21 Of The Best Wooden Wrist Watches for Men | Eco-Friendly Gifts for Real Nature Lover

21 Of The Best Wooden Wrist Watches for Men | Eco-Friendly Gifts for Real Nature Lover

Time is something that we mostly take for granted. We used to feel that that time is moving way too slowly and cannot wait to grow up. But when we get to adulthood, it’s like, there is just not enough time for everything that we want to do. We keep chasing deadlines at work, and when we are on vacation, it seems like the hours of the day are not enough. If only we can stop time for a bit, right?

Then there is this thing called Time management. We need to manage our time wisely. It’s boring, right? Having to stick with “A” schedule and routine? But we can’t argue that we are more productive when we have a habit for ourselves. Even when we were a child, we have been practicing time management without us knowing it. We have specific hours spent studying our subjects. Upon the conclusion of the school year, We didn’t notice that we have already finished a whole book!

Even our planet seems to be running out of time. We need to change our way of living to help it survive longer because reality is we do not have another place to go to. Being eco-friendly is the only way, and that means using eco-friendly materials and limit the use of synthetic materials that harm our planet.

Now let’s not waste time and check out these fabulous eco-friendly wooden watches.

  1. LED Bamboo Wooden Watch

LED Bamboo Wooden Watch

Let’s welcome this hi-tech wooden watch made from organic bamboo fibers. Showcasing an LED dial that changes from telling the time to giving the date. A combination of futuristic and classic themes in a single marvelous piece. Lightweight and secured by a double buckle clasp. Find HERE

  1. Wooden Watch and Quartz display

Wooden Watch and Quartz display

This magnificent wooden watch crafted from natural ebony wood materials with a double strand featured band that highlights the contrast between the light and dark features of the watch. Extremely elegant, equipped with glow in the dark material for the hands that enables you to tell time even while in the dark. Find HERE

  1. BEWELL Ebony Men’s Wooden Watch

BEWELL Ebony Men’s Wooden Watch

Featuring a classic style men’s watch expertly crafted from high-quality ebony material. A multifunctional watch display with a pusher to activate the secondary attribute of the watch. Designed with a durable bracelet clasp and an adjustable tool for band size adjustment. Watchband made from all-natural and eco-friendly materials. Find HERE

  1. Sandalwood Wooden Watch

Sandalwood Wooden Watch

Elegant and classy. Available in diverse design and wood materials used, this exquisite wooden watch has the capacity to turn heads and be amazed. Equipped with a quartz watch mechanism that guarantees a long-lasting timepiece, durable, and accurate in telling time as well as water-resistant features. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

A current and trendy style for teens who travels casually. Modern take wristbands with its attractive dial features. Crafted from organic bamboo, hand sanded to a smooth surface. A band made from high-quality leather material that is soft and comfortable to wear. Rock this wooden watch with your daily casual look. Find HERE

  1. Uwood Wooden Watch for Men

Uwood Wooden Watch for Men

Be wowed with this sleek men’s watch made from a variety of wood such as oak, zebra, and ebony wood. Classically styled with a full dial, clean and stylish. Crafted with a durable double bracelet clasp designed for maximum security and hold, a natural feel that is refreshing and comfortable on the skin. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Here comes a modern and chic wooden watch for women. A watch delicately crafted from durable bamboo harvested at its premium quality. Featuring a leather strap with a textured surface that complements the simplicity of the light-colored full dial and the dark-colored wooden case. Light and comfortable to wear. Find HERE

  1. Black and Zebrawood Watch

Black and Zebrawood Watch

A unique wooden watch characterized by the magnificent stripes of the zebrawood. Nature-inspired look would be complete by wearing this fantastic looking piece. Simple and durable. Hypoallergenic and all made from all-natural materials. Watch mechanism made by Quartz movement that guarantees durability and reliable timepiece. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Analog Wooden Watch

Make way for this Classic Analog watch expertly crafted from premium quality wood material. Featuring multifunctional dial. Five rows of interlinked wooden pieces that make a durable and highly comfortable band secured by a double bracelet clasp that ensures security and stable hold on the wrist. Find HERE

  1. Flower Skull Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Flower Skull Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Punk and feminine are the words to describe this one of a kind wooden watch fully. Crafted from Natural bamboo fibers highlighted with a dial of a skull and floral designs. Styled with a premium quality leather strap for a comfortable fit. Express your uniqueness and individuality with this fabulous wooden watch. Find HERE

  1. Vintage Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Vintage Bamboo Leather Wooden Watch

Simplicity at its peak. A premium grade wooden watch crafted from sturdy and durable bamboo fibers from Asia. Clean and stylish with a simply designed dial of geometric patterns and shapes. Complemented with light leather straps that provide earthy and natural effect and style. tailor-made for men and women of all ages. Find HERE

  1. Deer Analog Dial Wooden Bamboo Watch

Deer Analog Dial Wooden Bamboo Watch

This intricately carved wooden watch made from premium quality bamboo fibers. Accentuated with a delicate deer wood carving that highlights the dial; this creates a three-dimensional look that is amazing to look at. Combined with a top-quality leather strap that gives a soft and warm feel around your wrist secured by a belt-like clasp. Find HERE

