20 King and Queen Crown Rings for Your Wedding You May Find Surprisingly Good

20 King and Queen Crown Rings for Your Wedding You May Find Surprisingly Good

Are you my king? Yes, I most certainly am my queen. It even says here on my ring. Oh! How sweet! Wouldn’t it feel great when you know that your better half is proud and confident to tell the world that he belongs to you? Some would say, “Nah! That’s too cheesy!” or “You already recognized that we are ina relationship, why the must we broadcast everyone?” Sometimes a small and straightforward gesture goes deep within the heart, especially for women. I am not saying that men are not romantics. I am sure they are. Always remember that it’s the little things that women remember. A grand gesture usually is expected, but those simple, unexpected acts of love, those would remain forever, especially when going through tough times.

Rings have been a figure of affection and promise. A bond that reminds each couple that they have someone important in their lives and that someone is holding on a commitment. It is a standard to give each other rings during religious nuptial ceremonies as a symbol of forever, blessed by the Holy Spirit to strengthen the bond and to have God be their center. It is said in the Holy Scriptures for men to treat their wives like a delicate vase. It is up to the men not to break their wife in any aspect, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, for it is the men who are naturally physically overpowering and has a sense of balance.

Here are some couple’s rings with a crown design that you would want to check out:

  1. His and Her Black and Rose gold Stainless Steel with Zirconia Couple Ring

Saying I am yours is the sweetest thing that a couple could say to each other. No less than having a ring that says “His Queen” and “Her King.” Made from pure stainless steel base and underwent the latest technology in metal plating that produces high quality and long-lasting metallic colors available in rose gold and metallic black tones. Find HERE

  1. His and Her Black Stainless Steel with Blue and Pink Crown Couple Ring

Partners for a lifetime, a promise to one another when wearing a ring that signifies your deep affection and commitment to stand by each other at all times. A couple’s ring exquisitely made from authentic stainless steel alloy in metallic black color. Featuring a pink square shapes cubic zirconia and an azure blue for men. Find HERE

  1. His and Her Silver Plated Stainless Steel with Blue and Purple Crown Couple Ring

Let every Tom, Dick, and Harry recognize who you are and who you belong, this two-toned modestly designed couple ring set is characterized with a detailed crown engraving fit for a king and queen. A round clear white zirconia stone.  Guaranteed to last you a lifetime with a durable stainless steel body.  Hypoallergenic and rust-proof. Find HERE

  1. His and Her Silver Plated Stainless Steel Crown and Cubic Zirconia Couple Ring

A charming and simple design filled with intricacies and detailed features. Made from premium quality stainless steel material. A well-engraved message and a crown, combined with round sparkling cubic zirconia with a blue and gold-tone textured border to emphasize the brilliance of the design. Clean a fresh looking, a band made for people with contemporary taste. Find HERE

  1. His and Hers Two-Tone Stainless Steel heart and Zirconia Couple Ring

Filled with pure elegance and chic. A style fit for royalty. Announce your relationship status to your friends and family by wearing this magnificent looking couple ring. Featuring a half heart for each ring, a black metal tone half heart for men while a gold-tone half heart lined with micro zirconia crystals twinkling its way to people's eyes saying “look at me!” Find HERE

  1. Gold Plated Stainless Steel Crown Couple Ring

A sophisticated piece of a couple rings set. Exquisitely crafted from pure unadulterated stainless steel alloy, IP plated to a smooths and evenly polished surface. Delicately engraved with a version of a king and queen crowns, with a little secret engraving on the inlay that says “ His Queen” and “Her King.” Find HERE

  1. I Will Always Be With You Couple Wedding Band

 A knockout if I may say so. A fashion-forward couples ring designed for young and trendy lovers. Impressively crafted from IP plated stainless steel alloy, featuring a two-toned mixture of space gray and metallic black for men, and a space gray with gold inner lay for women, with a  simple “I will always be with you” engraving, a heartwarming reminder from your other half. Find HERE

  1. My Love Couple Ring Silver Band

A classic design with a twist. Featuring a couple ring set made from high-grade stainless steel alloy polished to a silky texture for comfort and style. A sleek design accentuated by a square clear white zirconia stone for men and a bright white heart-shaped crystal for women, with a beautifully engraved “my Love” that would fill your heart with love as you remember the first day you became a couple.

