You Look Astonishing

Earrings are only for women. Do you agree? I think not all would agree. In fact, earrings are a popular accessory for men at present. You can see actors and regular men wearing earrings on both or single ears. There are even rings for the eyebrows and nose. What kind of earrings do you have in your collection? A drop? Stud? Hook? There are different types of earrings to choose from! That is why women can’t seem to get hold of themselves when they see a beautiful set of earrings. It’s an accessory that highlights not just the ears but the whole face. I can complete a modest dress and make it look royal and elegant by adorning themselves s with an exquisitely made earrings.

Dangle type of earrings is best suited for women with a long neck. It highlights the length and the smoothness of the skin, making it attractive to the opposite sex.

Stud earring with gemstones is perfect for an updo hairstyle. Creating a platform for another piece of jewelry, such as a necklace. This type of earrings is best for small shaped facial features.

Hoop style earrings are suitable for people with full facial features, it complements the shape of the wearer.

Here are some magnificent and attention grabber earrings for you.

1# Silver Black Cross Earrings

    Introducing a simple piece of jewelry made from sterling silver metal. Designed with an inner black plated cross design and shape. This set of earrings would complement your hair down, laidback look. Accessible to wear and highly durable. Easy to clean and maintain its glossy shine. Get from HERE

    2# Three-Piece Set Stainless Steel Hoop Cross Earring

      Get three pairs for the amount of one. Grab these bundles of huggie hoop earrings made from premium grade stainless steel alloy.  Featuring a cross dangle.  These ornament fits your earlobe comfortably and is proven to be hypoallergenic. Available in gold, silver, and black color. 

      3# Stainless Steel Cross Hoop Earring

        A magnificent pair of cross hoop earrings designed for women. Expertly crafted from a pure stainless steel material with an intricate design of a black flowerlike cross. Plated and polished to a glossy and smooth texture. Highly durable, long-lasting veneer and non-reactive to any skin type. 

        4# Stainless Steel Cross Huggie Hinged Hoop Earring

          A high-class earring set suitable for men and women. Punk it out with these pair of huggie hoop earrings impressively made from a solid stainless steel alloy.  This design features a cross shape dangle, unpretentious and hip to look at.  Wear this for a casual everyday look. Sturdy and at an affordable price. 

          5# Stainless Steel Cross Flower Cuff Jacket Earring for Women

            An intricately designed cuff earring for women. This features a perfectly engraved flower cress exquisitely crafted from premium grade stainless steel metal. Extraordinarily comfortable and snug in the ear. Guaranteed hypoallergenic and non-reactive. Wear this elegant pair with your dress for a characteristic look. 

            6# Stainless Steel Stud Cross Earrings for men

              A combination of black and gold plated from a high-grade stainless steel alloy.  Sleek and well-designed with gold plated top solar cross with a black plated bottom stud framework. Suitable for classy and fashionable men to wear to any casual or special events. 

              7# Stainless Steel Cross Black Hinged hoop Earrings

                Make way for this sleek ebony pair of earrings designed to wow everyone.  Flawlessly made from black plated top grade stainless steel alloy, polished to a semi-matt surface exhibiting a gray cross design. This pair is created to have a snug fit in your ear lobe for style. Chic and trendy for men and women of all ages. 

                8# Stainless Steel Hoop Black Cross Earrings

                  This vicious pair of charcoal black earrings would definitely accent your punk rock style. Marvelously made from top quality Stainless Steel material, black plate to a shiny and smooth texture. Featuring a three cross shape dangle in different sizes. Bring out the rebel in you by adorning these beautiful earrings. 

                  9# Stainless Steel Hoop Zirconia Cross Earrings

                    Highly fashionable Earrings for men and women. Exude your unique personality by wearing this impressive set of earrings made from Top class plated stainless steel alloy, available in gold and charcoal black hues. Lay your eyes on its black cross dangle embedded with gleaming cubic zirconia stones. Stylish and full for personality designed for men and women who loves to express themselves. 