  1. Luxurious Bamboo Wooden Watch

Luxurious Bamboo Wooden Watch

Clean and fresh looking timepieces made from top-notch quality bamboo fibers sanded to a smooth and silky surface. Hypoallergenic and lightweight. A watch to complement your natural and everyday look. Incorporated with a glow in the dark hands and three rows of interlinked wooden pieces for style and skin breathability. Find HERE

  1. Analog Leather Wooden Watch

Analog Leather Wooden Watch

A perfect match for teens that are environmentally aware. Designed with a carved numeral features that enhanced the simplicity of the full dial. Expertly crafted from premium quality bamboo fibers with a dark brown leather belt band. Chic and stylish for the younger generation who want to create change and express their individuality. Find HERE

  1. Zebrawood Bamboo Wooden Watch

Zebrawood Bamboo Wooden Watch

This modern-looking timepiece would certainly upgrade your outfit. A hip wooden watch made from authentic bamboo. The light tone of the wood material highlights the dark black indexes for accurate time reading and high impact design. Featuring a durable folding clasp for a secure and comfortable fit. Find HERE

  1. Classic Maple Wooden Watch

Classic Maple Wooden Watch

A ladies watch that is full of character and personality. The simplicity of the style, enhanced by the warm color of the maple wood upgraded by the earthy hue of the leather belt. Classy and comfortable to wear. Designed with glow in the dark hands and roman numeral indexes for a sophisticated look. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Ebony Analog Wooden Watch

Bamboo Ebony Analog Wooden Watch

Be mesmerized by the contrasting colors of the light bamboo and the deep dark hue of the ebony wood. A perfect blend of tones that creates a current and modern looking wooden watch suitable for men and women. Featuring a rotating light wooden numbered bezel, Roman numeral indexes and a double bracelet clasp for security. Find HERE

  1. Carved Cat Wooden Watch

Carved Cat Wooden Watch

This fun and charming wooden watch designed with a carved dial of numbers and an outline of a cat wearing a pearl necklace with a heart pendant. Cute and straightforward intended for young ladies who have an affinity to feline animals. Crafted from organic bamboo fibers with premium leather straps. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Wooden Watch Cowhide Leather

Bamboo Wooden Watch Cowhide Leather

Here is a trendy looking timepiece featuring a geometric patterned dial. Featuring a combination of gray, black, and natural wood hues that complement each other, creating high fashion design. Modest and fresh-looking watch crafted from natural bamboo, with a top-quality cowhide leather belt straps for a soft and comfortable fit. Find HERE

  1. Bamboo Canvas Band Wooden Watch

Bamboo Canvas Band Wooden Watch

A trendy and modern style timepiece made from premium class bamboo fibers with a light striated dial. Accompanied by a canvas band with belt type clasp for secure fastening. Fresh and neat perfect while backpacking and your daily commute to school and work. Lightweight and durable, designed for modern men and women. Find HERE

  1. Green Leather Wooden Watch

Green Leather Wooden Watch

This green tone wooden watch would look great on your soft skin. Highlighted by green-toned premium grade leather and glow in the dark dial for night use. Sanded to a smooth and hypoallergenic surface and light on the skin. Soft and warm straps for ultimate comfort and fit. Find HERE


Watches dates back from the thirteenth-century mechanical clock that used to ring on cathedrals announcing the time for the whole town. The pendulum clock that was made in the seventeenth centuries followed suit using the force of gravity to power the clock and tell a more curate time continuously. After those big and bulky clocks comes the tiny pocket watch of the sixteenth century. These were used by the upperclassmen to tell time and as a keepsake. During the word war first, militaries were given the first watch to be worn on their wrist called trench watches; these are characterized with leather straps and indestructible glass. In the nineteen-thirties, the electric watch came into the scene where mechanical watches were replaced with battery-powered watches with a digital counter. At present, there is a variety of wristwatch available on the market. Made with different features and materials.

Kinds of woods used in Wooden Watches


The countries of Australia and India are the places where sandalwood originates. Commonly used in rituals and ceremonial events that require the burning of wood for purification and healing purposes. Due to its characteristic smell, Buddhist use this as an incense while they practice meditation to keep them in the real world as they explore the spiritual sphere. Some would use prices of sandalwood and write their wishes and burn it as though the smoke would be carried by air to reach the ears of the Supreme Being.


An exotic looking wood characterized by the stripes of a zebra, this is composed of soft and hardwood, making it challenging to work with. Native on the Western side of Africa, this wood is known to be a symbol of beauty and creativity. This might be because of its characteristic striates that only a zebrawood has. A combination of black and golden wood pattern. Its natural pattern is a design of its needing nothing to highlight its features.


Characterized with a reddish tint accompanies by a sweet floral scent, feminine and mysterious. It has a history to have magical effects and promotes healing. Because of the reddish hue that, it was believed to bring authentic and everlasting love. A plant that also denotes survival for it lives in the harsh desert environment. Yet, it continues to live and has this rich and pleasant smell. Like a woman growing into a beautiful and kind person in spite of the rough time, she has endured.