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Love Quotes Proverb Couple Rings

Nothing more effective than using words from the Holy Scriptures. An outstanding looking couple rings set with a combination of a proverb and words endless love and trust towards each other. A lustrous ring set made from premium grade stainless steel, hand-polished to a glossy and glossy finish. Durable and hypoallergenic. Find HERE

  1. Blue Magenta Stainless Steel Crown Couple Ring

These colorful couples ring designed for teens to young adults. Hip and charming, a perfect promise ring. Vibrant crafted from IP plated stainless steel material with a creamy blue center for men and magenta for women, hues used by monarchs of the past and the present. It also features an inscription if a version of a king and queen's crown. Find HERE

  1. His and Her Silver Plated Stainless Steel Crown with Zirconia Couple Ring

Make way for this lustrous couple ring set. Impressively crafted from a silver-plated stainless steel alloy. IP plated to a smooth and long-lasting silver color and shine. Easy to maintain. Featuring a round cubic zirconia clear crystal and a crown design on the side and inscriptions of ownership such as “His Queen” and “Her King.” Find HERE

  1. Two-Toned Stainless Steel Engraved Love Token Couple ring

A fanciful couple ring set design made from a pure stainless steel material with a vibrant magenta color inlay. Showcasing a square cut clear cubic zirconia stone.  A modern variant of a diamond ring. Featuring a sweet engraving of “Love Token.” A perfect promise ring for teens and young adults. Find HERE

  1. Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Cubic Zirconia Wedding Band

Here comes a classically elegant design made for those who are genuinely committed to fulfilling their promise of a lifetime together. Delicately crafted from pure stainless steel alloy base, coated with gold, enhanced by three micro zirconia stones in a triangular shape that signifies a vow of devotion, deep affection, and a lifetime commitment to one another. Find HERE

  1. Silver Plated Stainless Steel Channel Zirconia Wedding Band

Make way for this archetypal wedding band for couples with a modest taste in fashion. A clean and straightforward design for man and an artfully designed ring for women having half of the ring adorned with a clear round micro zirconium crystals. Find HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Only Love Engraved Couple Ring

A unique and impressive couple ring set featuring a two-tone color combination of silver and black for men and silver and rose gold color for women. Showcasing a double rectangular bright cut cubic zirconia centerpiece with a personalized inscription of “I am your only love” signifying your bond to your mate. 

  1. Titanium Two-Tone Black IP and Rose Gold Wedding Band

A wedding band for modern couples. Featuring a black and rose gold edge IP plated titanium rings. A combination of a matte center and a glossy outer rim.  Hypoallergenic and durables. Guaranteed not to fade due to the high-tech metal plating used to achieve a smooth and long-lasting color. Best suited for people with a hip and eccentric taste in fashion. Find HERE

  1. Men and Women Stainless Steel Couple Black Ring

Your “Forever Love.” A meaningful and touching message guaranteed to make you feel happy and secured that both of you will have a long-term relationship.  Featuring a couple ring set handcrafted from stainless steel alloy, expertly coated with jet black color completed with a matte finish. Highly fashionable and full of personality. 

  1. His and Hers ten Carat White Gold Plated Wedding Band

Majestic is the first word that would enter your mind when you lay your eyes to this extravagant set of rings. Showcasing a fabulous piece for women that features a heart-shaped clear zirconia centerpiece surrounded by red and white round crystals like blood and water that signifies your purity of intentions and the deep love that comes from your heart. Find HERE

  1. Irish Claddagh Celtic Design Wedding Band

A profound symbol of love and promise that originated from God s themselves.  Once a symbol of two Celtic God's promises of love now available for you to wear. Crafted from premium grade tungsten carbide material, etched with a Claddagh symbol. Simple with a deep-rooted symbolism, a great token of love for each other. 


Rings dates back from the Egyptian ear when pharaohs rule the land. Golds and precious gems symbolize one's stature and power. As gifts to the nearby nation as an offering of friendship and camaraderie. Rings were offerings, as a wedding gift. For specific religions, before one marries a woman, the father of the bride would need to offer valuable possessions prior to his daughter’s marriage. The gift is like a security bond for the woman and her children ones the marriage goes wrong or the death of the groom. 


These are worn initially only by monarchs and people of power. Rulers of the land and masters of their people. When royalties are considered the head of a state, Crowns were created by jewelers to be worn explicitly by a person of a particular position. For example, a standard crown for a king would comprise of pointy edges or four high arches from the center out rounding off to the base. The top would have a cross or a symbol of their house, such as a dragon on top of a monde or a round shape like a ball, this would be made of gold and adorned with bright cut gemstones of different hues depending on the monarch’s royal colors.  A queen’s crown is traditionally a round version of the kings. Instead of having high arches from the center, shaped like a dome connecting it to the base. With the same theme as the king's crown to have a united or a look of oneness.

How and why should you choose to buy a couples ring:

Generally known as a symbol of unity and eternity, a couple's ring is a great way to show one's love and commitment to their relationship even before legally tying the knot as they colloquially say. Here are some things to ponder on choosing your couple's bands.


Materials are the primary consideration when choosing rings. This accessory is always in contact with the skin. The hand is the most used part of the body, making it prone to all kinds of elements and impact. 

