21 Earring 3+ Pieces Sets for Men and Women

21 Earring 3+ Pieces Sets for Men and Women

Are you having a hard time choosing a pair of earrings for your daily wear? Do you have sensitive skin? How about multiple ear piercings? May we suggest earring sets made from hypoallergenic material offered in different types and sizes to accommodate your needs. What is excellent about earring sets is it provides selections in one go. As a package deal, it is also sold at a discounted price compared to when you are purchasing it individually. Earring sets are also an excellent backup to keep in your jewelry collection. For multiple piercings, stud earring sets are available to have a cohesive look.

Earring sets are also neutral in a design suitable for men and women. Standard packages include hoop, huggie, studs, or drop and dangle earrings.

Before you purchase your earring sets, you must first find out what metals you are allergic to. Most people develop an allergic reaction from low-quality jewelry. Some of the most popular hypoallergenic materials used on jewelry today are gold, sterling silver, platinum, 316L stainless steel, titanium, and acrylics. Choosing hypoallergenic jewelry is vital for worry-free and comfortable wear.

Here are some earring sets constructed from a hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel for your sensitive ears:

  1. 4 Sets Rectangular Bar Stud Stainless Earrings

4 Sets Rectangular Bar Stud Stainless Earrings 

Here's a modern eight-piece earring set beautifully made from a medical-grade 316L stainless alloy base IP plated with silver, yellow gold, rose-gold, and black coating hand polished to a gleaming sheen. Molded with a slim rectangular bar figure furnished with a durable butterfly friction backing for comfortable and secure wear. Get from HERE

  1. 5 Sets Black Stainless Star Stud Earrings (4 Available Color)

 5 Sets Black Stainless Star Stud Earrings

Come and check this ten-piece stainless stud earring set made available in four shimmerings and vibrantly coated stainless alloy. Featuring a star figure with an evenly coated surface furnished with a robust flat butterfly push backing for worry-free and secure wear. Available in five different sizes from 0.16inches to 0.31-inches. Get from HERE

  1. 5 Sets Black Stainless square Stud Earrings (4 Available Color)

 5 Sets Black Stainless square Stud Earrings

Choose from our selection of ion-plated stainless steel stud earrings in four hip colors of jet black, rose-gold, yellow-gold, or silver. Fashioned with a square-shaped design, small and lightweight for everyday use. Its fade, and scratch-resistant surface guarantee long-lasting wear together with a secure friction backing. Get from HERE

  1. 5 Sets Multicolored Bead Stud Stainless Earrings

 5 Sets Multicolored Bead Stud Stainless Earrings

Grab this ten-piece earring set molded with a bead ball design. IP plated with lovely colors of silver, black, rose-gold, blue, and rainbow. Excellently made from premium quality stainless steel body and backing for guaranteed lifelong wear. Wear it alternately or share it with your friends. Get from HERE

  1. 5 Sets Heart Stud Stainless Earrings (4 Available Color)

 5 Sets Heart Stud Stainless Earrings

A symbol of passion and femininity, get this modern and hip ten-piece stud earring set constructed from a robust and non-reactive 316L stainless alloy base. Beautifully coated with a fade-resistant coat with a high polish finish. The set includes sizes from 0.16, 0.20, 0.24, 0.28, and 0.31-inches for your numerous ear piercings. Get from HERE

  1. 6 Sets Circular-Cut Colored Zirconia Stainless Stud Earrings (3 Available Color)

 6 Sets Circular-Cut Colored Zirconia Stainless Stud Earrings

Don't hold back and add this fabulous solitaire stud earring set. Highlighting a multifaceted circular-cut black or white zirconia crystal secured by six durable prongs. Aesthetically fashioned from a plated stainless in black, silver, or gold shades. Each piece is equipped with a reliable push backing for easy put on and off. Get from HERE

  1. 6 Sets Bead Ball Plated Stainless Stud Earrings (6 Available Color)

 6 Sets Bead Ball Plated Stainless Stud Earrings

High impact and elegance are obtained with these lovely little bead stud earrings. Highlighting an extraordinarily glossy and smooth tiny ball feature. Expertly made from a corrosion-resistant and skin-friendly stainless steel base. Furnished with a reliable butterfly friction backing for comfortable daily wear. Get from HERE