Originally from Asia, but can be found in North America and some European countries. It has a diverse meaning depending on the culture. For Asian countries, it denotes patience and survival. A maple tree takes time to reach its optimum height and width. It teaches people the virtue of patience. Humans like to achieve things as soon as possible. A maple tree shows us to continue to grow even in s slower pace for at the opportune time we will be able to reach our peak, we just need to have patience. A maple tree is also famous for its color. It signifies the change of season. With the seasons, it also adapts to the climate, making it a symbol of survival. Having to change with the weather, adapting to survive, and blooming at a particular time.


Originated mostly on the South East Asian nation, the bamboo fibers are durable when they reach around three to six years of age where they are at their peak. They are durable and can be bent at this age without breaking into pieces. A symbol of humility and resilience. Bamboo fibers have become a favorite material due to its availability and clean hue.


Native to a number of countries like Africa and South East Asia. A beautiful and mysterious dark-colored wood that was formerly used in ancient Egypt on graves. It is rumored to be an emblem of supremacy and authority due to its deep dark coloration. A highly sought dense hardwood material in making instruments for it produces clear and stable musical sounds. Aside from its wood, its roots are also used to treat abdominal ailments such as parasite control and dysentery.

Keep in mind that some species of Ebony wood is considered endangered. It is not surprising that it would cost more than other products made from a different type of wood.


A famous tree in mythologies that signifies wisdom. It is tall and wide features and known to have live for more than seven hundred to a thousand years. Because of that, it has become a symbol of stability, knowledge, and power. It houses a variety of living things. Due to its deep-seated roots, it can withstand the harshest weather and protect those who live under it. Oak also has medicinal purposes such as inflammation and diarrhea.

Oakwood has a substantial and durable type of wood. What makes it different hardwood is that it has resistance to fungi that promotes wood-decaying. It is the reason why it is the tree that can live for an extended period and making it more robust, hard, and dense as it ages with time.

Why choose to wear wooden watches:


A wooden watch is a unique piece. Due to its wood striae, you would have a one of a kind watch per purchase. Who would want to wear the same watch as the others, right? Aside from being unique, it looks stylish and trendy. They can also be used as a set of wood sunglasses or necklace.

Environmentally friendly

Have you heard of the term Woked? Woked mean awake. A millennial term for being socially aware of what is happening, such as gender and of course, climate change. Because of this, we are now conscious of the things we use and say. Using eco-friendly materials should not be just a fad, but it must be a way of living. Caring for the environment is the only way to go, and using environmental-friendly materials is a way of protecting nature from further destruction.


Most of the things that come from nature is hypoallergenic. Like with cosmetics, there is a thought that if it is not safe to be eaten then it is not safe to put on your skin. Wood comes from nature, and when polished to a smooth surface, it would not cause any allergic reaction. It is safe and free from chemicals that your skin might absorb.


We lug around a lot of pieces of stuff, and a lightweight watch is a welcome feel. Having a watch that does not weigh much brings comfort and practicality. It is comfortable to wear due to its smooth surface, and it has this soothing smell that can only come from nature.


Due to the abundance in nature and the absence of chemicals, wooden watches are sold at a reasonable price. In effect, you get a quality, unique, and stylish product at an affordable price. That is an excellent deal for anyone.


Wood from high-quality materials is durable, although not as sturdy and robust as metals. It can withstand your daily activities. But it is not fitting to wear it during strenuous activities for too much sweat can affect the polish of the wood, and it might seep in the wood material itself. Consistent cleaning must be observed as with any watches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is water-proof the same as water resistant concerning watches?

In reality, waterproof watches do not exist, but water-resistant watches do. Keep in mind the resistance to water varies. For example, a particular watch can only resist water during hand washing, and some watches like a diver’s watch can resist water up to a certain depth. Always check how much water your watch is capable of withstanding and what water activities it can endure.

  1. Do wooden watches last a long time?

If the wooden watch is made from high-quality wood material, then the answer is a big yes, but that also comes with a big but. As with anything made of wood, proper care is a must. Always clean your wooden watches with a dry cloth, to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Another thing is to keep it away from water and harmful chemicals as much as possible, even with a high-quality finish. Water can affect the glossy finish and might seep in the wood material.

  1. Do wooden watches rot?

Wooden watches are incorporated with a transparent film that protects it from dirt and water. Still, there is a tendency for a wooden watch to rot when soaked in water. Remember, wood is made from biodegradable material, and water creates an environment for fungi to live. Fungi love to live in moist places, and they cause decaying or rotting.


Time is vital to all of us, and it is one thing that we cannot get back. Well, until we come up with a way to travel through time. A, for now, let us live at the moment and stop stressing about the past and the future. Let us do our best, and be content with what we have, spend quality time with our loved ones, and of course, protect mother earth. It is the reality, and we cannot ignore it anymore. Even with all our advanced technology, it’s like we can’t find a solution to global warming. We need to embrace adulthood and be responsible human beings right now. Do our part in this movement that benefits not just the entire humanity, but also all the living things that comprise our wonderful ecosystem.

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