                    10# Stainless Steel Crucifix Hoop Earrings

                      An excellent piece of jewelry guaranteed to catch your attention. Expertly made from a top-notch stainless steel material that underwent the latest technology of 24K plating. Hand polished to an even and satin-like finish. Featuring a well-engraved crucifix dangle, available in steel, gold, and black colors. Get from HERE

                      11# Luxury Cross Hoop Earrings with Cubic Zirconia

                        Luxurious, elegant, and fashionable to wear. Featuring a pair of hoop earrings studded with micro cubic zirconia with a simple rose gold cross design. Perfect for women of sophistication and grace. Suitable to wear on any occasion, Hypoallergenic and durable. Crafted from premium quality stainless steel material. Get from HERE

                        12# Stainless Steel Silver and Black Cross Hoop Earring

                          A single piece of high-quality hoop earring crafted from a solid stainless steel alloy. Suitable for men and women who love punk style. Simply rock this on one ear with your hair tied up with a t-shirt and jeans. A head turner and unique fashion pieces worth adding to your jewelry collection. Get from HERE

                          13# Silver Cross Stud Hoop Earrings with Black CZ

                            Make way for this impressive looking earring set. Featuring an intricately crafted pair of earrings made from sterling silver, guaranteed not to tarnish and highly durable. Designed with black cubic zirconia stones on a cross half hook stud earring design that undoubtedly accentuates your beautiful and delicate ears. Get from HERE

                            14# Small Cross Hoop Steel Gold Black Earrings

                              A stylish yet straightforward Drop hoop earrings for women with unpretentious style. It is comfortable and light to wear. Seamlessly crafted from pure stainless steel alloy polished to a shiny and mirror-like surface. Scratch and rust-resistant, highly durable, and easy to maintain. A casual piece of accessory for your daily activities. Get from HERE

                              15# Catholic Rose Gold Cross Hoop Earrings for Women

                                A Stylish and highly fashionable earring set with a feminine rose gold-tone for a dainty look. Expertly crafted from a solid stainless steel material that undergone the latest metal plating technology.  Designed to hand daintily on your ears. Durable and light on the ears. A beautiful piece of earring for religious women. Get from HERE

                                16# Crystal Cross Hoop Earrings for Women

                                  Glam yourself with this rich-looking set of earrings impeccably crafted from a high-grade stainless steel alloy with offered in three tones, gold, rose gold, and silver. Plated and polished to a satin-like texture. Intricately styled with crystal stones for an extravagant look. Best to wear with your formal and semi-formal attire. Get from HERE

                                  17# Egyptian Cross Hoop Earrings

                                    Here comes a classic design of an Ankh cross from the Egyptian era.  Feel like an Asiya with these set of drop earrings crafted from unadulterated stainless steel material. Plated with up to date plating technology and polished to a smooth surface. A royal piece of jewelry for a woman of true beauty like you. Get from HERE

                                    18# Cross Hoop Earring with Skeleton Hand Chain

                                      A trendy set of earrings specifically designed for punk fashion. Strikingly crafted from pure stainless steel material. This piece features a combination of a cross and a skeleton hand dangle. Comfortable and fashionable to wear, dangles gracefully to accent your beautiful ears. Get from HERE

                                      19# Black and Silver Cross Hoop Earrings

                                        Lay your eyes on this modest set of earrings, beautifully designed with a black cross Crafted from premium grade stainless steel alloy. Hand polished to a shiny and smooth surface. Durable and scratch-resistant. Guaranteed to maintain its perfect polish for a long time. Hypoallergenic and non-reactive. Get from HERE

                                        20# Sterling Silver Cross Hoop with Cubic Zirconia

                                          Make way for this glamourous and expensive looking set of earrings guaranteed to make you look elegant and sophisticated. Impeccably crafted from sterling silver. Intricately designed with micro cubic zirconia stones that sparkle as you move. A secured hoop closure for comfortable wear and stability. Undoubtedly an excellent piece of jewelry worth your attention. Get from HERE