  1. 3 Sets Round Rainbow LGBTQ Stud Earring

3 Sets Round Rainbow LGBTQ Stud Earring 

Celebrate gay pride by wearing this remarkable six-piece set of stud earrings made from a corrosion-resistant and non-reactive stainless steel base. Available in thee designs, a pair of round and triangular studs supported by a durable butterfly push backing, a couple of embossed circular studs with black margins, and a cone-shaped push backing. Get from HERE

  1. Gold Plated Punk Spike Huggie Stainless Earring

 Gold Plated Punk Spike Huggie Stainless Earring

Show an elegant punk appearance with this lovely pair of huggie earrings with a spike accent. Fashioned from a high-grade and heavy-duty stainless steel base, plated with a luxurious yellow-gold with a gleaming sheen. Small and stylish, a sure way to up your casual look. Get from HERE

  1. 4 Sets Round Zirconia Roman Numeral Flat Stud Earrings

 4 Sets Round Zirconia Roman Numeral Flat Stud Earrings

Here is a fantastic set of stud earrings that will put a little sparkle to your day. A union of modern and traditional design creating one fantabulous look. Highlighting a glossy, plated surface emphasized by a clear or black zirconia crystal. Roman numerals are clearly engraved on its surface, giving it a vintage appeal. Get from HERE

  1. 4 Sets Two Tone Stainless Huggie Earrings

 4 Sets Two Tone Stainless Huggie Earrings

Simple and stylish in an understated and fashionable way. Highlighting a dual-tone design made from a reliable and rust-resistant stainless alloy base. Its glossy and silky smooth surface is highlighted with colored borders of gold, black, blue, and silver. Each color combination displays different styles, from chic to sporty. Get from HERE

  1. 6 Sets Dual Tone Screw Back Stainless Stud Earrings

 6 Sets Dual Tone Screw Back Stainless Stud Earrings

Go for a native and hip look by wearing these twelve-piece stud earrings available in yellow gold, silver, black, and rose-gold. Featuring a glossy colored stainless alloy surface accentuated with a black or white center, giving a plug earring illusion. Equipped with a secure and comfortable flat screw back. Get from HERE

  1. 3 Sets Multifaceted Round Black Zirconia Stud Earrings

 3 Sets Multifaceted Round Black Zirconia Stud Earrings

Loving this fantastic six-piece set of solitaire studs earring highlighting a sparkling circular-cut black cubic zirconia crystal held by three flat, durable prongs set on gold, silver, or black-plates=d 316L stainless steel base. Equipped with a modern ball backing. Delicate and small, perfect to complement a princess necklace with an updo hairstyle. Get from HERE

  1. 3 Sets Round Carbon Fiber Plated Stainless Stud Earrings

 3 Sets Round Carbon Fiber Plated Stainless Stud Earrings

Carbon fiber gives a masculine and rugged look, especially when incorporated in gorgeous jewelry like this six-piece stud earring set. Molded from an ion-plates stainless steel base with shimmering colors of gold, black, and silver. Equipped with a reliable and comfortable fit screw backing for worry-free wear. Get from HERE

  1. 3 Sets Native Lead Dangle Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings

 3 Sets Native Lead Dangle Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings

We give you a six-piece huggie earring set perfect for both a glamorous and punk look. Wear a pair of luxurious yellow gold plated earrings with a beautiful Sunday dress and the silver or black for a day at the office or travels. Fashioned from a high-quality 316L stainless base with a charming leaf dangle giving a pure and fresh appeal. Get from HERE

  1. Punk Style Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings (4 Available Sets)

 Punk Style Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings

Punk and Goth, the only words that you will utter upon laying your eyes on these marvelous sets of black of silver-plated stainless steel earrings. Choose your weapon, the stud chain hoop-like earring and spikes are perfect with a black jacket with leather bracelets, while the rotating square and spring accent give honor to any type of clothing, giving a high-fashion look. Get from HERE

  1. 12 Sets Gothic Chain Huggie Titanium Earrings

 12 Sets Gothic Chain Huggie Titanium Earrings

You will never run out of fashionable statement earrings in choosing this 24-piece titanium earring. From a simple and unadorned huggie to a fashion-forward pair of earrings highlighting a double-ring base with a chained feather accent. The cross and spike drops are also not to be ignored, giving a punk and powerful aura. 