A rustproof ring is a must in choosing a ring that you would wear daily. It would be tiring and inconvenient to take off your ring every time you have to wash your hands to handle liquids. 

Hypoallergenic material is also a must, materials that can produce skin reactions such as redness, inflamed skin, and an itchy feeling. Ones you feel these, do not hesitate to replace it with other materials that you are not allergic to. Some of the metals that are proven hypoallergenic are stainless steel, titanium, and gold. 

Durability, since we use our hands almost all the time during the day, when eating, using our phones, going to the gym, and a list of other activities that we do use our hands. It is highly advisable to choose a ring that can withstand our lifestyle.  For example, a gym buff would carry heavyweights made of metals, metal to metal contact would surely create scratches and indentations.  You can take precautions in wearing gloves to prevent scratching, but a soft material such as gold would bend at the sheer weight deforming the ring into an oval shape or worse a flat lower surface that would be uncomfortable to wear. You can choose rings made from titanium, and stainless steel for both of these metals is proven to be sturdy, durable and scratch-resistant. For ladies with delicate fingers and a laid back lifestyle, you can opt to buy any ring made of soft or hard metals depending on your preference and style, and this is why some couple rings have the same style and theme but offered in different colors and materials.


A style is worth a thousand words, especially for females. When choosing a couples band, try to have a more uncomplicated but uniquely designed ring that would fit both of your characters. Girls, you can’t expect your men to wear a ring with ribbon and flower, or a rose gold-tone ring, or even a ring full of extravagant gemstones, however beautiful it might be. That won’t work, and it might lead to misunderstandings. A piece of advice would have a band of the same base style. If your like gems, then choose a set of bright white stone. The size may vary like for women. You can opt to have bigger inlays that the men but with the same style and material. It may differ in color, but the core would still be in unison. Another is engraving! Personalize your couple's ring with personalized messages for each other.


There has always been a dispute between style and comfort. Looking fashionable against the feeling of comfort. For women, this is usually with regards to shoes and clothes. Some would make you look like a bombshell but at the cost of comfort. For men it is wearing a suit and tie for it is much constricting than let’s say a t-shirt and jeans. Choose a ring that fits your ring finger comfortably, a ring that is easy to clean and maintain. A design that would not prick or graze your sensitive skin as you move around your daily activities. 


A couple’s ring has different stages depending on the length and intent of the couple in the relationship. For starters, there is a ring that signifies a promise. A promise to stay together, pledge loyalty and adoration but in a not so severe and binding way. You both are still trying things and are willing to stay together and learn if you are each other’s soulmate. The next stage of the relationship is engagement. At this stage you would wear rings as a symbol of intent to marry one another, the man would give a ring to express to the woman that he has decided that he would want to spend the rest of his life with her, and the woman accepting and wearing the ring would indicate that she agrees with the offer of marriage. A deeper bond and promise of a life together. The third stage is the wedding. Here is where the man would put the wedding ring on the bride's ring finger in front of a minster, for a religious ceremony, or in front a judge with written proof that you are now as one and are bound by the law to realize the responsibilities according to the rule. For religious events, it’s vowing in front of a supreme being that you would be true to your words and fulfill your promises to each other, in any situation you might encounter in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is IP plating?

The latest technology in plating pieces of jewelry, this is a process of plating metal using vaporization. For example, the gold material would be heated by electrical charges to transform it into a vapor, explicitly binding it to the base, commonly a stainless steel alloy. The process is much cheaper than the previous type, which is a wet plating, and this consumes less material while having an even and stronger bond than the previous process. 

  1. What is the composition of rose gold plating?

A rose gold hue consists of a combination of gold and copper material. Copper has the natural color of red. In order to create a pinkish tint, it is combined with the gold to produce that elegant and feminine hue of rose gold. The usual gold and copper proportions are seventy to thirty consecutively.

  1. Which finger should I put my engagement ring?

A couple's rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger. The ring finger is the finger next to the pinkie finger, where when you proceed to marriage would be replaced by the engagement rings or the wedding ring. The reason behind this is the belief that the left ring finger has a connection to the heart. There is a vein that can be found on the said finger connecting it to the heart. At present, you can also wear it on the right hand when you write using your left hand for comfort. 


Couple rings or wedding bands are a reminder of your promise to one another. It is just an object, and it cannot control you. It is still up to you to fulfill that vow that you gave on the day when you offered the ring. It doesn’t matter what the materials used on the rings are. It is the deep connection between a couple that is essential in keeping a harmonious relationship. But, having a ring that signifies your love and commitment to your other half creates a feeling of security, an atmosphere that is, most of the time, unvalued. So buy a couple’s ring. Give one another the peace of mind that you both are committed and are in this journey together.

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