                                          21# Sterling Silver Greek Cross Hoop Earrings

                                            Garb this sophisticated and high fashion piece of jewelry guaranteed to create a classy and elegant look. For women with expensive taste in style. Classy and well-made from sterling silver metal. Polished to perfection. Enhanced with a cubic zirconia stones overlay designed to gleam its way through the crowd. Get from HERE

                                            22# Luxury Cubic Zirconia Cross Hoop Earrings

                                              A head-turner piece of jewelry intricately embedded with cubic zirconia stones.  Finely made from pure stainless steel alloy, offered in gold and silver hues.  Underwent the latest metal plating technology, delicately polished by hand for a smooth and shiny surface. Total elegance at its best, wear this with your business casual or formal business wear for a high impact look. Get from HERE

                                              23# Zirconia Cross Hoop Sterling Silver Earrings

                                                Here comes a pair of earrings that exudes elegance and top-class fashion. A luxurious looking earrings made from premium grade sterling silver metal.  Durable and hypoallergenic on the skin. Exquisitely designed with cubic zirconia stones setting. Pure beauty with class and style. Get from HERE

                                                24# Luxury Small Hoop Earrings

                                                  Uniquely designed earrings intricately crafted from high-grade zinc alloy, metal plated with the latest metal 24K plating technology. Featuring a stud framework with a dainty cross hanging on a half hoop earring. Polished to an even and silky surface. Best to wear with your everyday look. A guaranteed show stopper. Get from HERE

                                                  25# Chic Orthodox Cross Hoop Earrings

                                                    A clean and chick stud hoop earrings. Fashionably styled with an orthodox cross dangle.  A semi hoop with a screw closure for a nice fit. This excellent piece of jewelry made from hypoallergenic, pure stainless steel alloy plated with a gold hue. Chic and lightweight, a lovely accent to your fabulous ears. Get from HERE

                                                    26# Punk Silver Cross Hoop Earrings

                                                      Lustrous and Trendy are the words that best describe these earrings.  Excellently crafted from premium grade stainless alloy polished to a silky and sleek finish.  Hypoallergenic and rust-proof. Suitable for men and women who adore punk fashion. Durable and easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for your daily travel to your daily activities. Get from HERE

                                                      27# Sterling Silver Star Cross Hoop

                                                        Introducing a celestial piece of jewelry, impeccably crafted from top-class Sterling Silver material, gold plated and polished to a smooth and glossy texture.  Featuring a cross star-shaped drop earring that dangles enchantingly as you strut around with your casual outfit. Get from HERE

                                                        28# Catholic Drop Cross Hoop Earrings

                                                          This perfect piece of accessory will undoubtedly catch your attention. Exquisitely crafted from solid Stainless steel material, intricately designed with a textured hoop. Featuring a catholic cross with a perfect engraving of Christ. A religious piece of art that you can wear at formal and spiritual functions. Get from HERE

                                                          29# Long Silver Cross Hoop Earrings

                                                            Grab this unique set of earrings. Featuring a combination of a perfectly polished cross, a screw-like long dangle, and a straight rod crafted from high-quality zinc alloy material. Silver-plated and polished to an even and lustrous surface. A chic style for a night out and party. Get from HERE

                                                            30# Dual Style Cross Hoop Earrings

                                                              What a treat! A cuff and a hoop earring in one, featuring a dual purpose earring made from Premium grade Stainless steel alloy, gold plated, and finely polished to a gleaming surface. Intricately embedded with cubic zirconia stone designed to attract attention. Tie your hair into a bun and showcase this exquisite piece of jewelry. Get from HERE

                                                              The History and symbolism of the cross:

                                                              The cross or the crucifix for some have been around for centuries. It dates back to the early Mesopotamian era. It does not have similar precise features, but there were engravings found on several; crypts depicting a holy cross worn by the Babylonians. It was also the shape of the sun, thus the name sun cross.

                                                              A sun cross has a round shape or a circle surrounding the cross. It resembles a pie sliced into four pieces. 