  1. Chain Cross Feather Huggie Stud Stainless Earrings (3 Available Sets)

Chain Cross Feather Huggie Stud Stainless Earrings  

Have you ever felt that there is this rebel living inside of you? Express that hidden desire to be unique by wearing a three-piece set that can be worn in singles or in a different pairing, which is a massive trend in the hip-hop and rock genre. Offered in black or silver shade displaying a double cross-shape chain pendant, spike, and chained spike. Get from HERE

  1. Black and Silver Plated Huggie Zirconia Stud Stainless Earring Set (2 Available Sets)

 Black and Silver Plated Huggie Zirconia Stud Stainless Earring Set

Is a 24-piece set not enough? How about a forty-eight piece earring set? That is 13 pairs or 24 pairs of earrings for a very reasonable price! All are constructed from a durable and skin-friendly stainless alloy base. IP plated with black or silver hues. This includes an array of stud earrings in different sizes and huggie earrings featuring various designs. Get from HERE

  1. 6 Sets Gold Silver Black Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings

 6 Sets Gold Silver Black Plated Stainless Huggie Earrings

Share this wonderful 12-piece huggie earring set made from premium grade 316L stainless steel equipped with a fade and rust-resistant gold, silver, or black coat. Furnished with a hinged body and a snap clasp for comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. 6 Sets Black and Silver Hoop Huggie Stud Earrings

 6 Sets Black and Silver Hoop Huggie Stud Earrings

Stud, hoop, or a huggie? Why choose when it is all available in a single pack. Featuring beautifully molded earring sets available in black and silver. Two pairs of stud earrings are characterized by a flat circular design with a flat screw backing, two pairs of hinged huggie, and another two pairs of slim hoop earrings. Get from HERE

What are the symptoms that you have developed an allergic reaction to your jewelry?

The time span in which symptoms of the allergic reaction come out varies for each individual. The indicators generally manifest from twelve to forty-eight hours of wear, but some highly allergic to nickel can show skin allergies within an hour. The signs include localized redness, itching or burning sensation, dry patches, and inflammation. Sweat adds to the gravity of the allergy that may spread the skin's reaction.


You can use over the counter hydrocortisone cream for mild and localized skin irritation. In some severe cases where regular antihistamines are not enough, physicians prescribe steroids. 

Types of metals for sensitive skins:


Pure gold jewelry does not exist, for it is too soft to be constructed into jewelry. Like silver, gold is alloyed with other metals to have a sturdy form. Gold, on its own, is hypoallergenic, but most gold jewelry contains nickel. Make sure that the gold is nickel-free and of high quality.

Sterling Silver (nickel-free)

Not all sterling silver is considered hypoallergenic though silver is non-reactive on its own sterling silver only contains 92.5% of pure silver. This is alloyed with various metals such as zinc, germanium, copper, platinum, or nickel. It really depends on the makers which metals to use.


Platinum is a diamond's counterpart when it comes to metals. Rare, durable, and beautiful belonging to the precious metal category. Platinum is a nickel-free base material sought after for its durability, making it more appealing than traditional gold. Proven not to cause skin irritation, unlike its counterpart, white gold, which contains nickel. As we know, nickel is the culprit why we develop skin irritation.

316L Stainless Steel

Pieces of jewelry made from a medical-grade base are your safest bet when it comes to hypoallergenic materials.


Lightweight, non-reactive, and biocompatible. Another medical-grade metal used in the medical industry is proven safe even when implanted under the skin. If it's safe under the skin, it is so much more worn outside the body.


The most affordable type of material used on earrings for sensitive ears. It may not be as classy and sophisticated in appearance, but its lightweight and hypoallergenic property make it an excellent base, especially for children. They are commonly available in fun, and colorful designs to perfectly complement themed costumes.

Types of earrings


Sometimes called a drop earring because of the minimal difference between the two. Both drop and dangle earrings are long and suspended under the earlobe. They both can sway from side to side. The difference is that a drop earring is adorned with a single crystal drop to be categorized as a drop earring. Dangle earrings, on the other hand, may be furnished with spray or decorative materials and still falls under the dangle earing category, as long as it hangs and sways from one point to another. A drop earring may also have a sturdy and immovable feature like a long bar-like style.

The typed of closure used in dangle and drop earrings are French hooks and stud type of earrings. French hooks are also commonly known as fishhooks, where the hook-like posts are inserted and left hanging on the other end without any clasp or plug.

Some dangling and drop earrings are suspended from a stud earring displaying the same theme.

Front fastening is a type of earring closure made for kids. Usually seen in European countries suitable for children from six years onwards. Characterized by a ring post inserted in a hole located at the front area of the earring.


A classic type of earring with a circular form. Commonly constructed using metal tubes of different thickness and cuts attached to a post. Usually equipped with a spring or French lock clasp.

Spring type closure is operated by pulling the circular body and inserting the rod inside the hoops ring tube body, relying on its circular body's tension.

French lock is a more uncomplicated closure for hook earrings where a fork-like snap built on one end securing a curved or straight post.

Fixed bead type of hoop earrings is furnished with a permanent bead ball end serving as a ball plug, preventing the hoop from moving forward. What is disadvantageous about this type of hoop earring is the possibility of the circle from moving backward. Furthermore, the ball may be stuck inside the pierced hole, particularly for geriatrics who wore heavy earrings in the past.

Captive bead clasp is not as popular as the other types of hoop clasps. The earring is characterized by an open-end circle leaving a small gap in between, just enough for the earlobe's skin to pass through and then secured by a cylindrical bead, also using tension as a lock.

Sleeper earrings

Starter earrings suitable for wear even when sleeping, usually worn on newly pierced ears where earrings must be worn twenty-four hours to keep a hole as the skin repairs itself. Equipped with short posts without any decoration for comfortable wear even while sleeping.


If the hook and stud earring had a baby, it is called the huggie. Characterized by a small and thicker hoop body, worn on the earlobe. A version of an earring resembling a huggie is worn on the outer ear called an ear cuff. Usually built with hinged snap closure making it possible to stretch the body open like a mouth and closing easily secured with a snap. Another not so common type of closure used in huggies is called omega clips. This resembles a lever back, except the backing has a more extensive and broader clip like feature (seen on clip on earrings) where the post is inserted. This type of closer gives a more secure hold.


The history of stud earring goes way back in the Asian region where men wore them as a form of birthright, displaying a prominent society's prominent status. Studs are the most practical among all the types of earrings for it is light and small features. It is elegant and chic contained in a tiny yet powerful package.

Studs are also the most accessible type to pair with other forms of jewelry, like a necklace. Donned on almost the same region, this duo can create a wondrous appearance when worn correctly.

Ear climbers

A new and modern type of earring giving an illusion of multiple ear piercings. As the term connotes, the earring appears to climb up from the earlobe. This is best for individuals with a single piercing to experience how it will look like having multiple ear piercing. Ear climbers are built with an elongated hook. It is worn by inserting the hook through your piercing and rotating it upward, gripping the skin on your ear to secure it in place.

These give a high fashion look, especially when worn only on one ear.

Ear cuffs

A type of earring where the piercing is not needed. Worn on the outer segment of the ear, hugging the folds creating a pierce illusion. Commonly available in thin or thick forms (depending on the ear area worn), giving a hip and fresh look together with other types of earrings. Being a non-piercing earring, its only downside is that it may feel uncomfortable at a time, particularly when not donned in the proper way. It may feel too tight or loose that it may fall off entirely. The trick is to locate the thinnest skin on your ear to slip the earring and gently slip down to the area where it sits both comfortably and securely.


Another form of modern earrings that looks similar to a barbell. Characterized by a bead ball on each end having one detachable ball as closure. These are used in various body piercing types like ear, tongue, nose, and the private area. Other forms of barbells are curved, circular, and surface barbells.

Plugs / Flesh Tunnels

An ancient form of ear accessory that is not as commonly worn today. The large hole that it creates is why some people choose it, while it is a definite no for others. Ancient earplug and skin stretching were seen dating back from 3300BC, where a frozen body was found in the alps of Italy having multiple tattoos and stretched ears measuring up to seven millimeters in size.

Incan, Mayan, and Aztec men start wearing earplugs at the young age of twelve to show a wealthy status. African tribes such as the Maasai, Fulani, and others also practice skin stretching up to this time.    

Hypoallergenic materials do not necessarily mean it is safe for everyone to wear. Some labeled as hypoallergenic can still cause skin allergies. It may root in the quality of the material used for up to this moment, there are no known set standards on what constitutes a hypoallergenic base. Furthermore, each individual reacts to metals differently. The best thing to find out which element you are allergic to is by taking a test done by a professional physician and dermatologist.

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