                                                              The Cross symbol was passed to the Egyptians in the shape of an Ankh. During the Egyptian time, the letter “t” relates to knowledge, and the round top represents immortality. This symbol is drawn together with Greek God and Goddesses believing that it can give life and resurrect the dead.  It also denotes death, for it was drawn with a skeleton or a skull representing what is inside. 

                                                              Swastika, a totem of a divine being and holiness in religions that started in India. In Hinduism. This symbolizes the sun when it points to the right and the moon when the arms lead to the left for Hindus. This symbol can be seen on their front doors and during rites and ceremonies. 

                                                              It also represents the footmark of Buddha. Meanwhile, it also denotes the God of lightning in Greek and Roman beliefs. As a Bashkir figure connotes the sun and the ability to produce babies. In Northern America, the tribe chief also has a headdress with the Swastika design.

                                                              The cross symbol is also believed to come from the logo Tau from the early periods, which connotes life, death, and renaissance.

                                                              There are different types of the cross according to their shape and time. A Greek cross has all the arms at equal lengths. Latin cross is represented by having the base is longer than the three divisions. Another is known as St. Anthony's cross that looks like the numeral ten or the letter X. The last but not the least is Crux immisa, which is the cross where Jesus Christ supposedly died.

                                                              There is also the Celtic cross where the circle meets the arms of the cross in the middle, similar to a wheel. This represents the God of sun.

                                                              Aside from having a religious meaning from different eras and nationalities, the symbol was also used as a tool for death and crucifixion.  

                                                              A cross where Jesus Christ was crucified was made from two planks of wood from the bridge.

                                                              During Christian times, people believe the symbol means life because of the resurrection of Christ from death. After the death of Christ, Christians wear used crosses a mark of a pledge to the teaching s of Christ. Where God almighty sacrificed his own son to redeem humans from their sins. You can see this symbol in catholic churches, praying beads, also known as the rosary. I can also be seen on bishops’ headdress. A priest always has a wooden cross or a rosary to show their commitment to serve God and to spread his words.

                                                              The swastika is not only a symbol for religion, but it was used by the Nazis in Germany during the war on their flags. They use the logo as a symbol of their goal and victory. Together with the red and white color for political and social beliefs that they were trying to establish during the world was I. 

                                                              Of course, if the Nazis have a flag, the anti-Nazis created a flag of their own with a swastika inside a red crossed-out circle. A symbol of rejection of the belief of the Nazi party.  At present due to the dishonor that happened during that time.  Some people are repulsed just by seeing the Nazi flag symbol on anything and would shame and humiliate the wearer.

                                                              These days, due to the rise of many religions, wearing a cross denotes many meanings. Some still wear and keep crosses in their houses for protection from the devil. It is common for Catholics to make the sign of the cross when entering the cemetery. They also do the sign when entering the church, but this is a sign of respect and humility. As the bible says that God created everything, including humans.

                                                              New generations or the millennials are fond of wearing the cross symbols to accessorize their daily look. It can be seen printed on a shirt, on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This means nothing significant, just a fashion style. Crosses are even tattooed with a rose thorn around that is viral art.  Some designs also include a skull with a cross bone. For gothic fashion, wearing a cross upside down is a sign of refusal to accept the sacrifice of Christ. This also denotes death, as seen in many horror movies. There is also the dagger cross, which is quite widespread because of the vampire myth. A dagger cross is a cross-shaped weapon that has a sharp bottom part like a little sword, a common design for earrings because of its skinny and delicate shape.


                                                              The Cross design has been around since ancient sacred time, it may take up different forms, but the initial design stays the same. Most popularly known as a religious symbol of many religions. Nowadays, it also has become a fashion style, for the holy and the sinful. For the Christians and the elderly, it is a blasphemy to wear the crucifix to parties and handle it without care. But for the modern generation, it is not the object itself that is Holy, but their belief and connection to the all mighty father. I guess it’s called the generation gap. Be as it may, wherever you might want to use it, a cross design will stay in the market as a holy symbol or a fashion accessory for a long time.

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